Rick Perry’s sharp elbows a warmup for 2016?

Whether he runs or not, Texas Gov. Rick Perry commands plenty of attention on the 2016 Republican presidential stage, and he knows it.

He demanded a face-to-face meeting in Texas with President Obama to talk about the Mexico-U.S. border crisis. He also kept demanding, until the reluctant president gave him one, a televised, photographed, widely reported face-to-face meeting.

Barely taking time to catch his breath, Mr. Perry followed up with a headline-generating attack on Sen. Rand Paul’s stance on Iraq. As the longest continuously serving governor in U.S. history, Mr. Perry felt comfortable berating a U.S. senator considered to be a first-tier White House hopeful.

For a year now, Mr. Perry has been in full remedial mode for his campaign-killing gaffes in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, including when he couldn’t remember a Cabinet office he intended to zero out if he became president.

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  • PAFreedom says:

    Rand Paul is right on the money. Injecting ourselves into bloody civil wars that have existed for hundreds/thousands of years is fool-hearty. It is not ‘American’ to send American soldiers to die for pointless wars that create more problems than it solves and creates more enemies then it kills.

    And war is the health of the state: higher taxes, higher spending, and sometimes attacks on our Constitutional liberties. Perry needs to re-claim a presidential run with an issue that isn’t a regurgitated talking point that betrays what he claims to support, the Constitution & limited government.


    1. Misty says:

      Amen to Perry.

      1. PAFreedom says:

        “Amen”, is often times used as a religious term of agreement. (It means, ‘So Be It’). I hope you are not using the term in any way similar as a religious reference, as unnecessary war that kills American and those overseas is anti-Christ and not in line with the Constitution or Holy bible.

        No Amen to big government and it’s unintended consequences.

        1. Misty says:

          I am in agreement with Perry for President. Amen or not.

          1. PAFreedom says:

            Good for you, the same old same old for the nation and that’s bad news.

  • Vote for Truth says:

    We need Mike Huckabee who has 10 1/2 yrs. executive experience as Gov. of Arkansas. He was poor growing up and governed Arkansas, one of the poorest states in the U.S. He understands the needs of the poor and middle class. When he ran for Gov., he had to fight the Clinton machine, which means he knows how to go toe to toe with Hillary. He also got 48% of the Black vote when he ran for his 2nd term because he showed them that he respects them and tried to help their needs. So that will help him if he runs for President in 2016. He is the candidate who wins IA in every poll and should win in SC too. We need a man like Mike Huckabee who is a Christian and honest man OF the people.

  • Merle Dickey says:

    How about Romney and Gowdy? They both love this country and will fight to keep our strong values and military.

    1. Misty says:

      Perry and Newt.

  • defiant1 says:

    No not yet! He should be sending the Ntl Guard to the border–he could, he has not done so. Get tough Perry and do it! This president is doing nothing but being a dictator, creating chaos and the ones who are capable or strong will have to take over and act to overcompensate for the lawless dictator Obama. Obama can take his Alinsky communist ideology back to Hawaii and use it there with all those liberals. Keep it out of the Continental States. No to Christie, Jeb, Romney, Rand or Rubio; all RINOs in favor or amnesty. Yes for Cruz………..

  • Sharon Jones says:

    Romney predicted it all..Perry learned how to ride em cowboy..Romney Perry…yeah or Romney Cruz..salvation.

  • Sharon Jones says:

    No anti 2nd amendment Carson..no Christie kiss Obama ass anti gun fat man..No Jeb illegal alien out of love stooge. West and Cruz..no Rubio 2 faced liar.

  • Sharon Jones says:

    Romney Perry…Perry West..any of them no Job N anti 2nd amendment carson..no Christian ant gun kiss Obama ass fat man.

  • Sharon Jones says:

    Let’s do a Perry Cruz ticket..

    1. anglelou says:

      AT the moment only Perry is kicking Obama’s Ass on the border/immigration problem. Where is Jan Brewer who, in the past, has given Obama some grief. Perry ought to do it alone, Texas may foot the bill, then Perry should sue the government for costs.

  • I Seigel says:

    Yes, Governor Ricky “How’s My Hair Today?” Perry sure is swinging the big bat these days. As the news report above states, he got the face-to-face meeting with Obama which was widely reported and photographed. And what a photo! I’m sure he and his aides were plenty embarrassed.
    As for the rest of this story, his berating Rand Paul, it’s such a classy thing for him to do, to try to take down a leader of the Party. Like a dinosaur eating its young. How entertaining!!
    One can only hope for a repeat performance in 2016. Maybe the Ricky & Sarah Traveling Circus and Comedy Show.

    1. Stephen Bennett says:

      You are quite an idiot, now, aren’t you.

