Obama: ‘Whenever I can take steps without legislation,’ I will

President Obama said Saturday that he’s doing everything he can to reduce income inequality in America.

In his weekly address, Mr. Obama said too many Americans haven’t seen increases in their wages, while the wealthy “are doing better than ever.”

“We’ve got to reverse those trends,” Mr. Obama said. “We’ve got to build an economy that works for everyone, not just a fortunate few.”

Toward his goal, the president noted that he’s taken steps through executive action in recent weeks to boost job training, to guarantee every child has access to quality education, and to boost income and retirement savings.

“I want to work with Congress on this agenda where I can,” Mr. Obama said. “But in this year of action, whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, I will.”

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  • Dan Berghamer says:

    Obama has used deception and lies from his very first campaign speech to the present day. It defines who he is.

  • Ollie says:

    They have been planning this take over for centuries! Youi morons have slept and let it happen!

  • junkmailbin says:

    step 1. moochie, and the family get to vacation in gary, IN from now on. the rest of the usual money spent goes to veterans benefits

  • David Hendrick Behrens says:

    Herr Obama is trying and slowly succeeding in 5 years.. It is known, Obamacare has put millions out of work and will continue to do so and the worst economy since the 1930’s has and is and putting thousands of companies out of business and adding millions more out of work…

    1. I Seigel says:

      Where do you get your silly statistics? Have you noticed that many businesses are posting record profits? “Thousands” of companies out of business? “Worst economy since the 1930s”?? Have you seen the stock market lately? Have you seen what interest rates are? Stop spouting off nonsense. You have absolutely no connection with reality.

      1. Dan Berghamer says:

        Obama’s policies and lack of leadership have had no effect on the stock market rebound, which has happened not because of Obama, but despite of him. Millions still unemployed, and the democraps want to legalize 40 million illegal immigrants to take more jobs from Americans. And if you haven’t noticed, ACH while benefiting a small select few, is crushing millions financially. It is YOU that has absolutely no connection with reality.

        1. I Seigel says:

          So, you’re saying that Obama’s policies haven’t had any effect on the stock market, or on the companies posting record profits? If that’s true, then how can you also say that he’s killing the economy??
          FORTY million illegal immigrants? Last time I heard, the news was 11-12 million. Where are you getting these fantasy numbers.
          And you say “millions still unemployed”? Well, where is the “laser-like focus on jobs” that the Republicans promised during the last election? Seems that as soon as they got elected, jobs became the last thing they dealt with, and it’s all been about abortion, Planned Parenthood, and invasive medical procedures on women. Or had you forgotten that? Oh, and let’s not forget their aim of crushing union workers and wasting the taxpayers’ money by voting to repeal Obamacare FORTY times. And how about their work calendar for this year? Only 97 total days or so of actual work. Still waiting for a jobs bill from Boehner & Co.
          And where is the alternate version of a health plan that they’ve been promising for the last 4 years? Nothing. Just the sound of crickets coming from the House of No. Replace Obamacare with…. WHAT?

          1. Dan Berghamer says:

            One of the lies that Obama presented in his campaign speeches was that of jobs. The only thing he has done in that area is dole out bail out money to increase the national debt by over 5 trillion. All the economists say the investment wasn’t worth it. The forty million number comes from population statistic estimates. The democrats keep the number low because they are purely looking for votes. The Mexicans have stated they will vote for the party of entitlements. That is the democrats in case you didn’t know. Voting to kill Obamacare was the right thing to do. If something stinks, you flush it. Obamacare is the biggest turd produced by Obama so far. And when the Repuclicans take back the senate, it will get repealed and replaced by something that makes sense. Obama’s lack of leadership has made the businesses work around his policies, just as he has promised to do with Congress. He is despicable.

          2. Kholt says:

            What about the thousands of privately owned small businesses going out of business which do not trade on the stock market? What about the middle class Americans who don’t count for the subsidies that make an Obamacare forced insurance policy affordable? What about the very easy and entirely independent act of using every last bit of his income to support non-government programs that benefit the poor? Or perhaps using his vacation time to volunteer at one of these programs? Two very simple ideas that would give him more credibility, but instead he lies. He isn’t going to do everything he can outside of legislation. He could build homeless shelters out of pocket but he doesn’t.

      2. BH says:

        Stock market increases have been fueled by the FEDS printing $80 billion EACH MONTH out of thin air. Watch every time they talk about cutting this printing and the market drops. Has nothing to do with Obama’s policies of socialism.

  • Barto says:

    The best thing he could do is get himself and government out of Businesses way through incentives and less regulation whereas they can employ out-of-work citizens who really want to work.

    1. I Seigel says:

      What kind of incentives?
      Why can’t businesses employ out-of-work citizens now? Why not employ veterans? There are incentives for that.

      1. Dan Berghamer says:

        Two things come to mind; 1. AHC – The costs from the new health care tax are in many cases prohibitive. You, like most democrats, think that all business are a bottomless pit of profit. As a previous business owner, I can attest, not so. And 2. The business community can’t trust what Obama is going to do next. It is absolutely one of the biggest lies that Obama continues to spew, and that is his claim to do everything to help the “middle class”. In no way is this true, unless you consider the middle class the ones at poverty level. That is who he is helping.

        1. I Seigel says:

          I can also attest that all businesses are not bottomless pits of profits. Nor are all businesses capable of meeting many of the requirements of the ACA. Which is why most small businesses are exempt from many of the requirements.
          One of the major reasons that businesses are reluctant to invest in capital improvements, R&D, and expanded workforces is because of the uncertainty in the tax codes. MANY of the deductions that businesses have relied on for many years have expired and business owners are watching Congress do nothing to renew them.
          And please explain: WHO exactly (if anyone) is trying to help the middle class, and how?

