RNC struggles to control fight over Trump, convention rules

by Ben Kamisar
April 19, 2016

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is struggling to control an escalating party debate over what rules should govern a contested Republican convention.

It’s an unprecedented situation for Republicans, who for the last week have seen a war of words between their party’s chairman and Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination.

“The committee is trying to be a fair player to all, and one of the challenges they face is there are three or more definitions of what is fair and everybody wants what is most fair to them, Trump more than anyone,” one former RNC aide told The Hill.

“So that’s why they find themselves in a situation where they are damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

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  • louann says:

    Corrupt Colorado! Corrupt government! Corrupt delegates! Its not about trump! Its the every day people that now no there votes don’t matter. I heard the delegates that were let go. One will never be Republican again. There mad as hell. This stop trump campaign is a joke. Bash trump/ slander his name/ spit in his face/ what’s next murder? this is so pathetic. DONT FORGET THE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THERE VOTES DONT COUNT. STOP .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • parthenon1 says:

    Another thought: Its time for a Constitutional Convention to set term limits for all federal elective offices, like the presidency 8 yrs house, 8 yrs senate. That means it limits the terms and the campaigns to 2 for a given office. Some have said it cant happen because current incumbents wouldnt go along and they have the power to do so. But there are over 20 states who have already ratified the convention, put the pressure on your senators and house members and be loud and vocal so everyone even a hermit will be well versed on what is needed. It’s “We The People” not any party who should wield the power.

  • parthenon1 says:

    It would be a very simple and fair way to select a candidate, every state have a primary election, not a caucus. To keep the more populous regions from being able to control the whole process use the senators. Every state has 2 so the candidate that has the most votes in a state wins and gets that states two votes no shenanigans or big donor or anyone except the voters has any input into the process. then the conventions can constructive in planning a campaign to over power the other parties candidate in the national election.

  • AmericanBelle1 says:

    Be aware that since Cruz happily went public on how well he was doing “legally stealing” delegates in CO and MO, his favorability factor has plummeted (and Trump’s has skyrocketed). Trump is around 20% which is the lowest he’s ever been while Cruz is now at 40% of the voters who will NOT vote for Cruz if he is the nominee.

  • AmericanBelle1 says:

    Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t? The GOP put itself in that position by supporting the Dump Trump movement, supporting superpacs going against Trump, and putting out fear that if Trump wins, the GOP will lose its majorities. They put themselves in this position because Trump has exposed them all and the corruption in the election process. They divided themselves and now they’re going to pay a huge price. They HAVE to make the rules to favor Trump, (or the person with the most delegates/votes which is Trump) to avoid their complete annihilation which is already pretty much on the minds of millions and millions of Republican voters.

    These delegates have to make sure that if Trump has the most delegates/votes, they HAVE to support him. If they’re arguing about anything in the five star hotel in Florida today, it ought to be how to AVOID a contested convention under every single circumstance.

  • ADT says:

    There’s a simple solution to this controversy; let the popular vote elect the contestant and eliminate the delegates.

    1. Robert Russell says:

      That is a good idea.

  • douglas says:

    the establishment makes the rules for them to hold the power that is against the American voters will. they have had it too long and are losing their grip of there cushy ways of doing things. they do nothing and get paid and too hell with the will of the people.

  • senior74 says:

    This has never happened before because this is the first time a liberal has run on a republican ticket! Trump is a liberal plant to divide the party, finish off what Obama started, divide & conquer so they can finish implementing UN Agenda 21. The plan to make us a part of a Communist one world government. Excuse is global warming./climate change. The UN is also behind the gun confiscation. I found their document from the UNODA (office of disarmament affairs) the jest of it says “we must confiscate weapons from civilians so we can finish implementing agenda 21. ” Excuse for this is global warming/climate change! So far Ted Cruz is the only one to speak against this. Only one to protect our constitution, sovereignty & bill of rights like he did when solicitor general in TX!!!

