Obamacare repeal bill likely to get to president for first time

by Tom Howell Jr.
December 2, 2015

Senate Republicans put themselves on track to pass a long-sought bill this week to dismantle Obamacare and strip funding from Planned Parenthood for one year, finalizing a measure Tuesday that will put a major repeal of the Affordable Care Act on President Obama’s desk for the first time.

Mr. Obama is sure to veto the bill, but just getting it to his desk will be a victory for Republicans, who have repeatedly run into Democratic filibusters in the Senate.

The repeal bill is part of a flurry of year-end activity as Congress tries to clear the decks. Still to come are votes on a $281 billion highway funding deal, a bill to rewrite the No Child Left Behind education law and a spending bill to fund the government in fiscal year 2016.

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  • MrsTJNic@aol.com says:

    Well Said, 7papa7 !

  • billwhit says:

    I don’t think it will be long before we see Obama have a mental breakdown on National TV! You can see the strain is really getting to him, scandal after scandal, failure after failure, ignorant decision after ignorant decision, a person can only fail so much before they finally realize they are not fit for the job, just too bad Obama is such a Narcissist that he cannot see past his crap stained nose! It will be a great day when Obama’s obituary goes to print!

  • ijohnc1 says:

    Mitch and crew will do as much damage as they can before November 2016
    They have already abandon the American people, treating us as serf’s of their kingdom.
    Funding PP just shows how arrogant they have become, morphing into obamites will doom them into the fires of hell.

  • You would think he would pass this so he would not be known as the most hated president in America’s history!

  • June says:

    Dear Bud. I am 71 years old and I was referring to women who ARE pregnant, talk about brain dead. Anyway! it is a sin and I am on God’s side when it comes to that. I don’t recall asking you to personally E-mail me, BUD! So how about cut it out so I don’t have to put you on block. I certainly was told by my Doctor that I was going to have a baby not a fetus, excuse me! You sound very angry! I was referring to a, sister, cousin being aborted, not getting one. Show a little respect for your elders, from now on.

    1. budgienation says:

      First, my name ain’t ‘BUD’ asswipe! 2nd, I show a little respect for my elders, very little in the case of assholes like you! And, it is a fact, that you’d know if you didn’t skip out of Jr. High School Bio, that we all start out as a zygote, then fetus then, after actual physical, birth, a baby. And, frankly, this whole point of ‘what if you, a cousin, etc. were aborted is completely bogus. If that were the case, there’d be no basis for discussion as neither of us would be here. It is not a sin, what the fuck do you think miscarriages are? It’s an abortion the body does……..all by itself! Look, why don’t you stay in your trailer and watch FUXNOISE and leave the rest of us alone…………….

  • Mike Zimmerman says:

    This cracks me up that people want to repeal Obama Care. For starters it allows you to keep your kids on your insurance until they’re 26 instead of 18. Before Obama Care insurance companies could kick you off your insurance coverage once you reached a certain level of cost to the insurance company. With Obama Care millions more have coverage who didn’t before. These same people, without coverage, went to the emergency room for treatment. Hospitals still had to treat them and eat the costs. To cover those costs they raised the costs of everything that you, with insurance, have to pay. If you truly want to be upset about insurance get upset with the insurance companies who pay their CEOs, on average, $20,000,000 a year. And that figure was as of 2010. That should be what you should be angry about!! Imagine how much better coverage you could have with lower premiums if their salaries were much more in line with reality. If you’re making $50,000 a year it would take you 40 years to make what they make in 1 year. If you’re making $40,000 a year it would take you 50 years to make what the do in 1 year. Enjoy the reality check and think about who you really should be directing your anger at!!!

    1. Fabman says:

      its a pile of shit dude. Get over it.

