ObamaCare replacement deal hits major speed bumps

House Republicans are throwing cold water on hopes there will be a vote next week on a revived ObamaCare repeal-and-replace bill.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.), chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, and Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), co-chairman of the centrist Tuesday Group, are nearing a deal on changes to the bill, and the White House is eager for a victory before President Trump’s 100th day in office.

But GOP aides and some lawmakers say it seems doubtful the deal, as presented by MacArthur, could win approval in the House.

They also note that there is not even legislative text yet to mark a deal, which makes the prospect of holding a vote next week even more unlikely.

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  • paul says:

    Repeal the nightmare Obamacare, allow people to purchase whatever health insurance they want, wherever they want, for the price that they’re willing to pay a la carte. Eliminate the individual health insurance mandate and let the insurance companies go out of business if they can’t compete in the open market. Take insurance companies who collude on prices to court and put a few cheating insurance company executives in jail so the rest fall in line out of fear. Free market principles will take control and costs will drop based upon what the market is willing to pay for health insurance and which companies consumers decide to purchase it from just like car insurance.

  • Patriot41 says:

    One will not hold his breath waiting for the ACA to be replaced anytime soon. The only thing that has changed with the GOP, is the rhetoric about ending the ACA disaster.

    When the government forced the States to accept the ACA and build on it for eight years, it has become a financial nightmare, not only for government but also for our citizens. That law has been a costly, legal nightmare right from the beginning and still is to this day.

    Not only did the ACA completely destroy our medical system, but also created havoc in the insurance industry. It also created a new indigent class within our society, that does not even pay into it, to keep it above water. The government or taxpayer money, now must pay the costs for all medical services rendered to the non participants. So of course, the government has now created another law that it cannot properly manage or fund.

    This is the problem that the current administration is faced with and legislators do not know how to dig themselves out of the financial crater they have dug themselves into. With a twenty trillion dollar national debt, you cannot just drop the ACA and start over, no matter what new hair brain scheme you come up with as citizens’ medical services are at stake and citizens vote!

    Finally, the ACA is the baby of the democrat party and therefore, the democrat legislators will do everything within their power, to fight any and all changes to that bill. Add to that major problem, is the reluctance of several GOP legislators, who despise their new president and who also want to protect their political career. They know every socialist voter in this country, will target them for defeat!

    In the meantime, citizens will continue to pay out the nose while their healthcare will continue to get worse.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Alaska has come up with as fix for the ACA that seems to be working. It looks like fixing healthcare in our country will end up falling on the States since the congress can’t even agree to vacate a burning building. After all those years repealing the ACA you would think they would have figured out how to do it by now. I guess the President putting together a workable bill that would get both Republican and Democrat support is out of the question. Did Trump once say he had a bill ready?
    Didn’t our President make some big promises about how great his healthcare reform would be for everyone?

    1. Peter Smith says:

      bobnstuff, stop being the idiot you always were. It’s been less than 100 days or has this fact escaped you? I do agree that the GOP spent 61/2 years complaining about ACA and trying to repeal it. I agree they should have had a consensus plan waiting in the wings for this opportunity. Heck, I even agree that healthcare should be in the hands of the individual states. But your hero Obama, and the DNC, made it a federal issue by voting for the ACA with zero support from the GOP. They shoved it down everyone’s throat and nothing could stop it. Now, “it is what it is” and President Trump and the GOP majority will have to get it figured out and get it done.
      I actually believe they should just repeal the ACA without any replacement plan on deck. Or they should just let it implode on it’s own which is just a few months down the road. The only reason it’s still here now is that the Obama administration continuously changed rules and funnelled funding to the plan to keep it afloat. All the GOP really has to do is just sit back and wait …..
      I’ve got my health insurance through my employer, I’m really not concerned ………..

      1. bobnstuff says:

        The stories of the ACA imploding are far from the truth and the majority of Americans support the ACA even today. Alaska has found a way to make it work for now and their solution is cost effective. As far as being shoved down everyone’s throat remember Obama was re-elected after the bill was passed by a much larger majority then Trump got. The federal government has been involved in healthcare since the 60’s. Every president since then has tried to fix the problem, both republican and democrats. The Republicans did not vote for the ACA but they had no problems helping to create it. They made 43 major changes to the bill. The original bill was written by three Democrats and Three Republicans if you remember not by the White House.

