Rumors Circulating… Vladimir Putin Dead?

by WND
March 14, 2015

Speculation is mounting regarding the whereabouts of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who hasn’t been seen in public since two important meetings were abruptly canceled more than a week ago, sources say, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

At the center of the mystery, is the state of his health and political standing.

There is even increasing speculation that he’s dead, or that he’s in Switzerland welcoming a love child from Alina Kabayeya, 32, a former Olympic gymnast.

A Russian spokesman, however, has disputed the death claim. “Sorry, but he’s still alive,” said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He also denied the rumor from the Swiss tabloid.

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  • van king says:

    I will leave the opinions of Putin and Obama to you agitators. I just want to note that barely any of you commenters can spell or string a legitimate sentence together. Most of your statements are spit and vinegar with a cup of hatred stirred in. We are all Americans, we can disagree, but the evilness that creeps into these comments are unwarranted. That is why our infantile politicians act as they do, they whine and weep, throw tantrums and their pet projects into any meaningful legislation. The Islamists don’t need to overthrow us, we are doing a great job of imploding ourselves. When someone does leave a heartfelt comment, they are eviscerated by the gang of ignorance who have a different opinion. If we all start behaving as one America and try to save our country and ourselves, we must learn how to debate without the vitriol. Maybe then our pols will take notice and behave as the intelligent adults they claimed to be when they were campaigning for our votes. WE, as a whole, elected all the crooks and con men that serve as our congress people. Obviously, mistakes were made. Let’s work together as AMERICANS and save ourselves! Anything that is done can be undone, but not if we rip at each others throats and fight amongst ourselves. America is split almost 50-50 on our political beliefs. We must work together as a team to bring America back to its old glory. We can do this, I believe in US. Will you?

    1. Dave says:

      “Maybe then our pols will take notice and behave as the intelligent adults they claimed to be when they were campaigning for our votes.”
      I don’t know, I have seen a documentary where a sitting US Congressman states, quite frankly, “You don’t have to pass an IQ test to be in Congress…” or something close to that. “Not passing an IQ test” is a far cry from “intelligence”… If Americans don’t “get smarter” when they vote, the Islamic extremists will have figuratively chopped off America’s head and the 47 Traitors are giving them the blade with which to decapitate us!

    2. MSgt Hockaday says:

      I commend you for the depth of your comments. One important issue most of you seem to have missed, is that ” we the people ” have a responsibility to this country as citizens. We must utilize the best recourse we have to remove the idiots, the good old boys, the crooks and the man in the white house who is NOT doing his job. The Constitution gave us our recourse with these people, vote them out or remove them. As even our founding fathers were fond of saying, a little revolution is good for the soul of any republic. If revolution isn’t your cup of tea, then call your local idiot in Congress and scream at him or her to impeach that fool in the white house. If they hear it enough, maybe they will get the point. It’s him or the Congress.

  • Carol Morrisey says:

    I have prayed against Putin because of the chaos he is causing in Ukraine. The
    man is power hungry and is the cause of much suffering and death. I do not wish him dead, but powerless to hurt anyone else. Dear God, be at work in this situation.

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  • Bill Peddie says:

    Putin, dead?? No way. Leave when he is having such a good time watching Obama implode??
    Putin is with his lover and waiting for a baby. Just hope it is a boy for the lady’s sake.
    In any event, if Putin was history, Russia would go bonkers over that and busily elect something else as President.

  • Johnnyappleseed says:

    Easy enough, stretch Putin up a couple of inches add a set of ears, throw on a coat of paint, add in a set of golf clubs,and he could be occupying the white house

    1. PJ Daniles says:

      Even the SOB Putin has more class than to want to imitate the most inept, incompetent, fascistic, Islamic prick POTUS the nation has ever had to suffer through.

      1. Dee says:

        You got that right. If he is dead, hope he took Obama with him.

    2. Bill Peddie says:

      I have tried to be above board in my suggestions about what is his name.
      But, I must say, you are rather poetic in you suggestion.
      Well done!!!!

    3. Grannypolitico says:

      I’ve had it with snide remarks about the President of The United States. What the people who post silly stuff like this do not seem to understand is that they are insulting the *Office*. The President of the United States is entitled to our respect even if we disagree strongly with him. For those who just cannot stand the fact that there is a man of color in the White House I say… GET OVER IT… He’s there, he’s been re-elected so it was not a fluke.. and The requirements for President of the United States do not include Uppity Old White Man….
      So, stop insulting The President and get busy saying what you disagree with about his job in office. I am not alone in being sick and tired of these insults.

      1. don says:

        you got it wrong this muslim leaning marixist rabid mad dog obama is insulting the office of the president–an our nation he deserves no repect—an color makes no diffrence here–its his marixist agenda–destorying america as we know it—sorry granny for being the bootlicker you are

        1. Johnnyappleseed says:

          Don you are right the secular progressives shorts are in a knot because of the failing of king Obama, he has yet to come up with any plan for anything of substance, and his vision of America is nothing like the past presidents, admittedly, Carter was inept, and is still anti Jewish,but still he was an American.
          I believe America will rise above the incompetence of both the congress and the president to start bailing out the boat called America, if not we shall all live to see what a communist/ democratic failure looks like.