  • June says:

    Hey bud! Did you know that PP spends half their time talking to women and talking them into an abortion. I will never leave them alone! Put that in a pipe and smoke it! I don’t believe in killing babies. And if you defend them you are just as guilty as they are. They are Evil to the core. Would you want them to abort your sister or child or cousin? What if they had aborted you. Most women regret abortion as they get older. Also on Roe V Wade she never had the abortion, look it up. She was just making a point, I am sure she now regrets it,.because she made history in the wrong way. She stated that fact herself!

    1. budgienation says:

      Wrong, wrong and wrong again, “June”. If you don’t walk in pregnant, they don’t ‘talk you into an abortion’. They only spend three percent of their time on abortions, and, for the record it’s not ‘killing babies’ you brain dead moron, we are talking about a zygote/and/or a fetus in other words, non viable outside the womb. If my sister or my kid or cousin wanted an abortion, that’s their business. Don’t want an abortion? Fine, don’t have one then. You know, I’ve got a feeling you’ll never have to worry about having an abortion because you come across as a retard, and in some circumstances, having sex with a retard can be considered abuse, like taking advantage of the FEEBLE MINDED!!!!

  • Jack says:


  • I Seigel says:

    Thank God we now have Republicans in control of BOTH houses of Congress!! Now we get to see what REAL governance looks like, done by RESPONSIBLE ADULTS!!!

    Before they had majorities in both houses, Republicans would TRY to pass all these bills that Obama threatened to veto, and which Congress wouldn’t be able to override. Now, that they’re in control, they’ll actually SUCCEED at passing bills that Obama is sure to veto, and Congress won’t be able to override! Now that’s what I call PROGRESS! Good government, for the people, by the people.

  • Robert Green says:

    The House better support this as well. I will assume that Obama will not sign it. In which case Congress must override his veto. It, like any other socilistic offering is not for the benefit of the people but a method of destroying our health benefits that had been working up to before this program was voted into being. Who do you think is paying for this program? Not the government! It is those whose medical insurance was cancelled due to increasing their costs. Wake up folks! The People are funding it! and even the illegals are benefiting from it…at no cost to them. We are losing many doctors due to this program. We will become just like those programs held by Canada, Great Britain and others where you have to wait long periods of time to get help. The good doctors will quit and there is no guarantee that a patient will not die from just waiting for help. Another tool for the reduction of populations.

  • Louise Goins says:

    Glad to see their working ! Now cut the debt-BUT balance a budget WITH increased military and defense…payroll tax cut-decrease entitlement etc

  • Frankdidit says:

    People people, keep in mind, the only way we are going to get our Congressmen and Senators off their asses is to elect someone who will crack the whip or embarrass the hell out of them. That is, in my opinion, Trump and Cruz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Redhawk says:

    SO BHO-ZO will VETO IT and Unless Congress can DEFUND IT we remain at ZERO!
    Why not just IMPEACH the CLOWN and GET it OVER WITH???? and get rid of all of his Appointed IDIOTS at the same time and repeal all of his INSANE REGULATIONS including Climate Warming based Idiotic Policies???

  • rowleya says:

    GOP better Repeal Obamacare before
    Election or no one will go to polls to vote for Republicans

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Rinos, rowleya. And you forgot to note the dem wit dem lemmings running for reelection who controlled the senate and house when the Obamacare abomination passed! Voting the dems out and holding the rinos accountable for their part by voting them out as well is why there will be another apple barrel overturn for sure in 2016. Anti rino, anti dem lemmings is precisely why there will be a big turnout of voters. We are FED UP. 2014 and 2015 has the dem and republican parties all shook up. Seems they did not count on several key elections going south but it will continue into the future. We are fed up with this congress, this type of POS prez and the agencies behaving like the enemy thanks to the BO influence. Some serious changes are coming whether the dem and GOP parties want it or not. We want to select our own candidates and are sick of this manipulating bunch of turds!

