Obama Regime Economist Calls Christians ‘NAZIS’

by Breitbart
March 30, 2015

Since 1998, Elizabeth Ashack has worked as an economist for the US Department of Labor. Sunday, using her Twitter account, this government employee wrote “people in the red states vote for nazis to govern, and then call themselves Christian.” She quickly deleted the Tweet, which was directed at the new religious freed law passed in Indiana.

Along with the “Nazi” tweet, Ashack removed the fact that she is a government employee from her Twitter bio.

Numerous sources on Twitter claim Ashack claimed this morning that she was the victim of the hack. She later deleted that tweet, as well:

In late 2013, as the government shutdown loomed, Ashack spoke to MSNBC and identified herself as an economist for the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. She told the left-wing cable news outlet that the shutdown would force her to go on unemployment.

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  • joe says:

    this is another obama piece of trash,,, what has happen to the democrat party,,,they act as if they are all smoking their weed

  • I find it hilarious that the liberal left lunatics are calling us Nazi’s! Apparently she doesn’t know crap about the NAZI’s. The NAZI’s were the National Socialist Democratic Party! Everything that Obama is. Hitler was a dictator just like Obama. The last real Democrat America had was JFK! And he was no dummy. The left demonRATS are the true Nazi’s.

    1. Rolly Church says:

      Write on, sister!!

    2. Robert D. Leigh says:

      This is ludicrous on it’s face. However, there are people out there who would take this seriously and agree with it to some extent. Why? Because they don’t know what Christianity really is, it’s real, full history; they have no concept that Nazism was exactly the opposite, the bitter enemy of Christianity. They don’t know that this country was founded on Biblical principles. That in creating a first ever Christian nation the Founders gave total freedom to all faiths and no faith at all. This is because true faith is a voluntary choice of the individual, not something that could be dictated by the state. They don’t know that Christians founded modern science, art and drama. That Christians founded hospitals, orphanages, and what have you. Why? Because no one cared for anyone else till Jesus said that we must. And what happens when people don’t know their history? Don’t understand why they have something precious that is worth defending? Because they are taught otherwise. The school system, both secondary and university, would have you think that America is to be blamed for the woes of everyone on earth. That we robbed blacks, native Americans and whomever else to take this nation and make it what it is. While America made mistakes, has had some hard growing and moral improvement to do, compare it’s history to any other country on the planet. We start looking pretty good when you take America’s mistakes in perspective. Same with
      Christianity. Christianity needed a reformation and it got one. Martin Luther, John Calvin and others come to mind. Where is Islam’s reformation? We are still waiting for that. To insist Christians and Americans own guilt from their forebears centuries ago is nothing more than a bullying tactic to obtain political power. I may have had ancestors who owned slaves. I had forebears on both sides of the Civil War and on the Colonial side of the Revolution. Am I supposed to support reparations to descendants of slaves? Are we supposed to give large chunks of America back to our aboriginal peoples, uprooting millions who are not native and moving them to lands the aboriginal peoples don’t want? That would be the death of America. And frankly, from our President on down, that is what many of these people want. They hate America, and they are focusing their hate on Christianity because it is because of Christianity and the Founder’s respect for, if not belief in it, that created the USA. We believe our rights are from God, not the state. The first ever to say so and so order their Constitution accordingly. Why do so many millions come from around the world to be Americans? Because of freedom and opportunity. Destroy American Christianity, you will destroy American freedom and opportunity, and that will destroy America. And when the anti-Christians get their way, the world will be a far darker, more dangerous, more dreary place, where life would then be brutish and short. They’ll wonder what happened, who to blame for this catastrophe, and all they’ll need to do is look in the mirror. Today’s Christian is generally a hard-working, morally above-board, caring individual who loves God and his Son, Jesus, and puts others before himself. They obey the law and pay taxes, and most try to pay their own way. And people think they, these people of God, are an enemy to be destroyed? We Christians may stand and say what we feel is right and wrong, just like the liberal left, just like athiests do with their beliefs. You liberals may want to keep in mind that we don’t do what Islamists do about what they think is right and wrong in countries they control. You want to go after bigots, the haters, go after the Muslims that torture and murder homosexuals, enslave women and behead people who don’t agree with them. Another reason liberals go after Christians and not Muslims is cowardice. Christians stand there and merely disagree with you. Or say nothing. A Muslim may go further. In other countries, WAY further. So, by it’s very definition, when we talk about those who want to stamp our Christianity, want to persecute those who stand up peaceably for their religious liberties and not make a cake for a gay wedding or what have you, the persecutors, the anti-Christians, in order to take Jesus out of America, they are acting like a bully. And we all know where America is in it’s conversation nowadays about bullying. It’s time to say it like it is and call the left out for what it is doing to Christians and patriotic Americans who “cling to their Bibles and guns,” with pride, I might add. The left, collectively, have become a bully. And like any other bully, whether on the schoolyard, on line, or on television or print media, bullies need to be stopped. Censored? No, that would be hypocritical. They need to be shamed, and they need to be shouted down, and made to look the fool they are. They need to be outvoted. They need to lose ratings and ticket sales to anything that puts out anti-Christian or anti-American balderdash. They need to be shown that rather than Christians, conservatives, patriotic Americans being the “haters” or “bigots” or “racists,” the real haters are the left.. And haters should be shamed before we have to physically stop them for our own safety’s sake. Let the shaming begin!

