Pope’s Christmas Day homily condemns ‘monstrous evil’ fuelling refugee crisis

Pope Francis has praised the generosity of countries which have accepted Syrian refugees and condemned the “monstrous evil” which has forced increasing numbers of people to flee their homes in the Middle East.

Delivering his Christmas Day homily at St Peter’s in Rome amid heavy security, the pontiff said he was praying for an end to human suffering in a world afflicted by war, poverty and extremist attacks.

Francis referred to “brutal acts of terrorism” in Paris in November as well as conflicts in Africa, the Middle East and Ukraine.

“Only God’s mercy can free humanity from the many forms of evil, at times monstrous evil, which selfishness spawns in our midst,” he told worshippers gathered in St Peter’s Square.

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  • Dee says:

    Again …. when this Pope allows 2 or 3 hundred thousand of these refuges to enter Italy or set up in Vatican City; and the Pope gives as Mother Teresa did; then and ONLY then should this message be delivered to the world !!!

  • He should a few thousand of the war torn into Vatican City.

  • DOC says:

    So much hate after the first election, we make Obama a one term president then impeach,sue, now the bible, cut Obama Care. Will you just stop.

    1. pamlois says:

      His election was based on DECEPTION. And you wonder why he’s despised?

      1. DOC says:

        What deception the whole thing is based on bull shit. Just like Trump talks a good game and the rest just do nothing.He will build a army so great that nobody will mess with us. This sound like 1939.

    2. Daniel Wright says:

      Are you really saying that Obama was impeached?

      1. DOC says:

        No they wanted to impeach but like all there BS did not happen.

        1. Daniel Wright says:

          What BS? He deserves it. The Republicans know that the Dems in the senate would never vote for conviction. also there are too many cowards in the Republican party too afraid of being labeled racists……….https://www.committeeforjustice.org/content/25-violations-law-president-obama-and-his-administration

          1. DOC says:

            That BS if they had grounds for impeachment they would do it. White people don’t care about being call racists that more BS.You had your boy Rush saying he did not care if the country failed.

          2. Daniel Wright says:

            Your head is as hard as a super massive black hole;and just as dense. The sucessful labeling of racism of any Republican politician could mean the end of a career. You know that just as well as I. White people don’t care if they are called racists? What cracker jacks box did you pull that one out of? In todays political climate the only thing worse than a racist is a child molester. A neo nazi or a skinhead might not care, but then again you probably think that anyone right of center is one, or both. You also seem to think that the house of representitaves is comprised of 100% caucasians. You are helpless. Again, I posted a link that you ignored. The evidence is there for you to see. Are your fingers broken or just too sore to click on it? What are you afraid of,being proven wrong,changing your mind? As for Rush; You are obvoiously listening to liars. You think that he said he wants the USA to fail. WRONG again. He said that he hoped that OBAMA failed at sucessfully implimenting his anti-American agenda. Or then again do you believe that Obama IS America?

          3. DOC says:

            If you want the president to fail that means USA to fail. And tell me how did this guy get elected 2 times please tell me. As for being a American I think that should have been check out before you dumb ass put his name in the hat. And you call me hard headed.

          4. Daniel Wright says:

            No you are wrong. If a presidents policies are bad for the country then it is the wise thing to want those bad policies to fail. I want the USA to prosper. Obama doesn’t. Who put who’s name in what hat? What the hell are you talking about. Tell me wiseguy. How was Hitler elected chacelor of Germany? Do you think that his election was a good thing for Germany? For someone who calls himself doc you sure do lack any superior cerebral abilities.

          5. DOC says:

            Doc is a nickname. As far as Hitler getting elected after the war was over he was not good but first a lot of Germans went along of course all that did not go along did not last long. I am not a wiseguy I was 8years old when WW11 started.

          6. Daniel Wright says:

            Who said anything about Hitler getting elected after the war? You did,not me. He was dead before the official surrender. You asked how Obama got elected. Obama and hitler both promised massive reforms and improvements in their countries ;both with disasterous results. You may think in your own little world that Obama has made things better. Maybe for you and a small minority of folks he has,but for millions things are much worse and getting more restrictive and dictatorial every day. The America you were born in is nearly dead and you either agree with desroying it or you are just oblivious to the facts. If you love your country and freedom then maybe you should investigate what is really happening here and become a more informed citizen. You are living in a fantasy world if you think that America is getting better under Obama. Wake up.

          7. DOC says:

            WW 1 was the war I Was talking about and Hitler did not die in the bunker check the History channel. But I heard that when I Was a kid. America got better then what Bush left but you want every thing fix.

            I served my country for 21 years in USAF so don’t give the if I love my country. There has been so much dirt shoved under the rug from Gen. Patton’s death to JFK. King,and all the rest of the coverer up and this was before Obama’s ass arrived so stop blaming one person.

          8. Daniel Wright says:

            I watch the history channel all the time. Try the American heros channel. Either way it is just their opinion. There is no difinative evedence either way.Some say he survived and made it to south America. Timothy McVey served in the military too but blew up a federal building. Benedict Arnold served in the revolution but committed treason. None of those older historic events have anything to do with todays problems. The newest event happened 48 years ago. Obama is president now, Or didn’t you know that?

          9. DOC says:

            I have voted in all election but one when I was in Viet Nam they gave us some wrong ballets. I take voting very personally. Is there something said about not knowing your history.But the new thing forget the pass. Only thing is we doing no better and that a sin and a shame. Good night.

  • SDofAZ says:

    This pope presides over a time of rising evil and all he does is make it worse. His faith is being tested more than others who have served in a much more law abiding time world wide since WWII. He has not been aware of how good the times were since where he came from there was always evil or so we are told. Yet he saw no good elsewhere and condemned other nations like the US who were doing well and the EU. Never satisfied and now presiding over another crusade type crisis in the world. God is not apparently going to show him the error of his ways. He sides with the wrong people, says the most inappropriate things, and lectures where it is not wanted nor sought. He is really out of step with the times, with the world.

    1. msueh says:

      God *does* show all of us the evil/error of our ways; some choose not to listen, or think they know better than God. <

    2. pamlois says:

      He came from a communist country. Why are we surprised?

  • reagangs says:

    The homey Pope had better be careful and beef up his Vatican security for ISIL “monsters”. Too bad they can’t take in their “fair share” of victim refugees. His border is probably much better secure than ours.

    1. Gary Vogt says:

      Yeah. The pope is more talk than action. I can’t see them taking the gold off the church dome and helping any Syrian Christians with it.

    2. msueh says:

      You beat me to it!

    3. Gary Vogt says:

      They only have 3 acres. There should be enough Jesuits to cover that.

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