Republicans and Democrats trade blame as Congress barrels toward a possible government shutdown

by Jacob Pramuk, CNBC
January 17, 2018

House Speaker Paul Ryan warned on Wednesday against “playing political games” as Democrats threatened to block a last-ditch spending deal this week if they cannot also pass a plan to protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Parts of the government will shut down if Congress cannot pass a spending bill by the end of Friday. The GOP has framed passing funding legislation as crucial to supporting American military and national security efforts.

“For people to hold up money for our military for these unrelated issues — and for deadlines that don’t even exist this Friday — that makes no sense,” Ryan told reporters.

Republicans have control of the House, Senate and White House and can pass a spending bill on their own. Some Republicans, however, have criticized the notion of passing another short-term funding plan. Congress in late December last approved a stopgap bill through Friday.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Congress gets paid during a shutdown, while staffers don’t. Here’s why.

    By Brad Plumer October 1, 2013

    It’s one of the cruel paradoxes of the government shutdown: The politicians who are most responsible for the chaos will still get paid. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of federal workers either get sent home or see their paychecks delayed.

  • podunk1 says:

    Why don’t we simply use the facts noted below, and use them to prosecute and ban from office, the progressive communists who are engaged in “LEVYING WAR” against the presidency, Constitution, and USA? Look up “levying war” in Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary (1967) under the word “levy”… it’s exactly what they are doing! Article 3-3 defines it as TREASON & adds “… in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort…” (exact words).

    Dec 2017:BLS EMPLOYMENT FRAUD 438w
    BLS table B-3, average 26.63/hr. wages, @ 52 (40/hr.weeks) is $55,390 and that with 30% rounded employer paid taxes, fringes, and regulations on wages added is $32.62/hr. and $72,008 annually (rounded). It is an excellent indicator and measure of wage realted economic wealth generation and productivity.

    BLS Employment Situation (December)… Table A & A-1… population 256,109,000, workforce 160,597,000, employed people 154,021,000, unemployed 6,576,000 (4.09% of “reported workforce!).
    BLS table A-1 “want jobs” 5,308,000 ($382 Billion/yr.) … not working or generating wealth, are fraudulently excluded from unemployed (jobless)!
    BLS table B-2 average 34.5. weekly hours reveals there were only 132,843,000 full time 40/hr. jobs that were shared by 160,597,000 reported workers AND… those 21,178,000 ($1.52 TRILLION annually) jobs, pay, fringes, and tax revenue are fraudulently excluded from unemployed (joblessness).

    BLS 6,576,000 reported unemployed plus the fraudulently hidden 5,308,000“wanting jobs and the 21,178,000 hidden joblessness within part-time job sharing head-count, totals 33,062,000 loss unemployed (jobless) on a consistent full-time 40 hour basis. That reconciled BLS wage based wealth lost is $2.38 trillion annually!

    Any comparison to prior years requires a comparable, consistent, credible base period! Because the 2009/2016 period has zero credibility, the12 year 1997/2008 BLS historical workforce to workforce population we calculated at 66.50066% wherein deviation is less than 1% and unemployment was consistently close to 5%. That basis applied to actual December w/f 256,109,000 population determines a same basis 170,314,000 workforce, not 160,597,000, which compared to 132,843,000 full time adjusted jobs, puts unemployment at 37,471,000 (22.00%) and $2.7 trillion wealth lost to joblessness!

    The 37,471,000 (22.00%)jobless comparable basis vs. the herein disclosed corrected BLS 33,063,000 (19.41% & $2.7 trillion/yr.) is reconciled within 4,409,000 (2.59% & $2.4 trillion/yr.)!

    The 37,471,000 ($2.7 trillion) jobless loss has everything to do with 40 to 50 million alien invaders consisting of perhaps 20,000,000 illegally here and criminally collecting government welfare & infrastructure subsidies plus working in tax/fringe free employment! Plus… they flood the real workforce to drive citizen wages down and throw citizens out of work into welfare and poverty levels of part-time employment! That plus the progressive outsourcing of the US productive infrastructure to China, leaves the USA with part-time employment selling imported goods… on credit to Americans.

    The manifesto is the progressive RINO/democrat Alinski’s Rules for Radicals (communist overthrow and sacking the USA).

    Think about it… simple full employment injects $2.7 trillion annually into America, that simultaneously eliminates the debt death spiral of welfare! It’s $2 trillion if real unemployment is 5% as in the 1997/2008 base period illustrated! IT IS TREASON!!!
    (Hopefully there are no typo errors in copying the data from proprietary program calculations.)

    1. podunk1 says:

      note, the reconciliation difference 4,409,000 (2.59% 2.4 trillion) should read 4,409,000 (2.59% $0.3 trillion)

  • bobnstuff says:

    The military was paid this week and they have till the first of the month before their next pay. The republicans can close the government down for a week to ten days without effecting them. There was a deal worked out and Trump had approved it but then he changed his mind, or should I say people changed it for him so any shut down gets laid at his feet and those of the conservatives that got to him.

    1. chw2000 says:

      You know nothing about the military. You’re a draft dodger and a complete ass hole. I hate to tell you this but you’re completely WRONG, as usual. If this government shuts down, it is NOT Trump’s fault but your parties fault. That would be the Democrat Party. The Party of which you are a member and one of the biggest ass holes they have!

    2. Navy Bob says:

      Wrong again. The “deal” was worked out by the “Gang of Six” who decided they knew best. According to people in the office when this was presented to the President, it gave everything the Democrats wanted and blew off what the President had insisted on. The “deal” was a sham, as is the phony “outrage” by the liberals about the shut down. They WANT the government to shut down since they and their willing accomplices in the media will blame the GOP and the President, and mindless worms will believe it and repeat it.. They are putting their politically motivated love for illegals above their DUTY to the country. It’s amazing they haven’t put an increase in funding for Planned Parenthood into the mix. If they REALLY care, they will come to an agreement and quit trying to blackmail their pet projects into any agreement.

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