          1. Dan Berghamer says:

            Sorry I have to explain this as it is pretty simple. The small business exemption from AHC is temporary. Plus they cannot trust Obama not the shoot them in the back the next time he chooses to use executive action to change said plan with the stroke of his pen. Obama is a radical socialist that is only interested in re-distribution of wealth. Unfortunately he considers anyone above poverty level as the fountain of wealth to spread around. Too many lazy people have adopted unemployment, welfare, food stamps, free health insurance, free cell phones, etc etc as a way of life. Welfare roles are up 70% since he took office. All those freebees are coming off the backs of the working class.

          2. I Seigel says:

            Sorry I have to read the news for you, but have you noticed how many Republican governors and state legislatures are now rethinking their decisions to opt out of expanded Medicare coverage, which was part of the original ACA? As folks, especially older ones, are struggling with health care costs, they are complaining and Republicans are finally starting to take notice. You forget your recent history, but it’s the Republicans who wanted to choke the ACA and render it useless, thereby trying to set it up to fail. The people don’t want failure. They want a system that works. If (state) government – Republican-led – would just get out of the way, the people would benefit.

          3. Dan Berghamer says:

            Of course, we all want a health care system that works, and particularly the people that get subsidized or free health care, and as I said, free welfare, food stamps, etc etc. Seems like you don’t even read the post you reply to. For that reason, adios!
            ps – I hope the Republicans continue their efforts to kill the turd called obamacare.

          4. I Seigel says:

            I hope the Republicans continue their efforts to kill it, too. Then the majority of independent voters will see how truly useless they’ve become and vote them out of office.

          5. Dan Berghamer says:

            Well, there’s no fix for stupid, but good luck to you anyway.

  • Dave Batz says:

    So…If he does care about “Income Inequality” for the masses of unemployed/underemployed/low-wage worker citizens of our nation, then why does it seem oxymoronic that he supports unlimited immigration that would cause more harm to those citizens? Our immigration policies are not “Broken”, just “Unenforced”. If some thousands to millions of immigrants who entered legally and were able to gain citizenship under current policies, it’s not “Broken”. For the millions who entered “Illegally” and then are not willing to make the effort to obtain citizenship cause it’s “Too Hard”, the system is still not “Broken”. “Immigration Reform” means “AMNESTY” for a crime and a reward of a “Green Card” to take a citizens job. Making the effort to obtain citizenship is “Hard Work” and is indicative of the commitment to become a citizen with all the rights thereof.

    1. Steve Barkett says:

      If he is for income inequality for the masses why does he constantly take these lavish vacations, Isn’t he part of the masses?

  • dtk1952 says:

    This stupid clown thinks he is the annointed king. Impeach the bass tard before he does any more evil.

  • I Seigel says:

    It’s interesting that NONE of these comments (so far) have anything to do with the news story. They are comments that could be – and have been – made on ANY and EVERY story that has Obama in it. Predictable and boring, actually. Is there nothing intelligent and different you can offer? I especially like the call for an Aryan Nation assassin. Classy.

  • proudtexan62 says:

    Yes, Obama, the wealthy might be doing well and that’s good for you because if they weren’t your unlimited ATM would be dry by now.

    1. BH says:

      It is dry! That’s why they had to vote to allow him to borrow more money, now he can keep spending more borrowed money.

  • proudtexan62 says:

    If we continue to give him free rein (or is it free reign?), he will continue to do any and everything he wants to do unchecked. Having said that, whose fault is it? We are doing nothing to stop it and it won’t stop until we do.

  • Sgt. York says:

    IMPEACH this so called POTUS

  • frankenbiker says:

    I don’t understand why some redneck Aryan nation, loving KKK fool doesn’t cap his ass and save us trillions of dollars. Not to mention saving the country. Since our elected officials refuse to impeach this goatfcking ass, someone has to get this muzzie tool out of office. Before any of you decide to hate me for my hateful speech, know this, I’m beyond caring what you think. I’m not PC, nor will I ever be again.

  • mudguy1 says:

    We have a GOP establishment that is afraid of their shadow.And is afraid that they will blamed for everything even if it the right thing to do. it is past time for the states to start using the tenth amendment.

  • victoriadelacy says:

    What I don’t understand is WHY our House, Senate and Supreme Court ALLOW this man to get away with declaring himself dictator and acting the same! The reason the Founders gave us 3 branches of government to begin with was to prevent this very type of situation!

    1. swamprat1937 says:

      Nor do I understand why “they” are letting this wanna be “dictator” get away with murder. Kick him out – and NOW!

      1. Ollie says:

        Because they are on Obama’s team. Why are you always looking for someone else to do it for you! Can’t you get enough people to stand with you?

        1. BH says:

          Romney nailed it in the behind the scenes tape, 47% are on the dole and politicians are working for their vote. And that number is increasing. But we are working on it, wait til November.

    2. exHPB says:

      Because you’re a Racist if you oppose him!
      Not because he’s a jerk.

      1. victoriadelacy says:

        It is incredible that they can continue to use that race card even when 99% of the time the criticism made of Obama has nothing at all to do with his race or ethnicity and everything to do with his Marxist/Communist policies. Is this how dissent was squelched during the days of Hitler when that despot first began to abuse his power and engage in wholesale slaughter of all but the able-bodied Aryan race in his midst? It is enough to make the average American shudder!

    1. exHPB says:

      Who’s the bigger fool? The fool or the one that follows the fool?
      — Obi Wan Kenobi

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