Rick Perry’s Immigration Meeting With Obama Produces Photo for the Ages

So, how did President Obama’s meeting with Republican Governor Rick Perry go today? In a statement on Wednesday, Obama described the meeting as “constructive,” but, well, this photo also exists. It’s not immediately clear what the context of this photo was — Is Perry sad? Uncomfortable? Telling a funny story? Happy, but trying to look serious? Hmm. Perhaps someone made a joke at Perry’s expense? Or maybe Perry just makes the Robert De Niro shrug face a lot for no reason.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter right now. Until we know more about the context, the photo will be a Rorschach test. In the future, there will be Midrash about this photo.

45 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • Marilynn Reeves says:

    I would say our Governor is disgusted with Obummer just like most of us along the border. The joke on the American people has gone on for way to long.

  • Henry Eymann says:

    The border crisis has gotten out of control…..As they say in the Navy…..Damage Control needs to be done…….Governor Rick Perry has worked hard to seal the border of Texas and Mexico……Not until, Congress allows that to hold it will not be sealed…….I am for immigrants to come into the USA LEGALLY……..Otherwise, I am AGAINST IT !!!……………

  • I Seigel says:

    Poor poor Governor Ricky “How’s My Hair Today” Perry. He can have all the fun he wants, sitting on the bench yelling “Secede!” and “Obama Sucks!”, but he doesn’t actually get into the game to DO anything! What has HE done to secure his borders? For a “governor” that insists on not taking any money from the Feds, why is he waiting for the Feds to do something?!?! Cmon, Big Guy, man up and get something done!!! You don’t believe in big government, you believe in the Republic of Texas. Well, start acting like it, rather than just mouthing off for Megan and Sean and Bill. Jeez, what a wimp!

    1. Don Rahilly says:

      In corporate America we fire people that cannot/will not do their jobs. Obama would have been gone the next week after his second election.
      He’s worthless and it’s going to take years to straighten out the problems he’s caused us internationally and domestically. Stop trying to pump up a sinking Democrat ship.

      1. I Seigel says:

        I could have sworn you had typed in “Obama” by mistake instead of “Bush”.

        And, in corporate America, all the division managers who refused to do THEIR jobs would have been fired, too. So where are your complaints about Congress?

  • Sue says:

    Obama was put in that position because he is black not because he knows what he’s doing. Watch the rise of the incompetent Corey Booker.

  • raffaelecafagna says:

    Question : why is Ricky sitting on the corner ?? Why Ricky is not sitting face to face with zero ???????Hey Ricky , this is Texas , not zeroland ; Ricky why don`t you tell him to his face ?????Hey Ricky , give the order to all Texas , we are waiting .

    1. gjcaudera says:

      That’s probably where the President wanted him to sit so HE, THE POTUS, WOULDN’T have to look Perry in the face.

  • onwego4k says:

    to me the border crisis is one big joke for the fraud in the white house liberal media can say what they want we saw him partying in a bar drinking and laughing and yet no time for the border crisis this is a crisis . sure perry looks angry to me while the fraud laughs at all. just an excuse to ask for more billions to send to his islam buddies our enemy. and the fact he wont let the churches in to care for and help the children tells even more he is just using these kids for his benefit like hitler did.there is rampant TB at lackland base with kids coughing spitting blood . nurses etc threatened if they talk they will be fired sickening little kids sick away from homeland and parents he recruited them with big promises. we had conquered all the diseases they are now coming with TB scabies so bad you see bug crawling on their faces and border patrol contacted them now in hospital . God bless that don’t care and are talking. no one is allowed to go in and see the kids but fox news sure had their people in there watch the videos that they have posted . The only ones not afraid of this potus and his threats . I say no more money period we are broke our dollar is on the brink no country in the world wants them because of the debt the democrats have done a good job on ustime to kick them all out and some rinos with them.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      What have you been drinking? I haven’t heard a rant like yours since I stopped going to bars. This is what you get when the House doesn’t do there job and pass immigration reform. They figure they should get in before the door is closed. Perry is pissed because he agrees with Obama and can’t handle it.

      1. splink says:

        Dreamer !!