        The Republicans have a problem with governing. Where are the job bills? Where is the great healthcare bill? Trump ran on Repeal and Replace. Wasn’t a tax plan do so they have it passed by August? Can you name a single major piece of legislation passed by this congress? Even G. W. Bush had a better start. You can keep making excuses for our new president but no matter how many times he tells us how much he has done he isn’t getting anything done. He can’t even staff the White House. Congress isn’t helping him either and since many of the members of his own party don’t like him he shouldn’t expect any help from them.

        1. Carl Lewis says:

          Yes, he has been up to his ass in alligators TNC. These obstacles placed in his path by the Alt Left shadow government as part of that criminal Barry Sotero, foreign student’s infused and illegal maneuvers shall eventually brought out from the shadows into the glaring sunlight. When it does, many liberal heads, and even GOPERS who were solidly against Trump will seek cover, running not walking to refuge. These unpatriotic killers of democracy shall be fingered, indicted, tried and convucted..NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Then, progress by this true patriot, our president, shall cime about. BELIEVE!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            The Republicans have control of the Congress and have for over two years. Now they also control the White House. Face facts the Republicans are in way over their heads. We don’t have a fully working White House because Trump hasn’t named people to the jobs. There is no legislation being voted on because none is being written by either congress or the White House. They haven’t even voted on a repeal of the ACA, wasn’t that a day one thing? You can’t blame the Democrats for stopping things that aren’t moving. When are you going to lay the blame where it belongs. It was Truman that said it best. “The Buck Stops Here.” Trump love trying to take credit for things, maybe he needs to take the blame as well. No jobs bill, no immigration reform bill, no tax reform bill, no repeal and replace. Not just not passed but not even written. True patriots should be standing outside of Congress with pitchforks and torches. They would have to go to Florida to get Trump.

          2. Retired says:

            You are really going off the deep end that you can NOT see how the Media is destroying anyone considered . Did you miss out on O Rieily ???

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Fox paid $13 million in hush money to protect the slim bag. O Rielly got off easy. Had you or I once done what he repeatedly did we would have been out on our cans.

          4. Retired says:

            Who brought out O Reilly .Plus he got enough money that he does not need to work the rest of his life . You and I paid for that through advertisers . This goes on in all networks and media , it’s called Hush money in the long run .

          5. Carl Lewis says:

            Your babble is just that. Trump’z administration has already begun accomplishing many things. Your glbness is hot air, smoke that ONLY you believe. Yours and other subverts of your stripe are identified by blovoating until their little lips turn blue. Your only choice now is negativism cause you got your ass creamed at the ballot box. Dems may NEVER win another election. Admit your losses, tuck your cowardly tails and quit wasting our time with your fabrications. I speak for a lot of us…SHUT THE f***** up@

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Name a major piece of legislation passed under Trump so far. By now every president in the last century has had at lest one big piece of legislation passed. FDR had 15. It makes no real difference to me if the Democrats win or loose as long as men of good will are elected. I’m a moderate republican. Trump blames everyone but himself for how things are going. Did you see the job numbers from March, not good but nothing is being done to change then. April will be just as bad. A president is suppose to enter the White House with an action plan, legislation they want passed and people they want appointed. Trump still doesn’t have a plan.

          7. Retired says:

            You will never get bob to see the light of day on the subject .

        2. Retired says:

          Why don’t you start pointing fingers at the Demon Rat party that is holding everything up as well as trying to control everything that happens . Next they will tell you how many times you are allowed to flush your toilet per day to conserve water .You have been BRAINWASHED to the max !

          1. bobnstuff says:

            If Trump hasn’t put a name out for a post how is it that it’s the Democrats fault. If a bill hasn’t even been written how is it that the Democrats can block it. The Republicans have control or our newest Justice wouldn’t be sitting on the court right now. The Republicans and their President are not doing their jobs but you blame the Democrats.

