Obama says US ‘underestimated’ rise of ISIS, admits ‘contradictory’ Syria policy

by FoxNews.com
September 29, 2014

President Obama acknowledged Sunday that U.S. intelligence officials “underestimated” the threat posed by the Islamic State and overestimated the Iraqi army’s capacity to defeat the militant group.

The president said in an wide-ranging interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes” that the Islamic State militants went “underground” after being squashed in Iraq and regrouped under the cover of the Syrian civil war.

“During the chaos of the Syrian civil war, where essentially you have huge swaths of the country that are completely ungoverned, they were able to reconstitute themselves and take advantage of that chaos,” Obama said.

The president said his director of national intelligence, James Clapper, has acknowledged that the U.S. “underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.” He also said it was “absolutely true” that the U.S. overestimated the ability and will of the Iraqi army.

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  • defiant1 says:

    Once again this joker has lied through his teeth to the country. He has been getting intel briefings on ISIS since 2012; but he may not have read his briefings because he has requested copies rather than being briefed in person. If he chooses to read or not to read those briefings, and if he says “underestimating”, then perhaps it is because of his laziness and lack of concern.

    1. Dennis Dumas says:

      What all u people don’t understand is we have a president who is a muslim and is ruling under muslim ideology! To understand Oboma you must first understand Muslim ideology! He is a follower of Mohamad and the Quran, but the Quran is only 1/3 the trinity of books to understand Muslim ideology, there is also the Sira and Hadath!
      Once you understand these three books you will understand Islam and hence understand Islam. First, Islam preaches that a true Islamic follower can lie and deceive if it advances the cause of Islam!!! Second, Islam has a duel standard, one standard for believers, and one standard for non believers, (Kafir)! As a Muslim you are free to cheat, lie, deceive, abuse, torture, mame and kill a Kafir to advance the cause of Islam. Islam is less successful as a religion and is more successful as a political ideology! This world has been subjected to the rath of Islamic ideology for 1,400 years resulting in the deaths of 270,000,000 people! And you thought hitler was bad!
      Islam teaches there will only peace when the entire world has submitted to Islam! People we are well on our way to that today! If any of you have any smarts you had better read u on the trinity of books that comprise Islam. You will be horrified at the atrocities it professes, as well as have a better understanding as to what Oboma is up to!

  • savage24 says:

    For almost six years these Intelligence Agencies belong to him, maybe this lying sack of moot should look in the mirror before pointing fingers. Didn’t he appoint a Muslim convert to head up the CIA, the sad thing is that the liberal/progressives in the Senate confirmed that appointment. And Clapper couldn’t find a terrorist in Gitmo.

  • a preventable stench says:

    Hussein Osama is a consummate LIAR ! He has an agenda to destroy the U.S.

  • carlton goodson says:


    1. I Seigel says:

      Did you mean “DILDO”? or “DITTO”? or “FIDO”? Either way, I think you’re an IDIO

      1. Thomas Viveiros says:

        good to see you also are on your very calloused knees to your no good lazy smelly muzzie gayboy master Hussein OwebaMao , The Tranny man Moochelle and the Communist DemocRATs .

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