  • budgienation says:

    Give it up, you clowns. What is this, the sixtieth attempt? I thought you ‘elephants’ never forget. It ain’t going to work, chuckles. Just like Reagan fought medicare and Medicaid, and other Republicans fought the minimum wage, and Social Security, you’ll lose this too. And for the last time, the feds DO NOT FUND ABORTIONS WITH ONE DAMN DIME. The fed subsidies go elsewhere. Did you know that Planned Parenthood’s services are only three percent abortion related? The other, as the name implies, are for birth control, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, reduces the need for abortions. Also, they provide pap smears, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, kidney, liver function and cardiovascular testing and a whole host of other health care services! LEAV THEM THE HELL ALONE ALREADY!!!!

    1. John Mackey says:

      You must be a liberal. As for the Traitor in the white house named Obama and his Obama care For me to get insurance through it it would cost me $500 a month and I’m a single person.

      1. budgienation says:

        Fuck off you nitwit, you obviously need someone to help you get a better deal. I’m doing just fine. If you can’t handle the new system……ask someone for help. Of course no one can tell you fascist neo cons anything so……….tough beans you redneck shithead! BTW, sucks to be you! Your next President will either be a woman or a Jew! Kill yourself now and ‘avoid the last minute rush!

        1. David Hoover says:

          It is great to see that you have such a solid grasp on the language. A sure sign of a weak argument and an
          even weaker liberal mind.

          1. budgienation says:

            Fuck off anyway. As I told your buddy ‘brother’, the bend of history in the US and the Western world in general is increasingly liberal, so, you and your neocon buddies are essentially ‘swimming against the tide’. Have a nice swim you ‘salmon’. It gets awfully crowed in a can, I hope you get sold as ‘wet fish’ on a bed of ice chips…..

        2. Brother says:

          Say you are an intelligent one. You even know how to
          abbreviate and your command of the English language is just special. Nice job on your voting record, you better keep those democrats in office; you’ll need all the help you can get.

          1. budgienation says:

            Fuck off anyway. The bend of history, from at least FDR in the US and for most of the Western World has been expanding liberalism. It’s the tide of history, go with it. Trust me, you’re no salmon, so don’t waste time and energy ‘swimming upstream’. You’ll only get caught in a net and either canned or sold as fresh.

          2. SDofAZ says:

            You obviously don’t like other observations but the terminology of your response does not put off the truth of another person’s view budgienation. My point is, changes are coming around again and you are the one in this post talking history. You and the liberals are assuming your trend will continue. It will not and that too is a part of history. It is all heading fast to a confrontation with the liberals who support this administration and their actions versus the right which does not. So, in the view of the right you are the aberration. And the right is now being filled with the silent majority which does not embrace your philosophy.

            So bugiesnation from a senior, take my view to heart. I am telling you that you are the minority PC crapola spewing fuck up that helped create this mess and we are FED UP with you all!

          3. budgienation says:

            From the elimination of child labor, allowing unions and collective bargaining, workplace safety, environmental laws (yes, I know Nixon created the EPA, even a stopped clock is right twice a day!), civil rights, etc. the tide has been consistently liberal, so listen to me, ‘Senior’, and I don’t mean that as an insult, hell, I’m 57 myself, the tide of history is and always has shifted ‘left’. Your side is the ‘aberration’ the old rear guard that refuses to see that times are changing and, mostly for the better and the ‘mess’ you refer to, was caused by a coalition of conservatives like you and the Jackals, ‘banksters’ and Wall St. crooks and speculators that drove the economy into the ditch in 08. So, go fuck yourself you senile, old goat!!!

          4. SDofAZ says:

            I have to laugh, some of what you say is true but you still don’t see the repeat in history. The trend is to the rich right now by the way, not the left in general. That is a false view in your perception. Though it is interesting that you are so terribly narrow if you really understand the past and trending. Guess the only answer for you is to watch it happen. You will remember what I have said and I hope the memory makes you a bit wiser old goat. And now that your age is clear and you are one of the older crowd I am officially saying wait and see, from one old goat to another old goat. I am only 10 years older than you, guess that makes me the wiser old goat!