          2. Retired says:

            Why are you playing Stupid ??? Are you that ignorant as to how the elected play games . With all the leakers they know what will fly and not . Until the Demon Rats stop playing the Childish game of block everything until the next election ,nothing will Change in WDC .

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Who’s the stupid one here. The Republicans passed a repeal last year but can’t do it this year. Remember that the Republicans have held the congress for two years. If thing keep going the way they are the Republicans could very well loose the Senate and become weaker in the house, Supporters don’t like being lied to. Was blocking everything a childish game when the Republicans did it with Obama?

          4. Retired says:

            They did not block as much as you think . There is no repeal or any other bill going to the floor without the needed votes. Did you forget the stack of bills Reid sat on to prevent a vote . Stop reading the NE and Fake news . Write your Elected in WDC of both parties instead of the BS you post. Schumer and Pelosi are playing Reids game .

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Do you know that the bills on Reids desk story is bogus. Every Speaker has 300 bills on their desk at any given time. In 2009 Pelosi had over 600 bills on her desk. Those were Democrats bill just waiting in line. If you took the time to understand how our congress worked you would understand the fact that not all bills go to the floor. Also it’s not going to the floor that’s the problem right now, it writing the bill in the first place.
            If you want facts about what’s happening in congress here is the place. No spine just real facts.

          6. Retired says:

            Tell us bright Boy who owns and supports the site ??? Then who supplies the information ???? It is just like at a news conference ,some tells the public what was said as if the people are to stupid to understand .

          7. bobnstuff says:

            My guess is you didn’t even bother to go to the site.
            If you want to read a bill before congress they have it. If you want to know how a congressman voted it’s there. Lots and lots or raw data.

        3. Peter Smith says:

          Bob, what happens when there is only one insurance exchange in a state? Prices go up, way up, guaranteed. There are even a few places where there might be NO exchanges very soon, so what’s the answer? Medicaid? Taxpayers paying for more of the bill? You state that “a majority of Americans support the ACA even today”. Yet “The latest Health Tracking Poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 48% of Americans view the law favorably,”. Bob, 48% in not the majority of Americans. The approval ratings also depend on the polling constituency. The polling numbers from Texas differ from the numbers from say California and New York. And remember the famous statements of the Obama sycophant, Mr. Gruber? STUPID Americans did indeed vote for the DC Mulato a second time after the inception of the ACA. I’m positive you were among the Bob.
          How did the GOP make 43 changes without the vote numbers to force any changes to the ACA legislation? Remember, the DNC held near supermajorities in both chambers. Also, the original bill went no where Bob and was pushed aside for other versions. You know, the one written by your three and three.
          Oh, and Bob, President Trump has done more good for this nation in less than 100 days than Obama did in 8 years. It is not the business of the federal government to create jobs, never has been. It is the federal government that must create a favorable environment for private businesses to have a fighting chance for success.
          The repeal and replace of the ACA is coming. Followed by the overhaul of the current tax system. These will be accomplished by the GOP lead Congress. Wait until they get one to two more Conservative justices on the SCOTUS using the tools of the DNC and Harry Reid.
          George Bush may have a better start, but he will finish dead last in the race against President Trump. He also had a DNC that didn’t come out against every single thing that was said or proposed. The current policy of the DNC will cost them dearly in 2018, care to wager on it Bob?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Alaska found a way out of the problem. The set up a CAT fund that limited the insurance companies liability and brought down the price which in turn lower the subsidy and ended up costing the state less then the payout from the CAT fund. It is a simple solution. You might want to check the polling again, the ACA just took a jump back up but by Republican standards 48% is a winning percentage since that’s more the Trump got in the election. When the ACA was being created they spent a lot of time on the floor of the congress and the fools in the Democratic party thought that if they gave the Republicans what they asked for they would vote for the bill. Remember this was early on and Obama thought that the Republicans still cared about doing what was good for the country. Don’t hold your breath on a repeal of the ACA, they aren’t really even talking about that right now. What they are planning is a few changes in the money end that will give a big pay day to the Insurance executives at the cost to the insured. They will try to sell you that it’s some kind of repeal but that’s not the facts in the case.
            I guess record job growth and a growing economy isn’t anything. That’s just part of what happened in the last 8 years. We also are very close to energy independence today. The GDP has been rising and we manufacture more in the US then at any time in our history. Until it’s taken away we have more protection from the greed of the bankers and the insurance companies.