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    I’ll vote for the first one who commits to pulling us out of the Useless Nations.

    They can keep their terrorist “refugees” and melting planet theories to themselves.

  • yzwisey says:

    It’s not about pissing off the left anymore. It’s about the direction of the country. I AM sorely disappointed in the RNC. I’m advocating a third party. No longer will I send “support”. We need to revamp the whole system! Forget who “party” leaders like or dislike it’s Not about that. It’s about what We The People want. Forget the establishment.

  • wellilltellya says:

    Don’t know bout the rest of you but definitely do not give the right of some wanna be politician completely out of touch with the peoples choice to pick the president, with giving me a vote to pacify me! there it is the proof how barry got into office those delegates are the most contemptible scoundrels that could be picked to do such. they are bought and sold like cheep stocks their vote going to highest bidder ! that government program HAS TO GO 1 vote for 1 citizen of AMERICA

  • MDBell says:

    Mr. Trump knew that certain rules govern the primary process. Obviously he didn’t read them and/or take them seriously. But, the RNC should make NO changes to the convention rules now. If they do, then they will be accused of favoring some candidates over others.

    Everyone knew the rules from the gitgo. Let’s just follow them. Let the chips fall where they may.

    1. yzwisey says:

      So you agree with Preibus when he said, ” the American voters do not get to choose their candidate it’s the RNC establishment that gets that right”.

      1. MDBell says:

        It’s not about what I think. Every organization, including the RNC has a structure and set of rules governing its operation. The Republican Party will select its 2016 presidential candidate according to the rules governing the process.In 2012 the RNC, adopted Rule #40 requiring that a candidate must win at least eight state primaries in 2016 to be considered for nomination. That rule is still in effect.

        The RNC rules committee will meet before the convention to possibly rewrite the rules. The way it now stands, it is likely that only two candidates, Trump or Cruz, will have won the required number of states to be considered. I’m afraid that the RNC will change Rule #40 to favor Kasich who otherwise doesn’t stand a chance of being nominated. Kasich is a RINO and I do not want him being our candidate.

        If they do favor Kasich by rewriting the rules in his favor, I believe that will be the end of the Republican Party.

        I hope there will be no changes in the convention rules.

        1. yzwisey says:

          I concur. That will cease the exisyence of the RNC. I would never vote Kasich he’s an absolute IDIOT. Nor will I ever support the RNC again. Eyes wide open. Wasn’t aware of rule #40. They must’ve neglected to email me that particular ruling out of their millions for soliciting monies.

    2. Gnowark says:

      “the rules” (for the convention) haven’t been set yet. The state rules, yes.

    3. Robert Russell says:

      Get over it GOP change rules like what way the wind is blowing in their favor they wanted another Bush then they wanted Rubio never Trump. They got caught and Trump now makes them pay they did the same thing to Ron Paul.

  • Seedman says:

    Trust God and support the best candidate. That would not be Trump.

    1. Robert Russell says:

      Sorry you are going to lose.

  • barbarakelly says:

    As I have said before Priebus needs to be fired. I can’t stand these people who try to rule more like the Dems then a true conservative.!!!!!!

    1. Mary says:

      There was a notice about a person was 5 ft away from Priebus when he told a programer to make sure Trump doesn’t get 50% today in New York, and he posted the note on FACEBOOK but it was deleted just like two other proofs of fraud.

      1. barbarakelly says:

        Oh Mary, that is really good info to know. Spread the word about that info and I will also do the same. This is the only way we as people can fight back against the establishment. Thank you again.!!!!

  • Mike says:

    Three versions of the truth sounds like there isn’t any truth to be found. The delegates must be ALL pledged. There should be nobody slip sliding around the will of the People. If delegates are allowed to do as they please, anarchy among the People will follow. 8 years of Liberalism is more than enough. America is now seen as the “Nation of Apologies” thanks to Mr. Oslimbo.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      Pa. delegates are never pledged, you vote for the delegate not the candidate. It’s always been that way.