          5. budgienation says:

            SDofAZ, I still maintain, and the full sweep of history will back me up, the trend is, to the left, or, if you like, the ‘liberal’ side.  If your viewpoint were true, and it’s truly cyclical, why haven’t we, gone past the new rise of the rich and the oligarchies, to a resurgence of the “Divine Right of Kings” and ‘Jus Prim Noctis’ where the local noble had the privilege of ‘knocking off the first piece’ after a marriage in his fiefdom?  See, we move away from ‘conservatism’, bit by bit and more and more, over time.  Yes, there are moments when it seems that it will tip back that way forever, but it is the so called ‘conservative tide’ that is the ‘myth’.  It works like that because after a time people, everyone but the 1% that is, resents getting fucked over.  If they’d only remember it through the course of time and there wouldn’t be these little ‘pushbacks’, these little ‘burps’ in the process of human societal ‘digestion’, if you will.

          6. I Seigel says:

            SD, the reason you think that the trend is to the right is because the Supreme Court said that money equals free speech, and limiting political donations equals limiting free speech, which is unconstitutional. So what do we have? We have 138 families – people whose wealth we can’t really imagine – funding ALL the campaigns (except Trump’s), all the PACs, all the conservative think tanks. And those 138 families are almost exclusively Republicans interested only in protecting and expanding what they already have.

          7. Fabman says:

            someone is pretty sore that Obama and the liberal socialists of America have failed so miserably….sucks to be you loser.

          8. Magoo Lew says:

            100 thumbs up.

        3. Oldawg70 says:

          I thought rectal births were a myth, but you and Hgeyer just proved otherwise! Jesus is waiting, and He offers only two options…

          1. budgienation says:

            Olddawg, you wouldn’t know Jesus if you fell over him. He was, and is, about mercy and compassion, something you ‘neocon Teabilly’s’ do not have, unless it’s for your own brand of backward thinking, hate filled fear mongering idiots! Call the Vet, it’s time to euthanize this ‘dawg’, and the whole pound full of his buddies!

          2. Oldawg70 says:

            You have till you take your last breath…then you will get to meet HIM upfront and personal! HE is also about accountability…

      2. Hgeyer says:

        Too bad the republicans refused to allow a public option like Obama wanted…. It would have helped to keep the insurance companies from screwing us…..

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Based on the original funding plans, BO was counting on the younger generation to fund most of the freeloaders. Surprise, the younger generation decided the penalty was cheaper. And as for the rest of the promises and purported fixes, we all recognize and know with BO and his minions where that leads. Another person’s pocket book not of the elite class. Remember BO and Mochelle saying, “We are a rich country!” Well, 7 years later, the middle class is getting real screwed. And please don’t argue with a retired CPA. I do know the scenario. Cost are going up income is stagnant or decreased. Thus the reason for continuing with the fake interest rate via the feds. The economy is really not healthy and that is all over the world not just here.

          1. Hgeyer says:

            Hate to inform you but the middle class has been getting screwed since Reagan…… Now if we could only get banks to pass those seriously low interest rate to the tax payers that are loaning them money at near 0% we could get the economy moving again….

          2. SDofAZ says:

            BO has sped it up indeed and I did not like Reagan either. He gave us amnesty! And you are right, the trickle down sucks. Greed! Can not argue with your response. Have a good day.

          3. Glenda Jordan says:

            With all due respect SDofAZ, in defense of Reagan he had stated if there was one thing he could undo…one thing he regretted it was amnesty. At least he was an honest man that would admit mistakes! Something our government has been lacking for far too many years! I’m not sure if it was my age (late teens-20’s) that possibly made me a bit naïve but I felt “safe” with Reagan as our CIC! Our country was safe. Times were different then but I don’t doubt if Ron was here today we would feel that safety and security in this country again.

