Own A Gun? Lose Your Social Security

by FOXNews.com
July 20, 2015

The Obama administration wants to keep people collecting Social Security benefits from owning guns if it is determined they are unable to manage their own affairs, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The push, which could potentially affect millions whose monthly disability payments are handled by others, is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with laws that prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the United States illegally, and others, according to the paper.

The language of federal gun laws restricts ownership to people who are unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease” – which could potentially affect a large group within Social Security, the LA Times reported.

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  • game50 says:


  • obama hater says:

    I hate Obama I hope he dies

  • AuntB38 says:

    Well, if people are not competent to manage their own affairs, they are not competent enough to make a decision on whether they should shoot someone. They may even shoot the mail man if he knocks on the door to deliver mail.

  • Nancy says:

    Obama, you F’n bastard. It isn’t the older folks shooting people it’s your muslin
    brothers, you ignorant Ahole. Why don’t you for once tell the truth, or will your mouth and pea-brain turn to complete acid if you told the truth just once???????

  • Ron Coon says:

    If this ever comes to be, those that are receiving Social Security will soon discover that they have lost not only their means, but their reason to leave. When people have lost the will to live, they often grow bitter and no longer care about their neighbor. Put the dots together.

  • Robert Wilson says:

    It seems that B.O. is really worried about his back side.

  • gael says:

    Just try it and see what you’ll get. I’m on disability but I take of it myself. I bet he’ll try to expand it to all on SSDI. I’d like to know just who is left that’ll “visit” his library. Just a thought…………

  • Eidolon says:

    Cloward Piven Strategy
    The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

    Barack Obama, during the 2008 presidential campaign, said that he wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America. Unfortunately, at that time, most Americans either weren’t paying attention or didn’t understand exactly what he meant. You can download the strategy doc here. http://www.c4strategies.com/clowardpivenstrategy.pdf

    The strategy is working well for the present administration and Congress is doing nothing to address the problem.

    Why is this not a very big story in the mainstream media at this juncture in America’s history?

  • jim1fun1 says:

    Well, it seems some of us still believe this President to be an American that believes in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m not going to try to convince them otherwise. They’ve already put their hat in the ring with this guy and will turn a blind eye to anything he does regardless of the circumstances. I’m only glad their are still too many of us who do not. I refuse to be a sheep to any party or doctrine except what our Constitution provides. I wasn’t in favor of the last Trade Agreement Bill that Congress signed off on with this President. If you do fine, but look at what we got when we gave Favored Nation Status to the Chinese. Look at what we got with NAFTA. If you can read, you will see we got squat. A massive loss of jobs and industry and this match made in Hell will fair no better. They are more concerned with appeasing a trading partner for some minor political gain and the big businesses that have or want plants overseas than in what is good for the nation and the people as a whole. So if a few more thousand lose jobs and go on welfare don’t be surprised.
    When it comes to guns, it seems some want proof that the Executive office doesn’t care about our Constitution. How about the end run this President tried to make around our Constitution when he signed a Small Arms treaty with the U.N. which would have made our right to bear arms a violation and then tried to get it thru Congress. Fortunately, our Congress was no longer a Democratic majority and it failed. How about when this President uses the his executive power to get the EPA to enact the Carbon Tax that essentially put coal fired energy in a tailspin. He uses his executive authority any time he can’t get Congress to back him like a Monarch who won’t obey the laws of the land. He woudn’t display Red, White and Blue on the White House for Memorial Day but would put the Rainbow all over it. He wouldn’t let the government proclaim the military killing of the soldiers at Fort Hood as a terrorist attack, when the Major who did it yelled the Muslim version of God is Great. They called it work place violence and left these soldiers and their families to fight to get help and benefits that they would have gotten otherwise. He and his wife have stood with their hands at their sides when they have played the National Anthem while Generals and Admirals beside him have stood at attention and saluted. I don’t care what you think of me or my opinion but by his own actions he is a disgrace to the office, this country and the American people.

  • runnindeer says:

    According to their report it would affect about 4.2 million Americans. Well I don’t see America having that many mentally handicapped individuals that get Social Security. S S I -yes, that would bring the numbers up. But Social Security isn’t a hand out. It was an insurance that is paid into and each election the Democrats use it as a wedge to frighten voters. Now it is obviously being used as another push for this administrations agenda to disarm America. It sounds good on paper. :Looks logical. But in reality, these same individuals will still be allowed to vote and the care givers for same ( if they have care givers) will be the ones that actually use the name of the so called affected individuals -too mentally unfit to have a gun- but not too unfit to cast a vote for someone that they don’t even understand a thing about. Many who are on S S I ( supplemental social security) do not even know their own names or have the ability to understand beyond the point of their own needs at any given moment. Yet this White house failed to note that when they allow those voters to have a vote in the last two elections. If an individual is a ward of the State-receiving Federal funding from Social Security or S S I , the Government has the same jurisdiction and control of said person as if they were in the Military. Complete control.
    The idea of taking a form of protection from law abiding seniors who have paid into Social Security and who are not mentally impaired ( according to Psychiatrist) would be communism.I don’t usually use that word when talking about our Government, even under this wreck of a president , but his agenda reeks of communism now. Disarmament that is following the way of the Nazi’s before Hitlers hell broke.

  • pete G says:

    Just like this prick to pick on the old, he’s been a damn bully since he invaded the white house. Get rid of him and the gun problem will be over.

  • LieutenantCharlie says:

    The Scumbag Muslim in the White House wants to leave the Elderly helpless, so that his Criminals can kill them, at will,…… and steal their stuff!

