Russia propaganda machine gains on U.S.

by Guy Taylor
December 28, 2015

Russia has reorganized and intensified its international propaganda machine so effectively over the past decade that some Western lawmakers and diplomats say Washington now is badly losing a global messaging war to the increasingly modernized blitz of anti-U.S. content from Moscow-backed news operations.

Since 2005, the global satellite network Russia Today — recently renamed RT — has grown into a worldwide operation perhaps best described as Moscow’s version of the BBC. As of this year, RT claimed to be available to an audience of some 700 million across more than 100 nations, where viewers can soak in its Fox News-style 24-hour television content in English, Arabic and Spanish.

This is not to mention the expansion of RT’s Web-based news platforms in those languages, as well as German and French, the best known of which is, which launched last year. The site’s English language content has become so successful at penetrating the American digital landscape that it has been linked by the Drudge Report.

What is most mind-boggling, some U.S. lawmakers say, is how Moscow has brought about this propaganda revolution during a post-Cold War period in which America’s own government-financed news operations, such as Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Voice of America have remained largely stagnant in terms of their reach around the world.

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  • BHR says:

    What do you expect with Obama as our leader. Obama started out his presendency apologizing to the world.

  • Roy Mcdade says:

    Do you mean that our Military_ Industrial BS that we are being fed is beginning to show inconsistencies ?? It is time this Wonderful Country begins to see how we have been dragged into a perpetual War Machine with our super-covert CIA selling us Fear of Terrorism all the while it is assassinating world leaders who won’t kiss their asses. Or, maybe selling arms to the moderate muslim rebels while it perpetuates more and more violence. How about the low info voters who elect a Traitorous muslim Prez whose ONLY agenda is to destroy this Country down to a 3rd world status.. Think about WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING TO THE MASSES AND OUR COUNTRY……..REALLY THINK…

  • Bob Hunt says:

    It’s no wonder with our current leadership!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    So, is this article saying that the Russians are smarter then Americans, if so, what bull manure, but “they” are looking for a reason why the U S has egg on it’s face. So why not just tell the truth. This Obama and his administration are totally, and fully responsible for the state that the U S A is in today. Never mind looking for others to blame, the blame is all in the WH.

  • RobertFallin says:

    The biggest reasons the “Russian propaganda machine” is gaining is because truth is on their side. When the Western media is consistently hypocritical and consistently pro-government oppression and criminal acts, the public can tell the difference.

  • joe says:

    Is there any difference between obama/Democrat/Clinton/Pelosi/Reid/Rockefeller politics and the old U.S.S.R. communism?

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    “Russia propaganda machine gains on U.S.”

    Well, the Russians have been at this much longer; but leave it to the leftists who will shortly surpass the Russians — consider the New York Times isn’t called “Pravda West” for nothing.

  • Bob in Florida says:

    When the Soviet Union broke up most U.S. Agencies brushed off their hands, said – “well, that takes care of that!” – and went blithely on their way; assuming they would never have to worry about them again.

    Naive, aren’t we?!

    We treat our own domestic Liberals the same way. We win an election and we go back to living our lives and figure we’ve taken care of that little problem. Meanwhile they lick their wounds, learn from their mistakes, take their lumps, and start focusing on the next plan of attack

    If we don’t smarten up and realize this is not a short-term battle and start to treat it as the lifetime battle that it is, we’re going to be fighting these brushfires for the rest of eternity (or, until the liberals take over our country!).

    We have to treat these problems (the soviets and the progressive liberals(?) like we would Malaria. Once, you have it it will always be there; you just have to keep taking your medication and be ready to fight the recurring flare ups. Do not assume it has gone away.

  • Art Hock says:

    This is the intent of the Obama administration to make the USA into another 3rd world shithole with all the muslim rats invading us. Look at all the muslims and communists in his gang of monsters and it is quite evident what he is up to.

  • bobnstuff says:

    They get help from our own “news stations” Not only are they reducing our image on the world stage by calling our leaders name and questioning their right to rule every day but our so called news makes our country look like fools to the world. The power of a country is no longer based on the size of its army but on its ability to shape peoples thinking. The more our President is undermined the weaker we are. People will claim they are attacking Obama when in fact they are attacking the office of the President. The attacks are not just on the President but also on the leaders in Congress as well. The whole world is watching us and we are acting like fools If the world loses respect for our country it’s our own fault for not showing respect for each other.

    1. podunk1 says:

      The worst thing we could do for the USA is TO NOT CONDEMN THE LAWLESSNESS, looting, AND TREASON THAT IS OBVIOUSLY DESTROYING THE USA! The president, Congress, Supreme Court, and officials appointed by that corrupt majority are openly betraying allegiance, openly attacking, overthrowing, and mocking the Constitution, and defying national sovereignty. The progressive majority is defiling their offices of high honor, not patriotic citizens who are demanding law, order, and allegiance to the Constitution.

      Global monopolists and Communist China do not want the US society… they want the natural resource wealth! China has more than enough controlled slave labor to do anything they want, including execution of RINO monopolists who think they are going to ride the white horse that will belong to China!

      Over the past 25+ years progressive Maoist/RINO monopolists conspired with government officials to move strategic US productive infrastructure, capital, and jobs to Communist China in exchange for slave labor and near zero regulation & taxation! Supreme lawless legislative, regulatory, and color of law enforcement powers of “office” strangled US natural resources, obstructed productivity, and controlled supply and demand, while bulldozing and obliterating USA productive infrastructure! Trillions WERE plucked from the USA and transplanted into Communist Maoist China as if moved from one US street to another (FREE), leaving the USA UNABLE TO PRODUCE WHAT IT CONSUMES with no pathway to recover the knowledge or capital loss!! $18 trillion debt with hundreds of trillions in unfunded (bankrupt) pensions, compounded by 40+ million Maoist/RINO progressive government SUBSIDIZED alien welfare locusts throwing 38,537,000 citizens out of productive work into INESCAPABLE WELFARE and DAMNATION… is a $2.6 trillion undeniable annual kiss of death to the USA!!!