    2. Misty says:

      Perry is the longest running Governor and Texas is a great state economically. Let’s elect this man. He will open up the oil money and prosper this land.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Those that will “prosper” will be the land OWNERS, and the oil companies and the banks financing their operations. The rest of us are inconsequential. Don’t forget – he wants to eliminate the Departments of Education, Commerce and….. uh, what was that third one? Oops.

        1. Misty says:

          Eliminate them all….they are worthless. Dept. of Edu. is a sham. You know, owners of property are the taxpayers. They carry the biggest load. I pay $360.00 a month taxes on the real estate I own that mostly goes to the school. My children are grown but I pay taxes for the local school. Non-property people pay very little in taxes except to the corrupt Federal Governments. It is property owners who pay for the police, local and county governments.

          1. I Seigel says:

            I pay about the same, Misty. My children are also grown, yet the bulk of my taxes go to the local schools. Property owners subsidize the non-property owners, as far as I can tell. If you have a solution that has a snowball’s chance in he** of succeeding, I’d like to hear it

          2. Misty says:

            I watched these non-property owners pushing for a new school that after being built .. my county cannot afford to keep up = more taxes. I am for a flat tax on everyone. If you have children in school, you should help support the school.

          3. I Seigel says:

            Since I haven’t rented recently, I would only guess that one’s rent also includes a share of the property tax that is owed on the entire property. So I’m guessing that all the renters, in total, pay the property tax on their building. So who is not paying their fair share? Is it the landlord/property owner?

          4. Misty says:

            The renter does not pay property taxes. Rent is considered investment income and the property owner pays the taxes on the real estate.

          5. I Seigel says:

            But how do you know that a portion of your rent isn’t used by the landlord/owner to pay the taxes? You don’t, really. That’s my point.

          6. Misty says:

            Rent is for a roof over your head…..using someone else’s property….nothing more. You cannot figure a portion for housing, a portion for maintenance, a portion for taxes from the renter’s prospective. Take the income you receive from your job…..are you considering part of the money you make for your boss taxes on his property?

          7. I Seigel says:

            Misty. Let’s say the rent on your apartment is $1000 a month. Is there some document somewhere that says, like in a hotel, that the rent on the apartment MUST be $1000, or is limited to $1000? No, as in the case of a free-market, the landlord can set the rent at whatever he/she wants it to be. It could be set at $750, or it could be set at $1250. It’s whatever he/she thinks the market will bear. So the landlord, considering ALL his expenses for the building – landscape maintenance, plumbing costs, roofing costs, etc, is going to charge a rental amount that will cover those costs. Do you agree? If he doesn’t, then he’s losing money on the building. Right? So in addition to figuring in those building expenses when he sets a rental rate, why wouldn’t he also figure in what he’s paying in taxes, and divide up that amount by all the units in the building, so that he has his property taxes paid for, too, from the rents of all the units in the building? C’mon, this is Landlord 101. Not Rocket Science.

          8. Misty says:

            I am a landlord. I do not give my renter’s a receipt for real estate taxes paid. Your real estate taxes are paid from your income the same as my taxes are paid from my income. You are trying to make rent something other than income.

          9. I Seigel says:

            Of course you don’t give renters a receipt for real estate taxes paid. I never said that the renter pays real estate taxes directly. What I said was that, built into the amount that a landlord charges for rent is an amount to cover a portion of the real estate taxes owed on the entire property.

            When you buy a pound of strawberries from the store, you don’t get a separate receipt for the trucker’s fuel expense to transport the strawberries from the farm. But you ARE paying for those transportation costs.

            You don’t get a separate receipt for the wages paid to the migrant workers (illegal or legal) that pick those strawberries, but you’re paying a portion of those wages in the price of the strawberries.

            If you don’t believe me, drive to a farm where you can pick your own berries and see how much cheaper it is.

            Misty, it sounds like you’re letting your ideology get in the way of seeing a very simple and obvious truth.

          10. anglelou says:

            I have been a landlord for years. You charge rent but it goes for many things – upkeep, rental abuse when some renter moves out, replace appiances, paint when necessary etc., I never figured in the tax amount per momthly rental. He sets a rental rate based upon what the local, economy etc., will bear.

          11. Misty says:

            I may allow you to use my property, but you do not own it or pay real estate taxes on the property. If the property is empty, I still pay real estate taxes. Fair share is everyone paying for our country, county and state governments….which in this day and time is not fair. A flat tax is the only fair way.

        2. anglelou says:

          The Dept of Education should be eliminated and go to the states. It is corrupt as is the EPA.

    3. anglelou says:

      I don’t think Perry and Sarah are a traveling circus. Perry is the longest running Governor with an economically sound growing state. Sarah left the Govrernorship in AK with an 80% approval rating and accomplished a great deal in that state. Rand Paul is not the leader of the party…as for pres – no Jeb Bush, Christie, Rubio, or Romney = the third time around is just another reason for those who didn’t vote for him on religious grounds not to do so again.

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