Pope Refuses Gay Ambassador

Pope Francis’ reputation as liberal takes a knock over reports that he rejected the nomination of a new French ambassador to the Vatican on the grounds that he was a homosexual.

Pope Francis has reportedly barred the nomination of a close aide of President Francois Hollande as new French ambassador to the Vatican because he is gay.

The apparent rejection calls into question the pope’s reputation as holding more liberal views on homosexuality.

Laurent Stefanini, 54, a senior diplomat and Mr Hollande’s chief of protocol, was nominated in early January but the Vatican has maintained a stony silence over whether it accepts his credentials, officials in Paris said.

The usual time frame for their acceptance is a month and a half. After that, a prolonged silence after a nomination is normally interpreted as a rejection. …

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  • disqus_KxAHnCo4Tu says:

    Oh my Oh my….the Pope refuses to speak to Gay man?!….Well he should get rid of the pedophiles and homos who wear the backwards collar…calling them selves priests.
    My brother in law is a lay teacher in the Parochial schools in NYC. He has been asked several times to be an ” alibi” for priests, suspected of fooling around with male students. To his credit he has refused to lie for them.
    He also says that the reason why parochial schools are closing in NYC, is NOT the reason the Churchs “PR” department claims…that enrollment is declining. To the contrary, there is a LONG waiting list of parents who want to send their kids to parochial schools……where there is al least SOME discipline and moral training compared to public schools which are sewers.
    The reasons the Church is closing the schools is so they can sell off the valuable NYC real estate and pay off some of the judgments rendered against pedophile priests….So Mr Pope,…the gay ambassador…is just like one of your gay priests…that you reassign once he is ” found out” by the local parish….

  • Gustavo says:

    Imagine that, a Christian Pope that chooses to love everyone equally, yet stabs firm in calling a sin a sin according to the Bible he teaches and upholds. No agenda, just truth. Amen Pope Francis. God bless you and hold you, firm and strong. Amen.

  • Sawbuck Steve says:

    Just what source was used to justify this article? Maybe the ambassador wanna-be was a schmuck.

  • Frederick B. Hetrick Jr. says:

    The Traditional Judeo-Christian Faiths have an Biblical prohibition or taboo against homosexually. Now for the Vicar of Christ’s decision, it follows Holy Scripter. Then there the Catholic Church’s past sex-scandals involving Gay Priest-Pedophiles. Should His Holiness Pope Francis be condemned for this action?

  • Ted says:

    Praise God, that some humankind see the vast mistake the vast majority of the world is making, man laying with man, woman with woman, a sin. The Christian world needs to support this decision and the Word of God and, not to be politically correct or timid to speak the truth in a world so utterly wrong.

  • enubus says:

    Finally a voice in the wilderness, recognizing that sodomites aren’t welcome in the church. Perversion and pedophilia is not to be celebrated but to be reviled. This Pope is right on this, but totally out to lunch on the global warming hoax.

    1. Darius Medea says:

      I am not a Catholic, but I do admire the Pope for standing up for what the Bible teaches concerning the sin of homosexuality. I hope his stand is based on the Bible’s injunctions against homosexuality, inspite of the church’s recent bouts with sexual scandals.

  • Naomi Lackey says:

    Wise decision. I was concerned about the direction of the Catholic church, from a few of his comments. I am NOT Catholic, but, The direction of all churches should concern us all. These people do deserve respect, jobs, etc. – but, they have made their own issue. They wan it all & none of us get it all. I have crewed up, royally, concerning marriage – but, that doesn’t mean I have no respect for marriage. In Genesis, God sets it up – one man, one woman, create family. We have to maintain a healthy respect for that design, or we will lose. It may take a few years, but, there will be consequences

  • barbuto says:

    The “flak” that was in the media, about a pizza shop owner saying she would not cater a “gay” wedding shows how low the US is, morally. On a scale of 1-10…I would say US morals are -2. We have had politicians caught lying, committing adultery, doing drugs….and they get a “free pass”…people say…”oh well” boys will be boys, or what ever.
    The truth about “gays” is that you can’t be a Christian and be a homosexual. The Bible is clear as to what God hates and “men who lie down with men…kept for un natural purposes”…this God hates…just like lying cheating etc…..most of the things politicians do.
    Now its “funny” that the Pope rejects the homosexual Ambassador…when they hide homosexuality in their organization…” under the rug”. When a priest is accused of homosexuality or pedophilia…the priest is re assigned…..sent to another parish. The Catholic church is a disgrace for not following basic Christian teachings….” God hates liars, men who lie down with men…etc”…One proof of this lying is the fact that the NYC diocese of Catholics has been closing Parochial schools and selling off the property. The LIE is that they are closing the schools for lack of pupils. The FACT is that the Parochial schools are in undated by applications for students…from Eastern Europe parents who came to the USA and are appalled by the low state of morals ( call it NO morals ) in the NYC public schools They WANT to send their kids to Parochial schools, where there is some discipline. So there is no lack of students. The NYC Diocese has had to close the schools to sell off the million dollar real estate to pay for the legal decisions against pedophile priests. So the Pope speaking …or NOT speaking out about a “gay” ambassador…is ” the pot calling the kettle black”. If you want to find out the true religion…don’t follow the Catholic Church ( remember the Inquisition?)…read your bible…..