  • dkuch says:

    If this happens this fool we have a president will never have a gun!!!

  • Kid Fernando says:

    I would agree, but only if the individual has been deemed incompetent by a court. I would also add all those receiving food stamps, Medicare, EBT support, or any other type of welfare since they are clearly unable to manage their own affairs.

  • edorr1atcoxdotnet says:

    The President owns a pistol, I have heard him say that numerous times, it is the AR-15s, etc that he wants to ban. I have seen firsthand what an AR-15 can do to a watermelon. I know gun enthusiasts say they use them for hunting but just think of damage the bullet(s) do.

  • JOHN VAUGHN says:

    I am on disability and let the government try to take my guns. they might get them after I am dead but as long as I am alive they is no way I will fight to my last round. We have got to get this dictator out of office its time America wakes up and impeach this scum bag. Have you ever seen a old person go and shoot up a place and kill people, so why does he think this will make a difference except to take away some more second amendment rights, This president is a NUT ! ! !

  • gfinms says:

    “marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease”

    This would eliminate, all negroes. Based on this criteria, BO, would not be allowed, to own a firearm.

  • VirgoVince says:

    Fukk YOU, you ugly alien sob pos ni66er basturd!!

  • Sylvester Jones says:

    Stay out of our lives we are tired of your law breaking bull.

  • jerry young says:

    just how is this going to keep guns out of the hands of felons drug addicts and illegal immigrants? their criminals and how do they obtain guns? not by legal means! and just who decides you are subnormal just because you need a little help with keeping your finances strait? obama and his criminal illegals he let into our country? obama hates all that is American so much he tries to take away our freedom every chance he gets by tacking his twisted agendas onto things like SS that have nothing to do with guns, pretty soon it will come to if you want electricity in your home you can’t own a gun, you want to buy toilet paper you have to surrender your guns oh yes don’t forget there will be a tax on every sheet you use over 3! because this is what a dictator does!

  • Wolfman says:

    Read another Obama story …lose your lunch…the guy is just a natural born loser!!

  • Ronney says:

    What I can not believe is the Americans that follow this piece of shit. I was really tickled the other day when two young Marines said they would not follow any unlawful orders given by the piece of scum. Even the GOP lets him get away with murder, I have a little piece of advice for him, any of those goat herders start anything in my neighborhood I will not quit until they have meant Alla.

  • msueh says:

    skru øvømit!

  • JIM says:


    1. Hgeyer says:

      The people they are talking about are already on the list that social security has and have been deemed by the courts as mentally incompetent ! Read the full story instead of this abridged fox version!

  • Athanasios1 says:

    Good. Now every Democratic Party member and supporter will be unarmed.

    1. Gnowark says:

      Rules don’t often apply to them (as in Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy)

    2. festmatt5440 says:

      Declare the White House ‘ ; a , ‘ gun -free ‘ zone .

  • wmagg says:

    “is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with
    laws that prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the
    United States illegally,”
    WHO do they think they are kidding
    The governments own numbers indicate that there are already over 160,000 known illegals drawing social security and that is just the ones in Cali.
    Lets face facts here this is nothing more than another attempt by a gun garbing FASCIST administration
    “The language of federal gun laws restricts ownership to people who are
    unable to manage their own affairs due to “marked subnormal
    intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease”
    Well that would mean that no one in POLITICAL office is allowed to own a gun
    as they are ALL mentally defective.

  • Tom M says:

    Field Marshall Von Barry and his little SS Trooper need to worry about their won affairs and leave the American people be. Congress when if ever are you going to stop this mad man?

  • ONTIME says:

    A large class of elderly victims made easy prey to criminals by socialization…..Ya gotta be tough to get old and it’s getting tougher with the help of your non representative government..
    Here’s how to use a Object Lesson, demand that if the government removes your right to own a weapon for self defense or hunting, that the elite politicians and their appointees have their own tax paid security removed and should they apply for legal carry it is non deductible….if these elites can have the RTC then so can you under the 2nd amendment….

  • mousekiller says:

    If for some reason the person that gets elected President doesn’t fit his agenda he will declare himself president for life. No different than
    Castro did in Cuba. ( in recent history) Other leaders did the same throughout history. It follows the communist policy to the letter.

  • cool breeze says:

    they come for mine, they best bring theirs because the fight is on. It’ll take ONLY one incident to ignite another revolution. There is no glory in a cowardly death. Being disarmed or unarmed only makes the slaughter easier for the evil to proceed

    1. Hgeyer says:

      So allowing mentally ill people to buy guns will somehow make us all safer? How stupid can you get?

  • Hgeyer says:

    The law already says you can’t own a gun if you are mentally ill. Nothing new here but an attempt to enforce an existing law. Mentally ill people shouldn’t buy guns!

    1. Carrie says:

      Then neither should black people! They’re still suffering from the affects of slavery and they describe it as being like ptsd right?

      1. Hgeyer says:

        I guess it’s true! There IS no limit to the stupidity that conservatives are willing to display….

        1. RockfordJohn says:

          And you.

        2. Gnowark says:

          I believe you are referring to an “If” statement by you, followed by a “Then” statement by Carrie, which is neither stupid nor illogical Mr,/Ms. Hgeyer.

        3. festmatt5440 says:

          But , no contest ‘. for democ -r a t s ” .

    2. RockfordJohn says:

      So all old people are mentally ill?

      1. Hgeyer says:

        Do you people not read these stories before commenting? It’s people on Social Security that have already been certified as “unable to manage their own affairs due to marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease”

  • Debbie says:

    Will someone explain to me, why he is getting by with what is going on ? Do we not have anyone watching our backs, Look back at what he has done to this country in the past 7 years, This is the country that we gave blood and tears for, and at this point, I feel like a outsider looking in.

