Obama vetoes health law repeal bill

by FoxNews.com
January 9, 2016

President Obama on Friday vetoed legislation to repeal most of his signature health care law, saying the bill would do “harm” to millions of Americans.

The move was widely expected, after Republicans for the first time succeeded in sending an ObamaCare repeal bill to the president’s desk. The legislation that Obama vetoed also would cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

While Congress may try to override, Republicans do not currently have the votes to do so.

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  • gavinwca says:

    Of course he did, he also tickled the crap out of the RINOS, because they did not mean it anyway. Or they would not have financed it and his other fascist spending includeing Murdering babies, and cutting them up like cattle to sell the body parts at taxpayers expense.

  • I Seigel says:

    What’s that definition of insanity? When you keep doing the same thing over and over and you keep expecting a different result?
    This will be the 40-something’th time the Republicans have voted on this. And Ryan says it won’t be the last – they’ll keep trying. Do they think it’s necessary for Obama to “go on record” that he’s vetoing this idea? I think the nation pretty much knows by now how each and every attempt is going to turn out. So why keep wasting time?? Because the Republicans in Congress have nothing else to do, no other substitute plan, no agenda, no original thinking. Maybe if they’d voted 40 times on THEIR alternate plan, the nation would be paying attention to them. How about voting 40 times on a plan for immigration reform? On banking rules? On refugees? On a carbon tax? You see? They got nothing!

    It seems to me that the 2 parties have a very different way of governing: The Dems lead by trying to fix things, by CREATING systems for improving people’s lives. You may think their efforts are way off base, but there are plenty of people that agree with them. And the Republicans approach to governing? They lead by DESTROYING things, by dismantling government, by letting big business and “market forces” do the work of improving people’s lives? And the result? The big businesses improve, but the people’s lives don’t. Big surprise!!!! They want to get elected to government to shrink it, to make it less important, to destroy it. And then they spend half of EVERY day raising money so they can get reelected!!!! INSANITY!!!

  • gregzotta says:

    It has been reported that Hussein Obama has vetoed
    the bill. So now what? This bill was a show vote so the Republicans can say
    they did something, they TRIED. Trying is NOT getting it done.The defunding of
    Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, immigration, migrant situation should have been
    attached to the Omnibus that was pushed and passed by Republican

  • ONTIME says:

    Why on earth would he pull the plug on his biggest failing socialized accomplishment??..it will implode on it’s own but never will he veto this scam he fought to institute…….

  • Faithful American says:

    SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SERIOUSLY, though, CONSERVATIVES will NEED to have SOME kind of MEDICAL INSURANCE PLAN already in PLACE for us AMERICANS who currently RELY upon Obamacare. I’m one of the MILLIONS Obama MENTIONED who NEED coverage for their PRESCRIPTIONS and their MEDICAL CARE. I get only get around $9,600/yr. in SOCIAL SECURITY, my ONLY source of INCOME because I have been UNABLE to WORK since 1997 DUE to my PHYSICAL DISABILITY. I DID have MONEY in a few IRA’s but the STOCK MARKET CRASHES we have had since Obama became our PRESIDENT have totally WIPED OUT the IRA’s that I HAD!

    1. celina pittman says:

      I am in the same boat however, I would rather go back to the way it was and getting my prescriptions paid for by Medicare and Medicaid than have to deal with this awful system that continues to get worse because good doctors will not participate in it, and, I also have been disabled for two years due to a car accident that shattered me from the waist down. Now I can barely pay for the hovel I live in with my 8 yr old son, we cannot afford to eat real meat very often, real fruits and vegetables, or fish becasue the foodstamps I get aren’t enough either. They last us about 10 days. The rest of the month I go to churches for food. I think that this was part of the plan too, the more people that have to eat processed garbage, the unhealthier they get, the more they need that health coverage, the more money the insurance comapnies and pharmaceutical companies make.

  • G.Frazier says:

    I don’t think it has much more to do with anything than for the infantile political wannabe to be able to close out his term, having the ability to say he succeeded in one (as in, single, solitary) thing.
    Think about it. In the past seven years, how much has Obama done that has profited this country?

    1. paulrph1 says:

      Nothing, since everything he has done, and he has do it intentionally, has been against the country.

  • pete G says:

    Don’t kid yourself they knew he wouldn’t sign the bill this is just a lame excuse to say we tried when we already know you approved his budget that gave PP all the money they needed. You even gave him money to bring in refugees. You Republicans are getting closer to being Democrats everyday.

    1. paulrph1 says:

      Yes, you are so correct and it is failing us also. Truer words were never spoken.

  • Larry says:

    It was expected, but the Congress should just keep sending it back until his pen wears out. or he is removed from office. This idiot will never understand that the American people don’t like him and his tears.

  • Jack says:

    Of course they knew he would VETO,they are just wasting time,to ENSURE the democrats will retain the WH,in the general election this fall.WHAT a BUNCH of JOKERS.”UNDERNEATH”,they bare ALL democrats.

  • Retired says:

    With only a little more than 11 million signed up, it turned out to be a pure investment on the tax payer ,with all the other programs for the poor .

  • Michael Dennewitz says:

    It would be unbelievably nice if we HAD a congress!!