    1. Wiliam says:

      As a Catholic Christian I know that what you have said here WAS true but not now. YES there is plenty of work the Catholic denomination has to do as does all churchs. With that said church has always taught that the act of being GAY is a sin and the compulsion to do so a mental type defect or disorder which can be helped with reparative therapy and a selibate ifestyle. It has always been the rule that NO GAY man in orientation or openly ay could eve be allowed to be a priest deacon or a Pope. I agree too many Christian schools Catholic and non are being shut down. here was no excuse for child sex offenders within the church and the view on that is changing in that jail is the only option for them. The church was hijacked in the 60s by a bunch of liberal Priests and Cardinals who created the sex scandals by turning allowing his to happen. As a result to many priests go away with not following the rules but breaking the law. The Pope was right on this decision

      1. Philip Mckee says:

        Only one church, where do you read in the bible church in pural sence,everywhere I read says The Church of God/. The bible speaks of only one Church.”PEROID” All churches isn’t in the bible.

    2. Philip says:


    3. Sandi Trusso says:

      The bowing and scraping to homosexuals is evident by not allowing Catholics to tell it like it is… that we’re not talking about pedophile priests, we’re talking about homosexual pedophile priests. Only around 2%-3% of the children molested were little girls. The rest were all little boys. Language today is twisted around so as not to point fingers to truth. These men are homosexuals. When an adult male molests a male child, he is a homosexual pedophile. Before homosexuals discovered that truth wasn’t politically astute, they freely admitted that they had been molested by older males who told them that if they felt pleasure, that means they are homosexual. Homosexuals at that time referred to their victims as chicks or chickens, and to themselves as chicken hawks. Today we’re not allowed to mention this!

      Neither Francis, nor Benedict had anything to do with the homosexual priest scandals or lack of discipline… So you need to go beat a different drum. We’re tired of hearing the Church dumped upon and lied about. The truth of the matter is that people who support your philosophy know that in order to get their own way in all of these abnormal behavioral matters, they must first get rid of freedom to practice Christianity, and that’s what you’re trying to do. You are, in fact, little dictators who are forcing people to act as if they accept this abnormal behavior as normal, even when they don’t. It’s disgusting!

    4. peanut says:

      Where are you getting your information……You better fact check it to make sure it’s right before you go spouting off about Catholics or any Christian……Time for you to get some learning or shut up

    5. flash says:

      I just think that the Catholic Church is so Pagan. The Irish believed in this faith with all their heart and the proof was in the pudding when the Catholic Church created a Lottery to send them to America instead of sending them food, but if it was Africa they would do what ever they could for them. These Cathedral’s that are built to glorify God does nothing for the poor.

    6. madmemere says:

      You would be more wise to do some research on that subject (morality in the USA); LGBTQ, gays and lesbians are a very small minority of the US population (3%+/-), they just make a lot more noise than the rest! Granted, they are devoid of any “morality”. As for pedophelia, in the Catholic Church (and too many other places), there are bad apples in every barrel (including the Church) and far too much of it among the political establishment- – and it is not limited just to that realm. But, do NOT judge all of the US by the small minority.

  • Steve A. Politte says:

    Pope Frances doesn’t dodge any issue, just those that are from people who are trying use him to further their agenda, such a group would be the Gay Rights activist’s people, who want so badly to justify their lifestyle, they seem to go to any length, use any media or tactic to accomplish that. They don’t want acceptance it seems, they want what was not designed by God. Then, they seem to rebuke God. So sad.

  • Mike says:

    The real answer to your statement Raymond, is the Pope chooses to follow God rather than Satan and sin. All will account for this choice when they stand before the Savior, whether they want to do so or not.

