‘October Surprise’? Wikileaks’ Assange Plans Tuesday Video Appearance After First Canceling Due to ‘Security Concerns’

by Heat Street
October 3, 2016

UPDATED: After canceling a planned announcement in London, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is now planning to appear via video link Tuesday morning at Wikileak’s tenth anniversary celebration in Berlin. He’s a last-minute addition to the roster of festivities taking place this week in Germany.

Wikileaks used its Facebook page to confirm that Assange would speak at the event, which takes place at 3am Eastern time.

Sources close to the event tell Heat Street that Assange may be planning to release some new information his organization has obtained about the U.S. Democratic Party. But Heat Street has yet to receive independent confirmation that Assange plans to dump information specifically on Hillary Clinton.

The news that Assange plans to appear (remotely) in Berlin comes after Wikileaks abruptly canceled a much-anticipated announcement in London that was to be made from the balcony of London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, where Assange has sought sanctuary for years. The cancelation was first reported by NBC News. According to NBC’s Jesse Rodriguez, the announcement was canceled due to “security concerns”.

There had been widespread anticipating that Tuesday’s announcement might have been Assange’s long-promised document dump on Hillary Clinton.

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  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    We are waiting for “the shoe to drop” on Hillarys plan to be elected President by any means possible. What kind of ignoramus would elect a thief and liar to such an important position?

  • John Adams says:

    Remember to wear Red on election day to show proof that a vote went to Trump so if by some chance he doesn’t get any votes from that area after the count it will prove voter fraud took place. It happened in the last election when Romney didn’t receive votes but obamma received over 100% in some areas. They will use voter fraud and dead people voting for hildabeast.

  • Dr. G says:

    I await the “data dump” . . . however, it would be nice if people wake up on their own.

  • M. D'Souza says:

    Obama’s legacy is at stake, if Julian Assange spills beans on the US Democrat Party and Hillary. So how will Obama deal with this? How will Hillary deal with it? It’s not difficult to surmise…Assange better watch his back.

    1. Bobby Hopkins says:

      he better dump the e mailes now,now,now while he is still alive if that is the case.

  • ONTIME says:

    Good move…when your a moving target…….

  • paul filing says:

    Word has it that obuma has proposed to the Ecuadorian Govt a Fed grant of 40 Billion $, if they would all go out for dinner and leave the front door of the Embassy unlocked. Go figure.

  • justinwachin says:

    It should be interesting to see what other sludge exists from the Hillary camp. This woman is totally sleazy.

  • Dan says:

    Assange certainly needs to watch his back. I believe a video release vs. balcony announcement would be a much safer place to release his information. Let’s hope he delivers the goods on the witch from Washington.

    1. Bobby Hopkins says:

      maby assange is trying to do a deal through the obozo admin anc killery to pardon him and he will destroy the e mails.just thinking all seems strange to me.

      1. Dan says:

        Even if he did, I wouldn’t trust that gang further than I could throw them. Remember what happened to Vince Foster?

        1. Bill Cash says:

          DAN: I don’t believe that FOSTER was the last. I’ve always believed that Bengahzi was a planned affair because the Ambassador “knew too much”. Repeated denial of security request and then the constant lying about what and how it happened and Obama’s help in the cover up. This sleazy woman is capable of anything. Everyone in “power” knows. The FBI, Secret Service, Congress, Joint Chiefs of Staff, AG, everyone. Yet the democrats rigged an election to her favor. And if the truth is ever known Bernie Sanders was in on the fix. Sander’s supporters should be super pissed that they gave him all their time and money and then he stabbed them and jumped on the Clinton Train.

          1. Dan says:

            No doubt Bernie was in on it. Interesting how he bought a $600K lake house shortly after he dropped out of the race.

  • JIMBO says:

    We will need all the help we can get. Trump needs to win Florida and Pennsylvania to take the the nomination away from Clinton. If there is no Trump, there is no AMERICA,

  • Walter Flatt says:








  • Tiger says:

    It is a sad day in America when we have to depend on someone from outside our country to get the goods on a low down life force like Hellary. Sad indeed that we have a corrupt FBI agent in Comey, who lays out a perfect case against Hellary and even tells Congress yes it is true she had Classified and Top Secret information on her server then gets uppity when Congressman Doug Collins calls him out on it and others in Congress suggest Comey a weasel. He is a weasel and a traitor as is Lynch who tells us to love ISIS that is what they need. A corrupt IRS that made sure it intimidated Tea Party and other Conservative groups. A Homeland Security that is trying to get as many savages made citizens as possible before elections regardless if they are terrorists or not. Then you have CIA that has been playing footsie with O’s demands concerning watering down ISIS reports.

    Without Assange Debbie Washmymouthout with Chitz would still be out there lying like when caught doing it said yes she would continue to lie. On and on we the “People” of this country are denied truth daily. Denied truth about the refugees, denied the pictures of them tearing up Europe, denied the truth that the UK left the EU due to refugees and the EU running them the way the UN is trying with America and will be doing if Hellary comes in.

    The truth that Slavic countries won’t accept refugees, the truth that Sweden and other countries deporting them in the thousands and that borders being built with razor wires in Europe and that Britain building a slippery wall. On and on the American people told only what O wants them to hear. Even tried to tell the public that nobody was killed in Pulse until the police broke in and if not for the truth already out there they would have gotten away with it. As it is they scrubbed what the savage Muslim said. Then we find out that O scrubbed the records of over eight hundred Muslims on the FBI lookout list. Then we find O made those in charge release another 80,000 plus illegal criminals back into our society.

