Obama team kept list of Muslims for top jobs, excluded non-Muslims

by Robert Spencer | JihadWatch
October 25, 2016

“High-profile Muslim Americans tend to be the subject of a fair amount of blogger criticism, and so the individuals on this list would need to be ESPECIALLY carefully vetted.”

As a “blogger” critic, I am gratified to see this, but it is odd, since so many high-profile Muslim appointments were so obviously not carefully vetted. Take, for example, Mohamed Elibiary, who believes that the U.S. is an Islamic country and that the return of the caliphate is “inevitable,” who was for years a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. There were questions about Mohamed Elibiary’s true allegiances long before he was appointed to the Council. For quite some time, his Twitter profile incorporated the pro-Muslim Brotherhood hand signal, “R4BIA.” And years ago, he was one of the speakers at a December 2004 conference in Dallas titled “A Tribute to the Great Islamic Visionary.” The visionary in question was none other than the founding father of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini.

None of that appeared to bother the Obama team.

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  • takeitbacknow42012 says:

    I think so many of the “republicans” in Congress are wanting Hillary into office. They are obviously much MORE liberal than they make themselves out to be . . . except when they want your vote! And what can you do? Either vote them back in or vote in a liberal on the Democratic side. . . .we lose either way! Atleast we have 12 more days to have “hope”. After that if Hillary wins hope goes out the window!!!

  • Glen says:

    Treason at the highest level during a time of war!
    How many people are to blame for this? Most at the top of our government has had to have known but they did nothing to stop it.
    What the hell are we going to do about it.
    Donald Trump for president now.

  • CCblogging says:

    President Jihad and Hillary Benghazi Clinton created and funded ISIS. The Obama regime is still supporting ISIS and the Russians know it. Mark my words, Obama or Hillary will get us into a shooting war with the Russians. That is, if American’s are ignorant enough to elect a criminal. Hillary and Obama sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi to meet with a Turkish rep, to arrange the smuggling of Libyan weapons to “rebels” who were actually Al Nusra and Daesh in Syria via Turkey, and just 30 secs into this video, an alleged Al Nusra commander tells a German reporter, exactly that!


  • Bill Cash says:

    This conspiracy has been built around Muslim Obama. Hillary has received over 7 million dollars that can be accounted for from the Muslim factor and she has promised to increase the refugee number 650% above what Obama has already brought in, without any identification what so ever. These people are mostly men between ages 18-35, of “warrior” strength. If allowed to continue we will VERY soon see fighting in the street as in Syria. You can bank on it.

  • Jose says:

    If hrc wins, the muslims will continue to run this country since she is just another puppet for them. VOTE TRUMP

  • Leslie Woodhull says:


  • M J says:

    Yet up to this date no one has lifted a finger to remove any of these Walking Treason Machines.

  • Tiger says:

    Indeed he has put Muslims in high positions in Homeland Security that have direct ties to Muslim Brotherhood. The first to announce it was the Egyptian papers. Named them. All our Allies in the ME have banned Muslim Brotherhood.

    Our Founding Fathers warned about putting Muslims into our government and surely doesn’t take much to figure out why, Sharia Law and the Qur’an are not compatible with our Constitution and our laws. They also said the day it happens America will no longer be a Christian nation.

    Trump is going to take down the tents and clean out the cages of Muslim bird crap.

  • Patriot47 says:

    No surprise here. skippy announced his/her allegiance to Islam before 2008.

  • BOC says:

    Marching towards that “Open Society” at a break neck pace! Better wake up America!

  • justinwachin says:

    This sort of foolishness can disappear in Washington if we elect Donald Trump on election day. For too long our nation has been used to benefit the cronies of the person in power. We can make a change. Hillary will run the government for her own benefit. Donald Trump will work to make America great again.

    I kind of like the idea that a president will make America great again. That’s why I’m voting Trump.

  • Elaine Morris says:

    DOJ Warns Efforts to Stop 2016 Voter Fraud Could ‘Violate’ Federal Law

    For those who aren’t familiar with BlackBoxVoting, Bev’s organization is one of the most respected for her work fighting vote fraud.

