Pastor Tells Congregation To ‘[Blank] Off’ Over ‘Gay Marriage’

by Erick Erickson
April 25, 2015

Still Waters United Methodist Church is a postcard church. It sits on a hill overlooking North Druid Hills Road in Atlanta, Georgia. Its grass is postcard green. Its trees, casting shadows on the grass, are postcard sized tall.

It has a high, white steeple. The sound of children laughing filters down the hill from the fenced in playground beside the fellowship hall.

The church is Asian, Hispanic, black, and white. The church’s pastor, Dr. Carole Hulslander, and her husband Douglas used their own funds to help start the church fifteen years ago.

But after Dr. Hulslander signed a “Unity and Integrity” statement calling on the United Methodist Church to maintain its standards of Biblical integrity with regard to marriage, the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church sought to remove her…

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  • Danny says:

    This is Proof-Positive that Anti-Christians and other Left-Wing Progressives are out to hijack our culture and they are doing it through our educational, government and “Yes,” even houses of worship have become targets for promoting their agendas. They are transforming our country right before our very eyes (as Obama said they would do). As people of faith, it is time to take a stand against these forces of evil.

    1. Robert Wilson says:

      Yep we are being attacked from all angles, and it begins with the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, and our leftist gov. THE ACLU IS ALSO A PLAYER, then, of course, our week kneed church pastors who refuse to address the issues, and try to entertain with brass bands. Tell me, have you ever heard your, or, for that matter,ANY preacher speak of hell or tell any couple that they should not live together without benefit of marriage? How about attacking “same sex” get together s?

  • John says:

    Women pastors are not a God ordained role within the church. I would suggest that she and other members of that church ask to be included in The Southern Baptist Denomination. They would gladly supply a male pastor. Homosexuals are worthless fellows who engage in lewd and disgraceful behavior.

    1. karen says:

      A TRUE christian knows that it is not our place to judge our brothers and sisters…THAT is the problem with organized religion today. Its not about love and compassion for our fellow human beings….its about power and money!!
      Some of the kindest people I know are Gay and some of the worst are church going Christians.

    2. Robert Wilson says:

      vior Homosexuals INSIST that society accepts their dangerous behavior as normal. Whadayathink,Is same sex marriage “normal”? What if we were ALL homo’s, where would we be in the reproduction circles? Personally, I think these strange people should move to their own island and take B,O, and all of our Democrats, with each one carrying two illegals. Oh yes, also the liberal supreme court justices.RW

  • a.i. marvin says:

    The UMC needs to make up its mind. For decades it was throwing out any clergy or laity it suspected of being gay. Now it wants to throw out the minister for not wanting gay marriage. Could this possibly just one of the many reasons the world considers Christians a joke.

    1. karen says:


  • swann2001 says:

    I have faith in the American people but many of the people coming here now do not share our values, they don’t speak our language, they don’t share our history or culture. They are given driver’s licenses but can’t speak or read English. They are being shipped all across the Country and many if not most will become a continuing drain on the taxpayer’s of this Nation. I am not racist, I am not Xenophobic or even homophobic, but if they continue to come we will no longer be able to enjoy our standard of living. The fastest growing religion in Mexico is not Christianity but Islam, and that should worry everyone. They will not support Christians standards and ideals or the Constitution or even Freedom of religion except Islam. Obama is bringing thousands more Muslims from Countries now taken over and controlled by ISIS. Christian churches were the places where the revolution against England began. Speeches by pastors could do the same today to get people motivated to oppose the evil that is overtaking our Country. Communists, Gays, Leftists, Progressives whatever form they take are at war with anyone who does not think like they do, and that is every true Christian. If you pastor just talks about what happened 2000 years ago and cannot or will not relate the Bible to what is happening today then I would find another pastor or Church. If they can’t speak out against Satan and the evil they see all around us today then they are just going through the motions.

    1. karen says:

      You sound VERY paranoid. But I have to point out that this country was built by immigrants…and President Obama is NOT bringing anyone to our country.

