Palin urges grassroots at conservative summit to support impeachment of Obama

DENVER — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin urged the grassroots Saturday to support her call for the impeachment of President Obama, imploring conservatives to push the idea with Congress.

“There’s only one remedy for a president who commits high crimes and misdemeanors, and it’s impeachment,” said Ms. Palin. “It’s the I word. You don’t need some fancy law degree hanging on your wall there to know laws are not being enforced today. Illegal immigrants all over the world also know that.”

The former Republican vice-presidential candidate spoke to a crowd here at the Western Conservative Summit, sponsored by the Centennial Institute.

Ms. Palin drew headlines two weeks ago when she called for the president’s impeachment, citing the flood of border-crossing children as the last straw, but House Speaker John Boehner quickly put the kibosh on the proposal, saying, “I disagree.”

“Alone, not defending borders is dereliction of duty, violating the oath of office,” said Ms. Palin. “If that’s not impeachable, nothing is. If he’s not impeachable no one is.”

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  • ed28 says:

    First and foremost, I want conservative control of the house and the Senate. I want it to then cripple this fake’s policies. I want him tortured by a malaise of is own making for the last two years of his tenure. I want funding for his lamebrain ideas strangled to nothing. Then we can talk about impeachment. Then I would be all in on that.

    Basically I want him beat so bad that he welcomes impeachment. I want to hear him utter the words “You don’t have Obama to kick around anymore. And a big LAST shoutout to those few who still drink the Koolaide!”

  • jdbixii says:

    The pervasive “team mentality” corruption in government may be practical for politicians but it is a disaster for the taxpayers and the country. The American nightmare.

  • Vicki Roman says:

    Unfortunately, he would be in office pretty much to the end of his term anyway, and we know he will be ramping up his agenda no matter what happens.

  • Carole says:

    All our so called reps do is talk. Not one of them is honest enough or has the courage to do what the people want or what is best for the country. Get rid of all of them and let’s save this country while we still can. There has never been any president more impeachable than this one and ALL his buddies.

  • I Seigel says:

    How long would it take to organize this effort and actually impeach the president by the House? Then have him tried in the Senate? A year and a half? Two years? And then what? Will the Senate (as it now is constituted) actually vote to convict him? No. How much longer would Obama be in office? A couple of months or weeks?

    So what will be gained by following Sarah’s strategy? What it is designed to do, once again, is what all magicians do – they are masters of misdirection, causing you to look one way while they perform their trick away from your direct examination. In this case, Sarah “the David Copperfield of Politics” is having you waste your time and energy getting all hot and bothered by this impeachment talk and meanwhile not pay any attention to the “grab and dash” tactics of the elite right wing “job creators” and superPAC donors. Wake up America! Use your energy and ingenuity to build something up – an alternative to Obamacare? A solution to the immigration mess? – rather than just tearing stuff down!

  • JONDO says:


  • savage24 says:

    You can talk and support the impeachment of this president all you want, but nothing is going to happen until you elect people to our congress that will protect and support the Constitution. As I’ve said before, we have a lawless government elect by a clueless electorate. We constantly hear our politicians carping about the right of the people to vote, but we never hear about the responsibility of those that vote. Why do you suppose that in some states they put pictures of the donkey and elephant on the ballots, they’re not there for the informed voters, they’re there for the “Useful Idiots.” I have great respect for Sarah Palin, but as usual she is preaching to the choir. The rest of the country is too blind to see and too deaf to listen and that is why we have the lawless government we have today.

    1. JONDO says:


  • guest says:

    She is absolutely correct – this fake in our house has perpetrated crimes on all of us – it has nothing to do with the color of his skin as holder would lead us to believe – it has solely to do with his constant abuse of power – his refusal to protect our country against an invasion of illegal immigrants – there is a purpose people should be vetted prior to being granted entrance into this country – we now have illegals with Tuberqulosis, measles and who knows what other diseases being transported all across this nation – how ignorant is that – these illegals are being placed in families – they will be sent to school with our children , they will have to be able to support themselves therefore taking jobs away from American citizens, they will be put on welfare, given free medical at the expense of the American tax payer — all you bleeding hearts need to realize we as Americans have rights also – when are the citizens that pay the bills in this country going to be heard – do we have a dictator in place now allowing our country to become a third world country? America was respected through out the world and now we are held in contempt because of this administrations refusal to enforce our laws – there is plenty of blame to go around – when are we the people going to demand — not ask — that this administration either honor and enforce our laws or get out. When will we demand the truth on Benghazi, The VA, IRS, Fast and furious, Obamacare , Enforcement of securing the Borders , defending our allies such as Israel – Israel doesn’t even talk to this Whit House anymore as they can’t be trusted – how do these things sit in your thoughts – one day whether you choose to believe it or not – we will all be held accountable for he leaders we follow and the programs they initiate – such as gay marriage, abortion and all the rest that specifically go against Him – shake your heads , laugh one day it won’t be so funny – and my friends it may not be so far away.

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