    Fraction Magic – Part 1: Votes are being counted as fractions instead of as whole numbers


  • Howard A. Forschler says:

    Why would it bother O BUMMER he is a muslim .

  • cathylovesyou says:

    Always said he is a Muslim to the core and a Communist in his heart. The worst President we ever had and now we want to put his sister on as President. We are STUPID

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  • DrBillLemoine says:

    It’s called diversity planning. You want diversity; you want to include Muslims in your administration; you make a list of eligible people. No mystery. No bias. No problem. Just small minds misunderstanding the management function of government. Get an education.

    1. James Brooks says:

      You want the muslims to run our country like obama well he has nearly ruined our country,hillary would finish what he has started,you are as bad as they are,your a terrorist.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        Terrorists work on generating fear. Your post conforms to their fondest desires–fear of Muslims generally. Are you overlooking 2009-10 when Obama brought us up from the ‘Great Recession’. See–uninformed. With a better congress Hillary will expand good jobs and other things that make a better middle class, all things Obama started that were stonewalled by McConnell and Boehner, now Ryan. There’s no fear in telling the truth like me.

        1. Edith says:

          You jump from post to post responding with utter nonsense. Only the uniformed hold the views you consistently post. You sure are overlooking a lot of truth to post your half-truths, mis-information and lies.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            Your ‘uniformed’ Freudian slip is the truth. Most Americans have no problems with immigrants as they are offspring of immigrants. I’d question your sources of information, peers and media data. You are out of step with most Americans.

        2. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

          terrorist, mainly depend on your stupidity and ignorance. when less than one percent of the population, has resulted in more than 85% of the mass murder. maybe it is time to reconsider this.
          nor are we out of the great recession, as of yet. just manipulating numbers, and conjecture are worthless to the 48,million out of work.
          nor has socialism, ever been the cause of expanding work. you just end up, with a lot of people on socialist welfare that way. and people with not incentive to work hard.

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            It’s not solely a function of stupidity and ignorance. Many conservatives are very smart yet still fear ISIL and domestic terrorism which you conveniently combine with other mass murders. 47 smart Republican senators wrote a letter of ‘aid and comfort’ to enemy Iran during delicate anti-nuclear proliferation negotiations.
            Recession has an economic definition you aren’t using. We are not in recession, just slow growth. If 48 million are out of work, they must get more skills, go back to school, change vocations. The institutions are there if lazy people will just take advantage for their own advancement.
            Are you also forgetting–not stupid or ignorant–that our Constitution aims for 2 goals, one of them to promote the general welfare (wellbeing). That means ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’–the American dream. It’s pretty heartless to let so many people fall through the cracks, no help, no programs, no bridge to a better future via government. Some of them live on the streets, eat at the few soup outlets, rely on churches. Government has much more ability–hence veterans get extra points applying for jobs, get pensions at a young age, work for law enforcement that likes their ‘killer’ skills. A few are on welfare as you think of it. It’s folly to think that everyone has the same ‘incentive to work hard’ that you do–unrealistic, not stupid of ignorant at all. Suggest some reflection on your heart and charity.

