Ouch! Ben Carson Fires Second Torpedo Into His Own Campaign

by Last Resistance
March 23, 2015

Having already torpedoed his candidacy with his atrocious response to a question about same-sex attraction on CNN, it seems Dr. Ben Carson—once a bright light among conservatives—wants to fire out one last torpedo on the off chance the first didn’t sink his ship entirely.

Speaking to Bloomberg politics, Ben Carson admitted he doesn’t know all he needs to know regarding foreign policy, and then proceeded to offer a “fresh idea” about how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

“We need to look at fresh ideas…I don’t have any problem with the Palestinians having a state, but does it need to be within the confines of Israeli territory? Is that necessary, or can you sort of slip that area down into Egypt? Right below Israel, they have some amount of territory, and it can be adjacent. They can benefit from the many agricultural advances that were made by Israel, because if you fly over that area, you can easily see the demarcation between Egypt and Israel, in terms of one being desert and one being verdant. Technology could transform that area. So why does it need to be in an area where there’s going to be temptation for Hamas to continue firing missiles at relatively close range to Israel?”

44 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Gloria W. Smith says:

    I find so many of the comments have merit….and then….you have SO MANY which digress so far from the subject, it’s disgusting. Thank goodness for Lindy; especially who states his/her comments at six:02, March 24 “when a man admits he does not know everything”. That’s when really effective presidents surround themselves with moral, knowledgeable advisors. Carson’s Arab desert suggestion about Palestinians makes so much sense. After all, Israel went into the totally undeveloped desert and turned it into a beautiful, productive area. How much do the Palestinians really want a place of their own? Maybe they want a place SOMEONE ELSE has already developed.

  • Sheileagh says:

    There is nothing wrong with what Dr C. has said. He is is presenting a new, bold & innovatively fresh idea that we should all perhaps take the time to listen to, without pre-judging his perspectives. When all else fails… & it is apparent that the situation concerning the Palestinian ~ Israeli issue has continued to remain unresolved for a very long time now… a different, bolder & hitherto unexplored, brand new perspective might just be the ticket to resolving it!

  • Irish Rosie says:

    Carson doesn’t need enemies when he has this 1776 site as a “friend”.

    He absolutely is the man for our times. The man is a genius and a Gift to us but we need to open the present and not be fools.

    Cruz, or any one of a number of the contenders, would make great VP choices to succeed him after eight great years.

  • Scotty says:

    How do you solve a problem that’s really been going on forever? He’s not saying he has the answers. He’s spit-balling, discussing, saying we need to come up with OPTIONS. I PERSONALLY think it’ll never be solved and its a biblical fight that will continue till the world’s end. But that’s just me. I know not everyone believes. But attempting to be peacekeepers and help solve a problem is what we do. I don’t believe this is something that finishes off his campaign at all. And if we’re so fast to declare such a thing, we’re just helping the MSM not give anti-left any credence at all.

  • Sonja Huseby says:

    Dr. Ben Carson…a man of integrity who tells the TRUTH. America needs you and we are waiting with great anticipation for you to announce. God Bless you and your family and God Bless America.

  • Sonja says:

    Dr. Ben Carson,

    It’s time to announce!!! Ted Cruz quoted almost verbatim what you have said in your booklet as to your main issues and how to accomplish them…other candidates may do the same thing. America needs you…come out of the shadows and make yourself known. It’s time and America is waiting. God Bless you, your family and God Bless America.

    1. Sonja says:

      Are you not going to show my response? Are you trying to be Politically Correct???