      2. rickouellette says:

        So you drank the kool aid and bought the Obama line. The so called comprehensive reform which you talk about is nothing more than amnesty for those already here. if the House were foolish enough to grant Obama his wish the border would remain wide open and there would be another 10 million illegals here before they can begin to process those 12million or more who are already in line for the goodies. All Obama needs to do is enforce existing laws and build the fence which was approved in 1986. Meanwhile, put the National Guard on the border to assist the Border agents. Obama is all talk and photo ops and the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on this country. Perry is pissed because he knows Obama will not act in contravention of his own Dream Act. Wake up !! Good Luck America !!!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Perry is pissed because HE controls his National Guard units but he doesn’t have the manhood to use them on his own border.

          1. rickouellette says:

            You may be correct but believe Perry needs approval from the feds as to the extent of National Guard activities in relation to those of the Border Agents. Do not think Perry can act on his own. I would think Homeland Security would be on top of this instead of hiding under their desks. Good Luck America !!!

          2. I Seigel says:

            As I said, for a hair model/governor who advocates for secession, he sure finds it easy to hide under HIS desk and wait for the DHS and WH to take action.

            He’s like the Barney Fife of governors – carrying a big gun but with no bullets.

            That’s why he’s sitting off in the corner all alone, scowling – even his aides won’t sit next to him

          3. rickouellette says:

            I thought Texas was doing quite well in comparison to many other states. If there ever was a Barney Fife of a president, Obama is it. Don’t you fret because the next line in the sand will be yellow. Good Luck America !!!

          4. I Seigel says:

            That yellow line is going straight thru the governor’s mansion in Austin, and it continues on thru Jan Brewer’s mansion in Phoenix.

          5. rickouellette says:

            At last count all states with republican governors are doing quite well and that is the reason the informed American public feels that Washington,D.C. can be turned around with a competent person at the helm. As a matter of fact, most states are doing OK and would do better if not hampered by burdensome federal demands. Obama’s red line in the sand has been replaced by a yellow line. Obama’s miscues lost Iraq, Syria and now Israel is being hammered. Nothing like a game of pool,when all Israelis are living in bomb shelters, to restores our allies’ confidence in America. Good Luck America !!!

          6. I Seigel says:

            “As a matter of fact, most states are doing OK and would do better if not hampered by burdensome federal demands”
            For example?

        2. bobnstuff says:

          Has the House done anything? Will they do anything? NO. They make a lot of noise but I haven’t seen any comprehensive bill on this or anything. You want the fence, no problem it will only cost $150 billion to build and $20 billion per year after that to maintain. And it won’t work. there are things call boats. The house is useless. 15 jobs bills that cut regulations and taxes but create no jobs. Obana has deported more people then any other President in 50 years and doubled the border agents. I ask you who is drinking the Kool-Aid?

          1. rickouellette says:

            We do not need a comprehensive bill right now. We need to close the border. The Obama administration knew about this influx in Jan when they estimated that some 65,000 would be coming in. What was done to prevent that from happening ? Zippo , nada, nil, nothing. Obama is the president and he is the only one who can stem the flow. Maybe he will find time between fund raisers, golf and pool to do his primary job which is to provide security for the American people. Good Luck America !!!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Not true. First he asked for new bill. where is the house bill? Second you seem to give the President more power the he has. No one can close the border, it can’t be done. There are 7600 miles of land borders plus a lot more sea coast. The idea that we could close them all is not realistic. Even the 2000 miles with Mexico isn’t realistic with out funding that the house would never give. No leadership from Republicans, just say no to governing. You complain about the President taking time off, look at how much time the house members work.

          3. rickouellette says:

            We are talking about our southern border where all the illegals are coming from. If the president were to get serious about closing our southern border the funds would be provided. He will not get a blank check to spend as he wishes. The democrats control 2/3 of government -where is the so called leadership?
            You keep referring to House members as if the Senate does not exist. Both are under-worked and overpaid. A part-time congress with part-time pay would suit me fine. Lets pay them for the number of laws they can get rid of as opposed to the new laws which they add. I am not enamored with government in any way and there is enough blame to go around. We are where we are and Obama is president so if he does not act nobody else has the power to do so. We either stem the flow of illegals or be prepared to spend billions to take care of them. Good Luck America !!!

          4. I Seigel says:

            FINALLY one shred of one of your comments I can agree with: “Both are under-worked and overpaid. A part-time congress with part-time pay would suit me fine. Lets pay them for the number of laws they can get rid of as opposed to the new laws which they add. I am not enamored with government in any way and there is enough blame to go around.”

