Red State ‘Disinvites’ Trump for Megyn Kelly Comments

ATLANTA — Michael Pemberton, a 65-year-old conservative from Kentucky, started the day in a good mood. He was attending his second RedState Gathering, and ready to hear from 10 of the Republican Party’s presidential candidates. He dug into breakfast — coffee and fruit — and sat down with another conference-goer.

“One of the chaps across me asked, ‘Did you hear the news?'” recalled Pemberton. “I thought he was going to tell me that a sinkhole opened up in Kentucky and I couldn’t go again. But no: He said, they disinvited Donald Trump. I lost my appetite.”

The TV news confirmed it. RedState’s outgoing editor-in-chief, Erick Erickson, made an 11th hour call to disinvite Trump after the GOP presidential front-runner told CNN that Fox News’s Megyn Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever” when she grilled him during Thursday’s presidential debate.

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  • mosanders says:

    I suspected Erik of being a RINO. This confirms it. Every candidate the “elite” pick are designed to lose. That is why Donald declined to promise to support the “nominee” if it isn’t him. The elections are rigged by both sides. McCain was really a democrat and has just confirmed that. Romney could have easily have goaded Obama into one of his tirades, exposing his true agenda.

  • barbarafromnyc says:

    I applaud E. Erickson for the dis-invite. It isn’t a matter of free speech, Trump’s remarks were worthy of the nearest sewer – every candidate got tough questions – only Trump had a hissy fit – as he always does if you don’t bow down to the jerk.

  • The Hon. Eddie Rose says:

    It is because of pseudo-Republican scumbags like Erick Erickson that I left the Republican Party.

  • Gerald A. Reason says:

    When one invites someone to speak, for what ever reason, they do so because that person represents the organization to whom they are speaking OR they are trying to get a diverse attendance. In the case of political organizations, when one invites someone to speak, it is because they believe that the person represents the beliefs of that organization. If it is the person has the authority to invite or “un-invite” a speaker, then that is their prerogative. It is evident that the tars reaction of Trump was unacceptable to Mr. Erickson and therefore he did what he felt was right. We have the right to free speech but, when someone else is paying for the speech, it is their call who speaks, not the one who wants to speak. The two concepts are not really related. If there is a public forum, and the speaker is there to discuss his or her ideas, and it is on a first come, first serve, basis, open to anyone who wants to speak, then, to stop someone from speaking, only because you don’t like them is questionable. Evidently, this was not the case. Personally I was not moved, in a positive way, with Trump’s reaction to her questioning. His attitude, was not one of a person I want representing the United States. We need someone who is firm in their beliefs and who is willing to stand firm but who will do so in a manner that does alienate others and cause them to dig in and not listen to logical alternatives to their actions. Even though many of today’s “politicians” have given a bad name to “diplomacy,” you can still get more flies with honey than with vinegar. He starts off confrontational and goes down hill from there. We need someone who will get that way later on but who will try to be civil when ever possible. Trump does not seem to be that person. He has shown that on his TV shows and now in the debate. We have had the present “mealy mouthed” anti American in office for so long that we are looking for someone who will stand firm. We don’t, however, need someone who comes out of the gate like a charging seriousness. There are way to many lives at stake..

  • Brady Harness says:

    I sure hate to Believe it after being a Republican for 46 years but I am starting to feel BETRAYED by my party, it’s starting look very Strongly they have gone over to “The New World Order”!!!

  • Dave N. says:

    Reading the many critical remarks makes it clear that the people making them are neither conservative or independent because either of those groups rarely make these types of disparaging remarks. Surely you folks have better things to do…

  • Jimbo says:

    I am a long time viewer of Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox. I have now decided to boycott the show.

  • rockthebenz says:

    The mainstream “rinos” will try EVERYTHING they can to get a “people’s” candidate out of the race. I hope Trump wins going away. It is time to end the political correctness that has us closer to destruction than most of you want to admit. If we don’t get someone like Mr. Trump in to save the country your children and grandchildren will be working the “communist” mines in their lifetimes…wake up America!!

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