Ready for Hilary to ‘Decarbonize’ America…?

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton entered the climate change debate Sunday, setting ambitious goals to “decarbonize” America and blasting her Republican rivals for ignoring scientists who warn of a looming disaster from global warming.

Mrs. Clinton announced what she described as the first pillars of a comprehensive energy and climate agenda with a three-minute Web video that presented a montage of scenes of children on playgrounds, farmland and windmills juxtaposed with footage of wildfires, a blazing sun and flood damage.

“I’m just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain, and I know what’s happening in the world is going to have a big effect on my daughter and especially on my granddaughter,” Mrs. Clinton said in her narration for the video.

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  • AKLady2015 says:

    Don’t believe in climate change? Come up to Alaska — We’ll rub your nose in it. Muddy thawed tundra with trees growing. Melted sea ice. Polar bears starving and moving inland. Sea lions starving.

  • Seedman says:

    America lacks understanding of the Constitution. Presidents do not have the authority to make law. That is why the Founding Fathers believed Congress would be the most dominant branch of the Federal Government. Hilly goat is promoting an evolution man centered world view agenda. The creation God centered world view is correct. It pleases Him and most likely leads to a flourishing nation.

  • Jon's On says:

    She may have a brain but it’s defective. Too bad she can’t return it. It would save the rest of us a lot of grief. This global warming farce has gone on too long. If the climate is changing it’s due to the sun and not man. This has already been proven to be a hoax. Find some other thing to lie about Billary this one is a well known lie.

  • gman6670 says:

    Not everyone can ride around on an environmentally friendly broom like this witch! If she likes windmills maybe she should move to Holland, we already have enough of the damned things here in Maine as it is.

  • Bruce Probert says:

    Since when does Hillary have anything credible to say about anything. Look at Hillary pander the lies she thinks will sell Just like Bill it depends on what is is. Never has any one taken so many bribes in so short a time. Hell, please anybody show me anything either of them said that was worth $100 much less $500,000. Any one who thinks that Hillary cares about any one but Hillary needs their head examined.

  • General "Bull" Krapper says:

    She can start decarbonize by keeping her ugly mug shut. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • John Scott says:

    May she crash and burn.

  • RockfordJohn says:

    Are you and “AL” going to be surprised when this doesn’t happen.

  • Dmac74 says:

    When she gets convicted on the emails , destroying govt documents, and the gun running to the enemy causing the deaths in Benghazi she won’t be making any decisions on anything. Wish they’d stop screwing around and dragging their rear ends & get these hearings and trials going.

  • scott says:

    hang this murdering pig

  • fred says:

    Like her husband, she seems to know nothing about economics or any other science, so she just tries to profit from her non-factual alarmist extremists and the population is now so poorly educated, they don’t know how to type “carbon cycle” into the search box on their computers, bc most don’t have any knowledge of what all the fuss is about! They just listen to non-scientists who make stuff up to make money from people like Soros and other evil creepers!

    1. reagangs says:

      Their history from Arkansas with the White Water and savings and loan scandals along with their trail of girl friends and dead bodies all the way to the WH, speaks of corruption from decades ago. And we remember how that went. Hillary even lost her license to practice while working as an intern for a SCOTUS Judge due to a legal screwup. So, it’s no wonder they believe they are above the law anytime, anywhere.

      1. RockfordJohn says:

        And got removed from the watergate investigating team for LYING ! ! !.Old habits are tough to break

  • Bar Weight says:

    we have more important things to worry about in america, than global warming. who gives a shit about global warming.the world will end when GOD says and not lets concentrate on good jobs, the economy, morrals,but she does not care about jobs and the economy, because she steals our money.;;

  • reagangs says:

    We can’t de-carbonize America or the World for that matter. The “carbon” products are already there …. some “leaking” to the surface, anyway. The carbon products are beneath the Earths surface and will remain there until; 1) we harvest them and use them and reduce them to mostly H2O and CO2; 2) allow them to seep to the surface or into our drinking water or be converted into toxic “green house” gases from the many volcanoes, lava flows and geothermal zones; 3) let the residual remain underground forever. The argument by the radical left ecco-teorrst is flawed and a pure UN Agenda 21 communist ideology. So, wise up America from a retired engineer, geologist and astronomer.

  • Dudley DoRight. says:


  • MeForever says:

    another NeoconZionistCommie witttch zombied to Soros. RUN Chelsea Grab Your Baby and RUN RUN RUN away from that devil. You can make it on your own if your Hillary-Selected Hubby doesn’t want to support you without nosing into that devil.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Before she gets swept away like Michael Moore and Al Gore, perhaps she should read “Dark Winter” by John L Casey. The Ice caps ARE expanding, the polar bears are thriving and if the Sun follows it’s historical pattern as “Dark Winter” points out, the old cackling hen, Hillary, may just begin to wish for a bit of “global warming” in a few years.

