Putin Hacks Obama’s White House Systems

by CNN
April 7, 2015

Russian hackers behind the damaging cyber intrusion of the State Department in recent months used that perch to penetrate sensitive parts of the White House computer system, according to U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.

While the White House has said the breach only ever affected an unclassified system, that description belies the seriousness of the intrusion. The hackers had access to sensitive information such as real-time non-public details of the president’s schedule. While such information is not classified, it is still highly sensitive and prized by foreign intelligence agencies, U.S. officials say.

The White House in October said it noticed suspicious activity in the unclassified network that serves the executive office of the president. The system has been shut down periodically to allow for security upgrades.

The FBI, Secret Service and U.S. intelligence agencies are all involved in investigating the breach, which they consider among the most sophisticated attacks ever launched against U.S. government systems. ​

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  • steven jacobs says:

    why would he bother? The only thing he could learn from Obama is how to destroy your OWN country

  • mrs. lyons says:

    I think Obamah has donevwonderful things for the little people. Nobody likes change; especially those that are in a position to loose some power. Now if the very few multi millionairs would psy their taxes like the rest of us do things might work better. Instead thry get offended at the idea of having to psy like the rest of us. Never mind thst if they werent Amerucan citizens they wouldnt have had the opportunity to be rich!! This coutry opporates on the idea that we are all for the betterment of OUR country! Im so tired of the complaining and critisism. Maybe if we would try harder to suppport eachother and our country’s leader we would go further as a nation. We have a president that is actually about the “people” fof thr first time and not about pleasing the Rich and multi billion dollar companies that control this country. Hes trying to better this country. Maybe some support instead on critisim would make more of a difference then the constsnt bickering and put downs!!

  • Obama’s White House???? I thought that it was OUR White house

  • podunk1 says:

    We’d be far safer with Putin in the Whitehouse, but going from ISIS moving in to a lesser tyrant isn’t much comfort

    1. mary magdalene says:

      you are right, putin has increased the standard of living and has built a city to house his population from the pole shift when it comes. Obama has hurt our citizens and wants the immigrants illegally here so they can give us diseases and then we will be ordered to take the vaccines that contain poisons and control device inserted in them. Where are our military who took an oath to protect us from our enemy inside and outside of this country?

    2. The redhawk says:

      Ever since our PANSY POTUS drew that RED line in his Sand box and then covered it up , it seems that PUTIN saw a real Pu$$y and has been going wild ever since… More to come!

  • MA in MO says:

    Ditto Raymond. Personally all of this is smoke and mirrors. We do know that Obama ousted a dually elected government in Ukraine We do know that obama has signed up numerous countries to NATO that were suppose to be left alone by both NATO and Russia.

    I do think Putin is a much better leader than obama. That does not mean that I agree with him. May our Lord come quickly! Especially before Putin and obama start WWIII. Oh I forgot that has to happen to fulfill the Book of Revelations.

    1. Gerry says:

      WWIII will start right here in this country – MA. It will be the American citizens against obummer and all his illegals and muslims.

      1. mary magdalene says:

        you are right! and we will go to war as soon as the Jade Helm starts killing off our people. It is the first war that the American people has to fight their own government which we are paying to serve and protect us.

      2. The redhawk says:

        But will it start SOON ENOUGH???

  • James Maxwell says:

    Sounds more like O’muzzie was having back channel personal conversations
    with Putin. But know how lax the civilians, especially Civil Servants are
    about Security it would not surprise me in the least to find breeches or
    outright violations of security in the White House. Remember O’muzzie
    said wait till he was re-elected and he would have more laxity. Well
    we have seen his total failure as a leader but as a wimp on the World
    statge is is a perfect pawn for our enemies. His “Hope and Change”
    ment he “Hoped” to destroy America, our Military and our Economy.
    and “Change” us into a third world country with a despot ruler.

  • Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

    Putin is so wonderful that all of you should be lining up as he drops trow for you to kiss his ass. Did you ever consider that Russia has been caught/outed while we have no clue as to what the US has or has not done?

  • Marvin Motes says:

    Probably nothing worthwhile there, just more jibberish

  • Tim says:

    Saw this coming when the President would not give up his phone, texting and other devices when he was first elected, remember that? The naïveté of this man is unparalleled and we want to trust him to deal with Iran on nuclear weapons? By the way, the presidents schedule is considered to be classified confidential. “Confidential” is the lowest rung on the classification ladder of confidential, secret and top secret. So, clinton’s server is now responsible for not just compromising the state department, but the whitehouse as well? If you think that’s as far as it goes, you too might be obamaesk in your naïveté.

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