    1. Carrie says:

      I suspect blackmail may have something to with it the nsa has been spying on everybody so they’ve probably got some dirty stuff on many of the Republican politicians and this would explain why they’ve been giving the left everything they want., this is just mho btw but it seems to add up right.

    2. megan says:

      My sentiments exactly. What is really going on?

    3. RockfordJohn says:

      EVERYONE is afraid of this POS, because he’s black and we have been overpowered with political correctness (race card) as a result he gets away with WHATEVER he wants and there isn’t anyone with the gonads to stop him. (99% worthless politicians).

      1. festmatt5440 says:

        He is only 47% black ‘ ;why , then is ‘ black ‘?

  • bobnstuff says:

    If a person is at risk of hurting themselves or others with a gun they shouldn’t have one. Makes sence to me. If someone needs protection for there money then it would make sence that they should have someone watching over their guns to. Over 60% of gun deaths are from people shooting themselves. I have dealt with the elderly and there is a point that you need to take thing away for their own safety. I had to take my Dads car keys away from him. By then the guns had been taken out of the house. The government doesn’t want your grandfathers guns but if the people around them aren’t smart enough to know when to remove them then someone needs to.

    1. Gnowark says:

      And you are the able arbiter for over 300,000,000 people? That don’t make sence (sic) to me, and does your 60% figure really assume they wouldn’t kill themselves without a gun?

      1. bobnstuff says:

        It’s called suicide. 60% of all gun deaths are suicides and 4% are by accident. People who have lost the will to live because they are in wheelchairs along with a lot of other things. Vets do it a lot. It’s been in all the papers. If your mental state is such that someone has had to take over your money it isn’t a bad idea to know were their guns are. We are still trying to
        figure out what happened to uncle Wills 12 gauge double barrel. This should be talked about in the family before they get to far gone.

      2. bobnstuff says:



        51.5% of all suicides are with guns and the over 65 group makes a good percentage of those deaths. The reason it doesn’t make sence is because it only people who can’t deal with things in everyday life, like money.

        1. hicusdicus says:

          Its closer to 65 percent and rest assured its not about money its about the pain of old age A bullet to the head is the fastest most painless way to go. I have nerve deterioration from bullet in the spine and the pain is slowly getting worse. Pain medication has little effect the only thing that helps is medical pot. So for me it will be a bullet in the head. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I have made it to eighty. I have plenty of money and a good life, it has to end some day so no regrets.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Dad had Alzheimer’s and in the end he was re-fighting WW2. Needless to say no guns in the house, no one wanted to be shoot. All these people are so full of you can’t take my gun away that they don’t understand that the government doesn’t want to take grandpa’s gun away but if the family doesn’t deal with the problem someone has to both for their safety and mine. There is to much Me in this country and not enough us. I grow up in a farm community and everyone helped each other, no one could do it by themselves. You might not like your neighbors politics but you knew that you had to rely on him. Family took care of family. Now family can’t be bothered and the government has to step in and pick up the slack.

          2. hicusdicus says:

            .I moved to the Ozarks from the big city. 50 acres and a 4 acre lake all fenced and few neighbors. Been here 14 years. I have no family just a wife and 10 dogs and one nervous cat. All the morons are concerned with political correctness and turn the other cheek while the vultures are circling and waiting for a chance to devour us. The Bozo’s say I am just a paranoid delusional. People with guns are hard to push around . At my age

            a gun not a weapon it is the only way I can prevail. If anybody try’s to cut my life short I will do my best to have company on the way to judgement. My dad had Alzheimer’s. OMG what a mess that was. I would much rather be dead than inflict that on people I loved or anybody for that matter. Only a major nation wide catastrophe of immense proportions will turn us back into the best nation mankind has ever experienced. Maybe.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Sounds nice, I would like something like that but a few hundred miles to the north, I don’t like ticks. I’m a small land owner, just three acres but I have two farms a neighbors so it’s quiet. It’s the house I grow up in and I have known most of my neighbors most of my life. I may not talk to them much but when my grandson ran away I had twenty people in my driveway with in minutes of the word going out. I feel very safe were I live and my guns are all locked up safe from the grandkids. We as a nation is getting more and more selfish. We are becoming a country of me firsts and it’s not good. I wish I had an answer on how to change it but all I can do is raise my children to be good caring people and hope they pass it on.

          4. hicusdicus says:

            Teach them to be tough minded. The people in this country seem to have lost their toughness. They are wishy washy and emotional cripples. Humans in general are a little on the mean side with quite a bit of selfishness and need a tough hand to keep them thinking straight. The longer they have been on the dole the worse they are. The do gooders did a lot of this and it going to take some doing to straighten it out. If you like to read check out the frontiersman by Allan Eckert. This is a history of the building of this nation. You will find the real story behind the native Americans instead of crap we have been fed. There were 16 year old’s running trading posts in the wilderness with no parents. Slavery was not allowed on the frontier. It is fascinating what people would do to be free. This has all been lost to the government crutch. There are 4 other books I read all of them straight through and felt irritated when there were no more to read. Have a good life its the only one you will have and it is short.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            I don’t find that the people are soft, what I find are people that are afraid to make mistakes so they won’t try. We are creating a world of fear, fear of failing, fear of the unknown. People are afraid of people that aren’t like them. Fear is ripping our country apart. The media isn’t helping either, they are spreading fear. who ever came up with the idea that the government want’s to take your guns? The people in Texas are afraid of the military even though they have been living with them for years. Someone is trying to scare them into thinking 24,000 troops could take over their state when they have over 100,000 station there all the time. Our country needs to stop being afraid. I refuse to be afraid and I hope I raised my kids to be the same way, I think they are.

