Peter Strzok: Clinton, DOJ struck deal that blocked FBI access to Clinton Foundation emails on her private server

by Jerry Dunleavy
March 14, 2019

Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok told Congress last year that the agency “did not have access” to Clinton Foundation emails that were on Hillary Clinton’s private server because of a consent agreement “negotiated between the Department of Justice attorneys and counsel for Clinton.”

That agreement was revealed in newly released congressional transcripts from Strzok’s closed-door testimony at the House Judiciary Committee on June 27, 2018.

When asked by then-majority general counsel Zachary Somers if “the Clinton Foundation was on the server”, Strzok testified that he believed it was “on one of the servers, if not the others.” But Strzok stressed that due to an agreement between the DOJ and Clinton, they were not allowed to search Clinton Foundation emails for information that could help in their investigation.

The FBI would have been investigating Clinton’s emails in 2016, when former President Barack Obama was still in office and when Clinton was running for president against then-candidate Donald Trump.

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  • Rob says:

    If the politicians take the Oath Of Office, and swear to defend the Constitution, how do they get away with trying to take away our rights protected by the Constitution? Does that Oath mean nothing? If so, why go through the motions? I say, as a natural-Born-American Citizen, with my own Government issued SS# on my Government issued SS-Card, unlike that liar Obama, whose SS# Was issued to a northeastern man dead nearly 100 years, that the Oath OF Office must be held to its purpose, and if you want to be an American Politician, you swear on a Holy Bible!

  • Rob says:

    When I see Susan Rices dumb ass, cursing out 4-Star Generals in my mind, it makes me angry, that stupid hood rat Chicago Municipal imbicile has some nerve, lifetime military geniuses quit or got fired by a bunch of racist, hateful, descendants of slavery! Except Obama, his family owned slaves! Now I watch Kampala Harris, pippin off at men of integrity older than her, who deserve to be there, when her skanky ass sucked her way there! Then that homosexual loud mouth idiot, Corey Booger, what a fool. AOC, this hood rat can’t chew gum and walk at the same time and Soros is blowing sunshine up her skirt and she is stupid, and embarrassing herself but she’s too dumb to understand it! Then that female Islamic jihadist Omar, who knowingly bad mouths Israel, our cherished Ally on a daily basis! This is unexceptable!

    1. Rob says:

      Excuse me, unacceptable!

  • Rob says:

    The People, We are the Bosses, but both sides of the aisle treat us like a 24/7/365 ATM! We must get back control of the criminals that have become politicians, and throw their butts in prison, except for the worst, the Treasonous Traitors of the Obama Administration and the entire DNC who has lost their minds! They must be hung by the neck, until their Air-Jordan’s stop quivering!

  • Rob says:

    There are many people who have committed Treason starting with the plotters of the Coup to put a foreign born ineligible Obama, who could have been born on Pennsylvania Avenue and still not been eligible because Obama Sr. was Kenyan Born! The DNC knowingly supported the Coup! That’s the beginning of the descent of the United States! We were attacked by Domestic-Terrorists and Communist Anarchists, aided by Nancy Pelosi and the DNC! The Citizens of America Deserve Better! The DNC like that chicken-head, hood-rat, Maxine Waters talks about the Constitution like it’s so dear, and they are a bunch of liars, thieves, and murderers! Constitution only matters to them on the days they aren’t trying to change it!

  • Rob says:

    The Obama Administration are a bunch of criminals, everyone knows it, HRC did not even win the DNC Presidential Nomination! Her, and Obama stole it from Bernie Sanders, so HRC could give Obama a third term! Clinton, and Lynch met on the tarmac and the deal went down as everyone suspected!
    So the giant hypocrites did all this and have the audacity to try to frame Trump! Disgusting!

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