    1. reagangs says:

      Casey’s document is a startling read but true. While studying geology and astronomy at Texas Tech in the early 1970s, I researched the solar variable (formerly known as the solar constant) and the associated “sun spots”. By photographing the Suns various spectra (various energy wavelengths) and the associated solar radiance (energy per surface area), the solar variable was established. Even NASA took notice, visited and started their own solar studies. The Sun does have a “cycle” of variable out put. After all it is a unregulated nuclear furnace (bomb) and there’s nothing we puny humans can do about it. Yes, Johnny, the climate is changing, sometimes warmer, sometimes cooler and there’s nothing you or I or the environmental wackoes can do about it.

      1. Aldo nova says:

        Right on,Glad to know there are some who understand what’s really going on and don’t fall for the lies! Wish more people knew the truth! We wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now!

    2. Daniel Wright says:

      It wouldn’t effect her in the least. She already knows mam made global warming is phony. It’s all about power,plain and simple.

  • Bill Blackstone says:

    Does she blame the Republican party for the first ice age melt down? Or is the democratic party to thank for that?

    1. Daniel Wright says:

      It was those pesky Neanderthals and their newfangled fire.

  • Patriot1955 says:

    She is a grandmother with 2 eyes and NO BRAINS. She should be on trial for crimes against the U.S. When is she going to turn over her server?

    1. Graywolf12 says:

      She says she really has a brain, she has to show it to me before I’ll believe her.

      1. herb portere says:

        it would be nice to see her brain on a medical platter.

        1. S. Wicks Jr says:

          Better get a microscope to see it……

          1. AKLady2015 says:

            You would need eyes.

      2. reagangs says:

        Her “brain” probably resembles mush from all of the pot and drugs she took while “hooked up” with the hipsters and commies of the ’70s. Remember the TV ad about drugs and a frying pan with cooked eggs in it: “This is your brain on drugs”.

        1. AKLady2015 says:

          Talking about yourself, again?

      3. AKLady2015 says:

        You need one to recognize what other people have.

    2. reagangs says:

      She and old Bill “Slick Willy” were associated with the free love, LSD, maryjane, STDs hippy (bowel) movement of the ’60s and ’70s and even rubbed elbows with the likes of card carrying commies Sal Alinsky, Cloward and Piven and Bill Ayers and his family. It doesn’t get much better or worse than that. Even Obummer was exposed to the same, he lived with the Ayers’ while attending school in Chicago. Most of his family and friends were card carrying commies. He may even be the offspring of a guy named Frank Marshall Davis as his mother had multiple lovers/partners. Go figure.

      1. fred says:

        They’re all shameless scum of the earth, if you ask me, foul interbreeding rats!

        1. AKLady2015 says:

          No one asked you.
          People know better.

          1. fred says:

            People like you will always exist, you are the product of the under-education system of this country, aren’t you proud to be so clueless?

          2. AKLady2015 says:

            Unlike you, I deal in fact, not insult.
            I strongly suspect that I have more alphabet soup after my name than you have ever dreamed of earning.

          3. fred says:

            You have neevr given ONE fact, do a little research on watergate (she was fired for LYING!), Whitewater,(tons of illegal FACTS there about the Clintons they killed the people they were going to testify against them! Mena Airport-Barry Seal was flying in cocaine for Bill and the Tyson family from Colombia and two kids were walking the tracks and were killed by the gurds when they stumbled too close to the transaction and saw something they shouldn’t have seen! Vince Foster was killed by Hillary when he threatened to expose her illicit affairs with women… So many other DOCUMENTED cases the Clintons have slithered out of by killing witnesses or paying them off, there are over 125 of them! What do you have
            “fact” spewer? Nothing! you don’t have a GD thing, do you?!

          4. AKLady2015 says:

            Rant, rant, rant ..
            Hate so beautiful for the world to see.

      2. AKLady2015 says:

        Do you make this stuff up yourself, or copy it from one of those sites that lie about politicians?

        1. fred says:

          Who are you shilling for you evil beatch? Someone has to be paying you to act so stupid, nobody could possible be as ignorant as you, anywhere, even in the WH nobody is as clueless as you!

          1. AKLady2015 says:

            Out comes the infantile and ignorant foul language.
            Grow up. Try adult discussion, you might even like it.

    3. fred says:

      You KNOW honestly she thought she could get away with it, she is a pathological liar and she had people killed by her incompetence and deliberately as well,a nd then played dumb, which for her was easy, like when Bill was messing with HUNDREDS of women and she played the “innocent victim” so well! I know you all remember that well!

  • Tex Irvin says:

    things like that have been happening for thousands of years and will continue to happen no matter what mankind does or doesn’t do

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