  • SDofAZ says:

    More show votes. Congress needs to get it right. Not enough to do a dam thing! We are voting accordingly congress. You are all going to see the silent majorities’ wrath.

  • Cliff Barton says:

    Obamacare should never have been passed. It was shoved down the throats of every American by saying it wasn’t a tax. Then when it was brought before the Supreme Court they argued it as a tax. The constitution clearly states “all bills for raising revinue must originate in the house”. Not in the Senate. Then with slate of hand and political maneuvers they use a B.S. procedure to make it look like it started in the house. Not right. Ryan needs to impeach the chief justice not the treasury secretary.

    1. G.Frazier says:

      Just like everything, related to Obama (whether you go back to his campaign, when he called himself African-American … i.e. – descended from slaves … or you take his college, law school credential, which nobody can find) you’ll see that every decision made by this administration is anti-American and anti-Semite.
      It’s a sad day for America that so many Jews still refuse to believe, and/or accept that fact!

      1. G.Frazier says:

        Another thought, along this line: Obamacare, like a rude flatulence, is only good for the one, who passed it. It will kill everyone else (all right, the flatulence will only NEARLY kill others…Not the same for the government bureaucracy, we should all realize will be Obama’s staple. It will be more and more destructive and the bureaucrats couldn’t care less.)

  • KDC says:

    Whoohoo, BIG surprise!

  • Pam says:

    Notice how they put the PP funding in there? They knew Soetoro would veto it, but this way they get to say, “Hey, we tried.” BS, total BS.
    If they put a stand alone bill in front of him saying PP would be defunded and those appropriations divided among LEGITIMATE health care providers, when he vetoes it they can then say, “He doesn’t want to lose the ‘PP Democratic Slush Fund'”.

    1. celina pittman says:

      Very good statement. Why don’t you start a petition to have each person call their representative and tell them to do just that or citizens will start procedings to have them all removed from office for failure to do what they were elected to do and that is to have the best interests of their constituents at the forefront of their every decision.

      1. Pam says:

        I have done my part by contacting my elected officials BUT I live in Illinois. I tell Dick Durbin, on average, about once a week that he should retire and put himself out of our misery. Mark Kirk had a stroke soon after getting elected and it affected the rational side of his brain. Now all he does is whatever Durbin tells him to do. Hultgren went in with promise but then decided to “go along to get along”.
        But I keep writing…

  • Hgeyer says:

    GOP= Sad excuse for human beings…. GOP healthcare plan to replace it…. If you get sick just die quickly before you get to the hospital!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Better go for a brain Scan by a PROCTOLOGIST…. IF ODUMBOCARE does not send to an Veterinary …ON FOOT

      1. Hgeyer says:

        Thank you for making my point about the GOP……. Sad excuse for a human being……

  • Terry T says:

    Republicans passed a spending bill in December that funded Obama Care, Planned Parenthood, and the Syrian refugees. Now in January, they send legislation to Obama to repeal those programs – knowing it will be vetoed. Really!! Do they think we are stupid?? The establishment Republicans, including Ryan and McConnell , need to go! Enough of the BS! They are enabling Obama and his transformation while claiming to fighting him.

    1. pete G says:

      Terry i said the same thing in my comment. Most people do not seem to be smart enough to see what these crooked Bs are doing. Their getting real close to being as devious as the criminal Democrats. Fooling people seems to be what they all do the best. At least some of us smell the (R) rat.

      1. celina pittman says:

        EXACTLY! I said it on every social media sight I landed on in 2014, get rid of any sitting representative or Senator, completely replace the House and the Senate with people who have no political ties, no agenda, and no money. WE should have elected our local businessmen, physicians, educators, scientists, and those who were not already corrupted by the establishment. Lobbyists should not be allowed in Washington, Citizens United should never have become a law (a corporation is not a human being and should not have the same rights as human beings), and money should be left out of politics completely. Every man and woman should be able to get elected, have media coverage, and a volunteer staff to help them without needing hundreds of millions of dollars to do it. Money is the one true evil that has infiltrated our electoral process and corrupted it beyond recognition.
        Someone tell me why it should cost $50-100 million dollars to get a job that pays $400,00 per year?????

  • The Redhawk says:

    and How about him going ‘CRICKETS” about a Black Muslinm Shooting a WHITE COP in Philly>>>Imagine IF a WHITE COP had shot a Black ISIS Convert FOR NO REASoN WHATSOEVER…. So do we need GUN CONTROL or FORCE THE DOJ TO DO TERRORIST AN ANARCHISTS CRIMINALS CONTROL????…………………………

    1. G.Frazier says:

      That would now be a near impossibility.
      Impeachment is merely an indictment, while he would, then, be subjected to a trial before the U.S. Senate, where you’d have to have a certain number of votes to convict him.
      When Clinton was impeached for an offense he’d already admitted being guilty of, the Senate acquitted him on a party-line vote. I don’t think it would be a party-line vote, this time, but the Republicans now have so many RINOs that it’s hard to imagine them coming against him.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        So many words to say the OBVIOUS.. and as much as NOTHING…. If Repubs have RINOS.. waht do you call the IDIOTS that call themselves Progressive Traitors and Libtaard??