  • podunk1 says:

    The progressive BLS lady doesn’t like conservatives! Hard as BLS tries, it’s lies make the masses feel good about failure and content to be the frogs in boiling water pots.

    February unemployment of 8,705,000 (5.54%) looks good! However, the 6,575,000 (4.18%) “out of sight” in BLS schedule A16 tells a different story that some honest person in the BLS wants to say. The real issue is comparing 12 year 1997/2008 Bush/Clinton 66.50066% of eligible population workforce 166,184,000 to 148,297,000 people employed yields 17,887,000 (10.85%) unemployed people! That’s $1.2 trillion annual lost raw productivity.

    If one believes they worked 34.6/hr/wk, then there were only 128,277,000 full-time jobs available… revealing another 20,020,000 ($1.3 trillion) job shortage – “joblessness”.

    Total joblessness was 37,908,000 (22.99%) because there weren’t enough jobs to employ or fully employ less than 2/3 of the workforce. The annual avoidable $2.4 trillion loss based on BLS $24.78 average at 40 hour full time employment with 30% employer tax/fringes added is far less that lost wealth generated with natural resources and other productive value added factors! If one thinks unemployment improved from 5.7% to 5.5%… “April Fool”… It really nudged up from 22.8% to 23.0%… they used the same workforce number as January. It’s over 4 times worse than reported.

    Maoist/RINO progressive officials sent the jobs and productive infrastructures to Chinese slave labor camps and they’re taxing citizens to subsidize alien invaders to take citizen jobs in underground tax/regulation avoiding felony criminal employment that costs taxpayers $1+ trillion annually in alien subsidies, subsidies to impoverished and displaced citizen workers, and lost employment tax revenues…. across all governance levels! They stay out of jail because Congress uses its awesome powers of oath duty to protect thieves and traitors, instead of Constitution and country!

  • This whole present time on Earth is a time to repent. No one and I mean no one should be exempt from repenting. “If we say we have no sin we are a lair and the TRUTH is not in us. ” God is giving us a period of time to repent. 2 Corn 7:14 If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and seek my face and repent and turn from their wick ways I will heal their land ” Pretty simple and very clear. “When we clam to be wise we are a fool” Jesus own words.
    R E P E N T ! ! !

    1. PUNISHER says:

      i have been reaping my sins for the last 16 years.I’m disabled and i’m dieing. i have not had any friends since i got sick. my own family avoids me. all i can say that all that BS you just said, is not really correct. i have been reaping my just rewards. it’s called karma. same as you reap what you soe. the only hell is on earth. to live is to sleep. to die is to awaken.

    2. Rev. Royce Beasley says:

      !!! W o W !!! what an awesome article.. thank you so much.All across America the American are waking up to whatz happening in this awesome country. I put my life on the line for it, I was not drafted, I signed up, almost rright away I was in the Vietnam war. God Bless you and yours.

      1. Rev. Royce Beasley says:

        I just made a few comments, a couple minutes ago, if you think my comments were good then you have a problem, the part about the war was correct.

        Thanks to all the comments, by the way the majority are totally awesome. May God bless each and everyone who reads this, and may he bless our awesome country.

  • JAN says:

    1 Corinthians 2:14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit. We need to pray for her and ALL nonbelievers.

  • tom343 says:

    If she is not a policymaker, who cares? If she is and this was a private (whatever tweet outlets are called) she ought to be demoted for bad judgement and bad taste. If this a public (whatever tweet outlets are called) and she is a policymaker, she ought to be fired.

  • Tim Dickerson says:

    A bit of creative journalism, there. The lady did not call Christians nazis. She called out people who vote for the nazis and then claim to be Christian. I often call Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Ricks Santorum and Perry, etc, nazis. Usually I I say words beginning with “M” and “F”, first.

    1. Jesus Bortoni says:

      Now why in the world would you call those people you name “nazis”? You obviously have no sense of history and your perspective is lacking. It is people like you that give politics a bad name. Ad hominem attacks on people with a different political view just shows how childish you are. Nazis, really?

  • Evelyn says:

    This woman should not be employed in the US Government. Christians are not Nazis and Nazis are not Christians. She sounds ignorant like a typical liberal democrat.

  • Joe says:

    Really? Name one Republican advocating taking our retirement away.

  • SniperToo says:

    No surprise here. This is s-o-o-o-o-o typical of the true racist/bigots on the left. He/she who SCREAMS THE LOUDEST and uses religion/color of skin, gender, etc..to further their perverse and sick dictatorship agenda are the guilty ones.
    Let them scream ALL they want, eventually people will get tired of the same old broken record and turn a death ear. Only the dumb fall to their demise.