  • GQ4U says:

    “Dr. Hulslander signed a “Unity and Integrity” statement calling on the United Methodist Church to maintain its standards of Biblical integrity with regard to marriage…”

    Good job Dr. Hulslander, this is a rare stance for a pastor in the politically correct United Methodist Church. God is right and mankind is lost and only true leaders can bring us to the truth.

    1. Stuart Shepherd says:

      That’s pretty funny since The Truth (Christ) tole us in His Word (the Bible, which is identified as Christ Himself by one of His other names- “The Word”) that women are not to speak (substantively) in church (Paul, 1 cor 14:34, 1 Tim 2:12- it is completely clear and this is part of the NEW covenant!) so this female “pastor” is already without any biblical integrity, so what difference should it make if you have gays getting “married” or even being the preacher or even having sex in the church for that matter! You’re just going to pick and choose what part(s) of God’s instructions, commandments, etc to adhere to and conveniently ignore others? Someone is incapable of reading? And she’s twisted the scripture enough to glorify herself by being pastor why shouldn’t gays glorify themselves by telling everybody to f off and have their “marriages,” etc? What a complete joke the ENTIRE thing is. I don’t care how pictaresque the church is- it’s very very ugly indeed.

      1. charles says:

        but it seems the woman, who is not to be heard from substantively, according to you, is correct by biblical standards, and the male pastor, was vulgar/obscene/nasty/arumentative with his gutter language AND implying that this church should give homosexual marriage a pass?. who would you stand by? I will stand by God’s standards, and that means standing with this woman and her congregation.

      2. Jerome says:

        Hello Stuart.
        Take a look sometime at 1 Cor 11:4, 5. If you can read it in the original language, so much the better. You may have noticed in statues, mosaics, and other works of art that Roman men had short hair and Roman women had long hair. But when the women were in public they had their hair done up on top of their head and not hanging down. This was generally true of the wealthy. Most woman were too busy working and they did not have body slaves to do up their hair. The custom of women wearing veils at the Eucharist stemmed from the fact that it was centuries before there were any churches. Christians met in the homes of wealthy Christians, because they could provide the room and assist in providing the supper. The veil was the great equalizer for women. the concept was to make the poor indistinguishable from the well-off, or at least to urge people to treat them with the same love and courtesy.

        The Greek word “propheteuo” is one of two words used in the setting of early christian worship for preaching. The other is kerysso. In simple terms, Paul is saying that when men and women preach they should not look like slobs. Paul never forbade women to speak in church. He numbers many among his fellow worker and even applies the word apostle to a few. Paul was quite radical, as was Jesus. (It was scandalous that he spoke to the Samaritan woman.) Other people, like the author of Timothy whoever he was, backed away from the inclusiveness of Paul because it upset the conservatives who could not even begin to consider accepting that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female. They wanted to keep women in their traditional place. It only 2000 years later that women are being recognized as full persons. Even now there are people who think that women should not vote or be ordained. This is contrary to Gospel values and displeases God, who loves us all as he made us. The right wing view of women is immoral and contrary to the desire of the Holy Spirit. Best regards, Jerome

      3. Dr. Dorothy A. Maddox says:

        Acts 2:17-20New American Standard Bible (NASB)
        17 ‘And it shall be in the last days,’ God says, ‘That I will pour forth of My Spirit on all [a]mankind; And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, And your young men shall see visions, And your old men shall dream dreams;

        Even on My bondslaves, both men and women,
        I will in those days pour forth of My Spirit
        And they shall prophesy.

  • Guy Carter says:

    This will explain where this “FULL COURT PRESS” is coming from concerning “SAME SEX MARRIAGE” & all other Sexual Perversions in America!

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”
    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

    1. Guy Carter says:

      BTW: This is just a few of the 45 goals of the 1963 Congressional Record Communist Party Goals.
      The Communist Party is ALIVE & WELL!!!