      2. paulrph1 says:

        Here is the way it works. The House is to do the impeaching and it is up to the Senate to remove him from office. That is why Clinton was impeached but he was never removed from office because the Senate refused to do their job and followed party lines. That is why we must vote Republican all the way.

        1. celina pittman says:

          Yes, unless they nominate some idiot like Jeb!

          1. Pam says:

            Unfortunately if Priebus manages to get Jeb the nomination, I fear the same thing will happen that happened with Romney. Not voting for someone with an R because they are not conservative enough is the same thing as voting for the D. We have to decide if we can tolerate someone who is not conservative enough better than we can tolerate another socialist in D clothing.
            i hate having to choose the lesser of two evils, but I WILL grit my teeth and do it (just like I did with McCain and Romney) before I will let Hildabeast have a THIRD term and further destroy this country.

          2. paulrph1 says:

            They difference is one will run and the other will trot.

          3. paulrph1 says:

            Yes Jeb is a RINO, Progressive, NWO person all rolled up into one. They are the worst because of the deception and no one really knows where they stand. The way we can tell is because of his father. The former President Bush. He was the first to come out and announce the NWO even though some of us knew about it long before.

  • The Redhawk says:

    So now it is oN HIM 100% as Premiums, Deductibles, Co pays and Fewer Doctors and Hospitals are available to ALL Americans in in NOV WE VOTE!!
    Just as Intersting the WH REsident IDIOT has gone CRICKETS over the Fact that a Black Muslim shot a white Cop…..Still WHINES over Gun Control totally Ignoring the nEED for ISIS and Anarchist Terrorists CONTROL instead…..

    Now Imagine if a WHITE cop had SHOT a BLack Muslim…..How many WH delegates would be descending on Philly with Loretta Lynch to Demand that All COPS be FIRED??? BHO-zo Goes CRICKETS and plans a GOLF Vacation…..INSTEAD!

  • paulrph1 says:

    Obama no longer has H. Reid as a scapegoat but has to face the music himself. Things seem to be changing but slowly and I hope it is not too late. Convention of States is coming and overdue. That will fix H. Clinton.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      You GOT IT!

    2. celina pittman says:

      I am praying that the convention will come to fruition. I don’t know that two thirds of our states leaders will have the balls to go against their partys or those who got them elected and do the right thing but I certainly think that is our answer to fixing this mess (at least a good start).

  • TexRancher says:

    Of Course Obama vetoed the Repeal of ObamaCare. Why would he give up a tool for him to have so much power over AMERICANS. There is so much in there that has nothing to do with HealthCare. How about his private army that answers only to him? It’s in there. (Called a Stabilization Force) Or electronic access to your medical records or electronic access to your bank accounts. They’re in there, too. And more. This monstrosity should be gone!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      BULLS EYE…

      1. G.Frazier says:

        I agree!
        This is bureaucracy at its finest (or, worst!)

        1. The Redhawk says:

          too bad that PROGRESSIVE Unionized Teachers were Made to STOP teaching civics and HIstory, We now have at least THREE generations of INBRED HISTORY -VOID Voting MORONS.
          and there never was or will ever be any Bureucracy that is worth anthing more than CRAP

          1. Hgeyer says:

            That DOES explain how Bush was able to serve two terms…..

          2. G.Frazier says:

            Hgeyer: I don’t care what YOU think…Bush was able to liberate Afghanistan, Jordan and Iraq, whereas Clinton sent troops to both Bosnia and Kosovo, without any success.
            Not only that, Clinton could have been the sitting president, when bin Laden was brought to justice. The only problem was that he was too busy staining a dress to do his job.
            Obama hasn’t done a thing for anyone … other than his Muslim buddies, who aren’t even Americans …

            It never ceases to amaze me that dim bulb Democrats seem to think nobody is good, except their own, while they wouldn’t be able to keep a scorecard of the achievements of Democrat presidents, simply because Democrats never seem to accomplish a thing!!

          3. Hgeyer says:

            Seriously…. What have you been drinking? Liberated Afghanistan Jordan and Iraq? Now Afghanistan is the opium capital of the world.we “liberated” (killed) a million and a half of Iraq’s men woman and children and turn it into a hell hole for ISIS to take over simply to make Bush’s friends at Halliburton BILLIONS of dollars! Clinton couldn’t have brought Bin laden to justice because Reagan had him on our payroll giving him money and guns to do our bidding in Afghanistan!
            Clinton was too busy creating a balanced budget and a budget surplus to help pay off the debt that Reagan ran up. Reagan, the ONLY president in history to triple our national debt.
            Then along came Bush….. ignored all the intel about terrorists and sat around while they took down the trade center and the invaded 2 countries that had nothing to do with it. Our economy, housing market and auto industry all DIED with Bush at the helm!
            Along comes Obama inheriting the worst economy since the depression…. The stock market came back. the housing industry came back, job creation is the best since the 90’s, the auto industry is making records…… and some idiots are still voting republican…. and you think Democrats are dim bulbs…. You can’t just rewrite history and pretend the GOP isn’t a joke…

          4. Cliff Barton says:

            See another lib with the facts all wrong. Afghanistan has been in the opium business since the sixties. Ever hear of the Golden triangle? Reagan didn’t give money just to bin laden he gave it to the afgans to fight Russia. Bin Laden didn’t like the fact we were there. You want to talk about ignoring Intel. Let’s talk about the fact Clinton had Intel that the towers were going to be hit back in 1996. But he was already in Kosovo and didn’t want to get involved in anything else.other than another skirt.