            Trump has gotten less done in his first 100 days then any President since Harding. No major legislation, and only a bunch of EO’s that mean very little in the real world. The regulations he is trying to change for the most part have to go through hearings to in fact change them that are the same as the ones to put them in in the first place. Many of the regulations he is trying to change the industries they regulate don’t want changed.

            Trump and his supporters have very limited knowledge of how our government works which in Trumps case is creating major problem. You have been sold a bill of goods. There will be no real boom in coal because it is not cost effective. Steel is never coming back because we use less steel today then we manufacture and even if they build a new steel mill it won’t be in the north and for sure not in Western Pennsylvania. Cutting taxes on the rich doesn’t create jobs, neither does cutting taxes on big business. It never has. If you had any knowledge you would understand this.

            As far as an overhaul of the tax code you will be surprised when it doesn’t go through. It has been tried before by both parties and hasn’t happened yet. The math will stop it this time. You can’t cut taxes and increase spending at the same time.

            As far as the DNC paying a price for coming out against every single thing costing them it sure didn’t cost the Republican when they did it and in fact they gained by it.

          2. Peter Smith says:

            “So the state tried something new and different — and it worked. Lori Wing-Heier, Alaska’s insurance commissioner, put together a plan that had the state pay back insurers for especially high medical claims submitted to Obamacare plans. This lowered premiums for everyone. In the end, the premium increase was a mere 7 percent.”
            bobnstuff, this is not a solution. This will just be one more government subsidy that the taxpayers will be on the hook for. One more time for the cheap seats bob, I shouldn’t be paying for my family’s healthcare and that of several other people as well.
            bobnstuff, you are a tried and true progressive liberal. Nothing the Conservatives do is good enough and nothing the DNC does is bad in any way. The DNC gave the GOP NOTHING on the ACA, they didn’t need the GOP for any reason to enact their law, and they knew and used this fact.
            In case you’ve missed it bob, President Trump has been spending a great deal of time rolling back the governmental regulations by Obama that were dragging the nation and the economy to a standstill. You say the GDP is rising? 1.9% in his last quarter? bobnstuff, Obama is the first president in the history of our nation that never had ONE year of 3% or more.
            You state the Trump policies will not work because they have been tried and didn’t work then. That’s because it was the Trump administration doing it. Let’s see, the Obama administration only DOUBLED the national debt. Whatever policies the Trump administration attempts, they’ll never be as bad as your hero, the DC Mulato. And yes, bobnstuff, taxes can be cut and expenditures can go up and have the books balance. It’s just that their are thousands of government expenditures that will go away and the monies will go to areas that strengthen our nation instead of weakening it. Tough choices but ultimately necessary for our nation. The Obama administration never cut anything, hence the added $9 to $10 trillion in the national debt.
            Yes, the GOP went forward by obstructing Obama. But make no mistakes here bobnstuff, the Obama policies were so bad for the nation, the GOP had to fight them. And “We the People” saw this, and acted against the DNC and their progressive liberal policies. And what has the DNC done since that time? Gone farther left, we really can’t cure stupid, but in the DNC’s case, who’d want to ….

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Were you out of the country when the ACA was being put together or do you have memory problems. Obama tried his best to get the Republicans on board with the ACA. I remember when early on the public option was taken out of the bill do you?

            I guess keeping the country healthy isn’t important to you as long as you got yours. Ever wonder why we are the only industrial nation without a national healthcare system? Look who some of the largest donors to campaigns are and follow the money.

