Poll urges GOP to go ‘nuclear’ to get Gorsuch on SCOTUS

Conservative activists are overwhelmingly ready for Senate Republicans to trigger the “nuclear option” and force Judge Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court, according to the 2017 CPAC/Washington Times straw poll, which also showed the activists feel the GOP doesn’t have Mr. Trump’s back.

Overall the poll, of 1,447 attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference Saturday, showed a movement that is now firmly in Mr. Trump’s corner: They believe he is realigning the conservative movement, they generally don’t mind his frequent use of Twitter, and they approve of his extreme vetting executive order.

But even as they like what he’s doing, their top priorities align more closely with long-standing Republican orthodoxy: Tax reform and repealing Obamacare, which have been congressional Republican goals for years, are by far at the top of the activists’ list. Mr. Trump’s border wall, his call for an infrastructure package and even the extreme vetting all place lower.

“I’m not … all gung-ho about the wall — I just want stronger immigration,” said Myah Bowermaster, a student at Tarleton State University in Texas. “But right now I’m really worried about the tax code, specifically lowering corporate tax and having fairer trade deals, because I’m not for cronyism. I don’t like the Carrier deal.”

Mr. Trump, during the presidential transition, enticed air conditioning manufacturer Carrier to keep a plant in Indiana by having the state offer an incentives package — delivering an early talking point to the president-elect.

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  • Rob1911a1 says:

    As long as we can get Gorsuch, and two others like him, on SCOTUS (assuming Ginzberg cow and Breyer idiot also leave/die soon – praying hard), American can be more secure for decades. And the GOP should use the nuclear option if needed; what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, after all.

  • Jose says:

    When they are so used to getting millions for doing nothing and now they are on the way out, they will cheat and lie (they are used to this already) in every way possible hoping they are not found out and they keep getting millions for doing nothing.

  • Smitch says:

    Yep! Do it!

  • justinwachin says:

    I don’t think the nuclear option will be needed. Sen. McConnell should try to get Mr. Gorsuch confirmed by regular means. As I said when Sen. Reid triggered the nuclear option a few years ago, political fortunes change. The Republicans will not always control the Senate and the White House. They need to play by the same rules now as they will want when the Democrats have the upper hand.

    By the way, the Constitution doesn’t require nine justices to be on the Supreme Court. It’s likely the next vacancy will be a liberal jurist. If so, the Court will swing conservative when that happens.

  • Tiger says:

    I am in full agreement the situation is serious and we need that vacancy filled. Give them their own medicine don’t keep it for next serious situation this is it. Do it.

  • Patriot47 says:

    2018 is the year of the RINO hunt. Take them out of politics.

  • nokabosh says:

    Gorsuch could be appointed by Trump when the Senate is in recess.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      The Senate, along with the House, just had this past week- would have been an opportunity for President Trump to do so.

  • nokabosh says:

    Ryan’s alternative to Obamacare is deeply flawed. He needs to get on the ball on other matters too or be replaced.

  • Joe Don says:


  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Democrat party is now lead by La Raza, BLM, muslim racists. Patriots defending working Americans are shut out!

  • Richard Wittauer says:

    GOP Go ‘Nuclear’
    To Get Gorsuch on SCOTUS

  • PatriotGal says:

    Everyone, please call your Senators and Reps to demand Gorsuch be approved NOW. Also DEMAND the repeal and replacement of OWEbamaTAX be done in March and the new tax schedule is out in March. The RINOS are as obstructionist as the Dems. House: 202-225-3121; Senate: 2020-224-3121

  • bygeorge says:

    We are witness to some amazing changes going on about us, not the least of which is the race to total irrelevance by the Democrat Party. We know this because it’s true nature has been revealed in its defeat: it is the hateful and intolerant Liberals who are authoritarian and lawless and represent the true threat to our liberties. It’s not Trump, the Republicans or conservatives.