          4. I Seigel says:

            “Now if we could only get banks to pass those seriously low interest rate to the tax payers that are loaning them money at near 0% we could get the economy moving again”
            So what do you think, SD? Put on your accountant cap and tell us why the banks haven’t lowered their interest rates to us “little people”. You know, the middle class. Tell us who is screwing who here. Is the Obama and government screwing us, or is it the banks, and the big businesses that are looking out for their profits rather than for the consumers.

          5. Magoo Lew says:

            Good post. You tell it like it is. To top it all off, most people think that the Fed is actually part of the government. Then when you explain that the fed is just a bunch of bankers that print fiat money and the use that fiat money for fractional banking to make more money,, they just sit there with eyes like deer staring at headlights just before they get hit.

        2. Fabman says:

          bullshit…this whole thing was never going to work from the beginning and guess what? I didn’t.

          1. Hgeyer says:

            All the industrialized nations in the world have universal healthcare that works! Are you saying that we are the only country incapable of making it work? Now THAT is the bullshit!

      3. I Seigel says:

        So get your insurance without using the health exchanges. No one is telling you where you have to purchase from. BTW, my wife pays $509/month for Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Just for herself. She doesn’t use the O’care exchange.

        1. Fabman says:

          Except that this is the 2nd insurance company in a row that has stopped doing business in the medical industry and cancelled my policy directly due to Obama care. My premiums have doubled and so has my deductible. I had the same insurance for a decade with no problems. Now I am on the 3rd company since Obamacare started and here I am shopping for insurance again! Obama care has been nothing but a dismal failure from day one.

          1. I Seigel says:

            So why not advocate for fixing it, improving it, instead of cancelling it. Then the insurance companies really would be in control again, and you’d really get screwed. Because believe me, they will NEVER offer those police again. They’ll never go back to less profits.

          2. Fabman says:

            You are right about that, which is why this stupid law should NEVER have been passed in the first place. The mess just keeps getting worse and worse. Liberal policies are destroying this country and I don’t know if we will ever be able to repair the damage done….that’s why we have to get these traitors out now.

          3. I Seigel says:

            And I’m sure you were much better off before Obama took office. With many people losing their homes, banks going bankrupt, hundreds of thousands losing their jobs and health care and Iraq falling apart. Those conservative policies WERE destroying our country. It’s good that we got THOSE traitors out.

    2. Hgeyer says:

      Good luck trying to teach these Neaderthals ANYTHING…. It’s like talking to a box it rocks, except the box of rocks won’t call you names when you point out that the are ignorant!

      1. budgienation says:

        Yeah, I know, sometimes I just can’t resist. How dense ARE these people?! It boggles my mind. And, most of them aren’t exactly rich either and are precisely the kind that get the most hurt from Teabilly politics! I’ll never figure it out.

        1. Fabman says:

          you sir, are an idiot.

          1. budgienation says:

            You, Sir, are a ‘fucktard’….

          2. Fabman says:

            At least I’m not a Liberal jackass…you guys have failed so miserably you gotta lie just to save some face. man, that’s gotta hurt.

          3. budgienation says:

            Hey Flab, it’s getting late so I’ll be brief. “Failed”? Lessee, when Dubya left the three automakers were on the brink of going under, the economy was hanging by a thread, and we were losing about 750 thousand jobs a month. Now, seven years in, the auto makers are fine, the loans have been paid back, with interest, jobs are at a level they haven’t been since the 90’s boom, the deficit has been cut in half, and we’re much better off than we were with Dubya. Gee, you’re right, that’s doing really sucky! It must be a really bad time to be a closet Klansman like you. I can find no other reason you dislike Obama so much. He’s got more on the ball than that whole ‘Clown Train’ from the GOP. You know, “Flabman”, a man once said, ‘It is better to remain mute and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!’ You know, “Flabman”, if you had half a brain, you might be dangerous, but since you’ve less than that, you’re merely comical. Gotta go, Flab, gotta rest up for a long day of smashing conservatards like you.