  • podunk1 says:

    I recall a similar situation – a little 1800’s country church & grave yard joining private property on 3 sides off a road. It hadn’t been used in years – a sacred sort of place! A Methodist official knocked on the door & flat out rudely told me he was going to tear it down & get rid of the pews, etc. He came mad & left mad because his plan to destroy an historical building that they had done nothing to keep up, wasn’t going to happen. A call to a family survivor of those who built the church revealed the fact that they had donated the land and built the church but did so retaining OWNERSHIP OF THE BUILDING AND LAND. They then told the church representative to leave it alone. It was bought, moved it a few feet away, and it still sits near the graves of those who built it many years ago.

    Moral of the story… maintain ownership of the land and buildings as an independent organization and then lease or rent it to the chosen religious faith.

    Yes the Methodists have decided to join the sin rather than seek redemption and forgiveness for those who repent and sin no more. If one can’t visualize and accept the word abomination, or go beyond that to discern that frenzies oral, anal, reproductive, and other body anatomy between different humans mocks and defies highly incompatible innate bodily functions, and unconditionally puts participants at highly predictable risk of AIDS, EBOLA, ECOLI, hepatitis, venereal diseases… agony and death! They’re not just joining the sin; it is encouraging and sanctifying it as holy “MARRIAGE”!

    If that isn’t sick enough consider a president using his regulators and departments of justice, the Supreme Court, congress, and all of their armed law enforcement agencies are engaged to aggressively punish any who defy their orders to sanctify homosexuality, refuse involuntary servitude to it, or exercise their religious beliefs! Our oath bound officials have declared war against God and the Constitution!

    1. LLOYD says:

      I whole heartedly stand with the church leaders. The Constitution states marriage is to be with a MAN and WOMAN. More important is the fact that GOD instituted marriage between one man and one woman…

      1. Jerome says:

        I hope you are well. I will give you $ 1000.00 in cash if you can show me where in the U. S. Constitution it defines marriage as you claim. (It doesn’t) I’m sick at heart over the religious right. It is a well-spring of lies and hatred in our country. It deals in fear and prejudice, and dares to claim it is following the Scriptures. I have learned from personal investigation that that most people who make that claim have never read the Bible. Last week I talked to a man who claimed that “God helps those who help themselves” is in the Bible. He became very angry with me when I told him Benjamin Franklin said it. It is not something Jesus would ever say because it is rooted in a spirit of unconcern for others. The religious right is fighting the Holy Spirit when it tries to keep the hatred of homosexual people alive. It does not speak for God, and it harbors a deep misunderstanding of the biblical text. Jesus spent his life for the stranger, foreigner and those the rejected by society. Jerome

        1. jrhunt says:

          Jerome apparently you don’t have a grasp of scripture as well,if you did you wouldn’t be showing your ignorance as you are,you seem to think that Yeshua loves everyone so much,that he would allow them to live their lives as they pleased,many time Homosexuality and all sins of the flesh have been condemned in the Bible,the love of God is defined in 1 John 5:2-3 as obeying and keeping Yahweh’s Commandments,love does not allow or tolerate any sin of the flesh such as sexual perversion,and yes Yahweh is a discriminator,he discriminates between good and evil,sin is the transgression of the law 1 John 3:4,what ever actions we take outside Yahweh’s Moral laws is sin,and carries with it the death penalty,you never hear Religion tell you these things,because they are spiritually judged and have no relationship with Messiah,even though they seem religious,unless they do the Commandments they have no right to eternal life,nor do they know the truth,Revelation 22:14.

      2. john burroughs says:

        The reason we are facing such problems, as same sex marriage, and other sins in this country is because we as a christian nation put to much trust in our selfish leaders, instead of our God in heaven. we have turned our backs on God our creator. To many people dont believe in God because they are blinded by satan. Remember when madlen o’hare fought to take Prayer out of schools. we as christians said very little about that we never fought against one person taking away the Holy Spirit from our chidren in our schools. I think that any reliagon that does not believe in Jesus Chist as the saveyor of the world is definatly wrong!! and remenber one thing when God returns for his church, all creatures will confess HE IS COD!!!! please excusemy spelling.