    The presidential campaign of Donald Trump was temerarious and his electoral victory threw the entire political establishment into convoluted paroxysm of rage, despair, spitefulness and hate, doubtless engendering the democrats suicidal pact of self-destruction, not primarily of themselves but of our country as well. Their self-destruction is their business. It cannot be allowed that they take our country with them. The paroxysm continue even to this day.

    We cheered the DNC’s leadership meeting in Atlanta knowing full well who we wanted the DNC to select as replacement for Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Ws), but feared that saner minds could intervene and arrest the process of decay. Alas, It was Tom Perez, former Secy. of Labor and Obamas choice, who prevailed over the black Muslim Representative from Wisconsin. But, we are informed that Hillary Clinton pushed for him too and some in the mediocre media opined that “the fix was in” for Tom Perez. So, the question now is: who is running the DNC, or who will be, and is the democrat party still as corrupt as always?

    Barak Obama with his Organizing for America (OFA), formerly Acorn, is organized and wants to be calling the shots for the Democrat Party, never mind that he single-handedly destroyed the party nation wide. Hillary, who couldn’t muster enough grass roots to get herself elected, apparently thinks she’s still relevant. I see a debilitating fight coming. The solution to their problem does not lie in slavishly embracing a continued role for the Planned Parenthood’s infanticide factory’s or re-empowering unions, as Tom Perez said in his acceptance speech. It lies in reclaiming its lost base with a believable agenda on local levels everywhere.

    Apart from that, in its death throes, the Democrat Party has revealed its inner demons and for awhile, they will remain the coastal nuisance party. The feckless former Democrat Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, gifted the Congress with what he considered a rule that would keep Progressives in power forever, the “nuclear option,” and it’s about to blow up in their faces.

    As the nuisance party, it is indeed being a nuisance by hindering the confirmation of Donald Trumps selections for his cabinet. It is time for Majority leader Mitch McConnell to go all out with the “nuclear option,” install Trumps picked professionals and get this country moving again, and right now. He has been given the opportunity to kill the wounded Democrat beast that long ago abandoned any pretense of Americanism. Just do it Mitch, for America. Kill it and git ‘er done!

    The destruction process, like a flood across the plain, will sweep away with it many venerable institutions like the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry. Actors and celebrities who think they are possessed of a higher political acumen simply on the basis of their notoriety, still presume to lecture Americans on the nature of Americanism. They have no clue and we know it.

    Celluloid privilege, in the wrong hands, is more destructive to the true principles of Americanism today than ever before. During WWII, Hollywood was “all in” in its contribution to the war effort against fascism. Today, they have become the fascists propagandists! We cannot rest. The fight is just beginning. We must stand and deliver.

    1. CharlieSeattle says:

      I missed Paul Ryan’s and Mitch McConnell’s RINO speeches at the DNC’s leadership meeting in Atlanta.

      1. PatriotGal says:

        Tooooo funny, Charlie…but I’ll bet they were there…

        1. CharlieSeattle says:

          I was not joking. Under Paul Ryan’s e/GOP RINO leadership, they funded Obama’s muslim RAPEfugee and illegal alien invasion!

          Paul Ryan Betrays America: $1.1 Trillion, 2,000-Plus Page Omnibus Bill Funds ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’

          by STEPHEN K. BANNON & JULIA HAHN -16 Dec 2015


          Paul Ryan’s first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill.

          (1) Ryan’s Omnibus Fully Funds DACA

          (2) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Sanctuary Cities

          (3) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All Refugee Programs

          (4) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All of the Mideast Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists in Recent Years

          (5) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Illegal Alien Resettlement

          (6) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds the Release of Criminal Aliens

          (7) Ryan’s Omnibus Quadruples H-2B Foreign Worker Visas

          (8) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens

          (9) Ryan’s Omnibus Locks-In Huge Spending Increases

          (10) Ryan’s Omnibus Fails to Allocate Funds to Complete the 700-Mile Double-Layer Border Fence That Congress Promised the American People

          Ryan’s omnibus serves a second and equally chilling purpose. By locking in the President’s refugee, immigration, and spending priorities, Ryan’s bill is designed to keep these fights out of Congress by getting them off the table for good.