  • Myrtle Linder says:

    Have you not had rules, before Trump came along, or is it that the rules do not favor this very small, God? Do you have to make rules to suit him, that the rules applying to everyone else are not good enough for him. He is a egoist idiot

    1. bobnstuff says:

      The great and Powerful Trump doesn’t have to play by the rules. He has promised to break a number of international laws and even violate the fifth amendment if elected. He will be the best president ever so he needs no rules. He won’t need the congress to make laws, he will just make them up as he goes. The Great and Powerful Trump has spoken.

      1. Robert Russell says:

        Trump president he will deport illegals & build the fence & Mexico will pay for it. LoL! If that is breaking international laws so be it.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          And when he is done with those things he will walk to Europe.

      2. bernie says:

        The system is rigged, no doubt about it. We the People do not really have a vote. If this corrupt system can be changed, Trump is the man who can do it.

  • TOM says:

    Reince is a wussy, can’t control his big people with money, can’t run the party the way the party wants it ran. Needs to step down and get out of the way, or put your people in place to do something constuctive

  • Holy Joe says:

    The Republican Party Hierarchy & Nomenclature are more faithful
    to the non-qualified Muslim Usurper currently in the White House than they are to their own Members who support the Constitution, and unlike Obama or La Clinton have no wish to destroy it, – and the country itself. They, the oligarchy seem hell bent on wrecking this election and throwing it to Mrs. Clinton, giving us a total of 16 years of Communistic mismanagement and one person rule.

    She has already announced her intentions with regard to the 1st & 2nd Amendments, and no doubt she intends to further warp the Constitution of the United States of America to suit her own fascistic intentions and ambitions. Time for a radical change of the old oligarchy of the Republican Party Leadership in Washington DC.

    They do not have the ultimate welfare of their own party and members at heart. They are like the spiteful child that we all met when we were very young – who would rather take his toys home than play with the others, Childish – very childish – but that is Washington DC, trying to grasp petty power forever at any cost to the rest of their former voting members.

    1. Myrtle Linder says:

      And her husband was a mild man up beside this “witch” on her broomstick!

    2. Mary says:

      Seems everybody hates one another in Washington and the Establishment, I don’t blame them but how is anybody going to get America back in shape, there will be NO COOPERATION from any of them. Especially if Donald get in.

      1. Tom says:

        Vote Mr. Donald Trump in and the rest of the jerks OUT. NO incumbent will receive a vote from any member of my family. That’s 17 votes AGAINST them as a start.
        Pack up and GET OUT!

        1. ALBERT says:

          Tom, My family also if we don’t get the jerks out. Keep the PHENOMENON GOING VOTE DONALD TRUMP !!! 2016 YR

    3. Tom says:

      That ‘usurper’ would look great hanging from a tree in the White House lawn.

  • pianobill says:

    Has the RNC ever done what was fair?
    TRUMP 2016

    1. maxx says:

      Not in my lifetime!!

      1. Tom says:

        I wouldn’t mind making that as short as your ‘you-know-what. Tiny maxx

  • kathy diamond says:

    TO HELL WITH THE DELEGATES !!!!!!!!!! The Candidate with the most votes from ” WE THE PEOPLE” get’s the nomination !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. regulus30 says:

      problem with your idea [which was the way it was originally], the libs control all the big populist cities so delegates were used to balance the playing field and it worked until RNC/DNC became the “progressive party of America”.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        This system has been in place in one form or another for 180 years and was set up just like the electoral college was set up because our founding fathers didn’t trust the voters. We don’t even direct vote for the president in the general election. Never has it been the man with the most votes win. They must get over 50% of the delegates who’s job it is to protect the party from it’s members. The republican was the Progressive Party back in the early 1900’s under Teddy Roosevelt. Harding wasn’t nominated till the tenth ballet. It’s the party that chooses the candidate not the voters. It’s not likely to change.