          2. Patriot068 says:

            If we even make it to 20 years for retirement. Alot of these ( young guys) on welare because they get blown up, shot, messed up, a guy retiring at 20 years if he enlisted, at 1st avail opportunity could at 17 Join, as I did U never made it to 20 just 18 because I thought I cold cheat any injury or whatnot thrown at me so when I was land locked I was in the FD in my off duty hours and it bit me in the ass bigtime when we responded to a sturctur fire on a house fully evolved , ( short staffed) roof collapsed on myself & hoseman so we only had the engineer and 1 officer an 1 other guy left so it collapsing on us took the primary hose team out they extricate us because we weren’t that far inside the door yet. But that really FKED me up and put me out, like I said I made it 18 yrs I was the guy going on sinking burning boats reusing people, yes in my early career I has to carry multiple guns during drug ops, but I later stuck to what I was doing . It was an adrenaline rush ide give any thing to go back to tell my yoUnger self to take it easy and DONT TAKE CHANCES!! I just went through my 8th back surgery and 43 rt arm and 3 on my head to remove nerves squished, try n remove dead tissue , I’m tired burned out, it’s been a drain abd every surgery has gotten harder my body looks like I’ve been through a meat grinder I have so many scars it sucks. Military service ages you, prematurely also you have responsibilities in the service alot of other kids the same age don’t have!! So no its not that LEO want ex-military because of being killers it because of the maturity and people who are straight civilians hired with no military background you can pick out in a minute. I always said any DUMB ASS CAN KILL#but it’s another thing SAVING LIVES! While putting yours in jeopardy! Lat ing your life down so a stranger can live! Now thats where it is. Theirs a boy a Jr in HS now! Who didn’t drown in an overturned vehicle because I just reverted to my training and where im at tales the FD more than 15 min 2 respond if that plus Leo are 10-30 min away ( we had 2 min b to get our shit on and on the vehicle at my Dept outside DC also on my ships we had 2 min to head to emergency stations if the Generators died. I could write a book but I’ve written to much. No I wouldn’t like to serve under Hillary in the military I’ve been to DC for 4 yrs been in the inner circle and seen the games 1st hand that they play! ( to punch theur ticket as they say) they could give 2 shits about the rest of us so vote smartly this election! Hillary talking change? WTF the Dems have been in DC 8 yrs and a Muslim looving, wuss has put us in danger and now the world! If Hillary is elected then kiss the USA as we knew it goodbye!!

          3. DrBillLemoine says:

            No doubt your service is appreciated. But it doesn’t give you any more knowledge of America at large than you ideological right wing brothers, vets or not.
            Military training applied at a young age impresses one for a lifetime if you believe poster vets from these pages. It doesn’t make for adequate transition to civilian life, one failing of mustering out at any term, and 20 years is a virtual lifetime living in the chain of command, not found in civilian life.
            Here we must apply the gray matter to weighing alternatives, not just execute orders. Comparing parties is rather simple today, Hillary vs. Trump, Constitution vs anarchy, progress vs regression, equality vs. self-promotion, Americans working together vs. selfish individualism, liberty and justice vs. alt-right supremacy, tolerance vs. bigotry, etc. To enjoy what you have today in modern living you must thank a progressive. Conservatives in the Tea Party/Freedom Caucus want to roll back modern living. That means killing half the Constitution’s aims, namely promoting the general welfare, meaning ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ if you know your Declaration of Independence and Preamble. We’ve tried other things like the Articles of Confederation, separate nations during Civil War and nothing measures up to liberty and justice for all. That’s why we lead the world and folks won’t permit Trump and ultra conservatives to drag us down or backwards.
            Re the last 8 years, make it 6 years with non-stop stonewalling by Republicans under Freedom Caucus in congress. That means wasteful spending for Hillary investigations over years, wasted time refusing to recognize and hold hearings on climate change, immigration reform, tax reform, equality in many arenas, rollbacks of Civil and Voter rights laws. That’s your pals skipping the comparison and thinking independently I mentioned. With Hillary and a Progressive congress, you’ll see another golden age like Clinton1. We’re not in danger from without but from within, from thoughtless citizens not terrorists. Where do you stand on those issues? Have you even compared or thought about them?
            Fortunately millions of Hillary supporters have and will make Hillary the next president. We owe her a compatible congress.

    2. Edith says:

      You need to re-educate yourself as you do not understand the difference between discrimination and diversity. A list of Muslims for hire is the first step in discrimination against another group. As seen around the world with disastrous results, diversity does not work between folks with conflicting mores, morals and cultures.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        YOU must become aware of executive government hiring vs. everyday labor working.
        The point of government diversity IS to discriminate for a particular group. You, for instance, would not be discriminated again never having a chance to occupy that political job. Plus you are looking at Europe talking about assimilation and acculturation. In American all ethnic groups become part of the American fabric more than anywhere in the non-Western world. BTW Muslims’ goals, ambitions, safety conscience, morals are not in CONFLICT, just different, except to conflicted you with your rigid biases and lack of information about them.

        1. Patriot068 says:

          Muslims DON’T INTIGRATE! READ THE GD Q’URAN! They DO NOT ASSIMILATE! THEY see us as the Infidels! PERIOD!