            We choose to stick our businesses with the cost of healthcare for their employees which make us less competitive. Our system is wasteful and just feeds more money into the pockets of the healthcare industry. We pay twice as much for half as much healthcare. Do you like being ripped off? How does it feel to be totally self centered and to not care if others live or die. Health should be a right not a privilege. Lets forget that we are our brothers keepers for a minute and look at youself interest. Do you think having workers healthy is a good idea and do you like paying higher prices for things because of our wasteful system. You pay for everyone’s healthcare right now even if you don’t know it. Your employee based system just adds the cost of healthcare into the costs of the product and the people without insurance still get taken care of in the ER at the highest cost, that cost is put on your bill when you go to the hospital.

            Now not only are you still paying for everyone else you are paying 30% to 50% more then people in other countries for it. Under the ACA insurance companies profits are limited to 20%. Sounds fair to you but most businesses are lucky to make 10% and in fact 2% to 3% is pretty standard right now. Now where does that profit go. It doesn’t got to the investors, it’s paid out in bonuses to the management, the CEO and his friends. You like making these people rich for doing little or nothing.

            Not all the money we over pay ends up in the insurance companies pockets though, a bunch also goes to the drug companies. We pay a much higher cost on our drugs then any other country. The fact here is one way or another the bill ends up with you. You get to pay one way or another.

            So healthcare for everyone is in your best interest, cutting the cost of healthcare for the poor is in your best interest, getting the cost of healthcare out into the open and off the books of employers is in your best interest and controlling the cost and the profits of the healthcare industry is in your best interest.

            I didn’t even go into the fact that the single largest healthcare purchaser is you the tax payer. The government spends more then any other group and anything that cuts the cost helps our taxes.

            The ACA should be replaced, it’s got some problems and the Republicans are not capable of fixing it. We need true healthcare reform in our country. Trump pointed this out when he was running and made promises to create a better system. I want to hold him to that promise.

          4. Peter Smith says:

            Tell me again bobnstuff exactly how many GOP votes were in favor of the ACA.
            Obama didn’t try to get the GOP on board bob. Stop being stupid. Obama always believed “elections have consequences” and being saddled with this FUBAR bill was the consequence.
            I do not feel any obligation to pay for your healthcare bobnstuff. Or anyone else’s either. I have worked for over 40 years to have my health insurance. I have EARNED my coverage for my family and myself.
            President Trump will get the job done on healthcare. Too bad you liberals didn’t have the same accountability standard for Obama.
            And your wrong about one thing bobnstuff. The federal government should never have been involved in health insurance. This is a personal matter and a State matter. The federal government FU’s almost everything it touches. Especially when the government is being run by liberals.

    2. Retired says:

      You still don’t get it do you , people like YOU oppose everything that Trump tries or suggest . Clamp down on the Insurance industry to get out of politics and take care of the insured. A start would be to force a wage and benefit cut to upper management , the same needs to happen in the Banking industry .

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I support Trumps idea to repeal the ACA and replace it with a better lower cost plan that anyone who wants insurance can afford. I support creating a million jobs this year. I support getting the lobbyists out of our government. These are all things Trump has promised. I agree that we need to clamp down on the insurance industry, in fact they could pass a law that does just that. Limit the profits and protect the customers. They could call it the ACA.

  • Seeking only the truth says:

    When will they get the idea we don’t want the ACA replaced, we want it removed.

    1. BOC says:

      Agreed and anything with Paul Ryan’s fingerprints on it should having Trump and this country running in the other direction, and toot sweet!

      Ryan along with the Democrats and the usual suspects that make up the Establishment Class (McConnell, John “The Corpse” McCain,his Broke Back, Broke Back buddy and my senator, Lindsey “The Limp Wristed Bed Wetter” Graham to name few) only purpose is to pin failure on Trump and his agenda.

      The Wisconsin Cheese Turd is bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce, Soros and a myriad of lobbyists. I hope his bill goes up in flames and Trump will let Obama Care die on the vine.

      1. Retired says:

        Ryan is not the total problem, the others you mentioned are the big problem . You have not figured out that Campaign money is running WDC ???? Look at the standing order of who contributes the most down to the least .