          5. Hgeyer says:

            FYI Afganistan was NOT in the opium business when the Taliban was in control…. It all came back after we “liberated” them! Better check YOUR facts! Yes, Reagan gave weapons and money to the Taliban too. See picture below with him meeting with the Taliban in the White House and referring to them as the equivalent of Americas founding fathers!
            And you are trying to say Clinton having Intel and nothing happening is the same or worse than Bush having Intel and an attack actually took down the buildings? You have a very warped sense of reality….. Maybe if Bush had spent his time trying to get laid by a woman he wouldn’t have screwed our entire country as bad….

          6. Hgeyer says:

            Reagan conspiring with the enemy…

          7. Cliff Barton says:

            Afghanistan has been in the opium business way before the Taliban took over. When they took over they outlawed the growing and selling of poppies. The countries number one export is opium. You look up your facts.

          8. Hgeyer says:

            It is number one NOW THAT WE “LIBERATED” them! Just like I said! Nice that you agree with me now that you looked up the facts…..

          9. gavinwca says:

            President Reagan negotiated with Turkey to quit producing popped in the 80’s in exchange for farming equipment and expertise from Americans to teach them alternative crops,. Turkey was the world’s main heroin producers at the time. The democrat congress after agreeing to the deal reneged on providing the equipment and expertise for their farmers.

          10. gavinwca says:

            Reagan doubled the money coming onto the treasury,the democrat congress spent double what he brought into the treasury,Bush won the war in Irac, Obola broke over like a shotgun kissed the A** of every Muslim King , surrendered and ran from the Middle East like the useless coward he is. Leaving all our equipment for ISIS to use on our own soldiers. While sending our special operation soldiers into ambushes to dispose of them.

          11. Hgeyer says:

            Sad part is that you actually believe all the BS you just spewed… Surprised you haven’t choked on all that crap…

    2. liberty49 says:

      If the Democrats really cared about the Constitution, their oath of office or the American people, they would join with the Republicans to override Obama’s veto of this very dangerous bill.

      1. G.Frazier says:

        liberty49: You’re right. The immaturity of Washington (everybody demanding that the game be played by his/her rules – and the rules, set forth by the liberals, are so asinine that they will kill America) isn’t helping anyone!

      2. Hgeyer says:

        The only danger of having healthcare is the availability of pharmaceuticals that kill more people than guns or heroin!

        1. gavinwca says:

          Pharmaceuticals at a 100 dollars a pill, no one can afford them but the Obamas and they do not have Obolacare. Just 70 Million dollar vacations at our expense.

          1. Hgeyer says:

            So Obama is the only president to ever take a vacation? Taxpayers only pay for security as with every president in history….. It’s only $4 a pill in every country that has a single payer healthcare that Obama had asked for and republicans refused to allow!

    3. pete G says:

      I said it was a power grab from the beginning and the dictator has been grabbing more power ever since, with the help of the (R) midterm wonders of course. Anyone with 1/2 a brain could see where all this was going but some in this country i am afraid, have allot less brain than that. It’s normal not to be able to admit a tragic mistake.

    4. celina pittman says:

      ABSOLUTELY! I love how the Dems admitted two years later that they had to lie to the American people to get this law to pass. As far as I know, the majority of Americans did not want this law and it was passed anyway. I hate that I have to pay for something that is overpriced and is extremely worse than it was before I had to get this plan. I pay double and get half of the services I used to. Obama, you suck! If you love your ACA plan so much then why don’t you take one of your precious daughters to see a specialist that is found on the website. I dare you (of course you would have to use an alias to really see how patients get treated). Please move to Iran with your buddies when you are finished destroying our country.

  • rep says:

    Single payer is worse than obamacare neither one should be part of healthcare start over eliminate all the bad parts of OC simplify provide good options to choose from with good discount rates because it would be considered a major group plan.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      SPOT ON!

  • VirgoVince says:

    WHY doesn’t congress have the votes?? All that’s needed is 2/3 and aren’t Repubs supposed to be the majority?? There must be some Dims ready to get onboard! Too many rinos?
    THEY made the mistake of passing this asinie bill, it should have been shredded before it saw a vote, regardless of Nazi piglousi! (pelosi)!!!

    1. Wild_Bill_vintage_1948 says:

      Nobody really likes “Obama” care but the Repugs have proposed nothing to replace it.
      What the people want is single payer. The .01 percent is determined to thwart that, as far as I can tell.

      1. jerry young says:

        speak for yourself most people are against single payer,what is proposed is going back to what we had you know that freedom to choose without penalty, where even those who couldn’t afford coverage already had it, where everybody else didn’t have to pay for other peoples insurance because there is welfare and medicaid and you could see whatever doctors you like and not have to have coverage for things you would never use yea I know prenatal care is a good thing but what the hell will I do with it I an old man, and how about the insurance companies actualy paying their share like it use to be instead of now you pay 100% until you reach your out of pocket max then they kick in their 80% if you ever use that much, this is what most people want not single payer, most people work and pay their bills and don’t expect the government to pay for them

        1. The Redhawk says:

          he , It. she Shoukd go CRICKETS and Quit acting INFANTILE!