    2. Fred Kiely says:

      I the church you belong to condones homosexual merrage tell them to go to hell and move out

  • MA in MO says:

    The Methodist church as become the devils playground. Sad to say, the Methodist are not the only church to drink the ‘kool-aid.’ By the way, I was raised Methodist. Not only should the Deacons of this church fire this pastor, they also need to replace her with a him. The Bible plainly, in no uncertain words, says a pastor should be male and that the leaders of the church should be male. It also says that the leader of the home is the husband. We all know way to many cases where none of the above Biblical principles are no longer the case. May the Lord come quickly.

    1. elda says:

      Amen and I am Mormon….kinda.

      1. mark says:

        Kinda? Wouldn’t it be better to be ABSOLUTELY a particular faith, and have that faith be the one TRUE faith? Just saying (and suggesting). 🙂

        1. jrhunt says:

          Mark their is a one true faith already,but it is not any of the mainline denominations,they all fell away from the truth long ago,the faith once delivered is described by Paul in Acts 24:14 as the Way which they call heresy,so worship I the God of my fathers,believing all the things which are written in the law and the prophets,the denominational false church system of our day is associated with the Harlot of revelation 17:3-6 she is also identified in Proverbs 2,5,6,7 as the strange woman who’s house inclineth unto death and her paths unto the dead Proverbs 2:18,we are instructed to come out of her in Revelations 18:4 that we be not partakers of her sins,and that ye receive not of her plagues,this is just the tip of the ice berg,when judgment comes it will begin with the tares being removed first,that is those who profess a form of Godliness,but denying the power there of,most do not realize that Grace is an endowment which enables us not to sin,as sin is the transgression of the law 1 John 3:4 grace makes us acceptable to God,but it does not cancel out the law,in order to be made acceptable we must grow in grace and faith and learn to obey Yahweh’s Moral laws if we are to be in covenant with him.—Jim Hunt

    2. Helen Allen says:

      I remember when the Methodist church ordained a homosexual pastor. The Presbyterian church followed suit, and half the church split. The Anglican church did the same. A Lutheran pastor left his wife and children for a man. There too was a great uproar over this and the church split. What is happening is Satan’s minister’s have come into these churches preaching a false doctrine and they are the ones who fall prey and believe every word these wolves in sheep’s clothing say. The people want to hear good sermons. They do not want to hear the truth. The bible says, “Satan, the father of lies, can appear as an angel of light.” Don’t take any pastor’s word because they say it’s in the bible and the truth. Search, read and pray. You may have to read it over and over until the truth is finally revealed, but ask and ye shall receive, search and ye shall find. Too many devils in our churches.

      1. Darlene says:

        Satin starts at the pulpit.

      2. Cecilia Owens says:

        Dear Helen,
        I was encouraged by your comments. I completely agree that we, as believers, are to search and know the Scriptures. Search, read, and pray, as you stated it. This is one way to recognize wolves in sheep’s clothing. Jesus told a parable in Matthew 13:24-30, sometimes referred to as the Parable of the Weeds. This is a warning that weeds planted by the enemy grow among the wheat–both growing together until the harvest time. The explanation of the parable appears in Matthew 13:36-43. I believe the Bible in its original version is the inspired Word of God. As a believer, I am not free to pick and choose which parts I believe and which I don’t. The Bible identifies homosexuality as a sin; therefore, I accept that statement. I also know that I am to respond in love to homosexuals. I’m memorizing 1 Corinthians 13:1-8a, as suggested by Joan Hunter in one of her books on the healing ministry. I encourage all believers to learn this passage–I call it the “but have not love” passage. Here is a sample of 1 Corinthians 13– verse 2 says, “If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.” Jesus said that people will know we are His disciples by our love. Keep the faith!

      3. Fred Kiely says:

        The truth shall set us free. Thank you for doing your part.

    3. Danny says:

      This pastor spoke out in favor of maintaining the Biblically correct view of marriage, ie. one woman and one man. It was the Methodist Church (Bishop) who got upset because of her stand. I’m all for her. I feel the same way. My denomination has always held to the Bible’s teachings about marriage.