        1. BOC says:

          While that’s true he’s not the entire problem I’m going to have to respectfully disagree that he is probably the biggest scoundrel in the Establishment Posse. He, along with the other vermin that make up the Establishment are bought and paid for by the Chamber of Commerce and countless other lobby groups who’s intent is to push the US into the NWO. Between this awful bill to save Obama care and his tax reform legislation that contains a 20% Border Tax this guy along with the rest of the establishment are hell bent on destroying Trump and his presidency.
          However if these traitors in the Republican Party and I include Ryan among them, believe they have the upper hand they had better think again, because those that support Trump will sink the enemies that don’t support his policies.
          Trump is just the vessel and voice that represents our discontent with the Establishment and we who supported him, even some of us that are college gradeate book learnin’ types, feel the Republican Party are sellouts. Trump represents our last best chance to save this country and being a man of his word he represents the Everyman, who is fighting against the malaise, corruption and sense of entitlement that those holding the mantles of power are reluctant to relinquish, i.e. The Establishment. Trump is also a winner and Ryan, who is still flossing Obama’s spunk from his teeth, had better step in line or he’ll be run over in the process. These days I believe few polls, but the one that just came out showing Ryan to have have the lowest favorable rating of any speaker is spot on in my opinion.That goes for the rest of the establishment and I’ll include the traitorous,obstructionist Progressives, because we’ve had it with the way our country is being flushed down the toilet by those seeking there mantle of power in the sphere of Globalism.

          1. Retired says:

            You nailed it on the Chamber , they are the Number 1 campaign giver , next is the Realtor Ass. and Insurance Industry is not far behind . We are pretty ot given up on him much on the same page , just you put it better . Ryan is a big supporter of Walker so

          2. BOC says:

            I enjoy your posts as they’re insightful and your points are cogent and well thought out regardless of the discussion. I am also a supporter of Walker having contributed more than a few dollars to the “failed” recall by the progressive guttersnipes. He would have had my full support for President had Hurricane Trump not smashed the squishy establishment types to kingdom come. I have read that Ryan is among his closest friends, but unfortunately ideology and friendship may be in their case, mutually exclusive. I have liberal friends that I would donate an organ to if they were on deaths door, but I’m pretty sure having a part of me in them wouldn’t change their world view.

            Anyway, I appreciate the discussion and keep busting Bob’s chops as those posts are some of the most creative in the art of ball breaking and they truly make my day!

            Be safe, Keep Prayin’ and have a Great Weekend! I find they are much more enjoyable since January 20th of this year. Don’t You Agree?

          3. Retired says:

            I agree , don’t forget about Priebus with ties to Walker and Ryan . the three go way back . But then you probably already Know that . The in fighting amongst party members is not very professional as far as I am concerned. Have a good day.

          4. BOC says:

            Only recently I was informed about their friendship as my daughter lives in Milwaukee and she was the one who informed of their friendship.
            Also, Props on your response a little further down with regard to Bob, of the Western Pa NStuffs’. I have a feeling he’s doesn’t win many arguments at home either and engaging on a conservative message board with the opposition may be a release for deep seated, repressed frustration. I would look at the discussion as a service to a fellow human being as it’s probably a healthy, cathartic experience for the Bobster.
            I actually like the guy and when you, Redhawk or someone else on the right side of the issues engages in a healthy discourse with Mr. NStuff I have a smile on my face reading every response. It makes my day! I appreciate Bob’s input as he is well versed in fake news as I’m totally out of the loop in that regard which that includes Fox with Rupert’s Gen-X sons pushing that network into the CNN stratosphere.

            Anyway, I appreciate the information and have a great evening!

      2. Rachelmlacy says:

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    2. Retired says:

      Drop the ACA completely , there is to much Garbage in it . Get the government to clamp down on the Insurance industry and stop kissing their butts for campaign money . When was the Constitution changed that the Gov. must supply health care for FREE . When was the was laws changed that the IRS becomes a welfare program ??? The TAX CREDIT and ACA are welfare programs . Furthermore the Gov. only says how many sign up but never present how many actually paid and stayed the whole year .

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