  • podunk1 says:

    The pope is right on the issue at hand! Religion has no place for promiscuity, adultery, and certainly not sodomy. Progressives managed to elevate the ultimate of perversion of stuffing dung in all of their body canals and celebrating it as the holy covenant of marriage.

    Instead of ignoring and hiding realities that frenzied engagement of oral, nasal, reproductive, and anal anatomy exposes each highly unique and fragile bodily function to all secretions, fluids, solids, germs, diseases, and of course feces, from as many individuals who participate… one might discern reasons to not do it, and why civilization banned and punished such activity for centuries (religion).

    The CDC and FDA are silent on the prime transmitter of AIDS, EBOLA, ECOLA, hepatitis, venereal diseases, etc! Their government function is defending citizens from disease, pandemic, and plague! On the other hand, they condemn thousands of pounds of meat just because a trace of feces is found in hamburger! Progressives know exactly what they are doing! It’s a vile demonic war against Constitution, country, and freedom… from within!

  • gavinwca says:

    What’s up with the French that they continue to try and unload a homosexual on the Vatican. They are determined that religious orginizations be a deviant as they are. Good for the pope it about time he forgot his communist ways and for once followed his religious tenants.

    1. Meghann says:

      I agree, stop trying to force Homosexuals on those who do not agree with their life choice. I accept people as they are but I do not like being forced…Leave the pope and the church alone for a change. Tired of bashing against the Catholics, it has gotten OLD.

  • Deborah says:

    So, what does he do with the other 75% of the homosexuals in the Vatican?

    1. Meghann says:

      How do you know 75% of the Vatican staff are homosexual? Stop saying things which you do not know to be true. Sick and tired of hearing about gay and straight, just live your life and stop worrying about others. The pope speaks for millions of Catholics around the world, his decisions are not personal…he has to speak based on what the church teaches per the bible…let’s not get it twisted.

    2. Steve A. Politte says:

      Can you prove that statement? I didn’t so. You made it up. So sad!

      1. Steve A. Politte says:

        My comment was meant for Deborah

  • cyndy says:

    I say that if Pope Ffancis does not want a gay ambassador-we who are Catholics of Roman rite should abide by His decision,

  • Dee says:

    I think the Pope should be able to reject a homosexual as an ambassador, just like the people who own companies in the U.S. and are very religious should be able to refuse service to the homos.

    1. Meghann says:

      Thanks for your post DEE!

  • L.E. Liesner says:

    I’m to the understanding that the Pope has enough of a homosexual problem going on in the Vatican right now and he sure don’t need another gay sent by the French.

  • Jeffrey Dorfman says:

    This man was duly appointed by the French to be their ambassador to the Vatican. It is not a religious position and should be viewed as such. If he is not accepted by the Pope, then it would appear that the Pope is hipacritical and that does not sit well with me. I would expect the Pope to not use religious views to reject France’s Ambassador. I am not saying that the Pope should accept the Ambassador as a “true Christian” if he doesn’t want to, but that is not a requirement to be an Ambassador to any political position and that is exactly what this position is. I am not a Christian but if the Pontiff does not accept this man due to his religious ways or beliefs, then I will be very disappointed in the Holy Father.

    1. Clayton Fitzgerald says:

      You don’t understand the protocols of international diplomacy; the head of any state can accept or reject, for any reason or no reason whatsoever, the credentials of a foreign diplomat.
      Hypocrisy is not a part of that equation, it’s simply a fact.

    2. Gerry says:

      What is your name —- Jeff obama ???????

    3. Vincent says:


    4. Mike says:

      The Pope has chosen to follow God and our Savior rather than the philosophies and perversions of man. God bless him.

  • the redhawk says:

    SO… how long will it be before some LIB-Moron call the Pope a ” RACIST”??????????????

  • Joe says:

    “The apparent rejection calls into question the pope’s reputation as holding more liberal views on homosexuality.”

    What is it about that comment, and this whole story, that reminds me of the young gun slinging kid standing in the street and demanding that the old man with the reputation come out and face him>

    I don’t really know because I am neither French, nor Catholic, but it seems to me that the nomination was a set up in the first place. A deliberate attempt by bullying homosexual activism to call out the Pope for a show down. The man is the head of the largest church in the world… he’s the guy you want to take out first in a gunfight, so to speak, so, they thought they could use him to force their agenda on the entire Catholic church and hundreds of millions of people through him. Of course, as any gun fighter knows, after you take out the fastest, greatest threat, the rest of his guys (Christian churches) are much easier to deal with.

    It seems to me that the nomination of Laurent Stefanini was an obvious deliberate, manipulative political ploy to bully the entire Christian world.

