Poll: Unemployment now America’s No. 1 problem

by Kristina Wong, The Hill
February 18, 2014

Unemployment is now the No. 1 problem in the United States, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

After the government shutdown in October, “Government/Politicians” ranked No. 1 as the top problem in America through mid-January, when legislators passed a bipartisan budget deal.

After that, there was a 11-percent drop among Republicans who listed “Government/Politicians” as the top problem, from 26 percent in January to 15 percent in February.

The new poll shows that unemployment is now the top issue — an increase of 16 percent from January.

Republicans, Democrats and independents all said “Unemployment/Jobs” was the top problem, but the jump was the greatest among Republicans, from 11 percent in January to 24 percent in February.

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  • I Seigel says:

    If we can agree that unemployment is the Number 1 problem in America, can someone PLEASE explain to me why the good Republicans in Arizona were fixated on gays and lesbians, and now that the Governor has vetoed their bill, now they’re passing a law to do surprise inspections at abortion clinics?! Didn’t anyone send them the memo to quit with the BS and start worrying about JOBS?

  • ndnpatriot says:

    I beg to differ. The problem is not UNEMPLOYMENT. The problem is our (representatives?), that keep appeasing “ILLEGAL ALIENS” whom are taking the jobs Americans could be doing! It just boggles my mind how they keep referring to the economy, and unemployment, but still insist in amnesty for law-breakers! How many Americans are unemployed? How many “ILLEGAL ALIENS” are in America? DUH?!!

    1. Ralph Calabrese says:

      This is so very true. The politicians have no limits as to what they will do to get a vote for themselves.

    2. I Seigel says:

      Why don’t you ask American farmers – in Indiana, in Washington State, e.g, – how many white (or otherwise) American teenagers or adults want to come to their farms to harvest apples in October, or crops on a hot September afternoon? Farmers in the Yakima Valley in Washington State – now that they’ve removed a lot of illegals from the area – can’t get enough workers into their fields to do the harvesting. Why do you think Indiana has made it so easy for illegals to live there? Because the farmers need the workers. Funny, but they don’t find many unemployed Americans willing to work for the price they can pay an illegal.

      And since you’re probably against unions protecting these workers (I admit, I’m making an assumption here), then the farmers will pay only what they have to – the cheapest labor the better. The big farmers are lobbying for the illegals!!

      Yes, the Number One problem in this country is unemployment (DUH!!), and has been for the last 5 years or so. And where is that “laser-like focus on jobs” that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell promised us during the last election? Have they come up with a jobs bill? Have they acted on Obama’s job bill? Nope. It’s Obamacare 24/7, with just a short pause every once in a while to throw in something about abortions, gay marriages and now Benghazi.

      1. GW says:

        Are you kidding me? Name another job besides picking vegetables. C’mon man, look around, do you think 11 million people are all picking vegetables? Besides the fact it is way more than 11 million. Any and all construction they are doing, roofing, paving, masonry. Plus all the Mcdonald’s and stuff like that the teenagers used to get they are taken by these people as careers. These are not career jobs, that’s why they don’t deserve 15 bucks an hour.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Laws are on the books in many (all?) states to make sure that employers check the IDs and SSNs of prospective employees before they are hired. Much of this type of enforcement falls on the employers. In a LOT of cases, it is the employers who knowingly hire the illegals because they are a source of cheap labor. The feds can’t police everything, especially with the budget cuts and sequestering forcing revised budgeting priorities.

          1. GW says:

            Well that is a major issue, but a lot of these illegals have ID’s and stolen SSN numbers and no one cares. I know they can’t police everything but they could implement e-verify, that may help some. Catch some of the people that are hiring and throw the book at them. It wouldn’t hurt. The Government just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and they enforce the laws they like. To the best extent they can, they need to either apply all the laws or none.

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