          6. hicusdicus says:

            I agree. I think it is right and left winged activists who start most of this. The unknowledgeable feed on their propaganda and never bother to verify it. I think you would agree that Obama and Finstein are Americas best gun sales people. This whole secede from the union and armed rebellion is so asinine it reminds me of a couple of 12 year old’s planning to run away from home. But it just may keep people with a take over agenda off balance. I would like to make a comment that will make me sound more retarded than usual. Income equality. I am a believer in being a capitalist but their is getting to be corporations and individuals who have way to big a capital base. They exert control over things that make them dangerous to individual freedom. I have no answers I just see it happening. One or more corporations could align themselves and buy the government and take control. Which I believe is already in the works. Our only safe guard is they need us common folk to work and make money so we can buy their products and fund their life style. Oh yes and fight their wars. Oh well, I think I will go for a swim then fix a sandwich and watch a movie.

  • Ole SC says:

    We old farts are already ill as a hornet because of the inconveniences of being old and we have a short fuse because of it. We also have enjoyed the freedoms that our US Constitution provides and “WE” don’t intend to give them up without a damn fight. So, I would suggest to this egomaniac that if he wants real trouble, just continue messing with our rights and he will have more trouble that he can handle!!! WE made this Country……he damn sure didn’t!!!!

    1. megan says:

      I wonder what will be the last straw.

      1. Ole SC says:

        Megan, if he follows through with confiscating our guns, that will be!

        1. The redhawk says:

          and he has Loretta Lynch the new idiot AG that believes that his Ignoring the Constitution if Just Fine… and many GOP Voted for the Holder in Skirt FREAK along with ALL of the DUMMIE C RAT ANARCHISTS

        2. megan says:

          Thanks alot. I was really serious with that question and I thank you for a serious answer.

          1. Ole SC says:

            You are welcome we have had enough of the destruction

      2. Gnowark says:

        It only took 3% 239 years ago, but King George wasn’t as tyrannical.

      3. The redhawk says:

        It is nothing to “wonder about” the Anarchist CIC will do it…

    2. RockfordJohn says:

      Great statement but it’s 6+ years too late. His damage has already occurred AND we didn’t do ANTYHING except sound off on these worthless forums.

      1. Ole SC says:

        I agree that we have bitched and complained and wrote and called our representatives to no avail but there is a breaking point. I believe that giving up Social Security of which we have worked a lifetime and contributed to for corrupt politicians to waste and then force us to choose between our money or our guns is the breaking point for me for sure and for most if not all of my contemporaries. Well, if they come for my guns some of us are not going to make it. If it comes to “Die for something or live for nothing” then my life is soon coming to an end but so are some others.

      2. festmatt5440 says:

        Our forefathers would be using their guns , by now .

      3. Barbie says:

        I believe we have been on the butts of Congress its those lousy folks too scared to go near this and also don’t want to mess up their little playhouse …

        1. RockfordJohn says:

          Very disappointed in the Republican “majority”achieved this last election. Most are odumbo asskissers. Disgusting. Probably won’t get another chance for at least one generation because of their being real WEINERS. We had our chance and the congress failed us.

  • Mike N says:

    17 months and counting.

    1. festmatt5440 says:

      ” 17 months ? ; No ‘ ; he is not planning to vacate the ‘ chair ‘ ; Commies ” , must be removed ‘.

      1. Mike N says:

        Now you are scaring me!!!

        1. Hgeyer says:

          Don’t be scared Mike, it’s just bull$hit just like all of the conservative lunatic fringe comments posted here!

          1. Mike N says:

            Please explain yourself. We have an out of control President. We are $18 Trillion in debt. We have a health care system that is not working and is rapidly increasing health care costs. We have a president who does not acknowledge Islamic terrorism which has lead to chaos in the world. We have a president who is going to the UN to sign a treaty without ratification from congress. We have a president that is increasing utility costs because of his out of control EPA. I could go on, but will not bore you.

          2. Hgeyer says:

            Yes! Please stop boring me with your “fox” view of reality! If there was only SOME truth to your (fox’s) bull$hit! I can tell you are a fox fan because they are the only ones with such a warped sense of reality! http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/07/09/analysis-over-half-of-all-statements-made-on-fox-news-are-false/

          3. Mike N says:

            Prove me wrong.

          4. Hgeyer says:

            Watch ANY real news source and you will see for yourself you are wrong! You won’t believe anything I say! You brainwashed fox viewers never do!

          5. Mike N says:

            I checked into your addictinginfo.org and they have no credibility. Just for your information I rarely watch FOX. I tune it in when I do my exercises which amounts to about 15 minutes. I wouldn’t waste my time to watch CNN. Most of my news I get is from the internet. I watch the nightly news mostly on CBS, but sometimes watch ABC. Perhaps you should watch FOX. I don’t know why when liberals disagree with someone they accuse them of watching FOX or listening to Rush L. My views were formed from lots of reading and filtering the data as to what makes sense. I started listening to Russ L. on occasion in 88 since I finally found someone that thinks like I do. I stopped listening to him for years because he got too full of himself. My views were formed prior to listening to him. I would guess you believe in the global warming hoax since this is what liberals are told to believe. You will never agree with me because your mind is closed. My parents were liberal so I had that influence. I changed as I got more informed.

