Republican Trump drops 12 percentage points in poll

by ALANA WISE | Reuters
November 28, 2015

U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s support among Republicans has dropped 12 points in less than a week, marking the real estate mogul’s biggest decline since he vaulted to the top of the field in July, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Trump was the favorite of 31 percent of Republicans in a rolling poll in the five days ended on Nov. 27. That was down from a peak of 43 percent registered on Nov. 22.

The dip follows criticism of Trump for comments he made in the aftermath of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks that killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more.

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  • runnindeer says:

    Nice try but its a lie. His poll numbers are up and rising. We are aware of who is backing this media blitz to try to get rid of Mr. Trump. Not going to work! Bush and Kasich as well as the rest of the GOP can forget about it.
    As for Hillary, she is most likely asleep or resting . That democrat over the hill gang is way too boring to be of interest.

  • enubus says:

    What a bunch of statistical bullshit. These bastards are doing every sneaky evil way to get rid of him because they are scared to death he might turn America around from the clutches of the left and the RINOs. I would like to see the demographics and the number in the sample and the questions they asked before I would ever except a poll like this. Reuters is a very left biased organization and I don’t anything about Ipsos! This alleged dip 0f 12 points smacks of number fraud, especially using Trump’s remarks after the Paris shootings as a reason for the dip, if anything his numbers went up.

  • Robert Early says:

    Be very careful about trusting any of the polls. Today, they are used to manipulate and influence public opinion; not reflect it. Never, never, never believe anything from POLITICO, unless you are some leftist freak who really gets off on lies. Trump is being attacked from all direction. So far, attacks have only made him stronger.

  • Patty5241 says:

    Trump was good to get people talking and thinking about voting and that’s a good thing. As President he would continue to make us look like a country filled with total morons. He continues to act like a child out of control if things do not go his way. Yes, he did make fun of a person with a disability!

    Have we forgotten, or overlooked someone who has a plan to move our country forward, has a head on his shoulders and could actually lead us in the right direction? I am talking about Marco Rubio. I have met many people who really him and are thinking of voting for Marco Rubio, as he is a good bet for our country and there is no question of where he is born, or if he is a set-up to get Hiliary back in the White House. Listen to him. He is the only candidate that seems to actually have a plan for our country, is clear headed and speaks with clarity and calm. These are values a President has to have. Ben is a nice man, but he is too soft to deal with Putin and others around the world — he would be better as a preacher.

    1. Quisno Rodonovich says:

      Rubio spends more than he earns Business insider showed his weakness. Trump speaks like Theodore Roosevelt when angry anything can pop out. But as I study this man I see a need to excel His heart may just be in the right place at the right time.

  • crazyfreddie says:


  • Aric Leavitt says:

    How could there POSSIBLY be a Trump-Cruz ticket?? Trump has the courage on the debate stage to acknowledge the good in Putin’s actions in Syria against ISIS. Cruz, on the other hand, can hardly wait to have it out with Putin. For what reason? Plus, isn’t Mrs. Cruz connected to Goldman-Sachs? Cruz is just the kind of “conservative” we DON’T need, namely a counterfeit one.

  • exar1 says:

    Trump said what every true American wanted to say, and hear him say, “…bomb the shit out of them… .”

  • billwhit says:

    Apparently this poll was only taken within Hillary’s campaign office, because every place else, Trumps numbers are going off the charts!

  • Muriel Katz says:

    How could Trump’s numbers go down due to his Paris comments when, after he made them, his numbers went way up?!

    Of course, with the GOP claiming to have over $1 billion dollars that they plan to use to try and smear and discredit Trump in order to push him out of the Republican Nominee race, I do understand this article’s suddenly showing up.

    Also, as it has been proven in the past, whenever a poll says Trump’s numbers are down, it’s because a very low number of people were polled. Then, the next week, all polls show Trump “up there” again.

    Now, why does Sherry, here, sound like a troll? Because she is jumping up and down, going from Pro-Trump post to Pro-Trump post, and hysterically claiming that Trump is not the right man for us. Of course, she’s only using emotional arguments…”He is a FRAUD!”…”too unethical, insincere, self important and self centered”…”His “business” ethics leave a lot to desire!…”, etc, etc, etc. LOL!

    She doesn’t mention that Trump is obviously a genius at Business, having started over 112 companies just by himself and, although he had four Chapter 11 bankruptcies, still maintains a 3.22% Business Failure Average. Why is this extremely impressive? Because the National Business Failure Average is 40%.

    Sherry also doesn’t mention that when Trump declared each of these four companies a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it meant he could restructure each of them, pay off all loans (which he did) without the use of taxpayer money, and KEEP all employees. Not one employee lost his or her job.

    Sherry also forgot to mention that Trump has always helped our veterans and military members. However, our veterans and military members know this. That’s why the majority of them are backing Trump.

    Sherry says Trump is a “fraud” but doesn’t clarify this as to what kind of “fraud” he might be in her eyes. Since he’s obviously not a “fraud” at creating businesses and jobs, nor at putting his money and convictions behind our veterans and military, nor at raising money for wonderful places like St. Judes’ Hospital, I can only come to the conclusion that sherry feels him to be a “fraud” because he has belonged to both the Republican and Democrat parties and has given money to both.

    Too bad Sherry doesn’t know much about business. When you need a permit to build walls, get concrete laid, run electrical wires, put in sewer lines, etc, this all takes money and the good will of that town’s or city’s political leaders. They are the ones who say “yes” or “no” to a businessman’s starting a company there. And since most of Trump’s companies and buildings have been in the state of New York…a Democrat-ruled state…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why Trump has given more money to Dems than to Repubs.

    When Trump says he knows how to “play the game”, he isn’t kidding. Having spent most of his adult life dealing with politicians at all levels, inviting Hillary and Bill to his daughter’s wedding was brilliant. How could they or any other “high up” Democrat turn future business requests from him down?! Lol.

    Trump has also dealt quite frequently with business leaders and politicians in other countries as well as ours. Those who deal first hand with others in the Business World know Trump as being a No-nonsense, hard-nosed businessman who is also fair and keeps his word. That leaves out Sherry’s “insincere” “unethical” and “self-centered”. No business leader or politician would deal with an individual like that. As for Egotistical? Lol…no, just very sure of himself, based on his past achievements.

    If the GOP wanted to win against Hillary, they would not be trying to sabotage Trump. When you see the various high poll numbers and the THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of people attending Trump’s speeches…something that hasn’t happened in decades during a nominee race…Commonsense says they already have a “Winner!”

    So there must be another reason why they don’t want Trump going up against Hillary nor being in our WH.

    Let’s see…the GOP and RNC are full of RINOS (Republican-In-Name-Only). Which is just another way of saying “Democrats in Republican clothing”. OF COURSE they don’t want Trump…he’s not one of them!

    Also, the Progressive Elites who actually run our government are busy in destroying our country because it has to be gone before they can put their desired One World Government into position. You can’t have a OWG (New World Order) AND one sovereign nation with it’s own Constitution and monetary system! The elitists like Soros and Rockefeller can’t turn the North American continent into ONE country if the USA is cutting it in half.

    It just won’t work!

    The bottom line is this: Trump is the WORSE THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO THE DEMS, THE GOP, THE RNC, AND THE ELITISTS, especially at this very time in our nation’s history. They NEED the next 8 years to finish killing off our country. BUT TRUMP IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU AND ME, AND OUR COUNTRY!

    The Dems are pushing Hillary, and the GOP wants their “darling Jeb”. WHY? Because BOTH of these people believe in a One World Government. You can find umpteen videos all over the internet and on YouTube, showing them in favor of this. And not just them, themselves, but also their FAMILY MEMBERS. Then go look up George Soros and David Rockefeller.

    Rubio was born in Miami, Florida but at the time of his birth, neither parent was an American citizen. Also, he is already bought and paid for. He’s a willing puppet, too, because he’s already in favor of Amnesty, and wants the “poor” Syrian refugees to come here. Rubio is not just a RINO…he’s an idiot, still wet behind his ears.

    Cruz is for our country and Constitution but was born in Canada. The GOP will never help him rise in the poll.

    Lawsuits have already been filed by various lawyers and citizens against Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal so if ANY of these candidates won the Republican Nomination, they’d end up being very busy, fighting a court battle regarding eligibility.

    The GOP wants Bush. Not someone they have to try and manipulate or watch carefully and then maybe even use blackmail on if need be. They want Bush because BUSH IS ONE OF THEM.

    People need to do their homework and THINK. Sherry has obviously not done any homework because she’s too busy trying to reply to every conservative post that is for Trump, and going off on emotional tirades.

    But that’s what trolls do best.



  • ONTIME says:

    I saw nothing today on any news broadcast to confirm this articles claim……Hmmmmmm, is this the RINO elites undermine the “D” try?

  • NJ Lady says:

    Yes, there will be plenty of “news” articles that announce the downfall of Trump’s popularity. Let’s hope they’re all faux news. Trump seems to be the best we’ve got right now.

  • Quisno Rodonovich says:

    Also I have ocean front property in Arizona. Id be happy to subdivide and sell to others.Trump is so hated by the Republican dynasty Dr OZ is now treating many for bed wetting nightmares. Did you know that ex top Dog Obama is now under psychiatric help. The sky is falling and now they are in panic mode.

  • scot_belle says:

    With only 464 people polled, there is something very wrong with this poll, and from where I sit…this looks too much like a deliberate manipulation!! If, and I do mean IF, Trump really did drop in popularity….why didn’t any of the other candidates have an upward movement in this….supposed poll?? Everyone that I have spoken with…have not changed their support for Trump, so ……….this sure looks like it is a shark attack created by the RNC “elite.”

  • Chuck says:

    Scott. I am not a liberal scumbag. I am a total conservative. I would never vote for Hildabeast or any other Devilcrat. I consider the Dummycrat Party a subversive organization, much like ISIS, and should be deemed a terrorist organization. It is a greater threat to the nation than ISIS.
    However, Trump should consider how his statements will be used against him and whomever his running mate is. Observe the Reagan Rule and stick to the issues–don’t criticize other Republicans regardless of their personal attacks. Take the high ground.No matter who the Republican nominee is in the election, he/she will have my vote.

    1. Sherry says:

      I agree with you, totally! Another Reagan rule: Don’t let the corrupt left leaning media dictate your life, moves, beliefs, and mores! He learned to “take it directly to the people”! Remember that? He used to have TV weekly chats and new developments honestly before the people and left the media out of the loop! That caused not only Americans to love and trust him, but the entire gaggle of world leaders loved, respected, and relied on his word because they realized he was a real man of honor and integrity! Eventually, even arch enemies like Speaker Tipp O’neil and Sam Donaldson grew to LOVE him!

