Pelosi: Dems will take Congress, WH in ’16

by Rebecca Shabad, The Hill
October 2, 2014

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) predicted a Democratic sweep in 2016.

If Republicans keep the House in November, Pelosi said they wouldn’t hold their majority for long.

“Their days are numbered. I know that in two years, I know we’ll have a Democratic Congress and a Democratic president,” she told reporters at her weekly press conference.
“I’d like it to be in two months,” she added.

Asked if she was conceding that Republicans would hold the House in November’s midterms, Pelosi insisted, “No, I’m not.”

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  • fort9erdon says:

    The ONLY reason that Pelosi can make such a prediction, is because she has enough money to buy REALLY good dope!

  • Death2Unions says:

    Pepussy is truly one ignorant cunt. She is worthy of a good beheading by a Muslim terrorist.

  • defiant1 says:

    Well this is Obama’s idea and threat, same as Luis Guttierez, a progressive communist in Congress. These democrats will do anything to control everyone in this country. I would not put anything past any of these Marxist tthugs…..And Nancy Pelosi is nothing but another progressive communist, also a member with Guttierez of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the voice in Congress for the Communist Party USA.

  • WayneRigor says:

    In the news this morning they have a plan to let you register and vote on the same day. This way they can bus people from state to state and let them vote multiple times. The winner will be announced that night and nothing will be done to correct it. They know what they are doing.

  • Frank Stein says:

    of course she’s predicting a democrat congress and white house. theyve already proven they can rig elections. One woman was found dead in her garage not too far from me. She had been dead for 6 years. She voted for Obama twice. Unless she used a Ouija board, I’d say that’s a stark, irrefutable example of voter fraud.

    1. says:

      Is nobody able to stop this voter fraud there’s got to be some Republicans that can do something about it.

      1. Balto2 says:

        Republicans for one thing, need to be at the polls and vote. Too many hold grudges because their choice of Republican did not win a primary so they stay home. A no vote from a Republican is a vote for the Democrat.

    2. Balto2 says:

      I am sure the Michigan lady is not the only one to vote this way, also some people voted more than ten times each and how in reality, did more than 100% of a community vote for one candidate. Voting machines tripped to Obama when Romney was selected, and other places busses transported voters from one state over state lines to vote in another state. We need poll watchers in critical locations!

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Pelosi’s eyes and mouth are about to pop out. This woman must realize that the district in San Francisco she represents is the dirtiest when it comes to sanitation, and most immoral district throughout the United States. She represents these immoralities that is why she does not know the right from the wrong. All she sees are those immoral people who put her to power for so long.
    She needs to retire, for the sake of decency. But she desires for more of power.

  • KC says:

    YAH ,, WE want MORE OF THIS …. DUM A$$E$

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