Rick Perry: ‘How Many Sexual Assaults Do We Have to Have Before the President Does Something?’

August 3, 2014

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) said the crimes committed by illegal immigrants is the driving force behind his move to secure the U.S.-Mexico border with the Texas National Guard. Perry said, “What we are substantially more concerned about in the state of Texas, and I will suggest to you across this country, are the 80 percent-plus of individuals who don’t get talked about enough, that are coming in to the United States illegally, and committing substantial crimes. Since September of ’08 we have seen 203,000 individuals who have illegally come into the United States, into Texas, booked in to Texas county jails. These individuals are responsible for over 3,000 homicides and almost 8,000 sexual assaults. I wish the president would respect that desire of Texans and the citizens of this country to secure the border. That’s the real issue here, and one that all too often gets deflected by the conversation about unaccompanied minor children.” Host Candy Crowley challenged Perry’s number saying, “Governor, I have to point out that a number of fact checkers has said that that 3,000 homicide figure is wildly off.” Perry answered, “We’ll continue to do what we have to

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  • I Seigel says:

    And now we hear that Gov Perry has been indicted by a county grand jury. The first Texas governor to be indicted in almost a century.

  • mitchell says:

    We do’t have a Pres, what we have is some one , who sits in Oval Office, waiting till hell frezze’s over.

  • ralfo says:

    Candy is certainly not “eye-candy”. Hippo would be a more fitting name. That aside, my question is: Why would any Republican give her the opportunity to torpedo them?

  • Philip Allen says:

    Thank for Rick Perry standing Up against the President on Immigration. I wish when Rick Perry sent the National Guard troops to the border he would have given them arrest power not just be the three stooges that are going down to the border and report to someone else if a crime has been committed and stand around to wait for someone else to arrest them since the National Guard can’t That’s like sending the police to an armed robbery, but tell them they can’t shoot the robber that you must wait till the FBI arrives and let them shoot the robber. Wake up Rick Perry you don’t send National Guard troops to the border and tell them they have no arrest powers…to me that seems really stupid! Need I Say More?

  • Maria says:

    Oh, so candy cane, let me ask you, you view a certain number of murders and rapes, sexual assaults as acceptable???? Perhaps if you are one of the ones that are raped or murdered or robbed by them, then maybe you won’t even find one rape or murder or robbery acceptable. Let’s hope so, but I don’t put much confidence in you. You are a liar also.

  • francesca9 says:

    talk about the war on women……it think sexual assaults, rape and murder of women by muslims and illegal criminal aliens trumps the whole birth control issue!

  • Karen says:

    What’s the difference whether or not 3,000 is “wildly off”? If there are even 10, that’s too many! They shouldn’t be here to begin with…that’s the point!! Illegal means just that…not legal, therefore criminal, no matter what kind of crime they commit or whether they commit any crime at all. The heinous things some of them do here, should be punished severely…not imprisoned. I’m talking death by whatever means necessary. Why should the taxpayers feed, clothe and house these animals? The ones who come here need to be turned back immediately and sent home!!! Anchor babies? Uh-uh…no more! Entitlements? Forget it! If they slip through the cracks and aren’t turned back at the border, they get NOTHING! The employers who hire them should be heavily fined…E-Verify! I’m tired of seeing OUR homeless vets, our seniors going without because these people cost our taxpayers billions of dollars by being allowed to stay here. Get rid of them!

    1. I Seigel says:

      So it’s OK to stretch the truth or lie outright if you’re trying to make a point you consider valid? You must be a fan of “fair and balanced” reporting. Isn’t that a page right out of Karl Rove’s playbook? If you say a lie often enough, people will start to believe it. Put it on the internet, and the lie instantly becomes a quotable “truth”.

      And what about all the heinous crimes that are committed by Non-Hispanic citizens? Those crimes have consistently outnumbered crimes by Hispanics, whether legal or illegal? Should THEY be housed, fed and clothed while our homeless vets and seniors go without?

      And, just curious: how often do you reach into your pocket to give spare change to all the homeless people on your city streets, whether they claim to be vets or not? Why should government be tasked with caring for seniors and the homeless? I thought that was the job of charities and private enterprise?

      And I AGREE WITH YOU (!!!) that employers should be heavily fined for hiring illegals. You can start in all the red farm states. Unfortunately, you’ll put those farmers right out of business, or drive up the cost of produce so high people will be screaming.

