RNC fires back on Clinton book

A briefing book the Republican National Committee released Monday provides GOP officials with talking points to strike back at Hillary Clinton’s new book.

“Bad Choices” is the name of the 47-page research document—a play off of Clinton’s memoir, Hard Choices, which hits bookstores Tuesday.

No “eye-catching achievement” at the State Department, no “signature doctrine” or “strategy, the briefing book says of Clinton’s tenure.

She “shied away from serious diplomacy,” it adds.

Benghazi, Russia, Israel, Iran, the Arab Spring, Asia, Boko Haram and her management of the State Department are among the topics the GOP wants its surrogates to highlight.

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  • Carl Mason says:

    chapter one is blank that is Hillary’s accomplishments as secretary of state, chapter two is where our half white muslim president was during Benghazi, her turn to throw him under the bus, chapter three is a map and clues where the six billion dollars is at that went missing during her watch as secretary of state, chapter four is never before seen photos of her at the wine tasting in Australia where she was drunk and fell down and hit her head, the last chapter worth the cost of the book alone, how to keep your man happy, then he won’t stray.

  • kljohnson77 says:

    @ WiSe GuY. Not only do I not “trust” HC, I don’t “trust” the RNC, one of the most useless collections of progressive-lite, anti-conservative groups on the face of the planet. Until the RNC fully supports conservative candidates they’ll not get a penny from me. Their so-called effort to refute her book will most likely be worth a bucket of cold spit.

  • Annie Ironside says:

    She would not know the truth if it bit her on the butt, i do not thnik that woman has ever opened her mouth that a lie has not emerged, I would vote for a homeless drug addict before i would vote for her, at least they would have an excuse, a habit. i would not take her book if you gave it to me.

  • ItsJo says:

    Hillary wrote this book, to pump MORE of her LIES onto the American people.
    First off, when they left the W.House, She got an $8 million advance, and Bill got a $12 million book deal. Is THAT broke? for the Mortgages(3?) they needed-trouble is, this woman has been a Pathological Liar, All HER life. And they BOTH were used to living off the public, all their lives. Now, she claims she didn’t KNOW about the security needs for Benghazi, the type of windows, etc.? What??? If she as Sec.of State, is WHO was supposed to ‘give those people what they Needed, but she DIDN’T -then SHE’s to blame for ignoring their needs. Also- she went out and LIED about the reason being some dumb net video that was to blame. Wrong AGAIN LIAR….

  • WiSe GuY says:

    I wouldn’t believe a word in her book if it was notarized.

    1. hpinnc says:

      My question is, “Who in their right mind gives a rat’s behind what she has to say? She is the most despicable, repulsive, lying, politician in Wash.,besides Obama himself. If she tried to tell the truth about Benghazi, or anything else she has screwed up, she’d become tongue-tied & couldn’t speak a word. She is the country’s biggest scum-bag since Jane Fonda. I only wish I could think of something bad to say about her, then you could see how much I despise her.

      1. Made_in_the_USA says:

        This pic says it all…….

        1. Made_in_the_USA says:

          Maybe the pic will show up this time…..

          1. hpinnc says:

            Thanks, Made in USA, they say a picture is worth a 1000 words. I agree, I don’t retract anything I said in my previous blog. As far as I’m concerned, she is an enemy of the state. I would be glad to name a whole list of them, but I imagine you know who they are.

      2. Made_in_the_USA says:

        Too bad this site won’t let me upload pics. Not sure what the upload icon is good for.

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