Religious group sues San Francisco over open-air urinal

April 20, 2016

A religious organization has filed a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco to remove an open-air urinal it calls unsanitary and indecent from a popular park.

The Chinese Christian Union of San Francisco filed a civil complaint last week demanding the city remove the concrete circular urinal from the iconic Dolores Park.

The group says the urinal, which is out in the open and screened only with plants for privacy, “emanates offensive odors,” ”has no hand-washing facilities” and “it’s offensive to manners and morals.”

The lawsuit further alleges that the facility installed in February discriminates against women and the disabled and exposes those who use it to “shame and embarrassment.”

“The open-air urination hole violates the privacy of those who need to use the restroom but would be required to expose their bodies and suffer shame and degradation of urinating in public view,” it says.

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  • MeeshaWoodstock says:

    I would think that the Health Department would be on this…

  • PEGIDA USA says:

    That’s a urinal??? YUCK! I thought it was a drinking fountain.

  • Jimh77 says:

    Maybe they need to go back to their homeland! Don’t like the way we do things, get out!

  • Marie Parvi says:

    Maybe someone needs to explain what a fountain is and what you don’t do in it! LOL

  • USNavyPatriot says:

    Where is that beautiful One Great Earthquake to slide California off into the ocean?!?!

  • swabby429 says:

    Tourists have to search, sometimes in vain, to find a place to relieve themselves. The city derives a great deal of income from tourism, why not show appreciation to visitors by making our visits less inconvenient.

  • Richard Schnedorf says:

    If you got to go at least you have a place to do it, if nature calls. This is better

    than pissing in your pants, or going behind a tree. Make it gender neutral, so all can use it.

  • Bill Krueger says:

    Why does this surprise anyoe? Hell, if a person claims to be a female when they are actually a male can use the women’s bathroom and vice a versa then why not everyone go to the bathroom in public. That would end the gender bathroom litigation and then we (USA) can align with other 3rd world countries who do that. Isn’t that where this all is headed? I am 72.5 yrs. young and have never been so ashamed of the behavior of the citizens of this country than I am now. Political Correctness is destroying this country and most Americans are doing nothing but watching. Too many of our middle aged and young people have been demoralized over the years; been catered to much too much; spoiled; allowed to do whatever they want; destroyed things in protest after protest; joined every and any anti-America group or cause; have no shame in burning our Flag; have no respect for the accomplishments of our soldiers (past and current); deny God at every chance they get; sympathize with every illegal nationality and demand rights for them that in actuality they have no right to and then to top all this off; This new brand of leadership in America, in schools, court houses, companies, unions, Supreme Courts and SCOTUS and filtering all the way to D.C. (and more) has jumped on this ship. Why? Because they only look to see what it takes to stay in their jobs, retain some kind of power and become filthy rich. In the words of Wm. R. Krueger; “The problem in America today is we have too many imperfect human beings trying to create a perfect world that will continue to be inhabited by imperfect human beings. An Idiotic and impossible endeavor – to say the least.” And it seems that nobody really understands how dangerous the current philosophy (PC) is. Think about this; “Unchecked Liberalism destroys Structured Freedom because it allows for anything and everything to replace it.” Wm. R. Krueger WAKE UP AMERICA!

    1. Tom says:

      WOW! Bill, I guess the End Times ARE coming, very swiftly. Let the evil ones burn in the Fires of Hell under the watch of Satan and his brother Obama Hussien Soetoro-Obama.

      1. Bill Krueger says:

        Actually Tom I believe you are right and I believe we are in the end times now. At any rate God has said He will destroy the earth so we know (if we are believers) IT IS COMING!

    2. Reasoned thinker says:

      Bill Krueger — I completely agree with you, Bill, and admire you for your (heartfelt) thoughts, as you have fittingly expressed above. I’m approximately your age, and, just as you have described, have also watched the “transformation” ………. and have been appalled by the decline in the quality of the “collective thought” in our country. It is absolutely stunning to see where we are now Hopefully, a change at the top. (i.e., POTUS) will have a positive effect, in terms of our country’s overall direction. This response is not designed to be a “political endorsement,” but it’s probably very apparent which candidate I’m rooting for.

  • Robert Pekarik says:

    San Francisco is becoming one HHHHHHHUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH open air urinal. Democrat fundamental transformation brought to you by the immoral and perverted left.

  • Ed Watson says:

    Simple solution. Relocate it to City hall.

    1. Gary in MN says:

      Right outside the mayor’s window!

      1. Tom says:

        He wouldn’t smell it over the crap his office is full of.
        What is their problem anyway? I thought Frisco was the land of “You Suck Mine, I Suck Yours”?

        1. Patricia says:

          I agree with you just be careful not to get banned. Example, sh^t or azz, K?

      2. Smitch says:

        In the Mayor’s office!

  • DS says:

    If they want to use it, let ’em! If they don’t, no worries! It is a choice. Make a law banning it and you take away more rights from people. Apparently, it hasn’t been a problem until now. . . how long has it been there? If more than a few days, then they can just pound sand. It is interesting, though that this same bunch probably has peed behind a tree at least once in their life!

    1. Luke says:

      Lets move it to your trailer..

    2. Steve Gifford says:

      Peed behind a tree while camping sometime in your life is a bit different than having a city built concrete pee area for 24 hour a day use for everyone to use all the time. I can’t believe we are even dealing with this subject has San Fransisco heard of regular indoor plumbing.

      1. Tom says:

        But, I like peeing in public. I pretend I am pissing on Obama.

        1. Steve Gifford says:

          That makes me change my mind completely Tom LOL.

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