            “If Obama doesn’t act nobody else has the power”? Huh? Presidents all the time have to spend money that’s appropriated by Congress or enforce legislation that is passed by Congress. If CONGRESS could agree, then they have the power to override any veto that a president could issue. But that hasn’t happened either.

            The simple truth is that there’s no simple solution. You can’t “CLOSE THE BORDER”. Do you know how many states and how many corporations – and how many small mom-and-pop companies – rely on cheap labor from Mexico and Central Americal? Ask Indiana, Alabama, etc. They’ve built fences, had drones and blimps and guards on the border. They keep throwing money at the problem. It’s not going to happen. American corporations and the politicians they buy don’t want it to happen.

            Karl Rove and the KochBros have simply created another scapegoat – just like the Nazis created a scapegoat – to distract us from their true objectives. Good luck America.

          5. rickouellette says:

            People who know more about this than I do say we can secure the border. Sure, many businesses love cheap labor and that is part of the reason why we have some 20million unemployed. We can never have comprehensive immigration reform with a porous border., It merely invites millions more illegals. Put the military and National Guard on our border and see what happens. Then start registering and deporting until we regain control. We simply do not have the resources to take care of every country’s poor and our own citizens will suffer as a consequence of government’s inaction. We simply must secure our border. Good Luck America !!!

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Did you know that the border patrols pick up about a million people a year crossing the border. That’s half what it was in 2005. The number of people picked up is dropping now. Check the facts

          7. terry says:

            Where are you getting your stats bobnstuff? We have had 3 presidents in the past that had returning soldiers and each one deported all illegals so our soldiers would have jobs. But maybe Obama has deported more because he has allowed more in!

          8. bobnstuff says:

            The last President that deported more people the Obama was Eisenhower. Google it. And Obama has not in fact let more in, Check the facts.

          9. I Seigel says:

            You must be getting your info from The Onion. What a crock you’re trying to sell here. ALL statistics show that more illegals have been deported by Obama then at any other time. Just because that FACT doesn’t set well with Rupert Murdoch, Karl Rove and the KochBros doesn’t mean it’s any less true.

      3. BONCARBO says:

        I don’t for a minute believe that Perry agrees with King Obama. Every thing Obama does is nothing but one big joke or photo op. There is a serious Miss-justice being perpetrated on the American tax payers, by allowing all these Illegals to come into our country and then feed and house them at tax payers expense. We need our borders closed and all these illegals send home and then they can apply for citizenship the right way, our country won’t let European or Asians come into the country, so why are Mexicans and South Americans allowed to do so?

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You do know why they are coming here, jobs. If no one gave them job which I believe is against the law they wouldn’t come here. Send them all back and we have a labor shortage, ask the US Chamber about it.
          It is the law that we feed and house them before we send them back, a law passed before Obama came into office. I guess you would let children starve. I keep hearing close the border. If we paid $150 per day per person 21 shifts per week. One person every half mile. That adds up to $12,600,000 per week. That doesn’t include any support or training. Figure that the real number would be more likely be three or four times that. Around $20 billion per year.. Even that wouldn’t work.

          1. terry says:

            Bobnstuff how much are you getting paid to prop up this corrupt piece of garbage in the White House? We have more than 12 million U.S. Citizens out of work who need the jobs and it is time to close the border and take all foreign aid away from the countries they are coming from!

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I could ask you how much are you getting paid to spread half truths? There are jobs out there that aren’t being filled because the skill set needed. Some times those skills a strong back. If you did give the unemployed the12 million the jobs the illegals have who will work the 8 to 28 million jobs left over?

          3. I Seigel says:

            Where are all these out-of-work citizens? High school and college students on summer vacations, and older folks who’ve lost their jobs? Why aren’t they out in the fields picking strawberries and apples, or doing roofing work, or cleaning toilets? You know, all the jobs that the illegals are doing? Because if CITIZENS would show up for that work, the illegals wouldn’t be hired.

            There might be 12 million US citizens out of work, but they certainly aren’t applying for the jobs that the illegals are doing. And closing the border won’t change that.

            You’re all for the “free market”, and capitalism. Fine. Well, the market forces dictate that companies will lower their labor costs to maximize their profit. If the borders are “closed” (an impossibility), and companies are forced to hire more expensive labor, then isn’t that a form of government interference in the market? Where is your “less government, less regulation” ideology now, when you’re asking the government to manipulate and regulate the labor pool?

            Once again, your hypocrisy is showing.