      1. Karen says:

        Who said that the point she made is the truth to begin with? It’s her word against his. There was no proof offered by her at all…just a statement.

        Not all illegals are Hispanic…haven’t you read any of the statistics lately? Any criminal should be punished by due process. However, if they’re here illegally, why should I, as a taxpayer take care of their needs?

        Those Vets I was speaking of should get every benefit possible…many of them were there in harm’s way, and they come home to no jobs…is that fair? NO! Their benefits are being slashed more every year and that’s not right! They fought for this country and many of them have been seriously wounded or maimed. They deserve the best this country has to offer, whether they fought or not…they wore a uniform and were on call 24/7 for their country.

        Some seniors are barely surviving and if the Obamanation has his way, they won’t survive at all. Most seniors have worked hard all their lives. Do you think it’s fair that they fall by the wayside now that they are too old to work? They deserve the best health care possible.

        As for myself, you bet I contribute to charities, several of them. For one, I NEVER pass a Salvation Army bucket at Christmas time that I don’t put something in it, and that’s not the only charity I support.

        When you speak of the government, you’re speaking of the taxpayers, sir, and just how much of that goes to welfare, EBT cards, education, and health care for illegals? Billions!!! This country is practically bankrupt…don’t you think our money could be spent more wisely?

        We’re not talking about a few illegals here, either, we’re talking about millions of them crossing the borders…and more to come, bringing disease and crime. You yourself one day may be a victim of either one. I’ll bet you change your tune then!

        1. I Seigel says:

          First of all, by your earlier question – “What’s the difference whether or not it was 3000…”, you were intrinsically saying that Crowley was correct. But if you don’t agree, please see my detailed posting below with ACTUAL crime figures as reported by the State of Texas.

          Secondly, “not all illegals are Hispanic”. Yes, of course, I agree and I apologize if I implied otherwise. I mention Hispanic and Non-Hispanic only because that is how the State of Texas breaks them down in the crime data. Again, I refer to my posting below in which I say exactly that – that “Non-Hispanics” include many skin types.

          As to your thoughts about vets: Yes, I agree that they should be given every benefit the country has to offer. But you say “they come home to no jobs”. That’s very true, but are you implying that it’s the government’s responsibility to employ them or find them work?

          I agree with you that seniors should not “fall through the cracks”. Are you saying that you’re for an expansion of Medicare and other government programs?

          Not all illegals are going on welfare, EBT cards and the other things you mention, nor are they all bringing disease and crime. I agree with the experts who say that MOST just want to work and raise a family, and MOST are doing that and not getting into trouble. MANY MANY businesses rely on their labor, and many agricultural towns rely on their spending. Many towns in Alabama, Washington, Indiana, Missouri are included in my statement. And most of the current wave of young illegals are escaping the extreme violence of their countries due to gang wars and government corruption.

          Finally, THANK YOU for posting a reasonable, well-written post WITHOUT any name-calling!! Kudos!

          1. francesca9 says:

            candy crowley, obama’s friend! who cares what she says, after the romney obama debate she showed her true self!

          2. I Seigel says:

            Has anyone on Fox showed their true selves?

          3. plum82 says:

            WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT? FOX news w/O’Reilly. Hannity & Megyn Kelly is the one place you get the truth ~~~~~~~~~ I never miss it !!!!!!!!!

          4. I Seigel says:

            I try to get the truth from lots of different places.

          5. plum82 says:

            that’s wise………I try too………

        2. SEB says:

          Or his children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, etc. coming down with H1N1, TB, or Ebola. OMG, doesn’t this twit know what is coming? Why does he think the Abominable has opened the borders? Wipe out the middle working class with disease and use the leftovers for slaves…color makes not one particle of difference. ONE WORLD ORDER =’s U.N.. One must wonder how d@mmed dumb so many Americans are. His tune probably will never change…until illness strikes his family. He is either a tunnel vision liberal which =’s a stone or simply brain dead. Remember you can’t talk to a rock.
          You waste your breath trying to get through the bloody snot imbedded in their brains.
          p.s. He probably loves Hamas, too.

          1. Karen says:

            That’s why I refused to answer his last message to me. It does no good to argue with fools!

          2. plum82 says:

            HOW TRUE……….

  • Ddenney1 says:

    Perry speaks the truth!!! I know he’s testing the waters for another run which is fine! You have to ask yourself what is Crowley’s agenda??? See Demon Rat talking points!!! Pretty transparent after all!!!!!!!!!