          1. DrBillLemoine says:

            You are what the enemy calls a ‘useful fool’. Believe and act on their propaganda, doing exactly what they want–fear an entire religion, not the criminals and barbarians alone, suspect those who believe differently from yourself, creating internal American dissention when it’s not necessary. If you knew any immigrants you know first generation keeps the old ways, 2nd gen are American culture conformists and 3rd gen are ordinary Americans. All immigrant groups go through this process, but you don’t care or even believe it. Just ban Muslims is a simplistic way that works against all American believe for 200+ years. Congratulations, Mr. Terrorist-Conformist.

    3. Lee says:

      We are educated enough to know we do not want Muslims running this country. We do not need Sharia Law in our country period.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        But not educated enough to know Muslims aren’t running anything but their lives, just like you. There’s no Sharia Law here. It’s nonsense in America.

    4. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

      one, could almost come to the conclusion you are a lying muslim. since we, are already informed that all muslims will lie to those rejecting islam. and islam, depends upon your stupidity and ignorance of this fact.
      i also, know what the term hijra means. it means to infiltrate, with false witness prior to jihad.

      1. DrBillLemoine says:

        The story we comment on is aimed at diversifying government job holders. You are referring to general immigration. Are you also forgetting that 18 months of vetting immigrants was thought to be sufficient till now? No doubt jihadists would like to infiltrate America, but our institutions are pretty good at stopping them, at least since Bush2 failed to stop 9-1-1. Let’s hear your proposals–not stopping immigration, or encircling Muslim majority communities, or deporting everybody.

      2. Patriot068 says:

        Couldn’t agree more!! Their was more green on blue killing over in the ME AGAIN! It sucks u have to watch 360 when your 6 should be covered but that person may shoot you in your back.

  • Askjrsk says:

    Isn’t this AGAINST Federal law? Hiring practices not on race creed religion blah blah. Just another reason to arrest OBAMA. Prison for him and the Clintons cartel LOCK THEM UP. VOTE TRUMP.

  • John Burks says:

    obama is muslim! can there be any doubt?

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Drug addict? Clintons cartel customer?
      Vote Trump

      1. Lee says:

        Trump for Pres.

    2. Lee says:

      Yup John Burks, I think he is too.

  • Dan says:

    God Bless Donald Trump and the American people. If Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2 weeks, these activities will continue on until we have become the 3rd world country as envisioned by George Soros our “shadow” President…..this picture of Obama says it all. Giving us all the middle finger.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Why haven’t the republican been on top of voter registration all year long? Drugs? Clintons cartel?
      God Bless America. Vote Trump

      1. Retired says:

        It’s the Federal judges sticking it to the Republicans with fighting VOTER ID laws. Democrats do not want law and order when it comes to voting. Thank people like Pelosi – Reid – Feinstein – Warren and 90+% democrats.

        1. Askjrsk says:

          650,000 emails reveal Podesta and the deeply offended Mexican judge socialized had dinner, and didn’t have the balls to remove himself from the Trump lawsuit. Professionals who respect the law act accordingly. Just another reason to vote Trump,

      2. Harry J Schaubel says:

        LOL They’ve been on the Voter Registration thing for years but the Dems keep blocking it saying it’s Racist! :[

        1. Askjrsk says:

          Working for them, too, wouldn’t you say? Just another reason to vote Trump.

    2. Elaine Morris says:

      72 Department of Homeland Security on U.S.Terrorist Watch List


      1. Harry J Schaubel says:

        Several also on the No Fly List, too. :]
        Nice to feel safe and secure with this class of people watching over us.

    3. HandsOffOurFreedoms says:

      Time to return the favor. Classless cretin.

    4. Name says:

      I think the traitors have nightmares over their upcoming indictment by the Trump Administration. God Bless Him and Us is right!

    5. cutterguy says:

      I thought that was the number of white parents

  • Linda says:

    This is outrageous. Where is the Congress about putting Obama out of office for putting this country in grave danger. Unbelievable! Can’t wait until he is OUT.

    1. Mike Tanco says:

      Where is Congress you ask? Most of them are on the take and that’s why Obama was never impeached. The corruption is amazing and the people are the one’s that suffer.