    4. Victoria says:

      The Word says we are all one, neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female. Seems Lois had a church in her home in the New Testament. Please get over your misplaced and misunderstood undestanding of scripture. The women were told in their time not to speak in the church because they sat on the other side of the church from the men. They would yell to their husbands to ask questions regarding preaching. That was distrubing the service. No orders in scripture that a woman cannot be a pastor.

    5. Dr. Dorothy A. Maddox says:

      Acts 2:17-20New American Standard Bible (NASB)

      ‘And it shall be in the last days,’ God says,
      ‘That I will pour forth of My Spirit on all [a]mankind;
      And your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
      And your young men shall see visions,
      And your old men shall dream dreams;

      Even on My bondslaves, both men and women,
      I will in those days pour forth of My Spirit
      And they shall prophesy.

  • 7papa7 says:

    She wants Biblical integrity on marriage but NOT on who is qualified to be a pastor. You either have Biblical integrity or you don’t, you can’t pick and choose and have Biblical integrity. It is all or nothing.

    1. David says:

      we are in the last days as the Bible speaks of homosexuality is wrong!! The church needs to uphold the Bible! The word of God!!

    2. Harold says:

      There is one thing for sure. The apostate who came in and was going to pastor this church, sure has no Christianity, integrity or morals. PERIOD!

  • Donald Berry says:

    What was meant to say which my tablet changed my words from vitreal to virtual sorry for not catching that Christianity needs to make a comeback and help return our country back to our founders perspectives

  • Gerry says:

    It sounds to me like the whole congregation should have bodily thrown this new pastor and his comrades right the hell out of the church. It will not change if we keep running and hiding and letting these commie bast–ds win and that includes the fraud in our WH. To win a war, this is a war for those of you who don’t know it, you have to be worse than your enemy. Turning the other cheek has NEVER worked and never will. You will just get slapped on both sides of your face. If we have to get nasty then we have to get nastier than the enemy. If you run — you will just die tired. The demoRAT party and their wealthy advisers have declared war on the American citizens, our constitution and the American way of life and we have to fight to win the war. Mr Mccormick is right, obozo has put his people in a lot of key positions thanks to our Congress who ok’d his commie, racist nominations without much of a fight. I think their motto has become ” just cave in, it is easier that way “. We need to rid our gov’t of these greedy corrupt politicians.

    1. Royce says:

      GERRY, I !!! DITTO !!! your comments, I am a man of God, served in Vietnam, with pride, became disabled, I’m still proud of our country, as you state we may not have one left, the blacks in Baltimore for instance showed their loyalty buy trying to burn the flag,,,so un real. GBU sir,

  • David in MA says:

    A war on American soil is coming.

    1. Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

      Run David Run and Hide QUICK!!! The sky is falling ! Amazing how the right has such little faith in a nation that has overcome so many different adversities in its past.

      1. David says:

        Have you read the history of Israel?
        When Israel followed and obeyed GOD’s laws, they prospered.
        When Israel became complacent and choose their own way, the judgement of GOD made their life poor and miserable.
        When they repented, GOD forgave and restored them.
        America was established on GODLY values.
        America prospered.
        Where is America headed?

        Read Romans 1:18-32 GOD is patient for only so long.

      2. mark barnes says:

        He’s closer to the truth than you will ever be. Read the blogs, there are SO MANY people that are fed up, and won’t give another inch. The government isn’t our master, they are our enemy. If you aren’t for us, you are against us.

      3. Harold says:

        Does idiocy run in your family?

  • Donald Mccormick says:

    This is just another attempt to assert control over the people of America, in other words it WILL MAKE the people of America SLAVES of the Obama administration (Progressives) and control EVERYTHING we do and SAY.

    They [the Obama administration (Progressives)] are ATTACKING religions SPECIFICALLY to DESTROY the Christians just like ISIS is trying to do. It is almost like they are connected in some way. The administration WILL NOT even talk about the GENOCIDE of Christians that ISIS is doing to their countrymen.

    The Obama administration has a VERY BIG and extensive number of appointed people around the government to support HIS AGENDA and to try to make HIS DECISIONS look like tey MIGHT be legal, whether they are or NOT they are legal. This is encouraging him to continue to FORCE his agenda for his try to become “KING” of America.

