Obama Regime Secretly Testing Biometric Surveillance Methods

by Motherboard
March 19, 2015

The ​facial recognition pilot program launched last week by US Customs and Border Protection, which civil liberties advocates say could lead to new potentially privacy-invading programs, is just the first of three biometric experiments that the feds are getting ready to launch.

The three experiments involve new controversial technologies like iris and face scanner kiosks, which CBP plans to deploy at the Mexican border, and facial recognition software, according to a leaked document obtained by Motherboard.

All three pilots are part of a broader Customs and Border Protection (CBP) program to modernize screenings at American entry and exit ports, including at the highly politicized Mexican border, with the aid of new biometric technologies. The program is known as Apex Air Entry and Exit Re-Eng​ineering (AEER) Project, according to the leaked slides.

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  • podunk1 says:

    It’s way past time for congress to remove and jail Obama and Holder. Failure is simply engagement in treason

    Podunk says… the issue and solution “lies” in the “Progressive” majority’s aggressive open opposition to Constitutional authority by defying law, statute, Constitution, and due process! That defines insurrection! The progressive “fundamentally changing America” creed relies on electing and appointing “progressive” officials who take solemn Constitutional oaths of allegiance in order to defiantly rebel from Constitutional authority! Oaths “to support and defend the Constitution… against (ANY) enemy (of it)… bearing true faith and allegiance… without any mental reservation… or evasion… and faithfully discharge duties of office” are unconditional absolute blunt preconditioned commitments required BEFORE holding “office”!
    Taking oath to obtain honor and office in order to undermine, desecrate, or mock that oath is far beyond simple betrayal and treachery! Sabotage universally carries death penalties historically, including kill on sight. No congress person can bypass Articles 1-2-3-6 or Amendment 14 to “avoid” defending any Constitutional violation”! Violators MUST minimally face Amendment 14-3-4-5 disbarment from office.

    Not enforcing or defending Amendments like:1 “shall make no law”, 2 “shall not be infringed”,4 “…right – to be secure”, 5 “(answering for capital crimes without grand jury indictment)”, 7 “right to civil jury trial”, 8 “(excessive bail & fines)”, etc, are blatantly inexcusable! Executives, legislators and judges throughout the land are violating them with impunity!

    Progressives wantonly use powers of office, treasury, and country to violate the Constitution… Articles III-3 “laws be faithfully executed”, IV-4 “protect each (state) from invasion”, II-2 “he shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the (2/3) senate to make treaties”!! Congress not only cowers, they’re engaged in, aiding, and abetting Constitutional enemies within and outside, wantonly protecting violators against citizen victims! Clearly every executive, judge, and legislator is individually unconditionally oath bound to the Constitution as English language written and committed to defend it against anyone from Obama to McConnell, to Sharpton without any reservation! ALL MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!

  • Jerry Ray says:

    It is time to kick them all out of Washington and start off with real Americans that believe in the constitution with freedom for all.

    1. Philip Mckee says:

      Verry well said, I agree, put them in prison.

  • Sapient Hetero says:

    I have a different point of view. We’ve been fighting for years to secure the border, and this is part of the answer. If this is implemented like the rest of US VISIT, US citizens won’t have to use it.

    Personally, I’m more concerned about e-Verify, as it impacts citizens and is associated with a push by some Republicans for a national ID card. I don’t want Gestapo-like government officials demanding my “papers” when I want to travel, get a job or get my money out of the bank.

  • PUNISHER says:


  • Peter Everts says:

    Paranoia strikes deep.

  • Jerry Ray says:

    It is way passed the time for Obama impeachment He has committed crimes against our constitution

  • Benny Medlen says:

    Thsi is only a small picture of what is going on. obama wants to know about everybody, they scan your face while walking or driving and all your information is at their finger tips.

  • Remembrer Poindexter and Dubya? Nothing new here.

  • Retta says:

    All they need to do is to enforce the laws on the books. I’m sure every illegal in the country will get in line and have his biometric parameters added to the data base. Yeah, right.

  • Sri Ahimsa says:

    Fear will never be your friend or a trustworthy guide. Relying on fear is as wise as using sticks of dynamite as a crutch.

    1. Peter Everts says:

      Well said.

  • Lillian says:

    I think that the days of our privacy are long gone. This is just another step to help catch the bad guys…unfortunately…it will affect us too.

  • Larry Edwards says:

    Since we are doing nothing to stop ISIS by putting troops back on the ground in Iraq, we will most likely be facing ISIS in our country. I am bracing myself for something far worse than 9/11. I can’t believe we have such an unpopular president with so much power. It simply does not add up. This proves congress is just as bad as he is.

    Anything we can do to recognize Islamic terrorist trying to enter the United States is good.

  • MA in MO says:

    All the more reason for us to ‘hunker down in place’. By the time they get around to implementing RFID for every person so they can buy and sell, I pray our Lord and Saviour has come.

  • robert says:

    People want more security so they are getting it. Since a large number of the illegals in the country to day came in legally through these places doesn’t it make sense to know who is coming and going. It also makes fake passports a thing of the past. You asked for it, you are getting it.

    1. dmt says:

      We need to stop the people from coming and going. It is called enforcing the laws that exist. The united states government doesn’t even track the people who come here on visa. I really don’t think the traffic back and forth across border crossings is that heavy with people who have come here legally.
      I do know how to build an affordable fence however, you build it as cheaply as possible with signs in Spanish. Then post picture signs showing that if you touch the fence you will be immediately electrocuted by the high voltage that is on the fence. I would say that after a few are fried they will get the picture. the reason we don’t have a secured border is because the government doesn’t want it. They choose the laws they will enforce and they exempt themselves and their associates from the laws they hold you and I to.

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