      1. Askjrsk says:

        JIMMY the WEASEL, and second in command wrapped in scandal with Obamas Clintons cartel.
        Hope Clinton doesn’t over count Hillary votes too much. Counting wrong only gives her a slight lead. Trump

      2. McFerguson says:

        Yeah, and remember when our GOP reps said if we gave them Congress, they’d tear out that monstrous ObamaCare by its roots. We gave them the House in 2010, and what happened? Nothing. They said they needed the Senate, too. So, we gave them the Senate in 2014 and they again caved, dropped trou, bent over, grabbed ankles and said, “we love Obozo!” Fine. And I disengage from the GOP. Period. Speaker Ryan and that bed-wetting, wus, McConnell, can kiss off. I’m voting for the Trumpster to “Make America Great Again!”

      3. Tiger says:

        Comey is also guilty of
        accepting millions of dollars from a Clinton Foundation defense
        contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate
        partner’s board and his surprising financial relationship with his
        brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton
        Foundation’s taxes. If that isn’t corruption, I don’t know what is.

        is Clinton’s political handmaiden and we’re shocked that he let her
        skate? I’m sure he’s been promised that he will not be held accountable
        over this. I hope Gowdy proves them wrong. More than 200 Republicans
        sent a letter to Comey demanding to know why he didn’t recommend federal
        charges against Hillary about her use of private email servers. I guess we know why now. That he would have the nerve to ask for immunity after all this is staggering.

        Yes we have nobody on our side.

        1. David Tierney says:

          I fear for Gowdy. I hope he has security like Clinton and Obama.

          1. Tiger says:

            He will be fine he is the one who introduced the bill to give O security off our tax dollars for the rest of his life and voted for O’s mother in law to get 160,000 a month for life for living in the WH for 8 years and baby sitting.

        2. Harry J Schaubel says:

          He’ll remain head of FBI & Lynch head of DOJ. And Podesta will move up to Sec of State!!

          1. Tiger says:

            He will be investigated, Lynch also and all will be jailed.

      4. David Tierney says:

        I agree, I also believe there is only one Party as the Republicans failed to throw their support behind Trump. Shame on all who bailed on Trump. We will soon have no true leaders in this Country. We have dictators forcing their will on the people. We are screwed if the bitch wins. The Republucan Party is dead in the water and if she wins, will be non existant in 4 years.

        1. Harry J Schaubel says:

          Just make that “Non-Existent”, period!

      5. Retired says:

        If Obama would have been White he would never have been voted in the first time and impeached the first term.

    2. Name says:

      The Congress?! … The Congress is largely a whore — in bed with any one, as long as it can stay on to milk the system forever, whether re-elected or not. When they don’t get re-elected, Congressmen become lobbyists for Special Interest groups, or, worst case scenario, they get a pension for their ineffectiveness while in Congress. Of all the so-called 3 co-equal branches, the Congress is the least effective, “the least equal”. Sheep in the true sense of the word..

      1. Linda says:

        That might be true, but the Congress has the constitutional power to impeach the clown, and they won’t because of his skin color.

        1. Name says:

          Like I said: largely a whore. They fear losing their seat if they exercise their power to do the right thing. They do what’s good, not what’s right.

      2. Askjrsk says:

        WHORE so appropriate.Clintond Cartel FOR PRISON. Vote Trump.

      3. David Tierney says:

        They will soon change the name of the White House to the Whore House. Their slogan will be, “Let all who enter, pay up”
        What a freakin joke this Country has become.

    3. Askjrsk says:

      We’d be in prison if we broke these laws.

    4. Tiger says:

      We have nobody on our side. Our congress betrayed us, gave O everything he wanted and never stopped him from doing anything. Trump the end of the line. Believe me this is the last election if he doesn’t win. The leaks show that they already believe we are no longer a Republic and well on the road to communism.

      If this great Republic that saved so many from Communism becomes Communist there will be wailing quickly from the peons they will be peedon and well they deserve it.

      1. Linda says:

        You are absolutely right. If Hillary Clinton is elected, America is gone.

        1. Tiger says:

          The leaks show they believe we are on the road to Communism and she is the nail in the coffin of the Republic. RIP

    5. Harry J Schaubel says:

      They don’t want to go down in History for impeaching the 1st Black President. It’s why nothing will be done about Hillary, UNLESS we win next week Tuesday

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