  • scott says:

    so idiots decide they wont vote for someone because they made fun of a liberal scumbag that deserved it.what a bunch of hypocrites.every one of them has made fun of somneone in their lifetime,yet want to be politically stupid as the rest of the liberal imbeciles.liberals make fun of conservatives far more than the other way around,yet only whine and cry when someone points out the truth and facts and says something back to them.they believe they are immune from freedom of speech.these low life brain dead scumbags are the problem with america ansd most of them call themselves independant because their to much of a pansy as- to admit they are a liberal only makes them feel better about themselves.

    1. Sherry says:

      Oh, I LOVE THIS!! Spot on!

  • Nadine says:

    another news site had this too, but gave the number count… would you believe a whoping 468 people were polled. To me this is a false headline

  • Chuck says:

    Just wish Trump would engage brain before opening mouth. The body politic loves his brash style, but he should stop bashing some other very good people and stick to the policy angle. Good grief he has made some very stupid statements and for such a smart guy this is disturbing.

    1. Phannesa says:

      Trump knows what he is doing.

      1. Sherry says:

        IF HE DOES, then he should go back to his own party where he fits right in! He NEVER was a Conservative! He has ALWAYS been a Demoncrap with Hollywood and Demoncrap supporters of Socialism (Communism)! Take a very close look at the people he hangs with…….I rest my case!

    2. Sherry says:

      That’s EXACTLY why I dumped Trump! Too UN-PRESIDENTIAL! Too many gaffs like “O”! SMART??? He does not come across as smart! He is crass and manipulative and clever….but so is SATAN!

  • jcadla says:

    This is so much crap. I don’t know how these fools got their poll results but it wasn’t from anyone who has kept up with Trump. Trump is still far ahead of everyone else. And he is the only one who is completely sincere about this nation. Cruz is second and a good man. He would be a great VP for President Trump. Go Trump/Cruz…all the way…

    1. Nadine says:

      another news site had this too, but gave the number count… would you believe a whoping 468 people were polled

  • The Redhawk says:

    Da Donald is @ crtical mass , what with SHEl_LIER;RY , attacking him and hIS BIG MOUTH attacks on anyone that opposes him …..Stand by for the MOAB TRUMP to go BOOOOM!

  • Phannesa says:

    There are many polls. some would like to see Trump down, but no dice!!!

    1. Sherry says:

      Do YOU gamble??? WHY???

  • Gaylon Barrow says:

    The Republicans are out to stop Trump in any way they can. You can not put any faith in this 1776 Coalition it is a GOP flunky. TRUMP is still leading the nation and according to where their Poll took place makes a big difference. Where any of you polled? Neither was I. SO MY POINT.

    1. Sherry says:

      How is 20% or 25 % or even 30% LEADING the nation??? That equates to a 5th, or a 4th or even less than a third will vote Trumph. And the rest of the conservative vote??? Do the numbers! I cannot stand Carl Rove, but, even he sees ALL of the rest are voting AGAINST Trump! Soon enough, the Rinos will drop out and the backers of those who leave, will NEVER vote for Trump! Cruz, Carson, and Rubio and maybe even Carly voters will never vote Trump! That means that they all will coalesce into one strong front to defeat Trump! It is the left wing Media that keeps Trump viable and in constant recognition on the news! They KNOW what they are doing….FREE media attention for the Donald!

  • SDofAZ says:

    Again, polls are not a true representation of anything in these times. The media and the establishment and this horrid administration are seeking control over the masses. They believe we are all sheep and stupid enough to be manipulated. Don’t believe anything these liars and spreaders of disinformation are publishing. It is all designed to steer us into their traps of false and misleading reporting, etc.. Stay on track. We know Trump is the real deal. We know Cruz is the real deal. I am still voting for Trump. He has said nothing to change my mind and he is the reason Illegal aliens are front and center as an issue for the GOP. I am fed up with the petty bickering of the whole election. The dems and the rinos are equally disgusting. Pick your issues and vote accordingly but don’t trust any polls to be accurate. They can and are biased in the controls set up by all such as who gets polled, the specific answers in the selection process and in oh so many more obvious ways.

    1. Sherry says:

      I was with you for your first 6 sentences……..then UGH!!! Then again with you last 4 sentences! Cruz IS the REAL deal; agree!

  • Ralph H Moran says:

    All those that want immigration REFORM should be voted out. Would you let a thief who entered your house through an open window stay. This is exactly what the illegals are doing. They enter through a window that was left open and then steal healthcare, schooling and many other benefits all the while without paying taxes and this puts a strain on our resources and don’t forget some of them vote.

  • Gary Vogt says:

    I have no doubt that most are unaware that the sample size used was 464 responses. That is a pitifully small number to be making an evaluation on.

    1. Gnowark says:

      But, like almost ALL statistics/polls, it supported the desire of the author. Thanks for the info, it IS pitifully small and therefore probably highly inaccurate.

    2. Phannesa says:

      Small sample, bias results!!!

  • KDC says:

    …and if you all believe this, I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge! His numbers sky rocketed with what happened in Paris. Don’t believe it !

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      you are right. This poll makes no sense, as no other candidate moved up in the polls

      1. Frankdidit says:

        Keep in mind folks, George Carlin (the comedian) put just right. “It’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you”

      2. Sherry says:

        YOU used to be a LIBERAL………Donald Trump STILL IS! His phony claim to be a true Christian spoke volumes to me! Any Christian Conservative can see right through the thinly veiled act! Just take a hard look at him….He IS NOT ONE OF US!!! He is a FRAUD! Please…….pray long and hard for Heavenly GUIDANCE! God is not fooled and neither is 2/3rds of the Conservatives! Reminds me that 1/3rd of the Angels LEFT Heaven to choose to rebel against God! The other 2/3rds stayed with their Creator and kept their happiness and peace with Jesus forever! Please, take a long look at your own beliefs to see if you will stay or leave! God bless our Christian Conservative Constitutional Party!

        1. I Seigel says:

          The WHAT?!?! “Christian Conservative Constitutional Party!” Is that something new you just made up? Or is there a Third Party lurking in the wings?? Or is that what the Republican Party is renaming itself? Better let the rest of the country know very soon – the elections are coming, and the vast majority of independents and libturds will want to know what the choices REALLY are.

          1. Sherry says:

            That is the basis of the Tea Party, is it not?? I made NOTHING up. Those “words” I chose to use are just the real FACTS of OUR own people, like it or not! Sorry if you are offended by my post! I capitalize any fitting descriptive words and do not capitalize degenerates occupying any government office. SIMPLY put, it is my right as a free thing American citizen! I’m not asking you to agree; I’m asking you to see MY point and understand the freedoms we all are about to lose!

          2. I Seigel says:

            You misunderstood Sherry. I’m not offended at all. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I very much appreciate your honest words. I’m sure there are many others, as I indicated, that will appreciate your honesty, as well.

            And I totally agree that we are in danger of losing our freedoms. It happened to Japanese-Americans in WWII. It could certainly happen again. Fascism, fed by fear, is on the rise, as it was in 1938 Germany.

          3. Hgeyer says:

            It’s the lunatic fringe of the republican party…… Don’t you know?

          4. I Seigel says:

            I am shocked! I had NO idea!! 😉

          5. Julia says:

            Fringe is just around the edges, the Democratic Party is riddled with lunacy through and through, including all he idiots who voted for Obama, and will vote for Hillary as mext Liar-In-Chief!!

          6. Hgeyer says:

            At least they weren’t stupid enough to vote for Romney!

          7. Sherry says:

            NO….They were stupid enough to vote for that liar in chief, “O”! Not the faux votes or the dead “votes”…the uninformed “gimme” black “free phones” welfare mobs!

            Even though the Military nor the “early” votes were NOT counted and the Soros Machines were fixed to vote for “O”, the Manchurian Candidate who has no records to show us anywhere or any time!

          8. Hgeyer says:

            You just can’t get away from your bull$hit factory, can you! Nothing you just said can be verified or substantiated anywhere but in your imagination! The free cell phone plan was Bush’s…. No voter fraud was ever found….. except for when Bush won in Florida with a minority of the votes….. Soro’s spending was chump change compared to the Koch brothers….. Just because you don’t believe in reality doesn’t mean that Obama hasn’t produced stacks of records that have been verified and confirmed, INCLUDING AN HAWAIIAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE! GET OVER IT!

          9. Julia says:

            What difference does it make to know the choices as they never do what they say they will,anyway, The exception is Obama, who said he wanted to “fundamentally” change America, which he has, and is why we are going down the toilet, and, tragically, no-one is stopping him!

          10. I Seigel says:

            And don’t forget the Republicans, who, from Day One of Obama’s presidency, said that their Number One priority was to make sure he failed. And so, they’ve succeeded in their goal, but failed the country.

          11. Julia says:

            Don’t choke on the Kool Aid. They, as I, are against his policies, not the man, which are destroying the country. They haven’t stopped any of his mistakes, with or without his pen, which is why we are in the horrendous position as are now. Executive Privilege is his middle name!

          12. I Seigel says:

            Wow, talk about taking the Kool Aid!!! If you recall, right after inauguration, Rush, McConnell and Boehner all said they wanted to make him a one-term president, and they wanted HIM to fail. It was never about policy. It was about the man. His policies hadn’t been developed or announced yet; there was a fiscal crisis bringing down the American economy at the time. But you probably conveniently forgot that, didn’t you?

          13. richardwfaith says:

            An contraire. obamA’s primary campaign issue was his SO-CALLED “health care” plan, which the Republicans (yes, even the establishment ones) KNEW would be a disaster. How quickly you forget that even before obamAcare became a campaign gimmick for obamA, hillarYcare already HAD BEEN a campaign gimmick for hillarY. How’s all that “hope” and “change” working out for you?

          14. I Seigel says:

            I don’t forget at all. What makes you think that? I recall the Clinton’s health care plan back in the early 90’s. It would have done a lot to improve access to health care for everyone. But the Republicans whittled away at it, taking out piece by piece, and then finally they claimed that the plan wasn’t sustainable and would bankrupt the economy. Yes, it would have – but only AFTER the Republicans had taking out all the parts of the plan that would have covered its financing. How is YOUR memory?

            As to Obama’s campaign – the economy was already showing signs of major weakness, and people were starting to be afraid of company bankruptcies and their loss of pensions and health care. Health care was a big issue for all the candidates a big majority of Americans. There was no “Plan” yet – just the ideas being bandied about to improve the system. He was elected – twice – because the majority of Americans liked his ideas best. That’s what an election is all about. But McConnell and Limbaugh, among others, declared the day after Obama’s inauguration – attended in person by the largest crowd ever – that there was no way they would cooperate with him on ANYTHING. Their Job One was to see him fail.

            Why does your memory seem to be so porous? Like a steel trap – that’s rusted open so everything that goes in just goes right out again.

          15. richardwfaith says:

            What hillarY’s plan and obamA’s plan have in common is that both are socialist schemes aimed at wealth redistribution. No doubt that sounds just fine to you. Once a communist, always a communist.