  • conservmrs says:

    Will you ONLY care when it affects you? OR will you care for your fellow LEGAL AMERICANS??? Obama is waging War on us with “weapons of mass destruction” -Criminals, Plagues and illnesses WITHOUT ACCESS to quality health care BECAUSE he has destroyed our HEALTH CARE SYSTEM with OBAMACARE!!!!!!!

  • regulus30 says:

    Fix America destroy the alphabet net works;; starve them into extinction..

    1. I Seigel says:

      And who would be left? Breitbart? Drudge? You know, “unbiased” news sources? The person that’s out to “fix America” – and Europe – isn’t an American at all. He’s Australian.

      1. regulus30 says:

        journalism ;writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without any attempt at interpretation. writing designed to appeal to current taste or public interest. Honesty , truth, integrity and a conscience for allowing the reader to shape their own opinion , not be engineered by a biased agenda of either side.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Like much of what is written here, you have some good ideas which will become reality when h**l freezes over. Just click your heels three times and repeat after me…..

          1. regulus30 says:

            only if people like you fail to live up to your social/moral obligations and champion the truth everyday like I have for the past [7] years;; my truck is a rolling condemnation of this liberal fungus….

          2. regulus30 says:

            much of my life since the 60’s , when I was a young businessman and used to kick hippies assezz ; has been directed at countering the filthy, pot smoking sexually perverted ignorant Marxist liberals’ agenda;; I am Bill Ayers, Abbey Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Jethie Jackthon, David Abernathy, Hosea Williams, Al Sharpton, Andrew Young, Van Jones antithesis.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis says:

    Yes an unbiased news source is always a far worse source than someone who stands to gain from a story.

  • No way Jose says:

    Since it is quite obvious that Obama is going to do what he always does, go on Vacation , it is up to us to take up arms, head for our southern border and do what our inept and corrupt illegal alien in the Whithouse does not have the balls to do. Obey our Constitution.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Please post a message here when you get there. Maybe a photo, too.

  • jdmurchie says:

    As a Conservative Governor of the State of Texas, Perry should have closed the border himself several years ago reasoning that Obama has failed in HIS duty to strictly control it himself. Let the feds sue the State of Texas. Texans shouldn’t bat an eye to it. Close down your own border now, Perry, and stop grandstanding. Oh, and all those felons committing heinous crimes, put them in the express lane for swift and certain punishment then use those National Guard helps to dump the carcasses back over the border with notes tied around their necks saying,”This is what you get when you mess with Texas.”

  • edgineer says:

    If Perry thought he would get a fair and balanced interview on the Communist News Network he is dreaming. Same for all the others, including Fox.

    1. I Seigel says:

      There’s no mystery or surprise. Dems know what to expect when they do Fox News Sunday or sit down with Bill or Sean. Conservatives know what to expect likewise from CNN.

  • BH says:

    LOL, I guess you never heard about the problems Arizona Gov. Brewer got into when they started enforcing the law when Obama’s administration wouldn’t. Good ole’ Eric Holder sent some guys down there and took ‘me to court and said they couldn’t do that. Did you ever hear of such a thing?

  • The redhawk says:

    May be as soon as Sasquatch Mochelle or Valerie get Hammered involuntarily by some of these Invading Tools…On second Thought he may Hope for Sasquatch to get Hammered By one of these Welcomed Thugs…Jus to shut her up!

  • aberlaw says:

    He should have just said: “Right Candy and Obama blamed Benghazi on terrorism too, didn’t he”.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Who did attack the American consulate and kill the 4 Americans in Benghazi? Not militants and terrorists?

    2. I Seigel says:


      I see that you’re a Systems Analyst, and I assume that also means you analyze data. I hope the following is of interest to you:

      I have used Texas Arrest Data from the official Texas website http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/administration/crime_records/pages/crimestatistics.htm

      I have gone through all the figures for homicides and forcible rapes from 2008 to the most current published, which is 2012. The Arrest Data is valid, I believe, because officials are able to list arrests by “Hispanic” and “Non-Hispanic”. There is no breakdown for “Legal Hispanic” and “Illegal Hispanic”. I used the numbers for arrests because this is the only firm data that law enforcement provides in which they can specify with certainty who the perpetrators are. Crimes for which they have not “cleared” (i.e., have an arrest), they obviously can’t know with certainty what the ethnicity of the perpetrator is.