          4. Fabman says:

            …you The debt has DOUBLED, the housing market crashed because of liberal pressure on lenders to make risky loans and the middle east which was mostly under control is now a huge mess, Our health care system is in a shambles, workplace participation is dismal, Americas credit rating was downgraded for the first time in history, race relations are worse than they have been in 50 years, america’s leadership is the laughing stock of the planet….yeah, you morons are doing a real bang up job.

          5. budgienation says:

            Actually ‘flab’ the deficit has been cut by more than half. These are figures verified by the GAO, the Gov’t Accounting Office, a bunch of bean counters who’re there for life and therefore immune to political influence. Liberal pressure? No, it was greed of the lenders who ‘sandwiched’ rotten loans around a thin shell of ‘good’ loans. The credit rating was imperiled by the GOP shutdown, race relations are bad, but on account of GOP inspired racist dog whistles blown in the ears of old white farts like you! And, while we’re on the subject of world wide respect for leadership…….Europe and the rest of the world has far more respect for Obama than they ever had for that retard “Dumbya”! Do everyone a favor “Flab”, go out for a long walk…………off a short pier………..UNTIL YOUR HAT FLOATS!!!! Say hello to ‘Charlie the Tuna’ for me when you’re down there, okay?

          6. Magoo Lew says:

            100 thumbs up for you.

    3. Fabman says:

      Claiming that fed money doesn’t go to fund abortions is like saying you are sitting in the no peeing section of a swimming pool. Once it hits the water its pretty tough to know exactly where it ends up.

      1. budgienation says:

        Fabman, by your logic, if you follow it through, Since I’m a vegetarian, I can’t shop at Kroger’s because they’ll use my money, somewhere along the line, to buy and stock the shelves with Oscar Mayer Wieners. Your ‘purity test’ is an impossible standard and is ultimately bogus.

        1. Fabman says:

          no, your claim that money cant go to abortions is bogus. You just proved it yourself.

      2. Mike Zimmerman says:

        Actually, fabman, you are wrong about federal money going to pp for abortions is incorrect. The Hyde amendment prevents it. Google it for your own reading. The vast majority of what pp does is std testing as well as pap smears and testing for breast cancer and other cancers. Do they do abortions, yes. 3% of what they do is abortions. What I don’t understand is why the Republican party is so much against abortion but when it comes to programs that benefit a poor person who wants to keep their child they are so quick to cut those programs. Things like CHIP and food stamps come to mind immediately. If you’re so against abortions you should be supportive of these type of programs.

        1. Fabman says:

          Not buying that, once money hits their coffers its impossible to know where it goes. Abortion 3%? Not buying that either. If Obamacare is so awesome, why do we need Planned Parenthood?

          1. budgienation says:

            “Flabman”, I don’t give a fuck if you ‘don’t buy it’. A fact is a fact. Only about three percent of Planned Parenthood’s time is spent on abortions. There’s birth control for one thing. Even an asshole such as yourself would have to agree that if you allow access to birth control, which is effective over 95-98% of he time, then there’s less need for abortions in the first place. Then there’s pap smears, breast cancer screening, diabetes screening, blood pressure, chloresterol, etc, and on and on. Lots of basic health care stuff goes on at Planned Parenthood. Of course, assholes like Flabman prefer to think that they sit around all day, aborting women, even when they don’t want it, then they play volleyball with the ‘dead babies’ until they ‘sell their organs’ to SATAN!!! Fuck off, willya?

          2. Fabman says:

            Like I said, if Obama care was so awesome, why do we need planned parent hood…? You can’;t answer that can you. You guys have effed up everything that you have touched….do us all a favor and STFU and let the adults in the room fix your damn mess.

          3. I’ve been reading your comments and had to say, you are one of the most MISERABLE, INSULTING PRICKS I have ever had the displeasure socializing with!