          16. I Seigel says:

            Socialism and Communism are 2 very different systems, but you couldn’t possibly tell the difference, because once a moron always a moron.

            Social Security is socialism. Your real estate taxes are socialism. Any taxes you pay – for gas, food, etc – is socialism. But sheep like you just have a knee-jerk reaction to the word, instead of understanding its meaning. You’re being led around by your nose and you’re too ignorant to even notice.

          17. richardwfaith says:

            Yet, it’s largely a matter of degree. Socialism is the more correct word, but I have a negative amount of use for either one. As you say, real estate taxes and social security are socialism. ALL of it is about wealth redistribution. I worked for the little that I have left and much more that has already been confiscated by SOCIALISTS, whom I often CHOOSE to CALL “communists” out of simple contempt. As regards communism, that word in the vernacular is completely different from anything currently in PRACTICE that CALLS itself communism. When people who CALL themselves “communists” take over the peasantry, they promise the peasantry a communist utopia, which ALWAYS ends up being a self-serving dictatorship, and thus entirely not as advertised! I believe that “true” communism (in its EXACT, AS-ADVERTISED form) has NEVER BEEN PRACTICED, and that its promoters HAVE NEVER HAD ANY INTENTION of bringing it into practice either. All that being said, I don’t consider SOCIALISTS very much better. By the way, do you really THINK that you OWN any property? If you DO, then try THIS: refuse to pay your property taxes! The government will swoop in and CONFISCATE “your” property, proving that THEY are the REAL OWNERS, and that those SO-CALLED “taxes” in reality are RENT that you pay the government for the SO-CALLED “privilege” of OCCUPYING that property that YOU BOUGHT, FOR the government to OWN “on your behalf”. But, move along now; nothing to see. Enjoy YOUR socialism.

          18. I Seigel says:

            Why is it that you think taxes are all about a plot for wealth redistribution? How is paying your real estate taxes – which help pay a small portion of the costs of fire and police protection in your community, road maintenance, schools, sewer, etc – how is that some sort of conspiracy to redistribute wealth? It sounds to me like you’d prefer to live on your own little private island and not be a part of American society or civilization as we know it. Well, if you got the money, go for it. If you choose to live in a community, walk on the sidewalk, flush your toilet, or drive, then you’ll just have to suck it up and pay your taxes, because nowhere in the Constitution does it say you have the right to any of those things.

          19. Sherry says:

            I believe you misunderstood the GOP when they said that “O”s policies WOULD, in fact, FAIL! The GOP has been powerless to do anything because they are fearful of looking like what Reid and Pelosi FALSELY said they were! None of them were worth the oaths that put them (with their promises) in office. We hoped he would fail because “O” care is unconstitutional. The dumbing down of our children in the common core program. So is the “gun Grab”! As well as right of free speech: ok if you are racist and/or liberal BUT A HATE crime if you speak your mind as a true GOP conservative! HATE SPEECH IS CONSTITUTIONAL, like it or not! The blatant attack on Christianity and our Military. What is a real “HATE CRIME”? Murder? Abortion? Disagreeing with the LBGT, NAMBLA, or the Left? Almost all of the liberal left policies that have “O”s stamp of approval is unconstitutional! As a Christian, You MUST supply your services to the pagan, even though it VIOLATES your constitutional beliefs; unless, of course you are a Muslim! They IGNORE set laws while passing stringent illegal laws. Only congress can pass laws! “O” thinks it ok to break a myriad of set laws including State rights laws at his own free will without congressional approval! He has been destroying the Constitution since he has been in OUR White House! YES!!! We PRAY he fails at every thing he tries to accomplish to the demise of this country! We didn’t succeed…YET! But a lot of Demoncraps ARE waking up; especially the Black Christians and the American Latinos!

          20. I Seigel says:

            O Care hadn’t been developed or announced when McConnell, Rush, Boehner et al declared that there number one priority was to see him fail – which was the day after inauguration. Why is your memory so porous? Or selective?

          21. richardwfaith says:

            WHETHER OR NOT “o”-care had any WRITTEN WORDS or a “plan”, it absolutely WAS obamA’s main CAMPAIGN GIMMICK in ’08. MANY voted for him in ANTICIPATION of it. Many others (including ME), wanted it to fail BECAUSE we didn’t want to PAY for it. I pay for my own health insurance, and whether YOU THINK I’m right or wrong in saying this, I believe YOU should likewise be paying for YOURS. I personally KNOW some people who VOTED for obamA in ’08 BECAUSE OF that very campaign gimmick. Facts are stubborn; they just don’t go away.

          22. I Seigel says:

            Yep, and I pay for mine. And my wife pays for hers. What’s your point with this nonsense?

          23. richardwfaith says:

            The ability to hate EVIL is a gift, and a MANDATE, from God. The POLLUTE-TICIANS are trying to take it away from us; guess whom THEY’RE working for!

        2. Rowland says:

          Donald is about as Liberal as Mussolini was.

          1. Sherry says:

            You forget how liberal Mussolini really WAS! Liberal as long as it was to his advantage and for the good of the Axis and Hitler! That’s why the Italians executed him along with his mistress! None of the “promises” he made to the Italians were kept nor were they ever meant to be; and when the people realized SOON after he had ascended to his desired post over the people, they immediately started working with and for the ALLIES! The Italians were never liberal; they were strong Catholic conservatives! Must we repeat history??? We TRUE Constitutional Christian Conservatives had better wake up before it’s too late…IT MAY WELL BE TOO LATE ALREADY!

          2. I Seigel says:

            Sherry – This, what you said about Mussolini, has to be the biggest pile of shit I’ve read in a LONG time. You are an absolute moron if you believe this. Typical for the Constitutional Christian Conservatives, I guess? If you don’t like facts, just make up new ones?? You’re truly and unquestionably an astoundingly ignorant idiot.

          3. Debra says:

            I’m a “TRUE Constitutional Christian Conservative”, I’m wide awake, I’m well informed and I’m voting for TRUMP!!!

          4. HadEnough says:

            Debra I Am Too. And I’m Voting for TRUMP !!!

          5. Debra says:

            Come on!!!

          6. HadEnough says:

            Right On !!!!!

          7. Debra says:

            We’re in!!!

          8. Arizona Don says:

            Interesting your description of Mussolini reminds me of barack obama. However, have you checked the dictionary definition of liberal? I have, neither Mussolini or obama fit the dictionary definition of liberal. Go ahead check it out! Instead of progressive (meaning progress) they are/were both at the very least oppressive and regressive. That is not like the democrats I have known in the past. No president in the history of America has committed so many atrocities against the citizens of this great nation as obama. And talk about lying, he is a master con-man.

            Tell me has he followed through to your satisfaction regarding that hope and change he promised? How about that fundamental transformation? Do you know what he intended to fundamentally transform America into?

            Since you brought up WWII era perhaps you can see the similarities between some of the things that happened then and what is happening under obama now. Did you cheer him when he announced a federal civilian police force was needed, just as well trained, funded and supplied as the US military? Did you ask “why is it needed now when it never was before? I bet you did. Did it ever occur to you that was similar to the SA (brown shirts) in Germany during the early 30’s? What did those brown shirt troops do and what happened to those brown shirt troops?

            Do you think that hope and change has made America flourish as it once did? Do you think with an average growth rate of one and a half percent we can actually call that a recovery from the recession of 2008? Do you think another down turn with such a weak recovery (if it can even be called a recovery) will put us into a depression? How much better off today are we then we were under the Bush administration up until 2006 when the democrats took over the legislative branch of this government? How can the government make any move to confront and correct a next recession with interest rates near zero?

            Oh and one more thing if you would while you’re explaining. Would you explain how it is that climate change has something to do with creating terrorists or terrorism? Thank you, have a nice day.

      3. I think this is because THEY SAID, he made fun of the reporter for the NYT who is physically challenged. I do not believe he did that, and I watched the clip on the news! Politics is WAR! they will do whatever it takes to WIN! Trump does have stoop to that level!
        TRUMP2016 ALL THE WAY!

        1. Arizona Don says:

          The democrats of today and the establishment republicans want Donald Trump to go down in the polls so bad the lame stream media even emphasizes rumors.

          Polls can also be worded to get a certain desired result everyone knows that or should. Consequently, polls mean very little right now except who is leading and who isn’t. Total numbers mean very little. It is a who’s on first thing.

          Hey the guys name is Don he can’t be all bad!

          1. Sherry says:

            NOBODY’S ALL BAD……He’s just NOT GOOD! Especially when it comes to running this country…TOO unethical; that’s what we are trying to purge from Conservative politics!

          2. Arizona Don says:

            With all due respect Sherry I think your perception of Donald Trump is wrong. I will make my point but refuse to argue with you regarding this. Do I like his demeanor at times? No! However, I have never known anyone who used their money (perhaps hundreds of millions) to gain a position to help a nation like Donald is doing. As a president he will be beholding to no one. He will owe no favors! Helping the nation is his intent not helping himself. He has, I believe, no ulterior personal motive. He does not want to use the office to get rich, he already is rich. He does not wish to use the office to gain influence he has that as well and has for many years. His intentions are exactly what he says he wishes to make America Great Again. So do I and I suspect every patriot American does.

            In 2008 we Americans (not me) elected a person who said all the right things however, everyone of them was a lie (some of us even knew it at the time) and he has been a divider not a person who has or even can bring Americans together. Race has always been an issue in America however, until obama was elected it was getting better, much better. He alone has set those relations back perhaps to the point shortly after the civil war. Many now view the many black organizations as wanting superiority not equality. Relations will not return to pre-obama anytime soon. Perhaps many decades. However, it seems obama is out to do exactly as he promised fundamentally transform America. It is necessary to destroy the old in order to transform anything. Transformation is making the object totally different. I am not in favor of that. Thousands of regressive democrats cheered his promise not even knowing what it was he intended to transform America into. Those same idiots blindly chanted “yes we can” not knowing what it meant. No one asked either.

            Donald Trump wants to reverse that obama trend. Get the jobs back and make the military so strong no one wants to offend America or start a conflict. Strength prevents wars weakness invites them. After obama we need someone like Donald. Say whatever you wish about him however, you do not get to where he is in life without knowing how to get things done and if he presents the right things and he does them he will be successful in making America Great Again. Who does not want that? I’m sure you do as well.

            JFK did not take a salary but he did not pay for his campaign. Currently we look and compare most, if not all, candidates in hopes of finding another Ronald Regan. We never will, he was one of a kind. I sincerely predict we could be saying the same thing about Donald Trump in eight years if he were to become president. Much of the criticism Donald gets is much like that said about Ronald Regan during the time he ran for president. He too was at one time a democrat. I have no problem with that. At least he has seen the other side of things and realizes what needs to be done.