        2. pete G says:

          This was designed to take more of hard working people’s money and give it to people who wouldn’t work if they were offered a job. Obama with his policies has made sure there isn’t to many jobs out there for people. His giveaway programs are an embarrassment to our country along with the lazy fools who grab everything for free they can get their hands on.

          1. celina pittman says:

            Him, Hillary, and that idiot Sanders are all promising a “middle-class” lifestyle without ever having to work for it and these young millenials are eating it up along with the “dreamers”, the illegals, and the refugees. Us Americans who work hard are earning less and less every year as the cost of beef, fresh vegetables, and dairy products go through the roof and electric companies rob us blind. This administration has created a country full of entitled, disrespectful, lawless, lazy dependents which is exactly what the agenda was from the start.

        3. celina pittman says:

          I couldn’t have said it any better!!! Thank you for your honest expression of the TRUTH!!!!!

      2. The Redhawk says:

        Stand BY….It is a planned ROLL OUT towards the ELECTION … CHILL out …. Besides if you were UP to snuff and not agitated with no Knowledge you’d KNOW that there was a proposed plan by the GOP House that DIED on Reid’s DESK,,,, Smarten up!

        1. celina pittman says:

          So true, they have tried many times to put something else on the President’s desk and good Ol Boy Harry and his cronies made sure it never made it.

      3. Pam says:

        If single payer is so good, why do/did so many people from countries that have it come to the U.S. for medical treatment?

        1. celina pittman says:

          It is called progress and exceptionalism. WE have some of the best medical facilities and doctors on the planet, problem is now there is no access to them unless you are among the elite 1%…period. Those coming here to get it (as you say) are also coming because they know they can get it for free through our government welfare programs that give more to immigrants and refugees than they do to their own citizens…period.

          1. Pam says:

            I was not referring to “immigrants and refugees”! I had in mind how my friend’s sister almost died in Ireland waiting to see specialists. They brought her here for what might have been her last vacation (at 16 years old), she had an episode while here and the ER & doctors at the hospital where she was taken almost immediately diagnosed her! That was 22 years ago and she is still alive today.
            Also, the “progress and exceptionalism” we have is what I meant and THAT ALL GOES OUT THE WINDOW UNDER A SINGLE PAYER, GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED HEALTH SYSTEM.
            All your other posts seem to be in complete agreement with me?!?

      4. Liberty's Advocate says:

        Seriously? Surely you jest!! No matter what government-run example you point to from past history two things are certain: Government DOES NOT WANT COMPETITION and given the opportunity to have a monopoly, government will screw it up!

        It (BIG government) strives ALWAYS to be the only game in town. That’s how BIG government keeps getting bigger. A single payer system gives government a monopoly over the ONE THING the founding patriots wanted the people to have absolute dominion over FOREVER; the one thing on which government should NEVER have any input, except as a just punishment imposed by society for violating the Natural (God-given) rights of another Human being; the one thing that can keep the constraints on a perfectly designed but poorly restrained limited government: that one thing is your absolute right to control your own life and destiny. ” … Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness …” which are gifts to Mankind given at the moment of our individual creation BY the Creator and, as an ACT of GOD, neither Man nor the governments Man creates have any power over such Naturally occurring phenomena – any more than Man has control of the weather or gravity, or any other Natural force.

        If we allow government to maintain control of our existential being, ALL of our freedoms are lost forever and we will NEVER get them back. That is what is at stake here and why Obama and Hillary MUST BE STOPPED !!!

        1. celina pittman says:

          You should be shouting this statement from the rooftops as I do. I believe in every word you just said and if we continue to just sit idely by and let it happen because we can’t miss a days work or our bills wont get paid, we are going to lose our lives and our individual purpose in this life. To many people are just content to sit in their little bubble houses and let someone else do all the dirty work for them. The country needs more outspoken and honest men like you to stand up and say the truth as it is. We are GOD’s children adn we belong to noone else except ourselves. I say that anyone who wants to be ruled by Dictators and Crooks like Obama,Hillary, or Bernie should go live in Russia, China, or the Middle East. Then see how much they like being told when how and why to do everything they do. And if they don’t do it, let them pay the copnsequences

        2. adideyedothat@aol.com says:

          Liberty’s Advocate Wild_Bill_vintage_1948
          If what has so painfully been the Poisonous Pillaging, Pimping, & the Predatory Prejudicial Plundering of our freedoms, our laws, our constitution our morals, our Faith[s] [all of] Our God, our country’s very ability to continue it’s very existence as a free Nation, omg wild bill, if Obamanation & [from hell] Hitlery is NOT stopped like YESYERDAY, there will with out any reasonable doubt, no denying, be NO TOMORROW Whatsoever for America~!*! ARE U Listening?!?