          Delivering Obama these wins–and pushing these issues beyond the purview of Congress–will suppress public attention to the issues and, in so doing, will boost the candidacy of the Republican establishment’s preferred presidential contenders, who favor President Obama’s immigration agenda.

          >>> The Paul Ryan e/GP RINO leadership is 100% complicit in enabling Obama’s treasonous agenda!

    2. maxx says:

      Sorry but Keith Ellison is NOT from Wisconsin. He is from the state that kept recounting the votes until they forced Franken to be elected in MINNESOTA. Otherwise, great post.

      1. Webb says:

        Thats two peas in the same pod…Ellison and Franken!

      2. bygeorge says:

        Mea Culpa my brother. You’re right.

  • donl says:

    Screw the RINO’S, to Hell with the Demo-Commies, put him in there.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • retired4ever says:

    I really think the Dems will come around on Gorsuch however WHEN is the question. With the leaders of the donkey’s it could be quite a while therefore I believe we should use the nuclear option and get him on the bench NOW!

    1. maxx says:

      Trump needs to tell McConnell to “get his chinless and gutless self on to calling for the vote on Gorsuch right after suspends the rules and invokes the nuclear option. I don’t see the democommies doing anything positive, ever again.

  • Webb says:

    The Tradition of the Senate was violated by Harry Reid to accommodate the Democrats Agenda…Pure and Simple!
    Now its time to play hardball…use the Nuclear Option on Supreme Court Picks and ANY Legislation that Republicans want to Pass…
    Democrats have destroyed The Federal government as well as Republicans by All the ABC agencies and their overreach into our very lives…Especially the last eight years! Its way past time to Reduce The size and scope of Government!
    Continued support of Republicans/Conservatives is a MUST…Don’t Let Up!

    1. maxx says:

      I agree! Every single one of the ACB agencies should be reviewed first for it’s constitutionality and then for it’s need to exist at all. Congress has used these agencies to bastardize our system of government. It has allowed unelected bureaucrats to make rules and regulations and levy taxes and fines when those activities are clearly authorized solely to Congress. This just gives Congress more time to go out panhandling for donations. Make them work 8 full hours a day on the peoples business with only two weeks of vacation, if even that. Government is totally out of control and the people that caused it need to be prosecuted for treason.

      1. Webb says:

        Spot On!

  • Janthony132 says:


    1. The Redhawk says:

      BULLS EYE….LET’s GET it DONE ASAP! There Just may be NEED for Another SCOTUS SOON after

  • regulus30 says:

    Trump will “GETTER DONE”. JUST GIVE HIM TIME; HELL666 HE HAS ONLY BEEN IN OFFICE thirty ffive [35] days; Ryan and McConnell must start doing their jobs and function like the three branches are supposed to.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      They’re on Soros’s payroll!

      1. regulus30 says:

        unfortunately some RINOS did accept campaign dollars from the fascist.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          12 that I seen, 13 counting Boehner no longer in of course!

    2. maxx says:

      I don’t trust McConnell or Ryan. Both are fulltime Rino’s. It’s a shame Wisconsin and Kentucky voters can’t do something about it. But both of these guys are being kept in office due to democrat crossover votes.

      1. regulus30 says:

        you are right.

    3. Rodney Steward says:

      Add McCain, Graham and a coupe of other communist!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      SPOT ON

  • itsfun says:

    The RINO’s will do everything they can to destroy the “new” Republican Party. They will sit on their old fat butts and do nothing.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      If we MUST we MUST and Throw those Fat BUTTHEAD RINOS OVERBOARD…. they ARE part of the Swamp!

    2. Lougjr1 says:

      They best get their act together if they want to remain in their comfortable chairs, because if the Dem’s win in 2020, they will lose that seat, if the Rep’s win they will be voted out anyway ! They can’t have it both ways. Period !