            Many of the establishment republicans are just as bad as the regressive democrats. Therefore, both parties have gone astray as to their original direction. Therefore, something has to change in order to get our once great nation back on track after obama and the last term of Bush 43. I am willing to give him a chance to prove he can and I think he can if anyone can. I would like to see America become great again would you?

          3. HadEnough says:

            Arizona Don, this is AWESOME. An Excellent, Excellent Post. TRUMP/Cruz 2016 !!

          4. Arizona Don says:

            Thank you I agree with the Trump, Cruz ticket.

          5. Julia says:

            How about from “all” politics!

        2. richardwfaith says:

          A lie often enough repeated is eventually accepted as truth by the masses.

          1. HadEnough says:

            Richard, this is absolutely the Truth. This is so damaging. That’s how Obama won, by Repeating Lies over and over again.

          2. Julia says:

            How well I recall, and the masses grew to believe them!
            Gruber was really pretty much on the mark when he said the citizens were stupid enough to believe their propaganda!

          3. HadEnough says:

            You are correct Julia. This practice of lying is so Unacceptable and Devious. For the Republicans to fight back they would have to do the same. They would have to lie over and over again like the Democrats do. However, I believe it’s true that we Don’t Want to Become Like Them. !!! So we lose. !!!

          4. I Seigel says:

            Yes! Karl Rove was the master at it and taught everyone else.

          5. Julia says:

            Thanks I Seigel, you just proved my point in my last comment!

        3. Phannesa says:

          Just because someone is physically challenged, does not give them the right to whatever they want. That is probably what happened, this reporter wanted to get to Don and used his disability to do it. Once again the PC police is trying to take away our right to speak.

          1. HadEnough says:

            I believe this is TRUE.

        4. KDC says:

          He even said he didn’t do that.

        5. HadEnough says:

          Jeffrey, my thoughts exactly. They play Dirty Politics, Lie, and Smear Trump and do whatever it takes to win.

      4. HadEnough says:

        Yes, they are Dirty TRUMP Haters !!

    2. Phannesa says:

      It is a ploy to get people looking at another candidate, like Rubio.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        BUT Donald TANKED by MINUS !2 points this week…HIS .BIG MOUTH is damaging him! and is beginning to talk PINOCCHIOS

        1. Sherry says:

          I fully agree with you! I’d rather vote for Carson and Cruz.

          1. swamprat1937 says:

            Carson has been my candidate from the very beginning.

          2. Sherry says:

            You have GREAT INSTINCTS! I was not so well blessed as you! I had to see so much evidence to even make up my mind about Carson. NOW, I know HE IS THE ONLY ONE who is “Reaganesque” enough to carry us through this torrid morass! I still like Rand Paul and Carly, too. I believe that Rubio will be GREAT for the next cycle…He needs to be more FIRM in his beliefs…that will be the maturity he needs to run this messed up country! I PRAY for all of them to be ready for God to use them in His service of this country!

          3. GQ4U says:

            Cruz is not eligible to be POTUS. We don’t elect Canadians born to a Cuban national to be president.

          4. richardwfaith says:

            He’s a good man, but he needs to stay in the Senate, and we need to rebuild our eligibility standards as well. We need a Constitutional Eligibility Amendment EXPLICITLY requiring that at the time of a Presidential candidate’s birth, BOTH parents were CITIZENS, and as a BONUS, the same new requirement shall pertain ALSO to ALL of the government positions specified in the Constitutional order of Presidential succession.

          5. Sherry says:

            I believe the Senate is a waste of good talent….nothing gets past the corrupt RINOS and Demoncraps! Until the entire House and Senate is purged of the willing corruptors, it is useless to plan a key role for such a talent as Cruz!

          6. richardwfaith says:

            An contraire. Cruz is one of the very few who have both the skill and the guts to overturn the criminal Congressional complicity.

          7. Sherry says:

            I PRAY you are right! Thank you for that vote of confidence in him! I appreciate it! God bless you!

          8. GQ4U says:

            We need the SCOTUS accept an eligibility case so the true definition of a Natural Born Citizen (NBC) can be ruled on. Six SCOTUS decisions include the treu definition but they were citizenship cases not presidential eligibility cases. An amendment might be required if a liberal court makes an unconstitutional ruling. If Article-2 is adhered to then no one in succession can serve unless they are a NBC. The VP is already held to the same requirements as the president so all POTUS & VP candidates must be a NBC to legally serve as president. Obama serves illegally.

          9. richardwfaith says:

            Although what you say is absolutely correct, IMO it all needs to be explicitly specified in weasel-proof verbiage. This is because we are up against all of the following:
            1) Plenty of unscrupulous lawyers who given the opportunity will sell us out for twenty pieces of silver;
            2) SCOTUS judges who legislate from the bench;
            3) DUMMIES who will go along with the other two groups, using the “knowledge” or the “competency” of the others as an excuse for their own lazy unwillingness to think for themselves and to accept responsibility.

          10. GQ4U says:

            I don’t disagree with your assessment regarding government corruption but the the steps you propose should be taken only after the SCOTUS makes an erroneous decision regarding Natural Born Citizen eligibility. IMO.

          11. richardwfaith says:

            Desperate times call for desperate measures. Have you noticed the sharp increase in the number of Presidential candidates having CITIZENSHIP ISSUES over the last ten years, in contrast to our entire national history before 2005? Also, there’s that contentious little thingy called “precedent”. The way I read that is: when a high court makes a landmark ruling, the case tends to be taken as a “precedent”, meaning a “judiciary tradition” (here, hear “TRADITION” from Fiddler on the Roof!). This unfortunately is every bit as true for the case of a BAD decision as for a good one. Bottom line: if a COURT screws up, the ERROR becomes a JUDICIARY TRADITION. While what you say does make procedural sense and is completely in line with “chain of command” and other extant protocols, that very fact has the full potential to be the very thing wrong with it.

          12. Sherry says:

            I understand the courts deemed him eligible; am I wrong?? If so, I stand corrected! How about a Carson/ Carly ticket and Cruz for ATTY GNL?? I always thought Trey Gowdy would be perfect for this, but he is not interested! What could keep Cruz from being a SCOTUS?? I would truly LOVE to see that! That is a lifetime appointment. 😉

          13. richardwfaith says:

            He definitely knows the law.

          14. GQ4U says:

            No court deemed him eligible because they can’t.
            A Natural Born Citizen (NBC) is a child born in the nation to two citizen parents. Ted was born in Canada to one citizen parent, so he is a citizen but not a NBC.

            Documented definition of a NBC:

            Ted can be attorney general or hold any other federal elected or appointed positions except the presidency.

            I too like Gowdy & Fiorina. Not sure about Carson yet.
            I want restore the USA to a constitutional government and the only candidate who really aims to do that is Rand Paul. Gowdy, Fiorina, Carson & Paul are all eligible to be POTUS.

          15. Julia says:

            If I’m not mistaken, I believe his Mother was American!

          16. Sherry says:

            SHE WAS but his Dad is Cuban. They moved to Canada before Ted was born. Kinda like the “O” situation…….

          17. Julia says:

            I know his Father is Cuban, but it’s his Mother who makes him eligible. THERE NEVER HAS BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE AGAIN, ANYTHING LIKE THE “O” SITUATION, NOT IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE!

          18. GQ4U says:

            You are not mistaken, his mother was a citizen so Ted is a citizen. However, a Natural Born Citizen (NBC) is a child born in the nation to two citizen parents, Ted was born in Canada to one citizen parent so he is not a NBC. Only a NBC can legally be president. Obama is not a NBC so his presidency is illegal.

            Learn the definition here:

          19. Julia says:

            I’m well aware of all of that, and have been for years, however, it appears that some entity has declared he is eligible, just as they did Obama, to our unending destruction, and I was just commenting on someone else’s comment, whew!!

          20. richardwfaith says:

            The law IS the law; however, in certain cases (e.g., obamA), the predominant ENFORCEMENT attributes are often:
            1) Selective enforcement;
            2) Partial enforcement;
            3) NON-enforcement.
            Mind you, I’m not the least bit happy about this, but the first step toward getting things set straight is to acknowledge that which is currently the case.

          21. Julia says:

            Unfortunately for us, it is too late in Obama’s case!

          22. richardwfaith says:

            Non-enforcement has taken its toll, and it’s not even done yet.

          23. Julia says:

            I’m not sure we can survive another 13 months of his agenda, which he is straining to accomplish. Of course with Climate Change being our biggest threat ISIS is probably celebrating, and plotting!

          24. richardwfaith says:

            SO-CALLED “climate change” is nothing more and nothing less than the PRIMARY PRETEXT upon which the NWO CABAL plans to dissolve our SOVEREIGNTY, and then RULE us and TAX us via a one-world government staffed by,………..THEM! If you feel a need to barf up your breakfast, here’s your recipe for an emetic (a medication to help you vomit):
            Check out our entire Congress (both House AND Senate) for any and all connections of each and every member, to any and all of the following, to which I refer to collectively as THE CABAL:
            UN, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, illuminati, Skull and Bones, North American Union, Global Union, Open Society Institute, Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, m*e*d*i*a*m*a*t*t*e*r*s*.o*r*g*, m*o*v*e*o*n*.o*r*g*, soro$$$$$$, daviD rockefelleR, mauricE $tronG, henrY ki$$inger, World Court, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and its own Covert Collection Corps a.k.a., the SO-CALLED “Federal Reserve”, Rhodes Trust, Nobel Committee (INfamous financiers/enablers of such scum as obamA and ara-FAT), and (but only in the role of useful idiots), islaM.
            To add a headache to your already upset stomach (I’m paraphrasing the old TV commercials for Anacin and Bufferin here), the list is probably growing daily, and I don’t even pretend to know how many I’ve MISSED!
            I don’t know how MANY of the listed organizations and individuals obamA has clandestine liaisons with, but one particularly mendacious one he’s hooked up with is the Bilderberg Group.
            In summary, obamA is selling “climate-change”-scented snake oil for EXACTLY the same reason as he’s downplaying the danger of ISIS: BECAUSE HE WORKS FOR THE CABAL AND IS COMMITTED TO ITS GOAL OF TOPPLING THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
            That’s been HARD WORK; I’ve connected LOTS OF DOTS and now I’m tired. Time for BED!

          25. Julia says:

            I don’t need anything to make me barf except to look at a picture of Obama, Hillary, or Bill! He’s been pushing his “Fundamental Change” ever since the first inauguration, and the saddest thing is the Republicans have not really tried to stop him, being afraid of being called “racist”, sickening! The other sad thing is how many stupid people we have who not only elected him once, but twice! His “Dreams of My Father”, are The “Nightmares of America”. I don’t really think he is a “joiner”, he has to try to keep his destruction plans private, and his narcissism makes him not really need others, except to play golf…I feel very sure he has a lot of “selfies”!

          26. richardwfaith says:

            The short answer is, obamA is a traitor, but you already knew that. The devil is in the details.