          4. CforUS says:

            I always find it odd when people just throw out jobs as justification for the LAWLESS actions of ILLEGAL ALIENS. What about the 12M+ Americans that are out of work? (wait a minute, aren’t there around 12M+ Americans out of work right now?) Before you ape the progressive/liberal/democrat talking points that claim “they work at jobs that nobody else will do”, I want to point out that myth has been proven time-and-time-again to be at best misleading and worst propaganda. Their disregard for U.S. law is troubling. When they bring their children in ILLEGALLY, they teach them that this is a country where obeying the law is an option. That has contributed to the rise of MS13 in the U.S. Your attitude towards the ILLEGAL activity of the invaders can be considered a success by the MSM and their repetitive propaganda campaigns to legitimize their continued presence in the U.S. They rarely, if ever, mention their presence LOWERS wages in the workforce overall, it causes an increase in INFLATION as they take cash out of our economy and send it home, where their families purchase products largely produced in China, reducing the number of jobs in the U.S. Nearly all these people have NO stake in what is America. The have no interest in assimulating into this society. They are NOT the model immigrant.

      4. guest says:

        Maybe you should check your mirror – moronic obummer worshipers such as yourself are why we are where we are – remember this when you go to the voting booth and vote for What difference does it make now

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I don’t remember calling anyone names. Nor do I remember saying anything all that nice about Obama, I respect the office and know its limits. You have nothing to add to the conversation. If you find anything I have said untrue and have facts to support it I would be happy to hear them. You mister no name is the reason government in this country is not working. Did you vote in the primaries this year? If you did you where one of the few that did. I had to write in because no one worth voting for was on my ballet

      5. SEB says:

        You have lost whatever brain you were born with. Perry, yes, is pissed and rightly so. He governs a huge state being overrun with illegals…. This could be so easily stopped. One phone call from our poser to tell the Mexican president we will stop all aid to his country if he does not put a stop to the illegals crossing the border would end this migraine. As far as blaming the House…Harriett Reid blocks every single bill the House sends…. He? will continue to do so unless we have a fair election and vote the a@@ and his ilk out. Did you ever serve in the military? study American History, study religion or just think with you gluteus maximus and vote with that kind of brain set? You are certainly one of the seven dwarfs…nope, not Dopey…. More like Sleepy ( and I feel bad for this) because you definitely suffer from a lack of oxygen to the brain.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          First things first I was a history major in college and read biblical Greek. I also don’t take the word of two shock jocks as the truth, I worked at the radio station where Rush got his start. I look things up, you know read. I also know that the President of Mexico is useless and can’t control anything. As far as a fair election once again you only know what your overlords tell you. I have been a poll watcher and a ward chairman in the republican party. there is no voter fraud in my district. Voter fraud is a crime you know, How many people have gone to jail? Also name one bill that Harry is sitting on that isn’t a pay back to big business. If you have any facts that prove me wrong I would love to see them.

      6. terry says:

        bobnstuff what color is the sky in your fantasy world? We don’t need reform we need enforcement! Which your joke of a President has failed to do at all!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          Facts, real facts, not name calling. The truth will set you free. Do you think doubling the number of agents would help, already done, Do you think increasing the number of deportations to the highest level in the last 50 years would help, done, Do you think passing new immigration laws would help, not done. Illegals numbers in the US have dropped in the last few years and the number of people being picked up is half what it once was. Check the FACTS!

      7. anglelou says:

        The bigger question is: What have you been drinking? From listening to Gov. Perry it certainly does not sound like he agrees with the nutcase traitor in the WH!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I think our right, He wants something do but he doesn’t want something do. He sounds like a republican. He must agree with the nutcase traitors in the tea party.

    2. SEB says:

      He wants Americans in great numbers to die. That being said how long till the rest of the country wakes up? Maryland’s P.G., Montgomery and Howard Counties have been determined to have these illegals come here…drive them to jobs wherever they can find them, and, generally feel “happy” that “I am doing my part!” Yep, to spread disease and help bring this country down. When your children come down with these horrid diseases and gross invasive sucking insects, don’t tell me about it. DO KEEP IT IN YOUR COUNTY! Otherwise…get smart…contact your state and federal “servants” (what a joke) and let them know you have had enough. Get rid of the Democrat-Communist-Socialist idiots and the RINOs, as well. Conservatism will save this country…maybe, if we are in time.

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