          6. Hgeyer says:

            No credibility? And MY mind is closed? I watch many news programs including fox (even though they aren’t news, they are an entertainment company). I can’t handle them for very long because they ALWAYS seem to blame everything on Obama! Cat in a tree, it’s Obama’s fault, ISIS attacks muslims in Iraq, it’s Obama’s fault, gas prices rising, it’s Obama’s fault, gas prices drop, it’s because of a republican congress! I believe in global warming because 99% of the scientists that are specialists in the field say it is a reality and the 1% that don’t believe in it are on the payroll of those that profit from causing it! I believed the doctors that said cigarette smoke was hazardous even though the ones that worked for manufacturers said they were safe for decades. Right or wrong NOT polluting the environment always seems the safer way to deal with it. All I can say about Rush….. He is so out of touch with the reality of the working class he has NO credibility at all. The very definition of liberal is “ open minded and willing to change” so your closed minded line is bull. My parents were conservative and the more informed I got the more liberal I got.

  • Ludlow Porch says:

    What “burrhead” Obama wants and what Burrhead gets are two entirely different things! Obama is grabbing at “straws” he only has another 16 months to fulfill his empty promises and become a footnote in the annals of history.

    1. Carrie says:

      What he really needs is a foot in his anal cavity!

      1. Ludlow Porch says:

        No, he would enjoy that.

    2. actor44 says:

      Not empty promises,he is doing exactly as promised .

    3. RockfordJohn says:

      Correction,,, he gets whatever he wants.

      1. Ludlow Porch says:

        Not this time!

  • Diondonne says:

    When was the last time you saw a man in a wheel chair holding up a bank or shooting people in the street while pushing his chair along? Maybe, since he can’t run, he might need a gun for self protection!

    1. bobnstuff says:

      When was the last time you saw in the news of someone in a wheelchair shooting themselves or someone else, everyday. It’s for their safety and those around them.

      1. RockfordJohn says:

        You are delusional. I’ve never seen or heard of wheelchair bound shooting themselves or ANYONE else

        1. Hgeyer says:

          I guess THAT is because you just aren’t paying attention…..

      2. Gnowark says:

        PLEASE be specific, if it’s true everyday, you can surely come up with someone that we’ll know.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          It’s called suicide! Sometimes it’s murder suicide.

  • monacall says:

    Oh yeah next it will be your own money in the bank you can’t have cause you might have someone else taking care of you….. this traitor has to go…. sad to say the closer he gets to his end in office the more he will try to get us in a civil war….. he keeps going he will get his wish….

  • 1835texan says:

    They have been doing this for at least the last two years. Throw this traitor in prison and save the nation.

  • The redhawk says:

    OR may be we should DEMAND a SERIOUS EVALUATION OF BHOZO mental Stability….

    1. RockfordJohn says:

      Go ahead, AND NOTHING will be done, Perfect example, Clinton was impeached and what did it accomplish ZERO ! And now he’s the darling of the dumbocrat party.

      1. The redhawk says:

        As I have said it for a long time We The People are RESPONSIBLE for NOT Holding Elected Officilas Accountable every time we VOTE… I am of the Belief that nO Proferssional Politicians can be EVER VOTED to Congress or Higher office and that If they do not Keep their Promises they should be DEPOSED!!!

        Regardless of party we GET WHAT WE DESERVE for having Creaetd a Class of IDIOTIC UNEDUCATED VOTERS VIA A FAILED EDUCATION SYSTEM…and the Destruction of what was the Democrat party since the Progressive anarchist took it over….

      2. festmatt5440 says:

        ” You just can ‘t , fix ‘ stupid ” .

      3. grafra102 says:

        Actually Clinton was not impeached, tried but he finished. Look what they did to President Nixon, bur he resigned.

  • speedle24 says:

    It is time to revisit the recent history of the Soviet Union and its puppet regimes. Declaring people “mentally incompetent” was a standard tactic for jailing political opponents. If the dumbass voters of this country don’t wake up soon we are going to be in a world of guano.

    1. RockfordJohn says:

      Sad but true, Unfortunately we all suffer because of the stupidity of the dumbass voters that blindly elected this POS (twice). AND then sit silently by as he uses his “pen and phone”.

    2. festmatt5440 says:

      Some of us learned in 2012 ‘ ; that free and honest ‘ , elections , are a thing of the past ‘ .

      1. Hgeyer says:

        No, we learned that when Bush was illegally appointed by the supreme court!

  • lea82835 says:

    This is just the beginning for Obama to take over America by declaring Marshal Law. He will find a way, step by step to take away our guns. He ALWAYS sides with Islam or Socialism. A quote from THOMAS JEFFERSON, “THE STRONGEST REASON FOR PEOPLE TO RETAIN THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IS, AS A LAST RESORT, TO PROTECT THEMSELVES”. AMERICA, WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Disarm the people who are least capable of self defense against thugs and muzzie crazies? Oh yeah, they can call 911 for help in the case of home invasion by the afore mentioned and the 911 responders can draw chalk outlines of where they found the callers. Oh yeah, and don’t bother calling “homeland” security” ’cause they are all tied up transporting and settling in the most recent wave of invaders.

    1. Hgeyer says:

      Yes, disarm those that have been declared by the courts to be mentally ill! It has been the law for a long time!

  • Roy Clingenpeel says:

    Well folks it is time to get rid of the democratic party. Their leader has gone 100% Nazi Socialist. The death panel for seniors is already formed the internment camps already built, medical aid for seniors withdrawn and soon the ovens will come . They are taking the only protection that those with weak or disabled bodies have to survive with if physically attacked. Are you ready for your Mom, Dad, surviving grandparents and your son or daughter disabled veterans to be put into a GUN FREE ZONE to be at the mercy of would be attackers by this administration and their supporters? Don’t be apathetic or just vote party, contact your representatives we need to vote for our future safety and the future safety of our parents and grandparents.