      5. celina pittman says:

        Why does it have to be the “Repugs” to replace it, they are not the ones who implemented it. WE knew it was a bad idea from the start and everything that republicans said would happen if this law was enacted has happened. All but two or three of the insurance comapnies that got all of those millions in subsidies and startup fees are now bankrupt, the cost of this bill is landing on the middleclass just as predicted. My same plan used to cost me $69.00 per month, I now pay $550.00 per month and I get less services and a bigger hassle than before. The DEms need to come up with the replacement because they are the ones who pushed this disaster on us, not the republican party. If you do not see this then I cannot say anything more except I hope that you get all that you deserve in this country’s future, including your big beautiful home taken over by homeless evil, drug addicts after we move to a fully socialist country.

        1. Liberty's Advocate says:

          Let me see if I understand you correctly. YOU want the political party that designed this bureaucratic debacle – and did it mostly out of ideological considerations and needs rather than for concerns for the individuals over who’s lives they wanted to establish total control and dominance – to now design a system that is just the opposite and advocates the rights of the covered individuals to make their own decisions and to control their own costs? Is that about it?

          You obviously have no clue who you’re dealing with here. Welcome to Socialism/Communism/Fascism 101. Your political and economic freedoms are inexorably and irrevocably tied, inseparable from one another. If you have studied the institution of slavery you know this to be true. That is why the Democrat (Socialist) Party advocates for increased taxes and larger government to devour those resources. It leaves less $$$$ in your pocket with which to make decisions and fewer freedoms not regulated out of existence for you to express yourself and your individuality.

          They want sheep and Lemmings who trust and rely upon their government masters to protect them from themselves, not free thinkers who can design better mousetraps and solve their own problems. They don’t even want sheepdogs who provide security for themselves, their families and the flocks of sheep who foolishly put their faith in government. Government would rather take away the sheepdog and leave the flock unguarded from the attacking packs of homeless, drug-addicted wolves who prey upon the sheep by their Nature. Doubt me? The Democrats are after your guns, taking away your ability to defend yourself, aren’t they?

          1. adideyedothat@aol.com says:

            um Do birds fly? LA um was Ovomit’s Hero Hitler after Nazi Germany’s Jewish People’s guns? So that He could proceed to Slaughter them?
            Yes, & He did~!*! celina pittman, anyone who would or could deny such obvious, factual, substantive, sound, facts, actual circumstances, & regretful ocassions of merit would NOT, could NOT & is NOT playing with a full deck~!*!

    2. The Redhawk says:

      NOT enough GOP in the SENATE that REid Still Controls with his TOOLS via ‘OBJECTING” to any valid Proposals.. WE need a Bigger GOP Senate and a New REAL president

      1. celina pittman says:

        We need to fire every seated Senator on the floor and replace them with local doctors, small businessmen, educators, engineers, and scientists who know first hand what this country needs to get back to its former glory. We do not need more career “yes” men in the office that they are supposed to serve those who put them there. These establishment pigs only serve themselves. That is why there should be term limits on legislators also. Stop voting for career politicians and vote for real Americans people.

        1. Pam says:

          Not “educators” unless they are from places like Hillsdale College!

          1. celina pittman says:

            I love Hillsdale but there are other educators who are knowledgeable and trustworthy who would be better legislators than these clowns. My point was that those are the type of people who have their pulse on what is happening in our country and who do not have political “juice” to run games on their own agendas.

        2. Cliff Barton says:

          If we could get the congress to repeal the 17 amendment and give the power to replace a senator if they aren’t doing there job, that would straighten congress out

          1. celina pittman says:

            That would be the ultimate fix if those idiots knew that they could be fired just like every other citizen who doesn’t do their job correctly. Thanks for the reply Cliff.

    3. pete G says:

      They know he’s wrong if you notice most Democrats do not support his gun control because they know it’s the last big step in his take over. I would hope Democrats are not so stubborn that they would let this guy take this country down the toilet. They can’t be that tired of their freedom.

      1. celina pittman says:

        They already let him take us down the toilet. He has spent us into oblivious debt, He has divided the races and cultures to the point that we have regressed 50 years, he has controlled the mainstream media to the point that it is a complete joke to watch the news (Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave), he has led this country right into the hands of our enemies with his idiosy, and he has blatantly shown us who he really is since being elected a second time (an angry black man with a power trip agenda to destroy those who don’t believe in AllAH!!!!!
        I truly feel that the only hope is to have this state constitutional convention the Texas Governor is talking about, and each individual state leader needs to show up, take back our individual freedoms, our schools, our right to choose what to buy, what to eat, what to put into our minds and bodies, and leave the lawmaking out of the courts. The judical system should only enforce the laws, not make them. The states all need to rise up against a tyrannical oversized power-hungry monster government and show it that we are still America and that AMericans are still not to be pushed into a corner or we will come out swinging a big stick. REvolution is on its way if something doesn’t give and I am not talking about “Black Lives Matter” either. I am talking about states seceding, American militias forming, and the darkest parts of the Bible coming to fruition. I pray for our beloved America!!!!!!!

        1. pete G says:

          Celina i couldn’t agree with you more. Even the Republicans seem to have left us in the lurch. We must vote wisely and get this US destroying bunch out of our way, and rebuild America. We were cursed the day Obama ran for office.

      2. Hgeyer says:

        Most REAL Americans DO support background checks…. Bush is the one that had us circling the bowl…. I would hope that republicans would not be so blind to who really has been trying to destroy this country…

        1. Cliff Barton says:

          Hey there mister lib. Background checks are the first step in the attempt to take our guns. What part on “shall not be infringed” can’t u understand?