          27. richardwfaith says:

            The short answer is, obamA is a traitor, but you already knew that. The devil is in the details.

          28. Julia says:

            Carson would make a great Surgeon General, but not POTUS!

          29. Sherry says:

            I do NOT agree because Carson is far more BRILLANT than anyone else running! He knows how to put the best team together and he has a very large field to choose from! He reminds me of Reagan…doesn’t make choices until he thoroughly vets each candidate for his Administration! Ben LISTENS to his people for right input and takes good advise before jumping into the problem before him! Remember, he chose the right people to do difficult but successful surgeries that sometimes went around the clock for days! He was a complete success BECAUSE he depended on the staff he chose and upon the God Who put him there in the first place! He is a Born Again Christian, and like Reagan, is NOT ashamed to admit it! He is willing to take good counsel and then put it before God on his “alter” of prayer! God is so patient with us weak human beings because He KNOWS that we can do nothing well without Him! I completely TRUST a man like that! I feel he is a gift to us from God! And God does not make gifts out of JUNK!

          30. Julia says:

            As you’ve said, and I agree, you have the right to your opinion, as do I! Having been married to a Dr. I know they choose their own teams only to a degree, from what is available, just as do administrative leaders, so you are putting far too much emphasis on this. I’m not sure how you think you know so much personally about Carson, however you do sound not only naive, but easily swayed, which is what politicians love! God is a very large part of my life as well, but again, your views are simplistic, and politics are complicated. We can only vote, and pray, that the right people are elected, because we are on a downhill slope now, with nothing in sight to stop the decline! Good luck to you Sherry, and to all our citizens! .Enough on this topic!

          31. Sherry says:

            Your opinion of me and Carson is totally WRONG! Naive and simplistic I am NOT! Easily swayed I am NOT! I warned EVERYONE I knew about “O” right after

            he threw his hat in the ring! I KNEW something about him was WRONG, but couldn’t put my finger on it until I sought all of the information I could get my hands on! I began to run into walls: His book, “Dreams of My Father”‘ didn’t add up to the other things he was claiming! When I began to research his education, I again, ran into formidable walls! I sought relief by searching out his “Christian” faith and found that the Rev. (loosely used)Wright was Not a Christian, but a black organizer making money using the “church” as a front! I listened to 7 “sermons”, which were available at the time,and found out that there was hatred and unAmerican activities just like Louis Farahkahn was purporting to his followers! I found that “O”s entire life was a complete hoax! There are NO college transcripts or grades to see…they don’t exist! No records of anything ; not even a yearbook with his pictures….NOTHING! WHY?? Because he is a Manchurian Candidate that was groomed for this job to destroy us and bring the USA to her KNEES! The New World is now upon us! Martial law is soon to be here after they get the rioting and chaos going and people will be screaming for “ORDER”! NOTE: God IS my LIFE as well, and He will not leave us alone and without HOPE! Did you ever watch that full interview of Dr. Carson on Glenn Beck?? That stayed my faith and hope in this MAN that God has set up!

      2. Sherry says:

        You don’t understand….Trump, at most, had less than half of us conservatives and none of the RINO’s…, it makes sense to me. You all act like all of us conservatives LOVE the Donald! The longer we all have to listen to him, the more we start looking at the OTHER REAL conservatives! I wish the RINO’s would drop out and clear the field. We don’t need more than 5 candidates to choose from. I have vetted the Donald and I do not like what I found out. Too unethical, insincere, self important and self centered. His “business” ethics leave a lot to desire! His juvenile rhetoric and bombastic mouth has made the world disrespect us AGAIN! Did we not learn anything with the embarrassment of “O”?? So, I quickly dumped trump! I believe the left installed this NON conservative (and really a liberal Demoncrap,) to divide the GOP and the vote so that Hillary would win! When we ever learn??? He is a “scorched Earth” type of a guy! IF he doesn’t get his way or doesn’t like you, then he threatens to sue you! What kind of a person is this?? He wants to be POTUS because he is only interested in POWER! That’s the ultimate goal in his life. He will make a mess of everything and won’t be able to solve our systemic and massive problems that took “O” 7 years to screw this economy up! BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR….you may just get it and won’t be able to get rid of him when you wake up……just like “O”!

        1. crazyfreddie says:


          1. bobnstuff says:

            The Donald is coming apart at the seams, he’s losing it. He think that running for president is a reality TV show. We need a president not a TV star.

          2. Sherry says:

            Bob, I’m so glad to see some of us have discovered the TRUTH about this spoiled “rich” kid! God bless you!

          3. crazyfreddie says:


          4. bobnstuff says:

            I love how you just string words together without even thinking about their meanings. The only true thing in your rant is ELECTED TWICE. Yes he is The President of the United States. More Americans voted for him then the fools the republicans put up. Here’s the kicker, we will have another Democrat as president unless the republicans find someone that is electable by all the people not just the right wingnuts. If you don’t like it move to Russia, they think just like you.

          5. crazyfreddie says:


          6. bobnstuff says:

            You really need to think about moving to Russia, it’s you kind of place. Human rights only apply to those people with power. Being gay is outlawed. The media is controlled so no one can say bad things about your leader. You would fit right in there. The best part is the things you say about our country are true about Russia. The economy is failing and they are having their freedoms taken away. You beliefs would fit right in.

          7. Julia says:

            Then tell both Obamas to stay off the Talk Shows!

          8. crazyfreddie says:


          9. bobnstuff says:

            Have you not been watching him, he’s losing his mind. He is making less sense everyday. He says he has seen things that never happened. He does stupid things like making fun of reporters and he is going to sue the press. He is coming unhinged.

          10. crazyfreddie says:


          11. bobnstuff says:

            I.m not joking, watch him. Go back and watch his first speech , all lies but it wasn’t an out and out rant. Now he is ranting. I’m waiting for the foam around the mouth.

          12. richardwfaith says:

            CFR-connected sweet-talking daisies! The CFR part of it is the WORST part!

          13. Sherry says:

            How on Earth could you possibly KNOW if the Donald is in the tank for the CFR??? I have NEVER heard him oppose the trek down the NWO path…….have YOU??
            He spews a lot of rhetoric he knows you uninformed worshipers want to hear…….So did Hitler! Don’t you think it unpresidential when he spews stupid juvenile trash talk about any of his Republican opponents?? I thought we Republicans had more class than the Demoncrap dimwits! He not only plays dirty, IF anyone tries to answer back or even accuses him of lying, this petulant child goes even more bombastic! WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT; even the Demoncraps treat their opponents with a modicum of respect!

          14. richardwfaith says:

            Thanks for your passion and anger, but you’re making a mistake about me. I NEVER accused Trump of a CFR connection; I was referring to Rubio.

          15. Sherry says:

            I’m not either….I have no way of knowing IF Trump is a CFR shill or not….WHO even knows who really is???

          16. crazyfreddie says:


          17. GQ4U says:

            And Cruz. Check out his wife Heidi’s major involvement with the CFR that Cruz slyly denounced as being a pit of vipers. Wolf in sheep’s clothing!!!

          18. richardwfaith says:

            One can but wonder if anyone actually “quits” the CFR. Does anyone ever resign from the Mafia and live to tell of it, or do they just go underground/incognito? Isn’t the CFR by far more dangerous than the Mafia? Lastly, and most importantly, does political influence/persuasion/coercion ever get transacted in the marriage bed???????????

          19. richardwfaith says:

            TheDemocrats just have a more functional pecking order, making them the more disciplined (and therefore more dangerous) band of thugs.

          20. richardwfaith says:

            It’s fair enough to say we haven’t heard Trump openly denounce the NWO, but NEITHER HAS ANYONE ELSE. This makes me MASSIVELY disappointed in ALL of them! On the other hand, Trump IS killing one of the NWO’s most sacred cows: he’s opposing illegal immigration PASSIONATELY. Some of the others do speak of the matter, but NEVER convincingly.

          21. Sherry says:

            The Donald is NOT the strongest…He’s just the LOUDEST and the NASTIEST!! Since when is that a STRENGTH??? He is too juvenile and pig headed to be POTUS! Years from now, you will regret you ever defended and voted for this Clown! Don’t say you haven’t seen plenty of information about this “man”! It will be another “O” fiasco….he’s not equipped to handle the job! We NEED another Reagan type…….Like Carson!

          22. Hgeyer says:

            LOL! You say that like Carson was white!

          23. Sherry says:

            Since YOU are a racist, I would not expect for you to know a BRILLIANT, WONDERFUL AMERICAN MAN like Carson! I, for one, am grateful that God made him just for us! I’m eternally grateful that his mother didn’t believe in abortion! So is a lot of happy families he blessed with his surgical prowess! God has a plan, and that includes ALL of us, so race doesn’t comport with his views and actions! You would do well to be a blessing to others and not be a curse to many…….

          24. Hgeyer says:

            LOL! I’M a racist? That’s a real joke! I hate to tell you but a HUGE percentage of your republican party IS racist! If you don’t believe that just read the posts on this website from all your racist buddies! Do I need to re-post all the racist comments from your conservative friends? I can’t even keep track of how many times I’ve been referred to as a “nigger lover” for supporting our president! Please nominate Carson so we can watch half of your party NOT vote!

          25. Sherry says:

            YOU are a DAMNED LIAR like the rest of your lying ilk!

            I read multiple posts on many sites and have found that most of the pejorative terms used were by your own trolls! Most of the foul language is also frequently pointed at we conservatives! So, go ahead and find them…print them if you must, but I already KNOW that you lefties lie so much because you have no scruples when it comes to honesty!

          26. crazyfreddie says:


        2. Julia says:

          The sad truth Sherry is that almost ANYTHING is better than Hillary! As to power, that’s what all politicians want, and once they get it can’t give it up!

    3. robert says:

      your right the lefty democraps libaturds and the lame stream bought and paid for treasonous medias or pulling out all the stops.but it doesn,t matter what the lame stream medias do or don,t do.because everyone we know hasn,t listened to or watched any of these ovomit boot liker medias in years.go donald thrump were with you 100% don,t worry donald everyone we know couldn,t care less what the lame stream medias say or do.we research everything our selfs.go donald thrump god bless all legal american veterans/citizens

    4. JACK3889 says:

      It has to be rigged since it is not confirmed by any other recent poll. In most reliable ones DT leads his nearest rival by double digits.

    5. robert says:

      we don,t believe polls we research ourselfs and find that donald is doing very well.don,t forget most of the lame stream bought and paid for treasonous medias or just puppets.we have our own media and everyone we know hasn,t listened to our watched any of the lame stream medias in years.the lame stream medias or all telepromters for ovomit/satan and hillary the bengazi trump perfect no one is.but compared to ovomit/satan and hillary past historys he is doing very well.everyone we know is for donald thrump and a few for ted cruz.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens go donald thrump

    6. HadEnough says:


  • Mike Rose says:

    It takes a long time to fix what the republicans have ruined. Four more years of Obama would be great. These fools the republicans have out there now have no clue. They all say they’ll do this and do that but they never say how or where the money is coming from TO do it. And why isn’t George W out stumping for Jeb?