  • van king says:

    “Listen up Jerks” “What jerk-off wrote this crap” Is that how mature people debate a topic? As long as the “Dems” and the “GOP” keep at each others throats, nothing will ever be accomplished, we stagnate in our own vitriol. Where did decent, civil society go? This country is 48% democrat, 48% republican and 4% other. We expect we can go to the Middle East and get the Israelis and the Palestinians to make peace when we cannot do the same in the USA. Hiding behind false identities, we spout the ugliest words that we would never say to someone’s face. We cannot demand peace, we must attain peace; that starts with each one of us making an effort every day to BE peaceful. Look in the mirror, peace starts with the image you see there, with the words you say, with your actions. I don’t like Ted Cruz, but I respect Edward Peterson’s right to choose Cruz. I have been guilty of saying, on-line, the most perverse insults I could think of, but what good did it do? Did it make any one happy or rile up thousands? Please use your most precious gift – TIME – and do good works. Agree to disagree, but leave out the insults. Respect yourself and others, someone will notice and then they will be respectful and the ball goes rolling outward until we CAN accomplish the important matters with no blood shed and no threats. If America stands up for itself and we work together, maybe the infantile politicians we keep electing will actually grow up and help the country prosper, show integrity and compassion. We have nothing to lose, we are already in the slimy gutter, we need each other to climb up and grow up.

  • JIMBO says:

    Listen up Jerks… Dr. Ben Carson’s statement is TRUTH not a ‘policy’ or ‘set in cement’…
    AND He is an Outsider which DC and both PARTY”S hate…
    GoBenGo: He can pick Thomas Jefferson’s clone>Gov. Bobby Jindal for Vice-President…

    1. Janeane says:

      GO BEN GO! I don’t know who the jerk was that wrote this article, but they are the ones torpedoing themselves!!!

  • Edward Peterson says:

    Dr Carson was my first pick to replace Obama. No more. I’m now thinking more about candidates Ted Cruz and Scott Walker. These men have integrity and strong principles.

    1. Janeane says:

      So Walker etc have strong ethics and principles and ethics. That is a good thing…but SO DOES BEN CARSON! I totally miss the point of your post! Just because someone else has qualities you admire, does that men Ben Carson can’t? Bizarre!

  • Louise says:

    Dr. Carson is right! Egypt offered land to the “palestinians” last year, but they refused. Because they want the land God gave Israel from Israel, andto destroy all Jews. The land Egypt offered last year is actually larger in size than all of Israel. Dr. Carson is RIGHT. This avenue should be followed, but instead they are trying to bend over backwards to appease the “palestinians” at great cost to Israel. Not to mention the fact that Israel should not have to allow people whose stated goal is to destroy Israel to live within their borders.

  • ray Janisch says:

    If I remember right…Many of the Palestinians were moved or left the area given to the Jews and many went to Jordan They may have outnumbered to Jordanians and held many political positions. Seems a good fit.
    But who would want to have their land and homes taken from them after centuries of settlement without a fight? The original concept was not very good.
    On the other hand God said He would return Palestine to the Hebrews, maybe it’s all God’s plan for this seemingly chaos?

  • Truth Sayer says:

    Every time Israel gives ground in a treaty with a Muslim nation or group, Israel keeps their side of the treaty, and the Muslims they made the treaty with always reneg. Then the Muslim nation or group will ask for another treaty and ask for Israel to give more ground in order to have peace. Once again Israel will give ground for the sake of peace, and keep their part of the treaty only to have the Muslim nation or group reneg again, and on the cycle goes. The reality is, that the only thing that will satisfy Muslims is if Israel is wiped out and cleaned off the map. It has been that way since Isaac and Ishmael, and according to the Bible it will continue. Why doesn’t the world wake up to the aggressiveness of Islam. They are not much different from the Japanese in WW II who were willing to do kamikaze acts for their emperor whom they revered as a god at the time. Islam is not a religion of peace and the continued acts of violence to further their cause is clear evidence of this fact.

  • Doug says:

    What?? A politician that actually tells the truth?? The US could never vote for an honest man (or woman). We LOVE being lied to. Politically correct? YES, give us more. Tell us, like Oblama, that we just need to be nice to the terrorists and they’ll like us and lay down their weapons. An Arab state? Oh, yes. Let’s just ask Israel to give up MORE territory to let those that pledge it’s destruction live closer. Then the Arabs can build smaller, more fuel-efficient rockets, to send to Jerusalem.

  • I don’t who allowed this article to be on this platform, but Dr. Ben Carson is more knowledgeable on his worse of worse days, than the Obama man ever was on his . . well, he has had a best day. To demean any conservative candidate, thinking you will fool the American people is ridiculous. So please clean up your act and post an apology to Dr. Carson for trying to smear his name. God bless.

