Ruling lets states require proof of citizenship from anyone who registers to vote

A U.S. District Court judge ruled Wednesday that Arizona and Kansas can require anyone registering to vote to prove their citizenship and the federal Election Assistance Commission cannot block them.

The ruling is a boost for states’ rights and marks a setback for President Obama and other liberals who fought stiffer voter ID checks with an argument that they reduce voter turnout.

“This is a huge victory for me, personally, for the states of Kansas and Arizona, and for the whole cause of states’ rights,” said Kansas Secretary of State Kris W. Kobach, who led the challenge.
“We’ve seen so many defeats recently in areas where the federal government has been encroaching on states’ authorities, and this time the good guys won.”

In his ruling, Judge Eric F. Melgren said the EAC, which Congress created after the 2000 Florida voting fiasco, must accede to states’ requests for people to provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote.

The judge said the Constitution gives states the power to determine voter qualifications, and if states want to insist on proof of citizenship, the election commission cannot overrule them.

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  • Jrmags says:

    It’s about time … but, don’t relax just yet, you can bet the libtards and the justice department are going to fight like hell not to allow open and honest elections!

  • edgineer says:

    Finally. a ruling that puts a road block in the way for Democrats to destroy the US as a sovereign nation.

  • CforUS says:

    This is HUGE. The next step should be to require everyone that steps up to a polling place to pull out a state or federal issued ID before they can post a ballot. With it the rampant voter fraud that keeps electing Democrats will be much harder to accomplish.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Name ONE instance of “rampant voter fraud”. Another urban myth perpetuated by Rush, Hannity and Beck. The only election that was fraudulent was the Florida recount.
      You can’t have voter fraud when all the districts have been redrawn to favor the Republicans who control the governorships and state legislatures.

      1. CforUS says:

        Sorry for the delay in responding. It took me that long to stop laughing every time I thought about it. I showed it to my friends so we could all share in the humor. Your partisan naiveté is hanging out. I’m not going to respond to your comment, other than to say I’ll be looking for the complaints and whining when the mid-terms turn against the democrat party bus. You may want to avoid the ridicule, so consider changing your handle when you do. At least you’ll enjoy some anonymity when the herd joins you. Thanks again for the laugh.

        1. I Seigel says:

          What a coincidence! My friends and I were similarly amused at your response!! Of course, we noticed how much effort and time you put in to writing out your response, but that you couldn’t afford even 15 seconds or so to post a link to a legitimate news story about an example of “rampant voter fraud”. And of course, the word “rampant” refers to “many more than one”. I guess life in the echo chamber is a happy one …

          1. CforUS says:

            If you don’t look for fraud, you won’t find it. That’s how our elected officials and bureaucrats protect even the smallest advantage in votes. I can speak about the state of Maryland since I have first hand knowledge.

            Nobody at the State Board of Elections look for evidence of irregularities and fraud. They are simply not set up or properly funded to pursue the evidence. There are private groups like Election Integrity Maryland (EIM) that have begun to look at voter registrations and voter lists. They have only been able to get through about 1% of the voter rolls so far. It has looked at 35K voter registration files in Maryland and has filed 11,000 irregularity challenges. That’s just one state!

            Their findings have revealed 1,500 deceased that are still on active voter registration rolls, nearly 700 duplicate voter registrations, and several hundred voters who listed a vacant lot or business address as their residential address. Thousands were
            identified as having address inconsistencies.

            There have been cases where individuals attempted to vote using names flagged as “inactive”, which is a category of voter records given to deceased and duplicates where voters have been determined to be living out of state. This is an indication of nefarious activity. In most of these cases it is decided to not pursue a case of voter fraud, which skews the statistics, allowing people like you that deny there is a problem to proclaim there is no problem.

            If you simply apply the Maryland model you can apply statistics across the U.S. to get an idea of the sheer magnatude of the problem nation-wide:
            – 1.8 M dead voters still eligible on the rolls
            – 2.75 M are registered to vote in more than one state
            – 46 states have prosecuted or convicted cases
            of voter fraud
            – 24 M voter registrations are invalid, yet remain on the rolls nation-wide

            How many votes did GWB win by? How many votes in various states did BO win by? Even a few fraudulent votes in any given states can make all the difference.

  • James says:

    Wow finally a court that upholds the Constitution. Now the Socialist Democrats will appeal to another Federal Court with a Socialist Judge
    and get another ruling. If they do, we should march on that court with torches
    and pitch forks, tar and feather the judge and ride him out of town on a rail because we will take back our country and our courts.

  • JONDO says:

    Thats the law and that’s the way it should be all over. Its illegal for some one to hire another country to come over here and vote for a president for free benefits, Cell phones and free Medical services paid for by the American taxpayers.Only a corrupt state wont allow proof of citizenship

  • jdbixii says:

    Three cheers for the decision. The federal government has, for far too long, failed to exercise good policies which protected the interests of the American citizenry from detrimental, partisan pandering which actually prevented or inhibited legal practices and their enforcement. The law represents a beneficial prejudice, per se.

  • CTH says:

    Not all federal judges are stupid and venal like too many of them are.

  • George says:

    A good step in the direction of election with integrity. Hope this spreads to all states now. States that refuses to apply this measure may have a very good reason for not wanting to make certain that those voting are, in fact, citizens.

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