    1. KDC says:

      Are you kidding? Another no common sense communist who can’t even fathom the destruction BO has done to this great America.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        If you don’t want the Democrats to win give us someone to vote for who hasn’t spent their lives trying to get headlines by pissing everyone off. This bunch of clowns are hopeless. Why can’t the republicans fine someone who understands how to lead and how our government works. Most of these people wouldn’t pass 8th grade civics class. Trump is the worst, he doesn’t even know what the power of the president is and thinks he can just dictate what he wants like he runs his business. Carson is a nice guy but hasn’t a clue. Cruz is a big mouth that can’t lead a one man band. Please give me a republican with brains, leadership and the understanding that he is the president of the whole country not just the conservatives. We need a true leader.

        1. Gnowark says:

          Perhaps Trump is using bho as a guide and thinks he can get away with obamao’s antics. Carson has a clue (unlike bho, kerry, clinton who have agendas to accomplish and depend on popularity of MSM to promote destructive policies). Cruz CAN lead a one-man band (by definition) and has quite a following. I would support any of them by them selves, even without a comparison to clinton or sanders Are you suggesting another GWB, that didn’t support conservative principles, would better this country?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Trump has said he would do things that he can’t do as president, pure and simple. Carson doesn’t understand how our government works and is very weak on world affairs. The presidency is not a place for on the job training. Ted is not a leader, he’s a lone wolf, there is nothing wrong with being a lone wolf but they don’t make good leaders. GWB was not a good president and Dick Chaney was a worse one. I really don’t care one way or another about conservative principles because there don’t really seem be any principles that the conservatives will stick to. They want freedom of religion as long as it’s their religion. They are pro birth but not pro life, They are Christian as long as they don’t have to follow the rule Christ put down. They want smaller government but don’t want to give up government services and in fact want to expand some of them. I don’t care about labels only results. I want the best value for my taxes and to be protected from those that would do me harm. I understand the importance of business but I understand greed and the need to protect us from it. We learned not to trust big business in the gilded age but someone has forgotten that. Just so you know, you can’t trust big business. They don’t care about you only making money. They will poison your air and water if given the chance and if no one tells them that they can’t. Government needs to stay out of our bedrooms. They need to treat everyone the same and protect our rights to be different. We own our own bodies and the only time the government should step in is when there national interest involved. I want less government waste. The republicans running for president have no problem taking away our rights as long as their supporters will let them.

          2. Gnowark says:

            Agreed on many points (BB not concerned w/ the source of their wealth – our country, cannot trust “moderates” AKA rinos, Christian only wiyh the exceptions they desire) but I must offer an alternative: BigBusiness IS the current red and blue government, and a pack-animal won’t protect anything but the pack. Cruz, Trump (although I confess to not being a Trump-eter), Carson all SEEM to be enough outside “the pack” to offer better probabilities of the MUCH-SMALLER Gov’t that we must have, and I disagree that a “lone wolf” (all the people you discuss) cannot make a better leader.

        2. 8355378 says:

          We had him but the repubs turned their back on Scott Walker.look what he done in Wis.won 3 elections in 4 years and brought the unions down and got the state out of the red.the media is picking our candidates for us.If you watch the news they will down play the ones they done like and show the ones they approve of or during the debates they don’t ask them anything.a 3 hour debate and they get to talk for 15 mins.

    2. skipsart says:

      Stop lumping the Conservatives together with the RINO Establishment.
      You liberal/socialists just can’t figure out the difference, can you.

    3. Gnowark says:

      MikeRose, I’m assuming you mean that what the Dems have done CANNOT be fixed, while the Reps will take a long time. I’m afraid you’re right, so thanks for your republican plug. You’re right, the rep’s lack of funding IS better than just dems’ printing money to pay for ineffective/ unConstitutional/ unreal programs.

    4. 8355378 says:

      that what obama done when he ran for prez .stand there and say hope and change and then lie about the health care bill if you like your policy you can keep it ,if you like your dr you can keep him.he said he wouldn’t have lobbist in his administration and a week later he put one in.lied about a video being the cause of benghazi .you are all right with obama lying but only cause he’s a dem

  • Carl Pyzowski says:


    1. setemfree says:

      Sorry but I highly disagree with you both. He wants to give amnesty to the illegals. This is WRONG. Wake up. Before you endorse someone that wants more illegals, the same as Rubio. Accept all the foreigners you want but at least make them come through the front door not sneak through the back window.

      1. Phannesa says:

        who are u talking about?

  • Carl Pyzowski says:

    Trump and Cruz would make a great team. Trump – no nonsense approach and Cruz on how to get it done by telling the truth. America is crying out for the truth and in disputable facts from our politicians. No more rhetoric, lies, deception and bullshit from the in crowd in Washington.

    1. tchr says:

      Ted Cruz has sounded like he is for the US but I am concerned. Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi works for Goldman Sachs and is on the Council of Foreign Relations. Some people think that Trump is a wrecking operation to go against the GOP base. That it is all an act to get the nomination and hand the election over to his good friend Hillary. Trump has said that he is a Democrat. He admires Bill Clinton and admires Chelsea even more. I would hate for that to happen.

      1. Nina814 says:

        His wife is not running for President. She’s a very smart woman, smarter than you from what I can see. She doesn’t work for Goldman Sachs; she’s on leave and most likely stay that way if her husband is elected President or Vice President. I don’t see a conflict of interest here. Use your God-given brain!

        1. Sherry says:

          AMEN and AMEN! Great shot of the TRUTH! WELL DONE!

        2. richardwfaith says:

          So, no political influence ever happens in BED????

      2. Sherry says:

        That’s EXACTLY why Ben Carson is so important and relevant for today! You can’t beat integrity, BRILLIANCE, slow to anger, NO skeletons to dig up, and a committed Christian who lives by those ethics as well as God’s MORES!

    2. Sherry says:

      IF your “Ticket” won, Trump would do what Trump likes….He will IGNORE Cruz and anything Cruz tried to do! Just like “O” and Biden!
      You will get more of the same old stuff you want gone! Believe me, the day is coming when you will regret voting for Trump! Another “O” situation! Trump has no idea how to handle Putin/Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Europe and mostly the silent Giant China! China will eat us alive while we are trying to deal with ISIS! We owe China so much, yet we constantly WASTE trillions on the boondoggle that is the Muslim world, both here and abroad! They are keeping our attention on the tensions that “O” created (on purpose) the Race Wars, ISIS here, and ISIS there! Keep your eyes on CHINA!!!

      1. Judy McKinney says:

        How much are they paying you, Sherry?

    3. NJ Lady says:

      My exact sentiments, Carl. Let’s see; there’s still a long way to go toward the nominations.

  • Carl Pyzowski says:

    I like Ted Cruz. He stands up for principles. Now wait as the new forerunner is bombarded by untrue propaganda by the left. This time it won’t work.

    1. 7papa7 says:

      I agree. I think that Senator Cruz is head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates combined. He, IMHO, is the Reagan of today. We need Cruz in today’s environment as badly as we needed Reagan in the 80’s. I think the place he would shine the most is in the appointment of high court judges.

      1. GQ4U says:

        Judges??? You better vet Cruz’s true colors before you vote.
        Plus, he is a Canadian and ineligible to be POTUS. He was born to a Cuban national and is ineligible to be POTUS. Do you think he will appoint judges who uphold the constitution when he violates it by running for president. Ted is not a Natural Born Citizen (NBC) as required in Article-2.

        He does speak well, but rhetoric doesn’t make him legal anymore than it does Obama..

        1. Sherry says:

          Cruz sure would make a top notch Supreme Court Justice, would he not?

          1. GQ4U says:

            He is certainly well qualified for the job.

    2. Phannesa says:

      and we will really lose to the dems!

      1. The Redhawk says:

        BUT only if EXTREME IDIOTS become once more “COUCH POTATIES” in NOV 2016 as they did in Nov 2012 and gave us ODUMBO at least ONE MORE than we should have had..that IDIOT as POTUS….

        1. Phannesa says:

          I believe that extreme cheating by the obama’s dirty tricks committee won the election. There were dubious results and Romney refused to check it out, like the voting machines were rigged and will only show obola’s name. I believe that Trump has more appeal than Cruz and Donald is tapping into the people’s frustrations too. We need ideals but we need to win this one or else we are fried! I like Cruz a lot, but his appeal is limited. We need to be very smart about this election. I am counting on Trump sealing the deal!

          1. The Redhawk says:

            All the more reasons that we nor the Free world can afford any more EXTREME COUCH potatoes.. the GOP has a pretty Impressive field of candidates so VOTE FOR WHOEVER ETS THE FINAL NOD… ANYONE BUT SEL-LIES;RRY……….don;t you thik that MITT would have been MUCH.. MUCH better than BHO-ZO?……..

          2. Nina814 says:

            I agree. But my feeling is that if the Dems try to rig the polls like they did last time and Trump is the GOP candidate, all hell will break loose. Trump will not concede without a real fight. Won’t be easy this time.

          3. Sherry says:

            Trump is part of THEM! Either way, THEY win…….

            Carson/Cruz or Cruz/Carson! That’s ALL there really is if you truly want Constitutional Christian Conservative men in the White House! The rest are Rino or not really quality candidates, or unpopular!

          4. Sherry says:

            You don’t get it……. Trump IS part of THEIR PLAN! IF he gets the nod, we are DOOMED!

          5. Sherry says:

            IF Trump “wins” we WILL BE FRIED! I thought THIS election was about integrity and INTELLIGENCE! The Donald has NEITHER! He is nothing more than a Democrap liberal in RINO clothing! More of the same ole, same ole! Like all of the corrupt Politicians, he will SAY anything he thinks you want to hear! I, for one, am sick of “hearing” his polluted CRAP! More of the same Reid/Pelosi type desparaging remarks AGAINST his supposed GOP brethren! Not much against killery or even “O”! WHY??? Because, he is a PLANT by the NWO folks tom sway and deceive the voters. SIMPLE!

          6. Phannesa says:

            TROLL ALERT EVERYONE!! Sherry drank too much cherry!

          7. richardwfaith says:

            Actually, CFR membership (one of the most MALIGNANT varieties of NWO connections) is RAMPANT in the establishment parts of BOTH so-called parties (and that’s why I say we ACTUALLY are suffering under a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM!). Those who UNDERSTAND this fact are NOT the ones who ask over and over again “Why are there RINO’s?”, because they already KNOW what MAKES a RINO a RINO. ONE PARTY SYSTEM! What evidence do you have that Trump is an any way connected with the CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, illuminati, or Skull and Bones? I’m not giving you a hostile confrontation here at all; I’m sincerely asking you, if you have such information, to please share it!.
            By the way, the reason why I do NOT believe that Trump is NWO-connected is that he repeatedly and PASSIONATELY tries to kill the NWO’s FAVORITE SACRED COW: OPEN BORDERS!

