Religious right notches gains under Trump

October 10, 2017

President Trump’s administration is delivering for social conservatives, who are thrilled by the gains they’ve seen on their core issues of abortion and religious freedom.

Through court appointments, administrative staffing, executive orders and agency guidance, Trump’s presidency has been a triumph for the religious right.

“He was a wild card, for sure, but we feel completely vindicated,” said Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America. “Trump has been courageous in ways other Republicans, including George W. Bush, have never been. Who knew that a billionaire playboy from Manhattan would be the most pro-life president in history?”

Many social and religious conservatives view the last week as a watershed moment.

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  • regulus30 says:

    so how is the religious LEFT doing;;oops there is no such thing is there.

  • Bob says:

    Drumpf and Religion?????? What do they have in common? Has anyone ever seen the Nazi going into or coming out of a Church on Sunday? As everyone knows – SATAN DOESN’T GO TO CHURCH!!!!!

    1. Navy Bob says:

      Hate much?

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Trump couldn’t remember what faith he was a member if and said he was to busy doing business on Sundays to go to Church. He has never asked for Gods forgiveness.

        1. USNavyPatriot says:

          I support our President, but I remember a report to that effect. To never ask God for forgiveness is quite a thing. Even Satan believes and acknowledges Jesus Christ, so anyone can say they’re a Christian.

          But one must be “born again” as told in Scripture to be a saved, “forgiven” Christian. Not all Christians in the churches are true Christians, and do not have their sins forgiven. For them, judgment day will be pure hell.

          1. Pete says:

            Who is qualified to say that someone else is or isn’t a Christian, surely not CNN or any news outlet. They basically hate the moral principals of Christianity. That determination rests with the deity that grants the pardon.
            A man named Saul (also called Paul) was complicit in the death of several early first century Christians.
            Upon his repentance & acceptance of Christ, he went on to establish the bulk of the early churches & authored nearly half of the New Testament.
            Most anti Christians (including many who inhabit these sites) do not read the Bible (let lone delve into it’s background & cultural significance) for fear of it telling them they are headed the wrong way. Pride in self is the universal stumbling block of man.

          2. USNavyPatriot says:

            True. Also, I have good Christian friends who don’t read the Bible that much. But they pray daily for forgiveness because we are all sinners. Now that I’m retired I can read/study the Bible daily. We can be saved by repenting and accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour. It’s a daily fight. As Paul said on his deathbed that he fought the good fight.

        2. Navy Bob says:

          Same question, probably to same person, hate much? You KNOW he never asked for God’s forgiveness? You have been with him 24/7 for that last few years to KNOW he NEVER asked for forgiveness? You have him on record, no on some far left web site, but on a REAL record, saying this?

          1. USNavyPatriot says:

            I voted Trump, but I remember an interview where he said that. I was like….. ah oh!

          2. bobnstuff says:


            He says he’s a Presbyterian but his minister that he goes on about isn’t. He says he drinks wine for communion but the Presbyterian us grape juice. He says he never asked God for forgiveness.

            Also he talks about his minister but the man has been dead since 1993 and stopped preaching in 1984.


          3. Navy Bob says:

            He does not drink or smoke, those are both facts. Just because he is not a regular church goer doesn’t mean he is not a believer. I my self do not go as much as many think I should but I am still a believer. I do not ask God’s forgiveness for every transgression the minute I make them, yet I know I will be forgiven. You and your ilk are just so set up to go after him you will jump on anything you can that you think will hurt him. You FAILED when you said he would not get the nomination. You FALIED when you said he’d not get elected. Your BS about “Russian Collusion” has fallen apart. IN other words, you are FAILURES. You fail to mention, or even acknowledge, that the Russians were also taking out ads in support of Hillary, using some fake black group to try to sow dissention amongst the races (in typical leftist fashion). Your party decries his personal conduct while praising and taking millions from a rapist for more than one Presidential and other campaigns, then just taking the money he donated and “giving to charities” so that it will find it’s way right back to the leftie campaigns. If the Sopranos did that, it would be called “money laundering”. Have you asked forgiveness for praising a rapist and supporting those who have?

          4. bobnstuff says:

            So you are OK with Trump lying about his relationship with the church. As far as the Russian Collusion falling apart you need to check the real news source instead of the tabloids. It looks as if Donny Jr. is going to bring the thing down with his emails.

  • Original Anna says:

    Yes, yes, yes to President Trump.

  • Tiger says:

    Freedom of Religion is guaranteed in our Constitution. We are now back on line and in pocket with that Constitution. Rights that should never have been challenged.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      So will you give the same freedom to non Christian faiths? Will we give people freedom from religion, which is closer to what the constitution says. The conservative Christians don’t even support the rights of the liberal Christians. Being Pro Birth is one thing but our president isn’t pro life, once they are born they are on their own and we will punish them for being born to the wrong parents and in the wrong neighborhoods. Why is it that by giving power to the Conservative Christians we have to take rights form others?