          4. budgienation says:

            Jeffy, I’m flattered! Thank you so very much! Although ‘one of the most’ falls a bit short of the mark, as I was shooting for ‘number one’, this is good! The fact that I raised your bile to the tip of your throat, is, in fact, exactly what I wanted to do. You see, the stuff I’ve read in comments sections, of sites like this one, and “NewsMax” and “Newsiosity” to name a few, from conservatives such as yourself, do much the same to me. The bombast, the cocksureness to boldly assert ‘facts’ that are, in fact, complete fictions, fed to the likes of you by ‘insanity’ Hannity, “O’Really”, “Flush Limpballs”, Glenn Beck, and a whole slew of others, has caused many instances of near projectile vomiting in me, and I thought, ‘well, why not let them look into a sort of ‘funhouse mirror’, a sort of ‘opposite day’, for the whole gang to enjoy! So, I’m ‘one of the most miserable, insulting pricks’, you’ve ever had the displeasure of socializing with’, am I? Well, first off, this is hardly socializing, and second, what we have here is a case of ‘I think he doth protest too much’, as ‘the bard’ would have put it. You claim to be ‘off put’ as I am, in your own words, ‘a miserable, insulting, prick’, right? But, somehow, you just can’t turn and walk away, you must ‘engage’. Moth to flame, Jeffy, ‘moth to flame’. Don’t get all ‘burnt up’ now………

          5. Mike Zimmerman says:

            I’ve already told you to Google the Hyde amendment as proof. If you choose to ignore facts, that’s on you. A mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open. You’re choosing to be closed minded doesn’t change facts or truth.

  • jerry young says:

    the only way we will rid ourselves of obamacare is to rid ourselves of obama, the next president will have to undo all the harm obama has done to America and I wish him good luck, he will be a very busy man

    1. I Seigel says:

      Or woman.

  • KDC says:

    Why don’t we repeal everything BO has done? I wish we could repeal the last eighth years of his reign! I’m not happy with a year’s defunding of PP, that group is corrupt, and they know it. Oh, wait, it’s election year coming up! I hope they are happy.

    1. 7papa7 says:

      I would hope that the one year of defunding for PP aka murder inc is because they now obozo would veto it and in a year we will hopefully have a president who believes in decency and will kill funding permanently. Not only do we need to repeal all that obama has done we need to revoke his authority to do anything. He should be removed from office anyway that it can be done, preferably the military moving in and taking him out in chains to prison. They need to press to prove he is not legally able to hold the office of president and then reverse everything he did from obamacare to his high court flunkies.

    2. SDofAZ says:

      The only reason congress is doing a thing is because of elections. Otherwise they would do their usual and sit on their behinds on all issues. Defunding everything BO has pulled would be best but that would take some guts and the dem lemmings and rinos are deficient in that category. Look at the voting records for everyone trying to get reelected. If you are interested in the illegal alien issues go to Numbers USA. Every senator and representative is clearly graded on their support or lack thereof. McCain and Flakey in Az have failed miserably.
      Don’t like the open borders, criminal illegal aliens being released in our country, illegal aliens hordes sucking on welfare and entitlements the middle class pays for. Don’t like illegal aliens taking your jobs, or an employer or city who hires or protects and enables these bunches? How about ISIS sneaking through our open borders? Or the H-1b visa crowd noted in the Disney land abomination or the other DHS visas for their special workers from other countries that are taking our jobs while legal citizens are out of work? And did you know part of the special visas crowd entitlement is coming from our Social Security money bucket, the Vet money bucket, our Medicare money bucket? Vote em out. They are blowing our futures that we paid for by WORKING!

    3. Rx7pj says:

      Why don’t you get your ate filled head out of your ass

      1. charlie Hall says:

        still can’t spell?

        1. KDC says:

          Thanks Charlie, that was a good one!

      2. KDC says:

        I ate what? You better get your head outta there, bub!

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