    Obama looks like he is amassing a HUGE police force for control of Americans. He HAS taken control of OUR health care industry, he is trying to control our educational system with the COMMON CORE directive and the questions it asks. he HAS virtual control of the financial industry with the regulations he has done via regulations to restrict how they conduct business.

    The list of regulations go on and on, to totally control and make it HIS OUNTRY and NOT a better country that we can be proud of and live in comfort. He IS drawing in HUGE number of ILLEGALS to take over the jobs from LEGALLY employed Americans.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    The verbiage of the “new pastor” surely reflects an entirely different type of people in ministry than all I’ve ever known. It saddens me to see this congregation in such turmoil; it surely provides the detractors of Christianity cause for glee as they watch the public display of emotions.

    1. Dick Frakes says:

      Another way to look at it – The pastor and his church are resisting the changes you have accepted as “normal”. I personally will never accept homosexuality as normal. However; the pastor’s words were poorly chosen. I’ll always remember an all male social class in college, the prof ask how many in class masterbate to raise their hands – only a couple wise guys held their hands high. The prof said this is a very interesting class, you see statistics prove the 98% of all males masterbate, the other 2% are qreer. At that point everybody in the class raised their hands as high as they could. It was a joke, but it did prove a point. I for one will never allow myself to be a victim of political correctness. I do think we should respect everyone and not discriminate against others who are different from us. I’m 77.

  • jrhunt says:

    This situation is easily remedied,just turn and walk out of this church and never return,there is nothing here for any of you,Christians Churches have been lying to its congregations for the last almost nineteen hundred years,staying and fighting it out is a waste of time,swallow your pride and leave,and let the wolfs have it,you will just be devoured and and nothing good will come out of it,take your Bible go home and study the word of God,get to know Yahweh for the first time,and learn to live by every word written in it,and that includes keeping Yahweh’s Commandments,you will see more and more of this taking place among this false religious system,and it begins to crash and burn.

    1. Patricia Mead says:

      You are right. Who needs to be affiliated with the Methodist IRS church? America is being bullied by the illegal immigrants, gays, abortionist and government dependent. Christians are outnumbered and will not be able to save this once Christian nation.

      1. gavinwca says:

        Christians are not outnumbered,they are late coming to the fight. It takes a lot to piss off white, Christian males, but when you do finally force them to fight, you will not recognize or like the results of what happens , Admiral Yamamoto said it best. “We may have awoken a sleeping giant” .

        1. mark barnes says:

          It seems to be an “age” thing. The only people that see what’s happening are the ones that understand freedom, yet they are too old to do anything about it. Young people today are dead to the truth…thank you, government re-education enters (AKA public schools).
          Even though I attempted to show my own children the way, I was criticized for being “one of those guys”. Sadly, a time is coming when they will find the truth, but probably too late.

    2. Donald Berry says:

      I feel jrhunt is vile and trying to discredit christianity everywhere with his post people and churches of all denominations has a God given right to believe and practice their beliefs his statements are the virtual that comes from hate and extreme left wing radicals

      1. jrhunt says:

        Donald Berry I have no fear of anything you might say about me,if you folks would take the time and research Christianity as I have,you would not be so in love with this false religious system called Christianity,it is an invention of men,it teaches men to disobey Yahweh,it has set up a humanistic system that binds men up with religious tradition and the Commandments of men,and actually locks them out of the Kingdom of God,read in your own Bible in Matthew 19:17,Matthew 5:17 what Yeshua Messiah has to say about the law and the prophets,and Paul who has been accused of anti-Torah teaching of how we are not under the law,and its all about grace,when they clearly don’t understand grace to begin with,Grace is not a free ticket in to heaven,it is and endowment to make us acceptable to God,we have been endued with power from on high to stop sinning,that is the Spirits purpose,Ezekiel 36:26-27,my statements are not out of hate nor am I a left wing Radical,as you put it,if anything I would love to get you folks to open your eye’s a little to the truth,as long as men continue to transgress Yahweh’s moral laws,they have ineffect condemned themselves,this is what False religion has done for you,because the have not told you the truth.

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