    What about all this, ALL THIS do Americans not understand? How is it that anyone in this country could vote for Hellary? How is it a sitting president is out there campaigning, along with his wife, who is paying for the security and the fuel for Air Force One. They are up in our face with all and people still voting for more of the same.

    So thank you Assange and any hackers that can pull the truth out and put it in the Spotlight and if any of you can stop this catastrophe called Progression that is actually Regression back into the depths of Hell for a Free Country I will pray for your success.

    Those nasty tentacles of the “killing Machines” that serve their masters the Killery Group are well infesting even the farthest parts of the world.

    1. James in Texas says:

      As an indication of the depth of corruption and dishonesty I give you Mr. Cummingham, Democrat of Maryland. This person was, back in the 50’s & 60’s, a stalwart of Dr. King and a leader of the peaceful Civil Rights movement. This man has become the example of being a racist and a man without honor. He has done nothing in the Congress but become very wealthy. And, he and Harry Reid are the main water-carriers for Odumbo. Yes, it is always very good to have someone like Assange, if not for those kinds of people we would hear just what the government wants us to hear. Wow, sounds a bunch like Cuba, Communist China and the “former Soviet Union”, doesn’t it!

      1. Tiger says:

        Indeed it does sound like a Dictatorship because it is.

        1. James in Texas says:

          Not quite yet, but, if in January of 2017, Odumbo is still in the White House, then it will become something very real and very ugly. This tyrant is only successful because of the failures of our Congress. If Odumbo thinks he is another King George, he will get more than he can bargain for!

          1. Bobby Hopkins says:

            called the second amendant which is what it is for in the first place.tyrants .

          2. Santarbeasley says:

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          3. James in Texas says:

            Pull your head out!!!!!!

          4. Effie says:

            So then you are a troll

      2. ricktenny says:

        I used to say joking around, “Make me King for two years, put me in a everything proof booth in the White House, and it will be all straightened out. Then we can elect another President.” In a round about way that is what Assange is doing.

    2. Dennis says:

      What a mess this country is in! Talk about taxes, half the country is “not” paying “any” federal income tax and living off the Democrats, that are spreading the wealth while running all the businesses off shore, they are fat, dumb and happy! Who ever owns the media is in with the totalitarian government. In view of all the unbelievable crap over the last 8 years, you have to ask yourself, “how can Hillary be ahead in the polls”! Then you have to ask yourself, “how stupid can people be”?
      In stark fear, you have to ask yourself, “what is coming when Hillary gets elected”? I mean seriously! I mean UGLY is on the way!

      1. Tiger says:

        Just follow what O has done and think it three times worse and you have Hellary.

        I do not believe the polls on Trump being as despised as Hellary. He
        has done nothing in his life to deserve that it is the Main Media doing
        this because Hellary is so bad a candidate, so wrought with scandals
        and such an old biddy who has been in politics since a stupid activist
        in college etc. She wrote letters to Saul Alinsky, His book dedicated
        to Satan. Trump did not.

        She got a rapist off the hook and blamed
        a 12 year old virgin for her own rape. Laughed after. Trump never did
        anything like that.

        She lied about Benghazi, she lied to the families of the dead. Trump never did that.

        She helped O take the ME down, Trump never did that.

        falls on her face, seizes, is wired with some contraption, has an eye
        that goes one way and the other another. Trump healthy.

        She is tied to O at the hip and Trump is not.

        he is NOT hated and tell ya how ya know. At every single event he has
        close to 30,000 Deplorables and last event in Michigan he had close to
        40,000 that my friends is not Unlikability but Hellary she has nobody at
        her events of that magnitude.

        What kind of boobs do they take Americans for? The Liberal boobalinks.

      2. Tiger says:


        And more of this. I have been to one of these rallies in Florida. In my country they threatened to kill us and Trump will take care of this, the laws are on the books.

        1. Roy Fredrichsen says:

          As Jimmy Durante used to say, “You Ain’t seen nothing yet”. When Trump gets in a lot of that monkey business will disappear. We all know the Dumbocrats are behind it and that’s why their symbol is the jackass.

          1. Tiger says:

            As well as the monkeys who committed the mess will hopefully be caged for life by a fair and honest DOJ.

    3. MyronJPoltroonian says:

      “Debbie Washmymouthout with Chitz”? ROFLMFAO!!! Big Time! However, as to the rest of it? Pretty much agreed.

      1. Tiger says:

        Happy you enjoyed if you ever heard this vicious fish face speak that is what you got. Chit.

      2. Tiger says:

        Here is a speech by JFK trying to warn the American people what was coming.


    4. HENRI says:


      1. Tiger says:

        Thank you exactly and the Muslim Brotherhood has been entrenched in America’s infrastructure for over 50 years and Congress knows all about it. Just didn’t believe it was real. They laughed at Ollie North when he asked for protection for his family against terrorists. They said there are no terrorists in America. Now we have suffered a serious blow by a Muslim in the WH.

        They can’t not win this election because it will be the end of many of them and they have worked too hard and long for this time in our history.

      2. Tiger says:

        Listen to this from JFK. Amazing warned us or tried to.


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