Pundits Imply Rand Paul’s Campaign Already Over Ahead Of His Announcement Today

by Washington Post
April 6, 2015

[A]s he prepares to make his formal announcement Tuesday, Paul is a candidate who has turned fuzzy, having trimmed his positions and rhetoric so much that it’s unclear what kind of Republican he will present himself as when he takes the stage.

The haziness over Paul’s positions increased last week with his conspicuous silence on controversies in the realms of both national security and the cultural fronts.

Nearly all of his potential rivals for the 2016 GOP nomination have been vocal in their support for Indiana’s new religious liberties law, which critics say would allow discrimination against gays. And the Republican response to President Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran has been widespread skepticism.

In both instances, Paul’s office said he was vacationing with his family and would not comment.

What Paul says Tuesday and in several stops in the following days will be closely watched by a handful of disparate constituencies into which he has tried to make inroads over the past year, including Silicon Valley executives…

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  • steven jacobs says:

    In my opinion Rand Paul is a disciple of Mitch McConnell-I don’t need any more of that garbage

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    In a general election Rand Paul has the best chance of all the clowns for many reasons, however he will not succeed in the primaries. So once again the right will go with a candidate that will sound moronic. I am still very uncertain as to who will be the Tea Potty Christian Conservative candidate. It may well be someone who is not yet identified as a possible

  • James in Texas says:

    The Progressives have already chosen our candidate, as they have these last several elections. They always chose the biggest compromisor and the established Republican who they are absolutely sure they can beat like the “John McCain drum”, Period. The young guns of the Conservative side of the GOP scare them to death, and they will spend Hundreds of Millions of Dollars to convince the moderates of the GOP that these kinds of folks will be the “Death of the Republican Party”, to that I say……..”Check your own Dead Party, you were once Democrats, now, you are just Progressive Socialists and soon just a working comrade.

  • Roger E TracyWhitlock says:

    As I watched Rand Paul’s speech on hopes
    of becoming our next president, I could not help but think of Ted Cruz and his announcement. Both men are very similar in there approach, and both men seem to be able to handle the job. Bold men both, and
    would, I believe, honor our Constitution.

    Time will tell, but at this point in time I will give the edge to Ted Cruz.

    1. GQ4U says:

      If Cruz honored the constitution he would drop out of the race for POTUS because he is ineligible under Article-2, the Natural Born Citizen Clause. Both Rand & Ted are great conservative political leaders unafraid to speak out against the status quo but unfortunately we cannot say we uphold constitutional values while electing another ineligible president like Obama. Learn the truth and discover why Obama, Cruz, Rubio & Jindal are not Natural Born Citizens as required to be president. Learn: http://www.art2superpac.com/issues.html

      1. bob says:

        that didn’t stop what is in the whit house

  • irene says:

    Rand Paul is too , he would be soft on immigration, and that’s the last thing we need ,he did not say enough in his speech,,Cruz is still the man, he hit on everything , that really matters to get our country back , and I think Cruz has the guts to fight , and above all we need a fighter. Rand Paul is too liberal.

    1. Ralph Long says:

      Oh boy, so just as I have said numberous times lately, No More Political Dynasty’s in the White House, and so yes that includes Randy Rand Paul and dear old dingbat daddy Ron Paul!…..
      Furthermore what voter in their right mind is going to vote for a guy with a bird’s nest for a
      haircut?….There so far isn’t a Goofy Old Party/Wet Tea Bagger worth voting for in 2016…And the Dimwit Democrats running Silly Hilly Clinton is as good as trying to elect the town garbage dump what with all the garbage,scandals,lies cover ups,unsolved murders and other dirty baggage attached to Clinton… Hey Democrats have you even thought about maybe running
      Nutty Nancy Pelosi instead of Hilly?…If this entire band of losers is the best that the Republicans and Democrats and Soaking Wet Tea Baggers can do then the USA is doomed!

      1. GQ4U says:

        You are an idiot — sorry but its true. What do you have against the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party? You and John RINO McCain hate the strong conservative base and we know how useless McCain has become and ditto for you apparently. Rand Paul has a vision for America that mirrors Founders & Framers like Jefferson, Washington, Jay and others. If you like the bloated overreaching federal government then keep trashing good men like Paul and true conservatives like the TEA Party and help Hillary pack her bags for the White House.
        Obama, Cruz, Rubio & Jindal are all ineligible to be POTUS. Learn more at:

  • Buford says:

    For several years Paul has filled my inbox with “sign the petition Obama fears.” MY fear is that it will be delivered only after Obama completes his third of fourth term.

  • Debbie says:

    Rand Paul has the fire I’ve been looking for. He was amazing and eloquent in his White House announcement for presidency. He hit on every topic and showed strength and fortitude in his standings. He is what this country needs to bring America back to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    He has truth and isn’t afraud yo call things the way they are. He definately has my vote.

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    He has moved to the left a bit and he has some ideas that are beyond a Mormon planet. He is leaning to get some Independents who might still believe in lies

  • David in MA says:

    I see the “operatives” are out trying to cause confusion.
    Well, “operatives” it may not be fruitful, what is at stake
    with Rand Paul running for president is the
    “Good Old Boy’s and Girl’s Club” inside the beltway.
    The entrenched carrier politicians power, greed and corruption……….

  • Robert Fallin says:

    Pundits are right. The Bush Crime Family is completely in control of the Republican Party. Not bad for a dynasty started by NAZI banker Prescott Bush, with a takeover completely consolidated by George Bush, who was considered a “person of interest” by J. Edgar Hoover in the JFK assassination and who almost repeated his success with Ronald Reagen, shot by the son of one of George Bush’s biggest Texas contributors.

    Mitch McConnell is not appearing at Rand’s announcement. He is likely busy picking up his latest cocaine shipment from the Bush family.

    America: Where anyone can be president, as long as your name is Bush.

    As for Rand. What can one say about the US Senator who introduced legislation to cut off aid to Palestinians if the joined the International Criminal Court and filed charges against Israel for “crimes against humanity”. There is NO one presently serving in government from either party who is fit to be president.

    1. minnie rodriguez says:

      Since 2008 if Hussein can be President, anybody can. anytime u want to knock down a POLITICIAN that is running for a seat, think about that. If killery wants to be President just think any Republican is better than Killery. What difference does it make at this point.? It does then, now and forever.

  • Gerry says:

    If he switched up even a little he will never get my vote. I think we have seen enough of the rinos turn on the very people who put them in their position. If he agrees with the Iran deal or softened on amnesty or common core —- Good bye Mr Paul. If he wants to be considered a candidate, vacation or no vacation, he should have said something. Haven’t we had enough of a president who thinks vacations are more important than this country or it’s people that has cost the taxpayers’ billions.

  • 2004done says:

    Let’s pretend he was the current CIC, wouldn’t his golf game (vacation) be more important than the business of our country? I think we should wait to hear his announcement, it might include what has been lacking lately.

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