      Here is the data for 2008-2012. I have used all of 2008, even though Governor Perry said in his interview that he was able to quote data starting in Sept 2008.

      2008 – Hispanic homicides 351, Non-Hispanic 544, Total 895
      – Hispanic rapes 852, Non-Hispanic 1288, Total 2140

      2009 – H homicides 351, Non-H 486, Total 837
      – H rapes 834, Non-H 1191, total 2025

      2010 – H homicides 321, Non-H 458, Total 779
      – H rapes 805, Non-H 1096, Total 1901

      2011 – H homicides 246, Non-H 421, Total 667
      – H rapes 761, Non-H 995, Total 1756

      2012 – H homicides 290, Non-H 435, Total 725
      – H rapes 730, Non-H 1092, Total 1822

      Totals – Hispanic Homicides 1559, Hispanic Rapes 3982

      You can also see that the overall numbers indicate a consistent year-to-year decline in the number of Hispanic homicides except for 2012 and a consistent year-to-year decline in the number of Hispanic rapes. This, even though, the Governor says that the influx of illegals has rapidly increased the crime rate and strained their courts and prisons.

      This is all publicly available data, and you can verify it at the Texas data sites available online. I’m not quoting from MSNBC or a Hispanic advocacy website.

      What do you think? I’m interested to know your conclusions. Was Governor Perry accurate in the figures he quoted to Candy Crowley?

  • Don says:

    He doesn’t worry about the misfortunes of others. All he wants is to push his communistic muslim beliefs on the rest of us and to do that he needs a massive population of worshipers. Worshipers of Obama and his evil position on politics and religion.

  • illhavemine says:

    To hell with Obama and the members of his maggot infested administration, his Politburo of Czars, and the Democratic Party which through their members in the Senate and House bring a pestilence to the Capitol and Washington DC; and through mimicking their acting “Despot” leader have expanded the outcries of the use of the word “RACIST”, on this Nation and on everyone that is a non-black American. This is Obama’s agenda of transforming this country to suit his and his behind the scene supporters and their ideologies. This is what the Democratic Party has brought to the United States.

    1. Rattlerjake says:

      I look forward to the day that every tree has a libturd for fertilizer!

  • RightLane1111 says:

    He’s not going to get in a conversation with a person that is obviously a left wing whacko. Want to really worry about something America…try Drudge on today and tell me whether he is lying:


    Now you can worry about your own state also. Perry has been telling Obama about people coming over this border who are NOT CHILDREN and some from terrorist countries.

  • I Seigel says:

    Why is it that Gov Rick “How’s My Hair Today” Perry keeps blaming the Feds for his border problems. He’s one of the many that wants less government and less regulations. Well Guv, now what?? PLEASE secede already!! Texas is a joke. I’m so sick of hearing about Texas as the Wild West. You’re in the freaking Central Time Zone, for crying out loud. Not even Mountain Time!! You’re all a bunch of self-delusional Chuck Norris wannabes. Bush going down to his “ranch” to “clear brush” on his vacations. HAH! His property magically turned from a large house to a “ranch” the first time he went down there after he got elected. Please LEAVE already. We’ll see how well you fare without all the benefits of the Union and the US Government.

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    We do have a desire to leave this misable union that HOPE and CHANGE has brought about. Texans are a harty head strong bunch and we can run our own business much better than DC. If Gov. Perry is lying you can bet he learned how by watching Obummer, a NOBODY from NOWHERE hell bent on taking this ONCE mighty nation down to a 3rd world country.

    1. I Seigel says:

      If Gov Perry is lying, I’m willing to bet he learned it by watching his predecessor, George W Bush.

      1. Marilynn Reeves says:

        Don’t think so.

        In a message dated 8/6/2014 11:59:59 A.M. Central Daylight Time, notifications@disqus.net writes:

        (http://disqus.com/) _Settings _ (http://disqus.com/dashboard/#notifications) (http://disqus.com/dashboard/)

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  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    Candy: Why don’t you get your fat A– down here and stay awhile. You can get all the sex you want till you get your throat cut.

    1. The redhawk says:

      YAH but where can you Find one that Horny Blind, and Dumbfounded to do it to Crowly….unless she pays BIG BUCKS!

    2. plum82 says:

      Marilyn REEVES ?

      1. plum82 says:

        from w.va ???????????