    1. Hgeyer says:

      Wow, so you are in favor of allowing people that have been declared mentally incompetent to purchase guns? You need to change that law that has been in effect since long before Obama was president if that is what you want! Don’t bitch about Obama trying to enforce a long standing law! This isn’t a change in the law, it is just an attempt at enforcing a long standing law! But you would know that if you read the entire article instead of just the fox edited version….

      1. Roy Clingenpeel says:

        Your assumption is incorrect. This administration only uses that portion that he can excessively use or manipulate using his corrupt departments to include those that he wishes to eliminate as the opposition to his agenda. A declaration by executive order is all it takes and has been used often and occasionally reputed or overturned by the SCOTUS.

  • David Stovall says:

    The objective: destroy the Constitution, the Congress, the states, the economy, the military, the police, the border, education, non-Muslim religion, and the best medical industry in the world. He hates Israel and America and strangely that is the same as Iran. And his co-president Valerie Jarrett is Iranian and communist and we are giving Iran back their money to fund terrorism. Wake up!.

    1. podunk1 says:

      The only thing worse than Obama is the congressional majority that protects him and the Maoist/RINO progressive Supreme Court majority!

      1. Hgeyer says:

        I hate to tell you but the Supreme Court is a very conservative court…. 4 judges are rated very conservative, one as conservative and the minority (4) are considered moderate liberals.

        1. pete G says:

          I hate to admit it but after the midterms it has been proven that we have our dumb a$$ RINO’s in the Conservative party and the high courts but their not liberal by any means.

        2. RockfordJohn says:

          Really? They must have forgotten, they vote as liberals/socialists

          1. Hgeyer says:

            No, they vote as conservative judges that actually understand what the constitution says…. unlike those of you that don’t even remotely understand what it means…

    2. mousekiller says:

      He is following the Marxist / communist play book chapter and verse. He has in his writings said he hates America and whites and will follow the muslim religion if he has to make a choice. He made his choice as far as I am concerned. He is as un American as Adolph Hitler was.

      1. ONTIME says:

        A common view expressed by many and the number is growing….

        1. RockfordJohn says:

          Unfortunately, too little too late !!!

          1. The duck says:

            Still time to recover but it will take time.

          2. RockfordJohn says:

            Hope you’re correct, don’t think so. Certain I’ll never live to see it.

        2. pete G says:

          How many of these ignorant liberals and commies have we heard say he doesn’t want to take your gun? relax. Nothing will convince them of what this white hating, racist, Muslim, SOB is trying to do. If this bunch of a$$ holes we just elected wanted him out they could do it in a Month. I hope he makes life as miserable for them as he is trying to do to the rest of us.

          1. Robert Wilson says:

            Not to worry, a couple of extra bombings, a few more slaughters, a bad breath exchange of words, THEN the gun free areas will slap the muslim’s wrists.

      2. Hgeyer says:

        Just where are these “writings” where he said he hates America and white people and will follow the muslim religion if he has a choice? Pulled that right out of your as$ didn’t you?

        1. Donna Mohler says:

          No, he didn’t ” pulls it out of hisA&&!

          1. Hgeyer says:

            Repeating lies will not make them true…..

          2. pete G says:

            That’s a Democratic, socialist trick that Obama uses all the time. He keeps repeating the same BS about gun control so people like you will fall for it.

          3. Robert Wilson says:

            Hgeyer ought to know, ask him.

          4. Robert Wilson says:

            Repeating truth WILL,(ARE YOU BLIND?)

          5. Hgeyer says:

            Well you aren’t going to get that from anyone that watches fox…..

        2. tom2 says:

          Educated in a madrassah? Scars on your forehead?

          1. Hgeyer says:

            You were educated in a madrasah and have scars on your forehead? How is this related to the fact that you have no evidence of anything you were claiming?

          2. tom2 says:

            Still in the 3rd grade? Know how to read yet? I claimed nothing. I merely asked you two questions which you did not answer. I’ve now asked two more.

          3. Hgeyer says:

            No I was not educated in a madrasah, no, I have no scars on my forehead, no I am not in the third grade and yes I know how to read. I guess if you had used proper English I would have answered your questions the way you wanted me to.

          4. tom2 says:

            Pretty funny. I guess you expect us to take your word for all that hokum. By the way, if you can remember, please tell me what claims I made that you whined about.

          5. Hgeyer says:

            My apologies. That part should have been directed to someone else…. I have so many people making rediculus claims on here sometimes it’s hard to keep them straight and still get my work done.

          6. RockfordJohn says:

            You should try proper English yourself R(E)DICULE!

        3. pete G says:

          Its very unfortunate that you are to stupid to see it. But there will be a day when you’ll open your eyes and see what is going on. Do you think it took 6 days to fly the flag at half mass for the Marines and sailor that were killed? What is it that you can’t figure out about this TYRANT?

          1. Hgeyer says:

            Tyrant? And YOU think I’m stupid…..

          2. pete G says:

            No i’m convinced of it.

          3. Hgeyer says:

            A fool is easily convinced of things that aren’t true…..

          4. RockfordJohn says:

            Liberal credo.

        4. Robert Wilson says:

          This is exactly where B.O. gets his rhetoric.

        5. tasharina1 says:

          This is what Obama said about white mid eastern cities as to why they aren’t regenerating. “And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”. He also wrote in one of his books that he hates the white half of him and would love to be able to get rid of it. Plus, his actions speak loudly. He goes to funerals of black thugs killed by police, but won’t attend the funeral or even say anything about a white woman killed by a violent illegal, that his ignoring of immigration laws and policies set free on the streets.