          1. I Seigel says:

            You’re not allowed to yell fire in a crowded theater. What part of “your right to free speech shall not be infringed” can’t you understand?

          2. Cliff Barton says:

            What does free speech have to do with the second amendment?

          3. I Seigel says:

            Did you ever hear of something called an “analogy”? Look it up.

          4. Cliff Barton says:

            Does the right to free speech me you can say whatever you want to say even if it directly affects another person? No. Every time someone brings up rights people like you bring up the free speech issue. Only someone who can’t think for themselves would think its OK to yell fire in a croud.

          5. I Seigel says:

            OK, maybe I used too simplistic and obvious an analogy. I should have used as an example the free speech rights of people being limited when they try to exercise them by preventing others from entering a Planned Parenthood building. Or the pharmacist’s right to exercise his or her freedom of religion by choosing to not fill a prescription for a Plan B birth control drug. OK? Will those scenarios make you think a bit harder?

          6. Cliff Barton says:


          7. Hgeyer says:

            Every gun I own was purchased after a background check and nobody has come for them! I register my car and they haven’t come for it… Your bullshit theory is simply that, BULL$HIT!

          8. Cliff Barton says:

            What do u think will happen if they start coming to your house to collect all your guns? You will step aside and let them take them. You won’t stop them. They are the big bad government. Everyone thinks they will fight back but when it comes right down to it noone will. People don’t want to go to jail and the libs know that.

          9. Hgeyer says:

            I’ll do the same as everyone else…. I will tell them my guns got stolen last week…… NOT that that will EVER HAPPEN! They can’t even expand background checks to keep criminals and terrorists from getting guns, what on gods earth would give you the impression that they could pass any laws or programs that would have them actually take your guns from you?

          10. Cliff Barton says:

            What laws were passed to allow the thousands of illegals to come across the border and reap the benefits that legal citizens have? Obama thinks he has the legal right to do whatever he wants. Just like a dictator. That’s why I think he will come and take everyone’s guns. If he can

          11. Hgeyer says:

            He can’t! He won’t! Get over it!….

          12. Cliff Barton says:

            He’s trying. He’s going to if he can. Just look at his past unconstitutional acts.

          13. Hgeyer says:

            Please list any unconstitutional acts that Obama has done because nobody has been able to tell me anything that has actually been judged to be unconstitutional….. Just because some dumbas$ conservative says something is unconstitutional doesn’t make it so!

          14. Cliff Barton says:

            OK let me see. Oh yea telling the ICE agents not to deport illegals. All illegals not just the criminals. That’s one. Immigration policy is set by the house not the president. Deploying the military into Libya and Syria without congess’s approval is another. War Powers act only gives him 90 days before he has to go in front of congress to get there approval. That’s another.

          15. Cliff Barton says:

            Setting the policy of background checks without congressional approval is another. Adding to a constitutional amendment without going through the amendment process is unconstitutional.

          16. Hgeyer says:

            Setting policy for federal agencies is well within his constitutional rights and is part of his job.. Nothing here….. Try again…… If he HAD violated the constitution the republicans would have impeached him. Or if he got a blow job in the Oval Office! They and you have NOTHING! Try again…..

          17. Cliff Barton says:

            Setting policy for federal agencies he can do. But when he uses that to set policy for the nation he can’t do.

          18. Cliff Barton says:

            Repubs wouldn’t impeach him because of political cowardice.

          19. Hgeyer says:

            And because they don’t have any legal reason to base it on! THAT is the important point! He didn’t set any “policy for the nation” whatever the hell THAT is supposed to mean…. He set policy for a federal agency! Like I said you still have nothing factual to base your ignorant opinion on…..

          20. Cliff Barton says:

            Policy for the nation means everyone has to abide by it. He told the federal agency not to deport illegals other than the ones who were criminals. If that isn’t affecting the nation then what is? People coming across the border illegally is not only a drain on our economy but also the rule of law. With 92 million people out of work we don’t need to keep importing more people who can’t find a job and then go on public assistance. See drain on economy.

          21. Hgeyer says:

            Oh, you mean “laws”… Presidents don’t make laws, only congress has that ability….. Or is there a big book of rules somewhere that nobody knows about that we all have to”abide by” ? This ranks as your stupidest statement yet…..

          22. Cliff Barton says:

            Yes there is a big book of laws somewhere. It’s called the penal code. Every book in a law library has laws we must follow. Try again

          23. Hgeyer says:

            So, again you agree with my statement that those are “laws”. I’ll repeat…. Presidents can’t and don’t make “laws , congress makes laws.

          24. Cliff Barton says:

            We are on the same page. Just going about it the wrong way. Or long way. Been saying right along that Obama doesn’t have the authority to make laws. By executive order or decrease.

          25. Hgeyer says:

            That is why he hasn’t…… So what is the problem? He has done nothing that isn’t within his legal right to do! Executive orders are within his legal bounds as with all the other presidents and all their presidential orders! NOTHING illegal, NOTHING unconstitutional, NOTHING that even comes close to an impeachable offense. THAT is why republicans haven’t tried to impeach him because they have NO legal reason to do so and they know it!