        1. regulus30 says:

          well done; I fact checked you. my point is salient however, the founders knew we would select the wrong person [NOT].

        2. regulus30 says:

          ONE thing in the fact check that seemed at odds, it says we DO NOT HOLD A NATIONAL ELECTION for potus;; so what is Nov. 06?

        3. regulus30 says:

          general election is an election when there is competition between two candidate or parties; so the 12th amendment pissed that away?

          1. bobnstuff says:

            We do not elect the President directly, we have the Electoral College who get together in December and elect our President. You can win the popular vote and loose in the electoral college.
            GW did not win the popular vote in 2000.

          2. regulus30 says:

            12th amendment is a real piece of work; House chooses among the top three[3];; Senate chooses VP from remaining two [2]; so why were they counting “chads” in Florida?

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Had Gore won Florida he would have won the electoral college. He did win the popular vote and he could have dragged it out but he thought of the country and the damage it would have done to it. They didn’t finish in Florida, they just stopped counting.

          4. regulus30 says:

            actually the stats show in recount he was actually losing votes and the dems refused to count 180 thousand military votes because the idiots failed to mail them in time to get in the system;; how convenient.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            We will never know. As far as the military votes they were not mailed in time and rules are rules.

          6. regulus30 says:

            not so everyone should have their say; what did we hear continuously from the blacks in Dade county;”we have been disenfranchised”; the military was ignored because they are predominately conservative; rules are rules as long as they advance your voter corruption; you are a typical liberal.

          7. bobnstuff says:

            In elections there are rules and as much as you might as a poll worker want to make exceptions you can’t. The vote is counted by the rules. When my daughter was out of the country on election day her vote got here on time, I know because I worked the polls. If you don’t like the rules go do something about them but you can not brake them. Now if you try to change the rules to make it harder to vote you will be called out on it. Our Military get to vote, there vote is counted if it’s there on election day, just like everyone else. I don’t know why you are complaining Bush got the presidency. Gore had the most votes.

          8. regulus30 says:

            as your alinsky acolyte said as she was being questioned about she/obamam’s mishandling of Benghazi;”what difference does it make now”; liberals are mentally ill and the only cure is to decide AKA [OBAMMMIE] whose neck we can but our boot on; you phucks are sick.

          9. bobnstuff says:

            How many good men died in Iraq? How many lies were told to get us into that war? Are you upset about those lies? Do you get upset when people tell lies? if you do then I guess you are upset all the time with Trump. The fact checker put him at 79% of the time lying. I think it’s interesting how people pick and choose who they get made at and what it takes.

          10. regulus30 says:

            how many good men died in Benghazi? Are you upset at those lies, I am not a trump supporter; however I have been listening to your potus lie for eight [8] years so stop being a hypocrite.

          11. bobnstuff says:

            Ok name eight lies that Obama has said, that should be easy since he has been in office for over seven years. By the way do you know how Stevens died and where.

          12. regulus30 says:

            have you watched “13 hours” the documentary?

            1.] I sat in jeremiah wright’s radical church 20 years , but did not hear his anti-American sermons; 2.] tarp will provide “shovel ready jobs; 3.] I was born in Hawaii; 4.] my selective service card has not been altered; 5.] I am not using a dead man’s social security number from Connecticut;6.] I am not a muslim and did not attend college as a “foreign” exchange student; 7.] If you like your doctor or plan you can keep it [he said that on the record 26 times]; we will insure 30/40 million new people [it is still that same number]; 8.] obamacare will drive down medical costs [they have sky rocketed]; 9.] Benghazi was a result of a “video”; 10.] I don’t want to take your guns;11.] I have never manipulated the work participation rateto lower unemployment; 12.] I am not a racist; and never prejudge a black/white crime 13.] I always follow the Constitution just use Executive orders when I don’t get my way ;14.] the Iran deal will keep them from getting nuclear weapons, they have fired intercontinental missiles and have nuclear capabilities; 15.] ISIS is a “JV” team no real threat; 16.] I am drawing a “red line” in in the sand concerning Syria; 17.] I am going focus like a laser on creating jobs and turning the economy around; 18.] Russia will not invade Syria . Had enough yet you idiot.