          These are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head.

          1. Hgeyer says:

            The first statement is truthful and shows no racism or prejudice… He has never attended the funeral of any “black thugs killed by police, that is BS!

            “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

            This statement is a rewording of a passage from page 261 of The Audacity of Hope, in which Barack Obama spoke of the importance of not allowing inflamed public opinion to result in innocent members of immigrant groups being stripped of their rights, denied their due as American citizens, or placed into confinement, as was done with Japanese-Americans during World War II. The original contains no specific mention of “Muslims”:
            About Jeremiah Wright, Obama on numerous occasions has denounced Reverend Wrights comments and has said he was “outraged” and “saddened” by his behavior and he resigned from that church.
            So, basically, you have nothing….

          2. tasharina1 says:

            You are right about my statement of Muslims. I did check it, but didn’t go far enough on it. But, the way he defends Islam as a religion of peace and gives military equipment to terrorist groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood and in Syria, who then use them on us, makes it hard to not believe he isn’t a Muslim because his actions don’t match his words. So, I don’t have any hard proof, but I do think he is a Muslim in his heart and spirit.
            Obama started attending Rev. Wright’s church in 1988 and formally joined in 1992. No way did he attend that church for so long without hearing Rev. Wright’s Black Liberation Theology and his hatred of whites. Unless he attended the church to get some sleep, he had to have heard and know what Rev. Wright was preaching. Suddenly, when it comes out in the press what kind of theology is preached in Obama’s church, and threatens his campaign, he is outraged and saddened and dumps Rev. Wright. Rev. Wright, who had married him and was close with him was the one who was, in reality, saddened and outraged. You’d have to believe that Obama was incredibly stupid to attend that church without ever understanding what he was hearing. I don’t think Obama is stupid. He knew what the church was about and attended it because it fit with his own ideas.

          3. Hgeyer says:

            I have some very conservative friends and our political views are diametrically opposed! We are still friends! You can’t judge someone by what their friends say, you should only judge them by what THEY say and Obama has never preached any radical anti-white or anti-American rhetoric, that has actually been substantiated. Lots of comments have been posted he has supposedly said but they were taken out of context and edited to make him look bad by people that hate that the White House isn’t as white as they want it to be…. Don’t be one of those that pander to their bigotry…

          4. tasharina1 says:

            Yes, I see that you have run out of any rational response. I can tell, because liberals always resort to racism and bigotry accusations when they are losing the argument. I am not going to stoop to your level and start calling you names back, or judge you. I understand your frustration about not being able to get your point across and wanting to shut me down by attacking my character. I forgive you, but since you have drug the conversation we were having into the mud, I don’t care to continue with it any more.

          5. Hgeyer says:

            I drug the conversation into the mud? I believe it was you that was losing the argument when I pointed out that all your statements are based on misinformation. I didn’t call you any names. I just said you shouldn’t just repeat the lies of those that are racist bigots without checking to see that their statements are not true. No frustration here! I have gotten my points across, and have not tried to shut you down by attacking your character, unless you ARE one of those people that have been creating these lies by intentionally taking Obama’s statements out of context and editing them to show something that isn’t true. I had thought you were just one of those people that repeated them before fact checking to find out they weren’t true….. If you are offended by my statements you need to put your big boy pants on or stop commenting on things on blogs…..

        6. mousekiller says:

          excerpts from his books. public and easy to find. don’t want to buy one? go to your public library.

          1. Hgeyer says:

            Have you read the books? On what page did you find those little tid-bits because people I know that have read the books say that is NOT in there.

          2. mousekiller says:

            I see you depend on others to reap your knowledge. Go to the library and read it for your self. Actually learn on your own, New experience I assume. Have a good day , I am not going to go into more wasted time if you can’t do something on your own,

          3. Hgeyer says:

            Just why would I waste my time looking for something that isn’t there? I don’t want to waste my time either!

      3. Barbie says:

        although Hitler was NOT in charge of running the USA. this guy needs to put to pasture

      4. Robert Wilson says:

        He just went to Kenya to piss them off, maybe he will STAY FOR LUNCH, AS LUNCH.

    3. The duck says:

      No he does not hate America. He hates the American way. Anything that he does not sanction he hates. He hates the rich who are not his supporters. So he wants to tax the rich, the entrepreneurs and job creators. He is waging a war upon free enterprise for Socialism. He has no game plan to replace what America stands for with something better. He is a destroyer not a builder. He will side and has with anyone who might help destroy everything on the face of this earth for the sake of seeing the destruction. He is after all a Muzzy lover.

      1. Hgeyer says:

        Conservatives sure pull a lot of stupid statements right out of their as$es…. I guess that’s because that’s where their heads are all the time!

        1. The duck says:

          Right straight out of Alinsky’s book that Obama quotes from. that is where conservatives get their information. Ever read any of Alinsky”s material? Must not is my guess.

          1. Reva Hodges says:

            How do you know this…personal opinion ? Not necessarily facts !

          2. Hgeyer says:

            When they sound like a parrot repeating all of fox’s talking points, opinions that no other news agency would say, they listen to fox and foolishly, believe what they hear…

          3. pete G says:

            At least it’s their own a$$ and not Obama’s like you.

          4. RockfordJohn says:

            Which is EXACTLY where odumbshit gets his credo.

        2. JOHN VAUGHN says:

          you sound like a dumb ass, and your put of the problem.

        3. RockfordJohn says:

          If you hear that POPPING SOUND, you might see some daylight (after you clean your eyes)

        4. RockfordJohn says:

          Care to tell us which “stupid statements” aren’t true?