      2. Annabel says:

        That crap about insulting “the office” is tired and worn out. An office, any office, can’t do anything. It’s the man occupying the office who is killing the USA!

      3. Thomas Crandall says:

        Well said! Respect the President and the office
        . I feel he has done a remarkable job withstanding all the negativity tossed around in the Congress.

        1. John Hunter says:

          You are absolutely correct, the zero buma has done an excellent job- an
          excellent job of destroying America just like he planned all along.

    4. SUSAN LEE says:

      Why do you have to make a comparison with our President? Are you American? If so, then have some respect!

      1. PUNISHER says:


  • Steven says:

    The lame stream media said the same thing about that North Korean dictator.

  • patrick says:

    time to clean house and throw out the garbage. even if we have to take up arms and call on the military to back us up. this country is being destroyed by these politicians and bankers. they need to be in jail for what they have done to this country

  • James says:

    it appears that we have no men in the white house if we do have men they must betranssectials because they have no balls at all I am ashamed of the whole bunch of liers

    1. Johnnyappleseed says:

      They whoever they are, the seculars are calling it gender identification syndrome, and you are right they do lack that

  • Glenn says:

    I agree on both counts and less not forget those who care more about POT

  • Bill says:

    Double AMEN

  • Question. Why are my comments “awaiting moderation” while the other commentator’s are not?

  • David in MA says:

    Putin may have snuck into the U.S. across the Mexican border to file papers to run for Prez in 2016.

    1. Let’s hope so, David in MA.

      I’d vote for Putin for prez any day over Hillary, Romney, McCain or Jeb Bush. The way things are going I would not be surprised if Netanyahu gets defeated in Israel this year and the RINO Republican establishment war party brings in Bibi to run against Hillary.

      That’s far out, of course, but like I said…. nothing would surprise me anymore with the Republcans!

    2. Steven says:

      If he did, I would vote for him ,he is less of a dictator than O’butt Hole is and he loves his country.

  • James in Texas says:

    Mr. Putin is not our problem. He is a “known” Communist. It is our “closet” Socialist/Communist/Islamist in the White House that is “our problem”, Period. He becomes more dangerous each day our “spineless” Congress allows and supports all-things Obama. The largest political party in this country is the “Party of Me”, which all elected Rep’s become members of after they “drink the Wine” in DC. They are there to do the “Business of Me”, and most of us know this, why do we continue to destroy ourselves re-electing these folks!

    1. With the exception of, “He is a “known” communist,” I agree totally with the comment by James in Texas. The Russian Christian Vladimir Putin is most certain not our problem. Hannity, O’Reilly, Megyn, Greta, the Five, Faux News and the other lying presstitute establishment news sources, along with our Israel First Congress and Rothschild’s central bank The FED are this former free Republic’s problems.

    2. Kathy Baratelli says:


    3. Bill says:

      Well spoken James, Hit the nail on the head in a nut shell!!!! And it’s really sad

    4. RICARDO36 says:


    5. bush cheney boner allowed 22 isis training camps to set up in America, thousands of illegal aliens, a useless war to put money in their pockets and kill off our men so their Nazi friends could take us over Obama was not here then so maybe you better wise up. Obama believes their are good muslims I do not. but Obama has kept us going where the republicans were burying us. so put the blame on mame boys tell the truth

      1. Cala says:

        Right on. Nothing else needs to be said.

      2. William says:

        Whatever may have happened under the Bush administration, Obummer has taken that and built on it a thousand times over. Bush was no commie, or muslim, or sodomist as is the present occupant of the White House.

        1. heroay says:

          Bah-humbug! Deviant coke-homo Booshie Jr. (remember HIS ‘mud bath’ with another homo at Yale’s Skull and Bones?) is everything you deny and WORSE: A traitor war criminal stoolie of the International Zionist Rapine Mafia, who continued daddy’s devastation of Iraq and Afghanistan over a Mossad false-flag (9/11), waiting for his day in a Constitutional Court; same as his decrepit father, and crooked (forgotten) brothers.

          ● SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN Full documentary 1878-2006 by A.C.Hitchcock –
          (youtube dot com/watch?v=XuzkLbHb1Q8) ♥

        2. Clay7 says:

          What is the source for those claims—?
          Just need to track down the accusers and the dates of the crimes.

      3. heroay says:

        In your rush, you left out the MAIN ingredient to our disgrace in this country (since 1913) and the world over: The Zionist Subversive Rats (ZSR) polluting everything American in the U.S., from the Tarnished House, to Military-Industrial Conspirators (MIC), mis-Education, Bankstering, sewer-Media, Pornography, Holy-Weird, ad nauseam. Forget the “nazis”, think instead of ashke-NAZIS, and get the score straight.

        ● The Jewish Conspiracy Movie – (expeltheparasite dot com/2014/05/27/the-jewish-conspiracy-movie/) ♥ ▲ √

    6. "HIS" MARY says:


    7. margaret baker says:

      Hi you are so correct, we have always knew this, Obama’s behavior is not what we excepted from our president.

    8. Annabel says:

      When did you decide that Mr. Putin is a “known communist”? He is not and has never been! Russia is no longer a communist country. Wake up, this is 2015!

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