          13. bobnstuff says:

            Since most of those things are lies that only really stupid people believe you loose. He has never said he want’s to take your guns and has taken not one of them. Health care cost increase have slowed over before the ACA. He was born in Hawaii and has proven it. He has turned the economy around in case you haven’t noticed it. Iran is not about to get a nuclear weapon in the near future and ISIS is still a JV team and no real threat to us and is being beaten back by the countries they are in. Don’t you get a news paper where you are. Most of what you say come from people who love to make up stories with no facts to back them up. His use of EO’s are in the power of his office and has been done by every president since Washington. Do you ever check any of the statements you make, you know like fact checking. I don’t think so.

          14. regulus30 says:

            YIP ; YOU ARE A FLAMING LIBERAL IN DENIAL;; YOU ARE A WASTE of anyone’s time;;who has a brain;; the brainwashed stupidity of fools like you is what got us here. Oh and the bear doesn’t shit in the woods either.

          15. bobnstuff says:

            I will take just one of your statements and give you a chance to prove me wrong. Find a quote from the President where he says he wants to take your guns. I will even help you by pointing out that everything he has said since he has been in the White House is recorded at White House.com I believe that if you take the time to check things out at prime sources you would be surprised the crap you are being feed. The Rev. Wright believes that Obama has lost his way and forgotten what it means to be black. He blames it on his education. Just because I don’t believe the right wing nut BS doesn’t make me a liberal, it makes me educated and a free thinker.

          16. regulus30 says:

            see you only read things the way you want to hear them ; you asked for a lie and I said;” he stated he does NOT WANT to take your guns; but all his legislation is designed to remove guns from the public sector; taxes have been imposed on ammo, he shut down lead foundries that did not even refine lead for bullets, he sent guns to Mexico [re: FAST -N- FURIOUS] trying to create a scenario that did not exist and in the end Americans were murdered with those guns. By the way you portray yourself as some sort of intellectual, but in typical LIBERAL style you NEVER answer a challenge, you move on to something else. I may also recommend you work on your command of the English language, I was going to let this slide but you have evolved into a pompous fool, I will point out your deficiency ; “it is not [brake the rules, it BREAK]; you used there ans a possessive pronoun when in fact it is THEIR,
            since most liberals assume they are smater than anyone else do yourself a favor and bone up the proper use of English grammar. Obama is a pathological liar and I do NOT NEED TO PROVE IT; only fools like you can not see his failure.

          17. bobnstuff says:

            You never read any of those bills on gun control or even looked to see who was pushing them. We took leads of bullets to help the environment. I will bet you don’t even know why we had lead in them in the first place.There is no national tax on bullets and you will find no mention of it from the White House. The only new gun law passed under Obama lets you carry in national parks. In fact Obama has said that he doesn’t want to take your guns. I could go on but you have been so brainwashed that facts are wasted on you. Just one last thing, do you know where the roots of the ACA are, with your friends at the Heritage Foundation.

          18. regulus30 says:

            no bobnshit; lead was removed from shotgun loads to protect the other species; that was decades ago, three [3] years ago obammie attacked the refiners thinking he would drive ammo out of reach and it was the wrong type of lead. you see you are so stupid you are a waste of my time.

          19. regulus30 says:

            more about obimbo’s crusade on gun ownership; doctors now are required to funnel personal patient info [violation of HEPA] to the feds about any trivial patient display of agitation when being analyzed and background checks are required for purchasing recreational weapons [shotguns], certain types of magazines are restricted so you see he knows he is a dead man walking if he tries to invade homes and confiscate weapons [even though in some states they have tried]; weapons are all that has kept this communist bastard from being a full fledged tyrant.