          1. Hgeyer says:

            Let’s start with the most blatant lies that way to many people believe….. Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii and he is a Muslim!

    4. Robert Wilson says:

      Well, what would expect from a fine upstanding, above reproach president such as he???????

    5. RockfordJohn says:

      Wish we could get libs/socialists to at least know part of the real story. They never hear it from the MSM. Most people are too stupid to know ANYTHING about current affairs other than what they have been “allowed to hear” as bob schieffer said. Hell most don’t even know the names of those they vote for.

  • KDC says:

    Who does this ego maniac think he is? Does he not know that social security is OUR money? I think he needs a psycho analysis for his bad decisions because he’s clearly putting people in harms way wether it be allowing illegals in to redo their crimes, or allowing deathly diseases into this country.
    So we don’t manage our own affairs? He can’t make that blanket comment. Well, the proof is there with him as well. Please, someone get him out!

    1. The Old Man says:

      What will be the backlash is that the younger relatives who just might be Democrats will never vote democrat ever again as they may be forced to pay to take care of their elders where-as social security was doing it before.

      1. RockfordJohn says:

        We can only hope that someday the brainwashed masses will see the democatic party for what it really is.

    2. Skyhawk says:

      I think he has already been psychoanalyzed and found to be insane. He should be confined where he can do no further damage.

      1. podunk1 says:

        Correction – WAS our money… “SSI trust funds” with $2.4 trillion in “government printed bonds” in 2013 would have almost $104 trillion if ¼ funded @315 million people earning $43,235/yr./2013. A stable dollar $43,235 wage investing 12.4% and earning 5% compounded monthly over 46 years (18 to 65) and paying back over 13.5 years (65 to 78.5) returns $1,318,160 on the $246,612 invested over that time. Instead, average retirees received a little over $200,000 (2012), where a dollar invested in 1966 was worth about 14 cents in 2012 purchasing power (ref. CPI index – inflation equates to devalued dollar purchasing power (reverse CPI annuity calculations defines that portion of the scam)… essentially NEGATIVE RATES OF RETURN). The extreme difference between $1,308,000 and $200,000 negates the minor effects of time periods compared.

        The sick part of this scenario is the fact that it took about 3.92 average worker SSI contributions to make one actual “composite” SSI retiree with other SSI benefits included… meaning the Ponzi scheme has imploded and the nominal fund balance is criminally maintained to appear “solvent”… crimes of all times! Lying about it obstructs justice and aids & abets the crime… It’s time for truth or criminal consequences within those oath bound within government!

      2. festmatt5440 says:

        He is not ‘insane ; he is only following his ” Communist ” agenda, just as he was trained to do .

    3. RockfordJohn says:

      He knows exactly who he is and what he is doing AND we aren’t doing a damn thing o stop him. Sad that because he’s black everyone is afraid of the race card bullshit and won’t say a word to stop this maniac.

      1. Barbie says:

        although anyone with half a brain should see what he is doing to America for themselves … if they paid any attention at all . I dont care if he is purple or yellow . if you do these things to our country you should be impeached , He took the oath of office to do this and he has failed miserably .. why can’t they get him out of there.?

    4. Barbie says:

      I don’t recall any Sr Citizens of age killing folks.. maybe a breakin .. its the young people with guns that most likely steel them etc , those crazy people . chew on that Hgeyer.. THINK it may not hurt to bad to watch Obama straight from his lying lips tell what he going to do . how about that ????

  • Sevenmag says:

    Who interprets what persons fall into these categories? Enabling this will make it a necessity for people to pass guns on to other family members, if they have any, or they will sell the guns to keep them from being destroyed. If this starts to happen, the courts will be jammed with law suits. I’m not the least bit enthralled with the fact that this has been an unenforced law for a very long time. The second amendment doesn’t say anything about being old or infirm. I’m sick to death of the ridiculous lengths this administration is going to to try to disarm Americans. I’m, also, as I’m sure many of you are, aware of the seething, underlying rate that’s building, quietly, against this administration. It’s rapidly reaching critical mass.

    “In a world of compromise—–some don’t”
    Heckler & Koch

    1. Debbie says:

      That”s what we said about Obamacare

      1. Gnowark says:

        you forgot to be specific: “And We Were Right!”

      2. RockfordJohn says:

        ? Hmm?

    2. mousekiller says:

      Not all that hard to figure out who that will be. It will be another liberal militant muslim lover appointee in the obama circle of anti American believers..

    3. Hgeyer says:

      The courts have already decided who fits into this category. This is a list of people that have already been judged by the courts to be incompetent.

    4. RockfordJohn says:

      Wish it would hurry

    5. mousekiller says:

      Thanks of getting back on subject. it was getting a bit too personal. Some don’t read, Some don’t comprehend what little they do read and a good many really don’t care. It is the I & me attitude is all that counts Unfortunately they don’t teach common sense in schools. I have a brother in law that is just like some of the liberals here .If the subject of obama or his regime comes up and it is not super positive as he sees it he covers his ears with both hands goes la la la la until he sees your lips are not moving any more. No different than a 5 year old does. He is retired military and so is his wife. they are a like. I told them both that if obummer was elected one or both would lose their jobs. They worked for a Govt contractor. Well, she was the first to go.. but to them I am the one that is wrong.
      When your paycheck stops nothing anyone can say will fix it. That is a done deal, real world, hands on fact..They still can’t see what is wrong. It was Bush’s fault, Or it was Nixons fault, that is why he was booted out of office. You cannot reason with people who think like that. And they vote.

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