        2. Sherry says:

          That’s not what really happened! Both of “O”s runs were fixed! Sure there was a lot of ballot stuffing, illegals voting, and dead voters as well as the “lost” military votes! The fact is, the Soros voting machines were manipulated to give 5the “win” to “O” by 51-52%, just to keep the suspicion down! Remember the C-span congressional hearings by the Computer programmer who admitted to the fraud? WHY were we using Soros machines and why were the votes counted in SPAIN??? Isn’t it interesting that there was NO apparent OPEN OUTRAGE shown or
          reported by the left wing media??? Not even Fox reported it! I only saw a small mention of it on newsmax about C-Span covering it! I watched it as long as I could and was horrified that this could actually happen here in the USA! This ain’t the 50’s anymore! The demise of the late GREAT USA started in the 60’s! The ONLY respite we enjoyed was when Reagan was President for ALL of US!

          1. richardwfaith says:

            The NWO CABAL runs not only BOTH SO-CALLED “political parties” (actually co-equal and interchangeable TWIN HEADS OF THE SAME BEAST), but the media as well. THERE! The dots are CONNECTED! Now you know why there was NO media outrage! They’re IN on it!

      2. Sherry says:

        YOU ALREADY HAVE! Trump is no conservative! He is and was ALWAYS a Demoncrap who hung with the Hollywood crowd, questionable lobbyists, Corrupt Bankers, and dirty dealing business conglomerates where power rules over “small business” as Trump once said while crushing them under his feet! Check this guy out completely! It is all very easy to check out! Look up court proceedings, law suits, questionable business practices which are, at the very least, unethical if not illegal!!!

        1. You people are describing, in the real world, EVERY PRESIDENT THAT HAS EVER BEEN IN OFFICE!!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            You forget Jimmy Carter, most likely the most honest president in history. Not the greatest but the most honest.

          2. Sherry says:

            He was a constant twister of truth….He became a pure anti-Semite and wanted the Jews to be without a homeland! He constantly lied about Russia, Korea, and China! When the Chinese called him on it, he had to make a “MIA COPA” trip to China! He constantly twisted facts about GOP policies LOUDLY and covered for the corruption in his administration! Look it up on U-tube and Wickapedia. Other sites as well! He is NOT the “Christian” he perported to be…all was a phony front to hide his poorly planned government failings! BUT, WAIT…Isn’t that what Demoncraps DO BEST??

          3. Sherry says:

            Do you include Ronald Reagan in that mix of yours? You can’t…every one in the media was out to get Reagan and dig up whatever they could! Know what they found? That at one time he was a Democrat! That he was too old for the job! That he didn’t understand Foreign policies AND the people who ran those countries! WE have been on a downhill slide since Reagan! He got BLAMED for every Demoncrap failure! Even Tip O’Neill had to congradulate him on his performance; they eventually became good friends!

        2. Judy McKinney says:

          Hang in there, Sherry. You are certainly doing your part for the libs and Hillary.

    3. The Redhawk says:

      CRUZ or anyone …NO SHIL-LIER-RY!!!

      1. richardjf says:

        Great name, SHIL LIER RY, you mean, What difference does it make now, the liar.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          well a difference between the lYING BHO-zo nad the Lying SHIl-IE;Ty makes no different … as long as tey are Progressive Libtards .. they all LIE!

        2. Sherry says:

          PLEASE…….NO MORE LIARS IN CHIEF from either “party”!!

    4. Sherry says:

      Hopefully…….I love Cruz! Trump, not so much, anymore! he wears me out. It embarrasses me for the entire world to see this bafoon running in our CCC Party when THEY ALL KNOW that he is a phony LIBERAL!

      1. richardwfaith says:

        At least he’s not tied to the CFR like most of all of the rest. The importance of this can not be exaggerated. The CFR is out to SINK us!

        1. Sherry says:

          What makes you think he doesn’t have connections with the CFR?? Of course he does! He certainly wouldn’t broadcast it if he did…….There is NO way to tell WHO does have those connections! How do YOU know WHO has those connections? How will you find out?? It isn’t open to public scrutiny, so how will you know the TRUTH before you make those unwarranted statements?

          1. richardwfaith says:

            The CFR has a website on which the names of its members appear in a list. So far, I have not found Trump’s name listed; on the other hand, those slimeballs ARE out to corrupt anyone they can. Here are the reasons I don’t believe he’s connected with them:
            1. Trump doesn’t need their money for his campaign;
            2. Trump’s greatest strength is his support of border fences and deportation, both of which the CFR and its darlings oppose vehemently;
            3. The CFR is the financial and media muscle of the establishment ONE-PARTY system, which is desperately trying to get rid of him.

    5. kibitzer3 says:

      Why would you, as presumably a sincere conservative, want to try to make two wrongs make a right – especially if it involved the Constitution, and its trashing??

      Cruz is not eligible for the office, for not being a “natural born” citizen, which by historical definition, and the one that the constitutional Framers were clearly going by (as much historical evidence attests to), is one born on the soil of citizen parents – PLURAL. The whole POINT of the exercise on the part of the Framers being to make sure that the occupant of that office, who would as well then become the Commander in Chief of the nation’s military forces, had NO DUAL/CONFLICTING LOYALTIES OR ALLEGIANCES. As a naturalized citizen would be subject to. And as a DUAL citizen would MOST CERTAINLY be subject to. Like Cruz. And like Obama.

      We need to get back to the rule of law in this country. Not compound the problem. Or we are well on our way into the realm of tyrants. Precisely as happened in, and to, the Roman Republic.

      Will we ever learn from history? If not, what has it been FOR?? And what is our intelligence for???

      1. Judy McKinney says:

        Unlike Obama, who was raised in a Muslim country, and has never felt the thrill when our flag goes by, or listening to “Star Spangled Banner”, Cruz has been raised as an AMERICAN, and I see no resemblance between him and Obama. I think Cruz would make a great VP. And surely he, and Trump, etc. know whether he is eligible or not.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Do you understand what a vice presidents job is? Do you think Ted would do what the president would ask him to and do you think the senate would follow his lead? The vice president is the worst job in Washington and you want to give it to Mr. Cruz. Think about it.

          1. Judy McKinney says:

            Maybe I don’t understand. Are you saying Ted wouldn’t do what Trump asked him to? Or that Trump would ask him to do something unethical? And do you think the senate would follow his lead? If not, why? And are you saying Cruz isn’t fit to be VP, or that you think he deserves better? I am not sure I understand which way your post is going. Serious question. And I am not THAT up on all political positions. Please make your statement clearer.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Ted is his own man and I don’t see him taking orders from anyone. Trump has no ethics. Not a good fit. Mr. Cruz should be AG. He could be his own man and keep the government honest. Trump should go back to TV and let the real candidates get on with it.

          3. richardwfaith says:

            Among all of your SO-CALLED “real” candidates, not even ONE has taken a credible stand in favor of the two most EFFECTIVE means of border enforcement: DEPORTATION, and THE FENCE.

          4. Sherry says:

            BRILLIANT and succinct POST! Bravo!

          5. Sherry says:

            Judy…see my post above yours….I think I understand where he is coming from….

          6. Sherry says:

            You’re RIGHT! That truly would be a waste of talent!

            Besides, the VP is to replace the POTUS if something were to happen to him! IF it’s true, then Cruz can’t even run for VP! He would be a FABULOUS SCOTUS member for LIFE!

        2. richardwfaith says:

          For better or worse, it rains on both the just and the unjust, and two wrongs STILL do not make a right, EVEN WHEN one of them is trivial or innocuous in comparison to the other. What I remember from my own childhood is that when Jimmy said “BUT, Johnny did it TOO!”, Johnny AND Jimmy BOTH were ushered to the Principal’s office for a paddling of butts! If the time frame over which we evaluate “pro’s and con’s” of making an exception for Cruz (whom I actually admire a lot) is only one or two Presidential terms, it ALMOST makes sense; however, if we are EXPECTING our Republic to be EXTINCT by that short interval of time, then we are lashing ourselves up to a SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY! Ergo, it seems far better to look a long way into the future, which means:
          STARTING RIGHT NOW, pursue and RIGOUROUSLY ENFORCE the strictest possible criteria for Presidential citizenship. Q: WHY? A: to make CERTAIN that we NEVER AGAIN get an “obamA”!

    6. GQ4U says:

      Perhaps he will be bombarded because he deserves it. You don’t have to be on the left to speak the truth.

  • VirgoVince says:

    He’s the BEST MAN for OUR country AT THIS TIME!!!!

    1. GQ4U says:

      Tilting at windmills Virgo?

  • YeahBut says:

    Ted Cruz is our man. A true conservative and a diplomat. At the end of the day, any GOP is better than corrupt Hillary.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      In what way is Cruz a diplomat? He seems to tic off everyone in his party and says what every he wants to without caring who he upsets. As far as his being a conservative, he has always work for the government and his wife works for Wall St.. He says he is a conservative but just saying no in the Senate and making a lot of noise really doesn’t make you a conservative. Writing bills that you know will not become law doesn’t advance the conservative cause. Shutting down the government helps no one. He says he want a lot of things for our country but has not done anything but talk. Where is his bill overhauling immigration and border security? Where is is bill overhauling our health care system? Where is his bill overhauling the VA? What bill will go down in history as the Cruz bill? His birth place should make Trump not want him because he is was born of an American mother a foreign father in another country. Isn’t that what Trump has been saying about Obama. By Trumps standards Cruz could never be president and as Vice President he would be next in line when some one shoots Trump. I don’t want to see Hillary as president but if the republicans can’t find someone who can unite the party and the country that’s who we will get. Trump and Ted aren’t it.

      1. Alupara says:

        Spoken like a true shill for the RNC!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Show me one time Ted has been diplomatic. He thinks being diplomatic is a weakness.

          1. Sherry says:

            Have YOU been asleep or something??? YOU are so very WRONG about everything you spewed out about Cruz! He is sick to death of the do-nothings in D.C.! He has taken cases to the SCOTUS and WON EVERY argument! Every time he puts a bill forward, the Rinos won’t let it come up! The Rinos have been working WITH the Democraps because there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between them! TOO P.C.! Shut down the DAMNED Government!!! At least THAT money won’t go to waste! Besides, they don’t shut nothing down except for the VISIBLE places where tourism thrives! NO Gmt offices are ever shut down….it’s all a sham! Even IF they did send some home, they still get paid for doing NOTHING!! All of it FRAUD, as usual! The ONLY one’s Cruz pisses off is theDemoncraps and the Rinos in “O”s pocket and the LIES continue on like clockwork! Ted is not only very Diplomatic, but TOUGH on the lazy, bought off RINOS like McConnel and Boehner! He FINALLY is willing to call a liar a LIAR!!! No more Mr. Nice Guy! Glenn Beck did an entire show with Cruz! Look it up on Glenn Beck, The Blaze, or U-Tube it! That was a real eye opener for me! Even Glenn changed his mind about Cruz!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Have you read any of his bills? If they are so good name one please. He’s not being shot down by anyone except himself. As far as closing the government, it cost $8 million tax dollars. Oh and do a fact check on Ted with any fact checking sight, he doesn’t do so good. YeahBut said Ted was Diplomatic. I said he isn’t. You agree that he isn’t diplomatic. One thing a president must be is diplomatic, it’s part of the job.