    Even if I am not right in that estimation, that IS how hundreds of thousands, probably millions of people will see this whole thing…. deliberate, in your face homosexual maneuvering intended to place the Pope between a rock and a hard place in the hope that he’d “chicken out” and subject the entire Christian world into having to either support homosexuality, or have the office of the Pope used against them as a weapon. I don’t know about traditions, but it does seem to me that in this case, because of DELIBERATE maneuvering and manipulation of homosexuals, perhaps the only option left to the Pope is to remain silent. Unless of course he’d care to step up and tell them they’ll just have to go find another target for their evil machinations. Wouldn’t it be great if he’d just put them in their place? Of course, if he did that, they’d get to fill the heads of spiritually ignorant people with how “hateful” the Pope (and therefore the whole Christian world) is.

    Frankly, I think the people pulling strings behind this nomination are an abomination whether one is Catholic or not. Individually, I don’t much care what they do with their own lives, but as for the activistic affronts to humanity that they pose when organized to do things like this, they make themselves a vicious pack of bullying, manipulating, arrogant and yes, evil heterophobic bigots who need to just drop off the planet and leave the rest of humanity alone.

    I suppose there will be those who will jump at the chance now to call me hateful because I said they should just drop off the planet. Note: I did not say anything about throwing them off the planet. I just said they should drop off. I don’t hate individuals, but I sure wouldn’t miss the crap that the bullying, arrogant, hateful and manipulative homosexual activists are trying to shove down the throat of the entire world.

  • We who are true Begotten Christians are to be loving and kind to those who are same gender oriented. They did not choose their “lifestyle.” They were “pre-wired” that way at conception and/or embryonic development. No person gets to select her/his gender orientation. It is “built in” before birth. I am first a Begotten Christian (true believer that Jesus IS the Son of God and that He came to Earth and lived in human flesh around 2000 years ago). I am also a student of Zoology and have graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology. I respect and concur with the Pope’s decision although I am Protestant.

    1. John McDonald says:

      Every decision we make in life is a choice. No one is given a free ride. We are all in the same boat. No exceptions. All have fallen short of the glory of God. Maybe it’s the zoology degree that stirred you wrong.

    2. Philip Mckee says:

      We who are true Begotten Christians are to be loving and kind to those who are same gender oriented. They did not choose their “lifestyle.” They were “pre-wired” that way at conception and/or embryonic development. No person gets to select her/his gender orientation. It is “built in” before birth. I am first a Begotten Christian (true believer that Jesus IS the Son of God and that He came to Earth and lived in human flesh around 2000 years ago). I am also a student of Zoology and have graduate degrees in Counseling Psychology. I respect and concur with the Pope’s decision although I am Protestant.

      I can not agree with the statment, they didn’t choose their lifestyle. They were NOT pre- wired that way at conception, no one gets to select his or her gender, so you are saying God did it “NOT” It is all the human people that call themselves counselers and tell them that stuff, like you were born that way that cannot be. God condemns homosexual acts “PEROID” It has a lot to do with what they are taught by the perverts that do that kind of stuff.

      If one is a true believer they would not teach or condone any of that lifestyle.
      Every thing God made was good, man is the one that perverted it, sure didn’t come from GOD.!!!!!!

  • Every Christian who reads and respects God’s Holy Word should stand against the appointment of any proudly publically professing fornicator or adulterer. Likewise, we should stand against appointments of any proudly publically professing sodomite or lesbian. Because of the horrible sex abuse of young boys by priests, the Pope is doubly duty bound to stand against any sodomite leaders of any kind. As Christians, we should be extremely kind and loving to fornicators, adulterers, sodomites, and lesbians. We should respect their privacy and be tolerant of their bad choices. We should never accept them as leaders of any kind . To do so is a bad example to young people and children. Sexual sinners should keep their sins very private and personal. They should never never expect true Christians to endorse their terrible lifestyles by choosing them as leaders. Love to all, Bobbie Sena

    1. Lorene B says:

      Well said. Homosexuality is a sin, morally wrong. It is a personal and private lifestyle. Those who want to conduct themselves in this way have a problem and need to spend time in prayer to deal with it.

  • Anthony J Casper says:


  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    What group of Christians is the single largest in the US? Catholics is the correct answer. What is the second largest single Christian group? Former Catholics is correct! While Francis makes moves He too just like his predecessor avoids the real issues.

  • Elaine Goodspeed says:

    Due to the problems with the sex scandals within the Church, I don’t think I can judge the Pope on this. He may have knowledge about this particular person that we don’t.

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