      1. The Redhawk says:


        1. HENRI says:


          1. Tiger says:

            The crux of the problem began in 1871 when Washington District of Columbia created and is a separate entity from our Constitution and we became the ones who suffered. Chattel. Did you know that when our country borrows money from another country the debt is for 70 years? Think on that.


          2. The Redhawk says:

            and tat became to NEST for ANARCHY….WELFARE >> and DRUG MINDS INFESTED MORONS!

      2. Tiger says:

        When mid terms come if these people have failed the people AGAIN and Trump calls them out by name, they will not be back.

        First thing that needs to happen is that Washington District of Columbia needs to be part of America again and not an entity unto itself. Then the Shadow Government destroyed and Soros, Obama, Hillary be taken out.

        This goes very deep and until we bring our country back to our Constitution we are in trouble.


    3. The Redhawk says:

      That is their GAME PLAN to REMAIN the SELF PROMOTING AND APPOINTED ROYALTY of AMERICA.with their Friends in the (D) Nazi party …Time for a CHANGE!

      1. Retired says:

        Under the Nazi party most democrats would be gone, they are more the African party . Stealing from one another is what they know best . Just look at what they did to England over the decades or centuries .

        1. The Redhawk says:


          1. Retired says:

            No Kidding , our Demon Rat party does not even come Close to being called Nazi’s .Our Demon Rats are more Communist than anything else . They take after the Chinese who control the population to the parties way of thinking or you disappear .The Demon rats have control of the media which control 47% of the population , because they are sheep .Why do you think they fight Voter ID laws???

          2. The Redhawk says:

            1) All TYRANTS Control the Press …Not all TYRANTS are Nazis nor Commies, but they all start as ANARCHISTS like the ones that Sharpton/Obama Organized and Soros is FUNDING
            2) the (D) nazi Party does NOT want Voters ID ever since SEIU/Acorn/Anarchists of Sharpton Enlisted Illegal voters and Tomb Stones to vote for the (D) Nazi party

          3. Retired says:

            The fight for voter ID laws was already in progress under Billy Boy , it just was never made very public .Now you are describing the African party that the Clintons supported .Hillary and her villages , but not next door to them .

          1. The Redhawk says:

            Mustn’t forget1

      2. Tiger says:

        You got that right.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          What I like about our POTUS is that he gets it done one way or the other with or without the OLD FARTS!!

    4. Thomas says:

      Then we need to vote there old fat butts OUT.

      1. Lawrence Passmore says:

        their butts ain’t fat! that’s the
        money from all the bribes they’ve taken. they have to wear bigger pants to hold it all

        1. Tiger says:

          OOOOOOH ROLLING over here best yet.

    5. Tiger says:

      They never wanted Trump. Remember the party leader went to them and told them Trump would be the nominee get behind him or forget ever being president. They are an involuntary participant and they belong to the Washington District of Columbia party, not holding to the laws of this land and a place of it’s own working for the Corporate America. Look up what happened in 1871 when Washington D.C. created. They don’t want Trump, he works for the people, has no masters and has brought their sins to light.

  • randy jackson says:

    If we are suppose to believe the rotten “do nothing” retardlicans would actually do something—-sadly, I think we’ll be disappointed once again. We really need “Term Limits” to get these returdlican political promise breakers out of office (it would also remove the rotten demonRATS that would sell their own child for a political payback). How sad our political system has become:
    1. Republicans promise promise promise—–yet they NEVER deliver.
    2. DemocRATS are rotten to the core open border Socialists, that would do ANYthing (e.g. lie, cheat, steal) for a damn vote.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      NEED FOR THE POPULIST PARTY to be FORMED?? No Rinos no Dinos no (D) Nazis and no (R) Extremists….JUST AMERICANS in charge of OUR Country?? Term Limits and Accountability?? Rule of LAW! Law enforcement and Closed Borders with Intelligent Immigration Policies!! States Rights ! NO Professional political “hores”! No Unionized Government BUREUCRATS!
      Is this the Time to DO IT????