          26. Cliff Barton says:

            Show me where in the constitution it says he can write laws. Or make laws by presidential fiat.

          27. Hgeyer says:

            Why do I have to continue to repeat myself… He can’t make laws! That is what the legislative branch does! He has NOT made or changed ANY laws! He has only made executive orders that detail how the government agency’s enforce the laws that congress has made! They are NOT new laws and they have NOT changed any old laws! What are you not hearing here? Study up on “executive orders” and stop being so ignorant!

          28. Cliff Barton says:

            Clinton didn’t get impeached over a blowjob. He got impeached over lying to congress. He tried to make out that he was so stupid or the American people were so stupid that they didn’t that a blowjob was sex. Plus he said he didn’t have sexual relations with that woman. That’s why he got impeached

          29. I Seigel says:

            You are correct. He got impeached because he lied to Congress. And Congress asked him completely inappropriate questions that had nothing to do with national security, the economy, or any of the Departments of his cabinet. They were going for simple entrapment and embarrassment, plain and simple, and they succeeded. And the country was significantly weakened because of it. And now, who is questioning Trump’s multiple divorces, and the lies that he has told while campaigning, and the truth-stretching of Carson, Rubio, etc? No, they haven’t been under oath. But the lies are still lies, and they have an extremely negative effect on the country and on our standing in the world

          30. Cliff Barton says:

            The whole premise behind the impeachment proceedings was the fact that he lied to congress about sexual relations with Monica lewinski. Inappropriate questions about what? They asked him about his escapades in the oval office. And about if the charges levied against him by M L.

          31. I Seigel says:

            Yes, and MY point was that the impeachment proceedings resulted from answers to questions that Congress had no business asking. They weren’t matters of national security or any matter that the President is constitutionally responsible for. What Article of the Constitution says it’s prohibited to get a blowjob in the Oval Office?

            “Charges levied against him by ML”? I think she made claims, but he was never charged and he was never sued, as far as I recall.
            And is having sexual relations while in office an impeachable offense? Of course not. But the Republicans in Congress had been trying since Clinton’s first few months in office to get rid of him, and this was one way. They couldn’t find anything in Whitewater, Foster, Flowers or any of the other manufactured scandals. “A vast right-wing conspiracy”? You betcha. And it’s still going on now, only the righties are doing it to the unions – and ALL middle class workers – via the Supreme Court at the moment.

          32. Cliff Barton says:

            You can’t argue with a lib. He always has to be right. Even when he is wrong. Charges of sexual misconduct were brought against him and congress investigated them by bringing the pres in front of congress. They asked him if he had any sexual dealings with M L and he said ” I did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinski.” Remember that famous quote? That’s why he was impeached. High crimes and misdemeanors. Lieing to the court.

          33. I Seigel says:

            “Charges of sexual misconduct were brought against him….” – can you please post a link to a news story verifying that? There were multiple women that accused him of misconduct, rape, whatever. But “charges”?

            And as I said in another post, lying to Congress IS an impeachable offense. In this case, he lied in answer to a question that should never have been asked by Congress and had nothing to do with national security or the execution of his Constitutionally-mandated duties. They could just as easily – and just as inappropriately – asked him what he had for breakfast that morning.

            But that’s ok. You can’t argue with a rightie. He always repeats the same thing over and over, whatever is spoonfed to him by the media. No independent thinking or analyzing for rightie. And he’s got a lock on self-righteousness.

          34. Cliff Barton says:

            Go to Wikipedia and look up the sexual suits brought about by over five women. He paid the courts and the women for what he did. He lost his law license for five years because of perjury in those cases and when he was in front of congress he did the same thing.

          35. I Seigel says:


            The information that I found at this link and others – http://www.nbcnews.com/id/10904831/ns/politics/t/bill-clinton-can-re-apply-his-lawyer-license/#.VpViAM6cHIU – is that his law license was suspended by the Supreme Court for lying about Monica Lewinsky, the same issue that Congress impeached him for. The law license suspension didn’t have anything to do with the “sexual suits brought about by over five women”. If you have information to the contrary, please post a link to your sources.

          36. Hgeyer says:

            So you are saying that Bush and Cheney should have both been impeached for all the horse$hit they knew were lies that they fed congress to get us to attack Iraq?

          37. Cliff Barton says:

            If you remember right Bush was using information he got from the director of the CIA that was appointed by Clinton. He went by the information he had. Also to say no WMD were found is false. Just not in the amount they were told

          38. I Seigel says:

            You’re not about to say that Bush was duped by a Clinton appointee are you? Because it was VERY common for incoming presidents to appoint their own CIA directors. Bush CHOSE to keep Tenet, and so, at that point, Tenet was Bush’s guy, not Clinton’s.
            And it took a LONG time for them to find ANY evidence of WMD, and they were old and useless relics from the Iran-Iraq War and certainly NO threat to the US or to US forces in the area.

          39. Hgeyer says:

            The only thing even close to a WMD was a contaminated, long abandoned site that was to dangerous to clean up much less acquire anything useable as a weapon…. Bush used information that he knew was false and THAT has nothing to do with Clinton in any way.

          40. I Seigel says:

            He’s only got a few months left. He better start soon.

    4. DOC says:

      Because there a bunch of PUSSIES.

      1. celina pittman says:


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