  • .H. Eninga says:

    Robert apparently didn’t get his, so he condemns a whole class of people. There are a whole lot of Christians who do, what he doesn’t do. And he is casting stones/

  • Philip says:

    It is sad that the left in this country are driving Jesus Christ away when we need him the most. I am a person with cerebral palsy, And I held a job until I was 48. I see Obama giving handouts to just about any body. He lets people who come here illegally apply for benefits that some our own veterans can’t even get. The problem is not the right it is the left.

  • Dan says:

    What else can you expect from a democratic minion of odumma the first?

  • David in MA says:

    She has the time to draw her pension, if she doesn’t FIRE HER!

  • Dan says:

    I don’t see her wearing her burkha, or muslim in chief’s females wearing theirs either. I would say they should be about ready for their muslim justice.

  • rsgardner2@comcast.net says:

    Go on unemployment and then get back pay later. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me

  • With Idiots such as Ms. Ashack working for us the Government , is it not any wonder how this nation as fallen into a near state , status of third world level of disorder. She is proof beyond any reasonable doubt, as too how our education system has deservedly earned the ranking of 27th or less. Ms. Ashack’s statement clearly defines her as a dimwitted twit. Who’ s single dimensional thought processes, place her intellect somewhere below that of a rock or a petrified tree stump. Nazi, to me means Not a zanniapia idiot. Which is exactly what the far left lunatics are. Dream state of the false utopian world of Obama OZ.

  • icemancold says:

    Typical OBAMA goon and I would imagine a DEMOCRAT also.! Seems like the only people who are not Racists or Nazis are DEMOCRATS.!

    1. robert says:

      Half her time in government service was under Bush.

      1. Eph6:12 says:

        Not surprising!!

  • GrouchyJohn says:

    What can you expect? She complains about Nazis that claim to be Christian when she works for a Socialist president that denies he is a Muslim.

    1. robert says:

      The problem is that she is right. Christ teaches us to love one another and to take care of everyone. We have elected a bunch of I’ve got mine to heck with you folks. They claim Christian faith but are the first to cast a stone at others. The Nazis would be proud of these people.

      1. don says:

        you need to wake up–this goverment of obama the mad rabid dog is the most anti christen there has ever been

        1. robert says:

          Right, that’s why he is trying to get people health care, food, and education. Unlike the republicans who want to even take the retirement you have paid for away. I really feel Christs love in the republican party. I guess there must be another Christ that I don’t know about, the one of greed and corporate interests and the love of money over all other things.

          1. Don says:

            Robert you have been brain washed. You must be watching MSNBC like that left wing BIGOT. Tell me why to the liberals hate the Christians so much like your president. Why does he have a surge of muslins refugees coming to the USA and not Christian refugees?

          2. Eph6:12 says:

            Oh! Spoken like a true spoonbill!

          3. tom343 says:

            He is trying to get ne’er-do-wells dependent on him using producer’s moneys. There is nothing Christian in that. It involves erasing these dependent people’s pride. That way they will vote his ticket forever. I am sure you’ve heard the parable asserting it is better to give someone the skills and tools to fish instead of just giving him some fish. He is an evil little man.

          4. Margie says:

            Christ said that if you give a man a fish then you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself forever. That is what republicans want to do. Teach people to be self-sufficient. Also Christ said not to covet what another man has…the democrats seem to covet the earnings of a working man and are after that man’s wages. Then they give those wages (taxes) to able-bodied people who are generational dependents on the government. Having insurance or not is a choice each person makes. Before Obamacare people chose the plan they could afford and needed. The democrats’ Obamacare makes me not only pay higher premiums and copays for my insurance but also for the insurance of others. Let us help people who need assistance through our churches and synogogs. They help for free and people in the congregations who can afford to give freely because they believe they are called to be good stewards in their communities. (No, I am not referring to disabled Vets and such)

      2. Julie says:

        The Bible also says if a person is not willing to work, he shouldn’t eat. We have lots of people not working expecting to be taken care of by those who do work. I see it in my own neighborhood. Do you ever see a grown robin running around feeding other grown robins? It is not loving to take of those who refuse to take of themselves.Nowhere in the Bible is indolence praised. Have you fead the book of Proverbs?

        1. robert says:

          Do you know where the aid goes, a large amount go to the working poor. People that work at McDonalds and Walmart. It also goes to the mentally ill who can’t work. If you can work it’s hard to get welfare and in most states you are limited on how long you can get aid. The other thing you should know is that a lot of the aid is run by the states not the feds so the President has no control over it.. That being said Christ said feed the hunger and take care of our fellow man. Have your read the Gospel.

  • K.R.V. says:

    She has the perfect name, just one letter off! he name should be spelled a s s h a c k, as she is the perfect government hack!

    1. K.R.V. says:

      ooops! I meant her name a s s h a c k

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