          20. regulus30 says:

            I AM going to give you some information [which I know you won’t take]; join THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION and request the “Imprimis” newsletter from “Hillsdale College”, [read by over 3.5 million people]; volume 45/number 3. The guest columnist decided to investigate the liberal perspective of the great “TY Cobb”; it is a synopsis of how you closed minded lazy anthropoids go through life misquoting misrepresenting and fabricating a myth, read the article and get your head out of your ass.

          21. bernie says:

            Nailed it right on, regulus 30 . Facts speak loudly, where lies do not. Some people get delusional after believing a lie too long.

          22. regulus30 says:

            thanks for your interest, this guy is a delusional lib for real, should not waste my time on this but it is rather amusing to expose the mindset of 50% of Americans.

          23. bernie says:

            I think his mind is stuck on not believing even if it’s the truth. He will not be swayed with the truth hitting him in the face. Too bad people do not learn until it’s too late.

          24. ALBERT says:

            Well said Obummer needs to go quick. 30 % unemployment rate with the Black race, we need a person that will fight for jobs. Vote Donald Trump 2016 YR

          25. Robert Russell says:

            Get over it Trump is a winner our next president for 8 years. LoL!

          26. bobnstuff says:

            I hate to point out little things but he isn’t even getting 50% of the Republican votes and my not even be the republican candidate so you might have some problems willing the general election.

  • Upaces says:

    I don’t think it is the ACTUAL GOP…think about it.

    The corporations that own the people due to funding their elections are running who gets in; and who doesn’t. The GOP MUST OBEY THEM.

    There is a threat IF Trump gets in, they will immediately Impeach him.

    1. TOM says:

      Impeach Him on what basis? He doesn’t own any blue stained dresses! You must have grounds for impeachment, and they have shown that they do not have the Ball^ to do it as look at what has gone on over the last 7-8 years. If that is not grounds for impeachment you will never see that again

      1. maxx says:

        Evidently they don’t need any actual basis. As long as both chambers dislike whomever, they can rig the impeachment process. And I don’t believe for a second that they won’t do just that. They keep betraying the people. How much longer are we going to sit idly by and allow it?

        1. TOM says:

          Maxx as long as Mitch the Bit*h is in charge anything is possible. Just read an article where HE is already planning A SECOND BALLOT vote at the convention. So again the party will go against the majority of the peoples wishes, I will change parties, never democrat, and tell the GOP to kiss off. I believe their weakness starts with their chairman, and then works into the Pac supporters, and then down to the rhino’s, which has lead this party to almost destruction

    2. Marie Parvi says:

      On what grounds?? There must be grounds for impeachment and at the point they were threatening impeachment there are NO grounds!!! I read that article last nite and recognized it was just another elite threat in hopes people would vote their candidate instead..
      Please take another look at that threat or idea of a threat and see it for what it really was..

  • regulus30 says:

    do it the old fashioned way; open the convention and allow the delegates [peoples reps and RNC reps] to fight it out;; eight [8] years of the Kenyan/communist muslim has been tolerated and who ever gets it [other than another communist] can roll back all of obimbo’s executive orders if they want to. obamamcare can be unfunded, Iran’s deal can be canceled, Keystone pipline can go forward all obimmies rogue un supervised agencies can be shut down, the economy can grow again, jobs can be created, liberals can be put to SLEEP.

    1. kathy diamond says:

      regulus30, You wrote ” PEOPLES REPS ” That is supposed to mean, THEY VOTE AS THEIR PEOPLE IN EACH DISTRICT VOTE. IF ALL THE PEOPLE OR A MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN A DISTRICT SAY, ” trump” they are supposed to vote for their people ” TRUMP” THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS NOT HAPPENING.

      1. regulus30 says:

        yes, and there are two [2] type of delegates; committed and appointed, voters should have control OF ALL DELEGATES, but you see why DC wants to be the decider because they think they are smarter than you and I ;; but the reality is THEY ARE GREEDIER than we are.