          3. Sherry says:

            Ya mean like “O” or Kerry??? Diplomacy is only good IF their integrity is intact! THAT is part of their job as they took an OATH to keep! Ted IS diplomatic when he needs to be but calls out the LIARS and the FRAUDS as he should! Jesus Christ did EXACTLY the same thing! Honesty has not always been EASY, but it is the right thing to do! Changing your mind on an important issue is a valuable asset, especially when you have all of the facts and God to back you up! To be able to do so, shows the flexibility required for the job! Strong but firm like Reagan was! You won’t always be popular, but if you function in TRUTH and not fraud, people will eventually come to trust you! They tried to ruin Ron Reagan the same way, but his Christian ethics and his humorous brilliance eventually won them over! There was not one world leader who could deny those facts! They all knew he was a man of honor and could deal with an honest man! I think Cruz has those qualities.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            I live under Reagan and Ted Cruz has non of Reagan’s people skills. Name one time Ted has been diplomatic. Also Ted has a problem with telling the truth, his facts don’t check out over half the time. It’s not just Ted that seem to be light on facts. Trump is the worse. Start fact checking anything with numbers, it’s easy to find out if they are getting it right. Ted said that the ACA was costing twice what it was initially expected to but the real number is 9%. Go check the truth in his statements and see how he use half truths and miss information. Remember we are talking about Ted here so coming back with Hillary lies makes no difference.

          5. Sherry says:

            Curious…….Where did you get YOUR facts from???? Many people complained about “O” care costing MORE than twice what was promised…as well as there is over 30 million people uninsured! They can’t even get that number right! I no longer have insurance as it is too expensive and the “care” I need at my age isn’t available! Did you realize any savings on YOUR insurance?? I sure didn’t! It seems to me that EVERY ones “factual” numbers differ widely…depends on who is reporting them. Last month I fact checking numbers on murders by guns , both black and white, and all of the Government stats differ widely. The NUMBERS game is hard to pin down! So, how to tell if someone is lying or just plain misinformed?? I judge these men on their actions as well as their word! Misinformation is everywhere and a hard thing to pin down! Watch Cruz on the Glenn Beck archives! That is where I started paying attention to Cruz. After vetting him, I grew to like and then LOVE him! Still not sure about his eligibility to run for POTUS! He is certainly more American than “O”!

          6. bobnstuff says:

            My insurance went down $90 per month and it was better coverage. Since then I retired and lost my employer insurance and went to health care .gov and my insurance dropped to $86 per month because of the rebate. If you haven’t gone on line you really should.



            I like they bust everyone. Even Fox has used their facts. I love looking up Trump, he get busted so often, He will lie when the truth would prove his point, I shouldn’t call them lies when they are misstatements because he doesn’t know the facts so he makes them up.

            I do not watch Glenn Beck. I don’t trust anything that comes out of his mouth. Have you ever read his bio, He is the king of propaganda.

            You are right about pinning down numbers, I have spent days looking for facts only to find that no one keeps them an all the numbers are pieced together. The thing that gets to me is when people like Beck take a number and twist it so you think it say one thing when it doesn’t and in fact it means the exact opposite. The employment numbers seem to be a favorite play ground for the fact twisters. the BLS put out numbers and everyone goes looking for a way to make their point even when in fact their point is false. Unemployment is down, no matter how hard people like Glenn tries to say other wise, it’s down. People have dropped out of the work force, that is a true fact but the why of the matter is the problem. My wife doesn’t work and I’m now part time. This is not because of a bad economy or lack of jobs. Because of the ACA I can get insurance for my wife with out getting through my employer, she has medical problems. Because my 401K is now worth something again thanks to the rise in stock prices I have enough money to retire. I have four siblings, all but one of us are out of the full time work force. We had to wait till the economy to pick up to do it but now we could. These are facts I know. I also had to delay my retirement by four months because I said I would stay full time until they had replaced me and it took four months for them to find someone who would show up for work and could pass a drug test.

            Now that I’m not working full time I spend way to much time on line looking things up. If I say something here I can give links to back it up. I don’t care if it’s right wing or left wing a lie is a lie and if I have facts I will point out that lie. I’m not anti Cruz but if I was going to hire him it would not be as president. On the other hand he would make a great AG.

      2. Nina814 says:

        Those bills are in the Senate collecting dust and mold because Obozo is against them and nobody has the guts to impeach the POS that people like you elected for president.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I would ask you to look for those bills and give my the number from them. I have looked at all 215 bills that have Ted Cruz on them and you will find nothing of great use there. You do know that there are a number of places that you can read the bills pending in the congress.The republicans hold the house and the senate and control what bills get passed so what are they waiting for. Ted loves to write bills but no one else thinks much of them. Only one of his bills has made it into law.

        2. Sherry says:

          SPOT ON!!! So glad some of us are paying attention!

          Thank you!!!

    2. Marty says:

      Yea, but LOL if we nominate another like MC lame or Romney, we will probably lose the election. Any body IS better then killery, but not anybody could beat her. It will take Trump or Cruz, hopefully both.

      1. Phannesa says:

        Trump will defeat hillary.

          1. The Redhawk says:

            IF yiu believe in POLLS others do MUCH BETTER than Donald vs SHEL-LIES-RRY

  • GQ4U says:

    It was only a matter of time before he self destructed.
    Trump is his own worst enemy. He talks before he thinks.
    We need a POTUS who is level headed, steadfast and will govern according to the US Constitution.
    Rand Paul is the best choice to restore America to its founding principles.

    1. KDC says:

      Rand Paul is a sell out! I’ve read some pretty nasty things about him. And at one time, I thought he was the guy.

      1. Sherry says:

        Rand Paul has NEVER been a sell out! Those stupid false reports on the Huff Post and on msnbc were total fabrications like they tried to pull on Dr, Ben Carson! When Paul tried to confront them, they would not even answer his calls for a retraction! He KNOWS that all they have to do is ignore him and people will still believe their LIES! He is correct….people ddo believe the lies and never search out their false reports! people have gotten lazy and “news reporters” AREN’T!!! Everything is now a slanted hit piece just to cause doubt and degradation! There is no longer any HONOR among them! The other day, Joe Scarlboro actually admitted to it! Lou Dobbs did a report on “reporters” who have an agenda and do NOT even try to do the hard work of finding out the truth! Fully one half of what they “report” is totally BOGUS! The other half is so slanted left, the “Truth” stays out of their “light”!

        1. KDC says:

          Sherry, to me he is a sell out. He and I were emailing and he supports GMO foods. These foods are detrimental to the health of human beings, and Monsanto is a self serving, corrupt company. I came out and told him I thought he took campaign contributions from Monsanto which is why he was endorsing their products. I can’t support anyone who sides with this corrupt company.

          1. richardwfaith says:

            While I actually share your concerns about GMO foods and echo your own sentiments about Monsanto, we can’t fight a war on too many fronts at the same time; we will lose for spreading ourselves too thin. Rand SHINES in all of three critical areas:
            1) SOVEREIGNTY (You CANNOT have LIBERTY without it!;
            2) The Constitution
            3) STABLE CURRENCY.
            If we lose even ONE of the three (we have almost completely lost the Constitution already, and the Dollar is in serious trouble), we are TOAST no matter HOW many other issues we successfully FIX.

          2. KDC says:

            Totally agree!

          3. Sherry says:

            Now, THAT I did not know! I’m dead set against Monsanto and their GMOs! I purchase my different flours and non GMOs through Vitacost! I bake a lot and they have a wonderful selection of Bob’s red mill flours and other brands! Also their cold pressed natural honey is to die for! I drink a lot of green tea and they have a great variety of teas! Did you know that one of Monsanto’s head people runs the FDA???
            It’s no wonder we cannot get rid of GMOs and their LIES! I buy ONLY heirloom seeds, too! I, too, cannot support anyone who is corrupt enough to take Monsanto or Agriform money! I will have to check this out! Thank you for the post!

          4. KDC says:

            Sherry, remember Rand Paul was endorsing GMOs. Wether they did contribute to his campaign or not is anyone’s guess. I just put it to him, that’s all. I’m with you on everything you do. Organic flour, heirloom seeds, etc. please look up the companies Monsanto owns. I try to boycott any company they own, and there are a lot of them. Most food ads on tv are Monsanto owned. I won’t buy them anymore.
            Not too surprised about the FDA.

      2. GQ4U says:

        He’s not a sell out. When you buck the establishment status quo someone writes nasty things about you — it doesn’t make it true. Carson seems like a good guy and look what’s written about him. Wise up KDC.

        1. KDC says:

          You wise up…that’s not what I meant! Mr. Paul and I have written each other. I do not appreciate his support for GMO foods. They are detrimental to the health of humans. Monsanto might have sent him some campaign money. And I stated that to him directly. Why else would someone (a doctor) support such a corrupt company? Thats why i feel he is a sell out. I cannot support anyone who sides with that company because they are a blood sucking, self serving, company who could care less what is good for you or not. They should stick with the round-up and stop trying to poison us!

    2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      you might have has a point, but you don’t. There is something wrong with this poll, because no other candidate moved up in this poll.
      Rand Paul??!!!??? may as well vote for Jeb Bush. Granted Paul stood up for a few things, then did the happy RINO thing, by standing down, on other important issues. He has a problem, in that he doesn’t want to upset too many people, and that makes him, at this time in our history, not the man for the job.

      1. GQ4U says:

        Trump will implode sooner or later.
        You obviously don’t know Rand Paul so you just regurgitate the lies from the establishment & MSM.

    3. Phannesa says:


      1. GQ4U says:

        Halloween is so over.
        Its gobble-gobble season now.
        Trump will implode regardless of what you may want.

    4. Sherry says:

      I love Rand Paul ,too, but he has gotten so whinny and doesn’t hold his anger under control; then acts like a high school kid trying to get into the Varsity Picture. He IS smart, intelligent and a thinker. He TRIED to be a DOer, but the RINO Machine held him back by IGNORING him! Ted Cruz cannot be IGNORED!! When either one of them “fights” the machine, Cruz seems to get the upper hand! I wish Rand was a Christian, then he would have more “CAJONES” and the FAITH to carry him through!

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