  • Maggie De Vore says:

    Duh – sort of scraping the bottom of the barrel, isn’t he? Anyhow — I thought he and the citizens had a desire to leave the union. Anyhow again – love the way they jockey with the numbers. Texans lie, lie, lie.

    1. BH says:

      LOL, he IS the governor and has access to the numbers that you and Candy don’t. I think I will believe him over you any day of the week. And if you want to get into people who lie, what about the liar in chief? If yo like your insurance you can keep it, if yo like your doctor you can keep him, shovel ready jobs, the list goes on and on and on.

      1. Maggie De Vore says:

        Really didn’t ask for you to believe me — watch the news – past, present and probably future. He speaks clearly about the stuff he can’ remember. Remember the Pres. nomination? Ho hum!!

        1. BH says:

          Well, if you just watch MSNBC, it’s no wonder you think like you do. Because you probably did not hear Obama talk about the 57 states in 2008.

          1. Maggie De Vore says:

            The game of ‘he-said’, ‘you-said’ is so over-rated. He is our President, and the most powerful man in the World, and, for anyone, let alone U.S. citizens to drag him – or try to – drag him thru the muck and mire is soo bloody stupid and immature it makes our wonderful country the laughing stock of the rest of the world. So much like Maggie Thatcher who was so highly respected – except in her own country. What is that? Kindergarten politics I say.

          2. BH says:

            I understand your concern, but he has brought it upon himself. He thinks the US does not deserve her position in the world. Do you remember his “apology tour”? It is not we who would try to hold him accountable that has made the US the laughing stock, Mr. Obama has accomplished that feat all on his own.

          3. Maggie De Vore says:

            Soooo — he does not have anyone else to help make decisions? — he sits in a windowless room and is totally out of touch with the Senate, Congress, his Cabinet, world allies and makes snap decisions? Once the statement that Republicans will do everything/anything to make sure he does not have a ‘successful’ term and wouldn’t get a second term they have literally tried to ‘hobble’ him. And they failed.
            He ‘showed’ these kindergarten Republicans, and the people showed them. They may have the Koch Brothers money — but they don’t have the citizens support. Watching them scramble now – trying to find a leader, trying to dredge up the ‘political’ past is like watching an actor lose his popularity and beg for attention and then? Disappear into the ethers.
            These fools have taken on the characteristics of the tabloids like the Enquirer — dredge up any kind of dirt — true or false – mostly false – and sell papers. If they get sued – so what — they’ve made billions on lies, dirt and not so subtle innuendo.

          4. BH says:

            In the words of Col. Potter (on MASH) “horse hockey”! Obama has lined his administration with what may as well be robots who are in lock-step with him. They take their lead from him and will lie to get whatever they want, and if it is not given to them, they simply take it, then lie about taking it. As to people being behind him, the last poll I saw had over 60% not behind him. Almost 70% do NOT like the Democrat Party’s Obamacare. And thank goodness someone tried to stop him and the Democrat Party, led by Reid the obstructionist and Pelosi, ft bankrupting the country. It is just too bad Obama and friends did not totally fail!

          5. Maggie De Vore says:

            OMG – coming from the party of lies – do you honestly believe ‘your’ polls’ and the trash you get on FUX news which is controlled by the kindergarten Repubs?? Of course you do and that’s your privilege — . Grow up darling, whatever age you are.

    2. The redhawk says:

      You sure got your “monicker right.. Maggie de whore…

      1. Maggie De Vore says:

        Sticks and stones you sweet little adolescent…

        1. The redhawk says:

          I bet you’d like that…

    3. francesca9 says:

      democrats lie, lie, lie more and about a lot more than statistics. they lie about everything to include benghazi, fast and furious, obamacare, just to start with. remember “if you like your health insurance you can keep it”….they lied two years in advance knowing it was a complete law.

  • ijohnc1 says:

    Candy Crowley, now there’s a communist reporter, she makes up all of here commentary as she see’s fit.

    1. hpinnc says:

      I would trust Perry more on his numbers than the people Candy Crowley got her info. from. The POTUS doesn’t give a rat’s arse what kind of criminals & diseases are coming in down on the border. I think it fits right into his agenda to destroy the country as we know it. Everything is going according to his plans, & he couldn’t be happier.

      1. I Seigel says:

        So then you would rate him so far as a very successful president? Since he’s accomplishing his agenda, which is what the libs elected him to do?

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