      1. podunk1 says:

        There is a huge difference between “SHALL MAKE NO LAW” and your claim of “freedom from religion”, which requires laws of “prohibition against”! You’re free to ignore religion & me… I’m free to do the same regarding you.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

          I think the key word is “respecting”.

          Thomas Jefferson said it’s a wall between Church and State.

          1. podunk1 says:

            An old Webster’s Dictionary puts it in perspective with “in regard to. concerning,..”. We’re free to believe whatever we want or not want to believe.

            Article 6 protects the Constitution against communist progressives & mad muslims, with “anything to the contrary (of Supreme Law) NOTWITHSTANDING”, in law or anything else; wherein every judge & official in the US is allegiance bound to it.

            We’re in a chaotic lawless mess because progressive lemming idiots don’t believe in truth, fidelity, or God’s Commandments.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            You do understand that the early church practiced communism back in the second century. Christ was very progressive for his time and a liberal. Many social movements like the civil rights movement started in churches. As far as our country becoming God less and not following the commandments, we never have. You don’t have to look very far to see what we really believe as a nation. We have a president who I think uses the Commandments as a to do list and is working on breaking every one of them, and he was elected in a large part by so called good conservative Christians.

            Also have you read Article VI? You might want to reread it if you have because you have it all wrong as to what it means.

          3. podunk1 says:

            Copy/paste directly from Constitution in context…

            Article VI “This Constitution, and the Laws… made in Pursuance thereof… Treaties made… under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. …Senators and representatives… all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution…”; & that’s everybody within government.

            Their 2nd oath…c/c/paste… “…defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic… bear true faith and allegiance… without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion… will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office…”!

            Doesn’t mean anything because it has to be enforced

          4. bobnstuff says:

            The constitution is enforced and Article VI probably comes into play more then any part. This is the part that gives the federal government it’s power over the states.

          5. podunk1 says:

            True, but that power granted begins & ends with Constitution text & “anything to the contrary” is “notwithstanding” any & everywhere, & by definition when the official/judicial acts to the contrary the A-6 oath is betrayed (defined as treason by Webster… (our language – of the Constitution)… & Article 3-3 minimally “adhering to their (US) enemies, giving them aid and comfort (progressive communists)..

      2. Rodney Steward says:

        That would be called illegals!!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You do understand our constitution protects everyone in the country even the illegals.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            Of course, those gutter rates want that free ride too, how much of the money do you get keeping them in your house!

          2. podunk1 says:

            Haven’t read the preamble – “… secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”; not the world.

          3. podunk1 says:

            SCOTUS “support” of illegal aliens is IN DIRECT VIOLATION of ARTICLE 4 “Section 4 “…”shall protect each of them (states) against Invasion; and… domestic Violence.”; includes Obama, the traitors in congress, & others to a lesser degree.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Did you read the links, it explains just why illegals have rights. All people gets to have rights in our country and that’s not coming from me. it’s supported by people like Madison who was involved in creating this country.

    2. USNavyPatriot says:

      I have a thought that’s never expressed, or at least I’ve not seen it:
      Our Nation’s founders were from Christian countries in Europe. There had been Islam around the world and pushed back to Muslim Nations since 600s. Why do our founders never say Islam or Mosques or Allah in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution? Because they were either Christians or at least from a Christian country. They assumed Christianity by default, as evidenced with writing Church and NEVER Mosque. Any founding father’s comments referring to Divine or Almighty is by default God, our Creator, Jesus Christ, our Saviour, and the Holy Spirit. Amen?

      So we only see separation of Church and State… which definitely infers Christian Church.

      1. Tiger says:

        You do know that the Barbary Coast Pirates were Muslims? You do know that Thomas Jefferson took them out? You do know that many of our Founding Fathers had plenty to say about Islam and they made it clear Muslims should never be in our government and the day they were, we would no longer be a Christian nation and isn’t that what Obama told the ME, America is no longer a Christian Nation? He found out differently.

        The goal behind the separation of church and state infers any religions, so that no religion would ever be forced upon us. You do understand that? You also understand it is Freedom of Religion not from Religion. You also understand that the words, “Separation of Church and State” are NOT in the Constitution only in a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote.

        Islam’s Muhammad was born thousands of years after most of the world’s religions already established, save the new ones thereafter. Muslims and Islam were not prevalent in America and of course Europe ran them out centuries ago.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          And another great comment from a very informed Tiger, I knew they were muslims! As usual my friend, you’re the best!

          1. Tiger says:

            Thank you my friend.

        2. USNavyPatriot says:

          ”Islam is Islam, there are no modifiers in it, it’s a political movement masquerading as a religion.”

          1. Tiger says:

            Always happy to meet someone who understands that and wish everyone did. I have read the Qur’an and studied Muhammad, keep posting and letting the word out.

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