        1. Mary says:

          And it’s not happening, Cruz visits the next state to vote and buys the Delegates to vote for him or hacks the voter machines and takes all the votes. No one can trust any of them, in Colorado he bought the Delegates and when the applied Delegates appeared to vote their name was gone off the list and replaced by a Cruz voter. Probably happening all over.

          1. senior74 says:

            That isn’t true! He had a ground game going. volunteers working. Trump didn’t bother with any of it! He thought he could win a popularity contest, after all he was famous for his TV show!!

          2. AmericanBelle1 says:

            You and Mary are both wrong. Cruz is going about working delegates to switch their votes at the convention if it turns into a contested conference. All delegates won by Trump must go to him through at least the first ballot. Then it breaks down into state rules where some states mandate the delegates go through more than one round before switching their votes. Floridians can’t switch their votes until the third ballot.

            Appointed delegates are the worse, since these are party people not bound by votes…they can vote for whomever they wish on the first ballot. For example, Missouri has 52 delegates. But it’s all broken down so that the winner will only get 10 delegates to start. Then there are district delegates of 24. That’s broken down to what candidate wins what district. (This is how a runner-up can get as many or even more delegates than the winner!). It also gives 3 delegates to its state party leaders; the governor gets a delegate; the US congressional people each get 1 delegate, and each chamber in Congress gets a delegate. Missouri’s delegate chart points to another 11 delegates by the “President”…have no idea who or what has that power. So even though Missouri claims it has 52 delegates, the winner of that primary is only guaranteed 10 delegates (if its a winner take all, otherwise they’re proportioned out). Missouri actually has 10 delegates to the winner(s); 24 delegates to the winner of those districts; 15 are superdelegates free to choose whomever. The last 11 to the President is something I have no clue to.

          3. louann says:

            What’s important is millions of peoples votes being trashed. I dont want someone choosing for me. The so called rules are a joke. Very unfair. Very corrupt. I live in Colorado it was horrible. I heard the delegates that were let go. They were mad. You can’t spit in the faces of millions why vote? This is not about trump! Its every day people that now no there votes don’t count. The trump bashing the slander of his name. This is not ok!

          4. ALBERT says:

            MARY, YOU ARE SO RIGHT can’t trust lying Ted. Vote Donald Trump 2016 YR

        2. Florie Hintze says:

          You said IT! IT they nominate some one else ôther Than Mr. Trump I Will Not vote, I am sad to say. Dem and Rép party has more crooks Than honest Members.

          1. regulus30 says:


          2. regulus30 says:

            well that is just ducky;; you are a true American ;; NOT.

          3. Florie Hintze says:

            Well, you think it is fair to choose someone else instead of he front runner Mr. Trump?

          4. regulus30 says:

            absolutely not; let’s wait and see how it shakes out before going nutty.

      2. ALBERT says:

        Kathy, I agree that’s the way it should be,The states make up the rules as they go along. very unfair. KEEP THE ONCE IN A LIFETIME PHENOMENON GOING, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !! VOTE DONALD TRUMP 2016 YR !!!

    2. maxx says:

      All the things you present will only happen if one specific candidates gets in. We know none of these things will be considered if a democrat or socialist gets in. We are also assured none will take place if a GOP establishment candidate gets in since both parties are two sides of the same coin. The people should chose the candidates not the party.

      1. regulus30 says:

        well let’s get crackin and work to elect a more conservative House and Senate so the next potus has someone supporting his obammie ROLL BACK.

      2. Tom says:

        Don’t we still have the Write-in vote? That would eliminate a lot of the BS the crybabies are pulling. What a stupid bunch of JERKS!!!
        Vote them all OUT!

        1. maxx says:

          Yes we do. There are several states that don’t allow it, can’t imagine how they can pull that one off. But thankfully my state isn’t one of them.

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