Republicans seek special counsel’s removal from Russia probe

by Reuters Staff
November 4, 2017

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Three Republican U.S. lawmakers called on Friday for Robert Mueller to resign as special counsel investigating Russia and the 2016 U.S. election, the latest in a series of conservatives’ criticisms of the FBI and Justice Department during the probe of how Moscow may have influenced the campaign.

Representatives Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs and Louis Gohmert accused Mueller of a conflict of interest because he was director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation when former President Barack Obama’s administration approved an agreement allowing a Russian company to buy a Canadian company that owned 20 percent of U.S. uranium supplies.

President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans have been calling for an investigation into the Uranium One deal, amid news of Mueller’s first indictments of Trump associates as the special counsel investigates allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Moscow.

Moscow denies any effort to influence the election, and Trump has dismissed the investigation as a “witch hunt.”

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  • ONTIME says:

    Mueller should have never got the job to begin with because he was associated with those who were colluding to undermine the President, he was unqualified by association….The real R’s had better move this guy out of that position because his landmine tactics are unrestricted and he can take any of them out…..

    1. Bob says:

      Of course the Republicons want Mueller gone. He’s closing in on the Orange Moron and the rest of the Low IQ, Crooked Republicons who got caught kissing their Russian counterparts in Secret Meetings calling for Conspiracy charges and Prison terms for a Whooooole bunch!! Adios, Comrades, starting with Tramp, Tramp Jr., Kushner, Pence, Manafart, etc, etc, and etc!!!

      1. WhiteFalcon says:

        I love hearing libturds scream and cry and whine. Its music to my ears.The more President Trump succeeds the more obvious how pathetic Ovomit was.

  • Mike says:

    It’s about time, This whole affair has been a waste of taxpayer money. My Money. FBI leadership and DOJ are not interested in the truth, Their agenda is payoffs. Obama and the DNC bent them. They are dirty cops. It has been a hard row to hoe for Trump to make much gain in this type of environment. But keep up the good fight POTUS. I voted for Trump and stand by that vote.

    1. ONTIME says:

      I am in full agreement…….

    2. WhiteFalcon says:

      Mueller should be fired and then investigated. He has been in bed with crooked Hillary for a long time and he was up to his neck in the Uranium One criminal activity. He is as crooked as Hillary, and that is going a long way.

      1. Comey, Mueller, Lynch and Holder should all be put on trial, and then sent to GITMO for treason against the US. Hillary and Obama should lead the way there

  • DrBillLemoine says:

    These lawmakers must have a death wish. Ditto, Trump, if they think the removal of Mueller from investigating Russian interference in our elections will go away. Everyday, nearly, in many ways, the spotlight of guilty becomes more focused on Trump and his small cadre of Oval office and campaign operatives as lawbreakers. Obstruction is what firing Comey and Mueller is–impeachable offenses, far more damning than a tryst in the White House in 1998. More criminal than simple burglary in 1972. Bring it on lawmakers and Mr. President, if you wish to begone from public life soon.

  • bobnstuff says:

    What are these people afraid of? Mueller has proven he is a skilled investigator and has been trusted by both sides. It’s not the money, after all look at all the investigations into Clinton that were purely political. I guess they don’t trust Trump to not have broken the law and are trying to protect him and his associates. The thing I find interesting is the Uranium One deals role in all this. I fear our members of congress haven’t taken the time to look closely at it or have chosen to ignore the facts of the matter. Maybe if the Republicans in congress would start doing their jobs instead of reacting to Fox News they could get something done.

    1. chw2000 says:

      Well here you are again trying to extrapolate a call by concerned senators into President Trump having some fear of something. The conflict for Mueller is REAL Bobby, you aren’t! You just a complete ass hole left wing progressive democ-rat! Tell us the truth Bobby, do you get a pay check from George Soros? I suspect you do! Be sure to tell us how you did at the antifa rallies this week end. You’re an ass hole!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Sorry but the conflict wasn’t there a few months ago when everyone was praising the choice or when Mueller was on Trumps short list for FBI director.

    2. cliff says:

      By the “looks of things”, seeing every “assistant” he has “hired ” to help him, are all HITLERY contributors (and DEMOCOMMIES). AND it looks like HE is trying to “cover up” all “HIS” and his “buddies” lawbreaking with the uranium one SCANDAL, and of course protecting crooked HITLERY and all her minions. You need to open your eyes, stop watching the “fake news channels”. Otherwise, if YOU don’t like it here there are MANY communist countries that apparently you would be happier living in.

    3. oldgringo says:

      Maybe if the Democrats in Congress would do something constructive for a change we might find out why the Clinton Foundation received $145,000,000.00 (million) dollars from the Russians…Why of course it was donations…Donations to whom?

  • Jose says:

    Let’s face, if mueller was (actually still is) part of the obama administration no one associated with that will EVER face any charges.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Mueller was a Bush appointee and has had support from both parties. He will go where ever the trail leads him. What he won’t do is believe the lies on Fox News as being facts.

      1. ccblogging says:

        Bush like Mueller is a Deep State operative. That puts both of them on the same NWO Globalist team. As a matter of fact, the entire Bush family are Globalists.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You don’t like having the United States leading the world? You don’t like our control of the world economy? You do understand that it was the idea that the US president was the leader of the free world. With Trump you have gotten part of your wish, we no longer at the top of the leadership role.

      2. oldgringo says:

        Mueller believes in the “fake” news crap which is why he is on a rampant witch hunt…The Trump/Russian collusion theory which he has no inclination to pursue…Mueller now goes in the direction of probes that have nothing to do with the investigation he was assigned to do…More deceit and political shenanigans by pushed by Mueller…who is a disgust with his committee stacked with Hillary Clinton attorney’s, Hillary Clinton donors, and Hillary Clinton supporters and backers…not one a Republican…this is definitely not a “fair play” committee…when it’s stacked with Democrats.

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