      1. randy jackson says:


        1. The Redhawk says:

          Something to think about … and look to change in 2018 and ..before 2020

    2. Lawrence Passmore says:

      what good would term limits do when it comes time to vote on it the
      idiots who keeps voting them in would vote it down

      1. randy jackson says:

        Keep fighting the good fight my friend.
        There are many that support patriotism.

  • Climax says:

    The SCOTUS is there to interpret the laws, not make them. They are there as the last vestige of appeal for current laws that exists on the books and determine if they are Constitutionally correct. They are not there to make laws which the current liberal SCOTUS has been doing. Justices like Ginsburg should retire since she has already vocalized her destine for the POTUS by saying if he were elected she would leave the USA.
    The SCOTUS should assure that the Current and Legal Laws of this country are enforced to include immigration, racial, and attacks on our Constitution. Anything else and there should be a way to remove a justice that refuses to be compliant with their duties.
    If “going nuclear is the only way to fulfill the empty seat on the SCOTUS then we must look at who started this option, Harry Reid and the Democrats who have been stuffing the SCOTUS since the Clinton POTUS era. It is political but we have a country to run which the politically elect seem to forget about.

    1. maxx says:

      You are spot on in your post. It seems the liberals, who use the courts abusively to block and rewrite new laws, have been very successful in brainwashing Americans that the SCOTUS is the supreme power in the land. That is totally incorrect. Their only function is to make sure that the law being proposed “passes constitutional muster” that’s it. John Roberts should have been brought up on impeachment charges for assisting Obama and the democrat party in making textual changes to the pending ACA bill that was obviously unconstitutional. And then Sotomeyer and Kagan both voted on cases that they should have been forced to recuse themselves. I am all in favor of using Harry Reids method for confirming Gorsuch. As they say “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander”.

      1. PatriotGal says:

        Absolutely, maxx…on all points. Why can’t we get the darned RINO establishment in Congress to do what is our will? No, they sit there patting themselves on the back telling themselves they know better. We have got to inundate the Congress, both Houses – Reps and Sens demanding they move PRESIDENT Trump’s agenda ahead because that is why we elected him and the Sens have got to get his cabinet approved IMMEDIATELY, not when they’re good and ready. We are 38 days into his first 100 days and the Dems and RINOS in the Senate still have him crippled without his full cabinet. How dare they. What is wrong with the Reps? Are they so used to losing they don’t know how to win or to fight a battle? House: 2020-225-3121; Senate: 202-224-3121. Please, everyone, CALL this week.

      2. Skyhawk says:

        They are both there fraudulently since they were nominated by a Usurper.

    2. Timothy Raffety says:

      How to Impeach and Remove U.S. Supreme Court Justices; Under normal circumstances, a Supreme Court Justice is awarded a lifetime commission. But a Supreme Court Justice may be impeached by the House of Representatives and removed from office if convicted in a Senate trial, but only for the same types of offenses that would trigger impeachment proceedings for any other government official under ARTICLES I and II of the Constitution. ARTICLE III, Section I states that judges of ARTICLE III courts shall hold their offices ” During good behavior”. The phrase ” Good behavior” has been interpreted by the courts to equate to the same level of seriousness ” High crimes and misdemeanors” encompasses. In the United States, impeachment is most often used to remove corrupt lower-court federal judges from office, but it can also be done to a United States Supreme court justice, it’s just a bit harder to accomplish, but can be done. Hope this helps you, a friend in Oklahoma.

      1. Climax says:

        I would tend to believe that personal remarks, such as those of SC Justice Ginsburg would fall into the category of bias and unable to make clear legal decisions because of political beliefs and statements. Personally I think that she should step down due to these but being a Liberal she would never do that and would rather die in position rather than render Constitutional renderings.

        1. Timothy Raffety says:

          She is definitely a bald faced liar, she told America that if Trump was elected POTUS, she was leaving the United States, well, you and I know she doesn’t want to give up her power to screw the people over.

    3. Lawrence Passmore says:

      Climax you are so right when they take the oath to support and defend the constitution then turn around and violate that oath they should go the chain gang for treason for a long ,long time

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