  • Steve Ferrall says:

    Stop throwing dirt on Ben Carson, a real CONSERVATIVE!


  • Daniel Miller says:

    I think he will be great as secretary of Health/Human Services , not as President, his ideas on guns ,vaccines and civil liberties are wrong from my point of view.

  • Rik says:

    The better answer would be … “Israel should decide what’s best for Israel” … Why should ANY other country decide what should be better for any other country but their own! Palestine was NEVER a country, it was a city! Even other Arab countries don’t want to claim these low class people’s for their own. Next thing you know, Pinnochio Obama will want to relocate them here in the USA.

    1. Chilidog says:

      Palestine is more like a state or region. Israel is located within it. Palestine is not city. Sorry.

  • Les Hilst says:

    A recent poll shows 54% of West Bank respondents do not want an Israeli pull-out. They see the chaos and bloodshed across much of the Muslim world. They also see the tragic result of Hamas control in “liberated” Gaza.

    TCOB is right. Let the UN enforce its resolutions in order. The Sinai peninsula has a lot of open space. Ben Carson’s comment is refreshing on a subject that is in bad need of new ideas.

    1. Chilidog says:

      The UN does not want Israel in Palestine. They aren’t going to do anything to support Israel if they can help it.

  • Skip Vose says:

    We could all benefit to listen to what Dr. Carson has to say and to understand his transparency, his truth and his motivation to uphold our Constitution and our individual freedom. Dr. Carson has also made it clear that, if elected, he will surround himself with the finest minds in areas of importance like Foreign Policy.
    After 6 and a half years of divisive actions, secrecy, lack of leadership, support of muslim nations and lack of support for our closest ally in the middle east, Dr. Carson brings interest in leadership that benefits all Americans, not just one segment of the population and support for all of our principles that have made America the beacon of light on our planet, upholding freedom peace and the good things in life for all.

  • Edward L. passmore1@charter.net says:

    Dr. Carson is right that’s what ive been thinking from the start of this mistake.

  • Mike Blake says:

    Dr. Carson has at least suggested an alternative to the issues. More then what the1776 Coalition has promoted. Even if the original UN resolution to have the Palestinian state in Arab territory the Palestinian don’t like it. They stole it back when the Ottoman Empire was on a roll across the middle east, and western Europe hundreds of years ago. This take over caused the Cursades to take back what was christian territory. The Koran teaches that you do not have to tell the truth to a non-believer which has been very apparent for years with Arab’s!

  • Kenneth Ellerbrock says:

    Ben Carson is totally correct on this issue. Huray and a vote for Carson.

  • James in Texas says:

    One of the “main reasons” the GOP is always the “loser” is because of comments like this, written by so-called Conservative organizations. The Dem’s just seat back, throw out trash about any Conservative, and these kinds of statements and articles fly through the Net. How is it that comments are always negative about solid Conservative people, by so-called Conservative organizations, all the while the Liberals continue to do anything they want to with complete immunity! Why doesn’t this site just own-up and crown the “least Conservative” candidate which the Lib’s will then destroy, and win again!

    1. Wayne Johnson says:

      Spot on James! Even if a person makes a mistake let the left point it out if they are smart enough. The conservative Media is doing the torpedoing by bringing attention to mis-spoken comments by the politicians on our side.

    2. Paul Atchison says:

      I believe the Gentleman from Texas has told it like it is….

    3. Dee says:

      James et al, your comments are quite right. This article shows ignorance. I’m not in the Carson camp, but there is nothing wrong with what he said and shows he is following the issue. Egypt has already offered the Palestinians land, but they’ve refused it, because their real goal is the exterminate the Jews.

    4. SATCHMOJAZZ says:

      Most aren’t bright enough to understand Dr. Carson’s thinking, more’s the pity. What he says makes sense. People should learn to think, again, like in the past.

  • Grandpadavid says:

    He is not ready. Palestinians have religious ties to Jerusalem, etc. But Militants threaten Israel. He just needs to study. Herman Cain said the Second Amendment should be up to each state. The Constitution, history, and critical thinking are not taught anymore. Ted Cruz is a sharp contrast.

  • racer says:

    what jerk-off wrote this crap, my dog knows more about the middle east than obuttma,,le,ts read some of his ignorant quotes,,ever heard of the arab spring?

  • Rev. Royce Beasley says:

    Dr. Carson is new to the political game, since he is the best in,his field of surgery,respect,knowledge, it’s quite obvious he is not going to know to know all about the political venues. I respect him and honestly believe that he would be an awesome president.

  • Micki says:

    Think that is a great idea! Nice to see someone capable of thinking outside the box. As for same sex marriage, if the Bible does not accept we should not either. Let’s face it, all the gays are democrats anyway.

    1. Chilidog says:

      Wellllll, not all of them are liberals, unfortunately.

  • Taking care of business! says:

    He’s only hinting at a truth: it doesn’t have “to be within the confines of Israeli territory.” In fact, the Palestinian state was supposed to BE within Arab territory, via UN resolution; but the Arabs reneged, not wanting them, then further went-on to invade the newly founded Israeli state. But now, they, and other anti-Semites sure are keen and determined for Israel to take care of, let me call it, the “Palestinian problem.” So much for muslim-brotherhood, when their fellows in allah can be played to “push Israel into the sea.”

    1. Tom O'Dell says:

      You said it right, Taking care of business-Perhaps we should all remember that AQrafat stated back in the 1950’s or ‘6-‘s that given two generations, he could create a Palestinian nationality. There has never been a Palestanian state or country or language. They are mostly misfits kicked out of their own countries such as Iran and Jordan.

    2. flash says:

      Ben Carson admits he does not know much about foreign policy and right now we have that problem with what we have now., someone who likes only what he sees as a view point and not what is factual. Israel has tried to be a good neighbor, but found it to be impossible. Push the Palestine’s up with Iran, they know how to deal with people that want to kill them. Oh wait! they want to destroy Israel also. Getting back to Ben Carson, well he is to soft and we need a strong leader with the Knowledge, Ability, and experience. No more of these OJT people that want a chance to test themselves. They need to be able to get in the ring and fight for us. Action speaks louder than words.

  • upaces88 says:

    He was way way ahead of everyone because he was a righteous, moral man. He has betrayed himself and us. He MUST STOP THIS!

  • Bruce J. Cameron says:

    His idea of a Palestine outside of Israel makes perfectly good sense which is why it is opposed by so many. Go Ben Go!

  • Betty says:

    I think it’s time to consider new fresh ideas of some sort, it’s apparent the old ones aren’t working and never have on much of anything.

    Dr. Ben Carson’s ideas may not be those, but at least he’s trying. His idea on marriage and gays certainly is in agreement with God’s original design and common sense. He’s not the best candidate for President, but at least he’s brave enough to step forward and not back down from his views just to obtain votes from one group or the other when he knows in his heart they are wrong. American Presidents have become of the idea they sit on a throne, not work for the people or try to lead. While we’re at it change the stupid electoral vote system!!

    America has lost much in respect of the world lets try to bring it back by being One Nation Under God again. We were the Home of the Brave and The Free once,

    We are no longer can experience freedom in any area, we are monitored like rats in an experiment and forced to except Big Government,
    EXAMPLE: Obama Care has almost destroyed us, and American’s go hungry while big government says it’s o;k for huge grocery chains to take their greed to the max throwing away tons of food, calling it “loss” on tax’s the government pays them raise our tax’s to do so we pay for food we never see much less eat, and our children die of hunger…… what does it take for the people to step up and say ” NO ” !

  • Lindy says:

    When a man admits that he does not know everything about a certain topic, that is the man you can trust. Unlike those who profess to know it all and then their arrogance gets in the way of their reasoning. We see it everyday coming from Washington. To bash a man who is truthful, knows he has a lot to learn, which is why Presidents surround themselves with experts, because they don’t know everything even though they try to convince us hat they do, is a man that I want to lead this country. As for the Palestinian issue, his idea makes sense. Why does Hamas want to be right on top of their enemy if for no other reason then to destroy them.

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