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Since you don’t even know what the word Treason means and don’t even know what is and isn’t legal because the media has miss used the words so much and has feed you miss information. You get your constitutional law from a guy who doesn’t even have a college education. You live and breath the twisted facts and don’t even know it. The first attack on the president came before he had done anything, he wasn’t even sworn in yet when the attacks started. Most of the attacks, not just of the president but the leaders of congress also are not based on facts and many are personal and just mockery. You used the term The progressive majority, think about it. The majority of our government that is elected by the voters are progressive, a word you also don’t understand. A small group of right wing conservatives think they should be in charge even though they weren’t given that power by the voters. Who is trying to destroy our country for their own personal gain? Who is trying to steal the power from the people elected by the majority of the voters?

        1. podunk1 says:

          Bob’s bobbin for assoles not apples & its head is stuck in the muck… Looking to see how real businessmen become obomanites or Maoist monopolists, I find bobbin bragging about Obama’s record employment increases… (4 million???)… If you really know that, you know the eligible workforce population increased 18 million, and only 2 out of 10 found jobs, leaving 8 (80%) JOBLESS that’s NOT REPORTED since 2008… look it up!!! That doesn’t include all of the illegal alien invaders brought in to throw more citizens out of work and into welfare, does it? Sounds more like Alinski, Cloward, and Pivin… an obama-motion.

          I get my Constitutional law directly from the ratified Constitution as written in very easily readable and understandable English. I learned how to read, add, and respect other’s property, truth, moral people, and others who might have a better idea, like the Constitutional framers! Millions of Americans know how to keep rats out of the corn cribs and foxes out of hen houses.

          Your words unequivocally state progressives have overthrown the Constitution, and the democrat/RINO majority executive/legislative/Supreme-Court rule trumps the Constitution! Shall make no law, not infringe, violate, disparage or deny, enforce, hold any office, etc. are mighty big SUPREME words to spit on. There are less than 57 pivotal words in Article 6 that unconditionally binds every government politician and worker to the Constitution and another 32 key 2nd oath words that unconditionally binds all to individually absolutely defend that Constitution! The word “notwithstanding” summarizes anything to the contrary! Look up the words insurrection, rebellion, and treason; as well as Amendment 14-3&4, Article 3-3 (aiding and abetting), and Article 1-1. Remember the cry of all is well as the enemy swarms in is an on the spot capital crime in time of eminent danger… especially for the oath bound!

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I have looked it up have you BLS is useful. Record job openings. it’s real. Ask the HR people about trying to fill job openings. Those who don’t have jobs can’t pass the drug test of have a record. Funny if the facts aren’t reported where did you find your facts?

            If you support the constitution you must not support Trump since he has a problem with much of it.

            Since you are so up on your constitution you might remember this little part, It is what is treason.

            Treason against the United States, shall consist
            only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

            The Congress shall have Power to declare the
            Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

            a person advocating or implementing social reform or new, liberal ideas.
            synonyms: innovator · reformer · reformist · liberal · libertarian




            open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values: “they have more liberal views toward marriage and divorce than some people”

            (of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general
            knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional

            synonyms: wide-ranging · broad-based · general

            (especially of an interpretation of a law) broadly construed or understood; not strictly literal or exact: “they could have given the 1968 Act a more liberal interpretation”

            synonyms: flexible · broad · loose · rough · free · general · nonliteral · [more]

            given, used, or occurring in generous amounts: “liberal amounts of wine had been consumed”

            synonyms: abundant · copious · ample · plentiful · generous · lavish · [more]

            a person of liberal views.

            Words have meanings but I guess name calling is more your style.

          2. podunk1 says:

            You don’t have a clue… not a put down, just a simple fact. BLS workforce eligible population (w/f) was 233,788,000 12/31/2008 and 251,747,000 1/30/2015 and the increase is 17,959,000 (7.68%), which is a very low 1.1% per year ignoring December. Employed was 145,362,000 (2008) vs 149,364,000 which is Obama’s increase of only 4,002,000 (2.75%) which is a miserable 0.4%/yr. on the same comparable basis. To match 2008 job increase performance, Obama would have to increase jobs by the 2008 employed vs. 2008 w/f population ratio (62.1768%) on the 17,959,000 w/f population increase which would be 11,166,000 more employed, and 7,164,000 more than Obama’s 4 million failure.
            Acid test joblessness reveals 149,364,000 people employed 34.5 hours instead of 40 were sharing 128,826,000 jobs! The 1997/2008 average workforce vs w/f population puts a comparable November w/f at 167,413,000 and the difference is 38,587,000 November, 2016 wage-less, joblessness instead of the 5% during those 12 prior to Obama years! If a corporate CEO or local/state official committed a fraction of that fraud, they would be jailed… it routinely happens.
            Apparently you have no clue that the “war against them” (Article 3 quoted by you) is the binding agreement (Constitution) that is the definition and foundation of the USA… and ISIS and IRAN have openly declared war against the USA… the same is true of Farrakhan and black panthers! Aiding and abetting IS TREASON (THE WORDS ARE THERE)! Further war doesn’t have to be a shooting conflict, and it certainly includes using color of law armed law enforcement to usurp the Constitution to haul a little old peaceful lady off to jail because she will not obey illegal laws made in contempt of Amendment 1, that forces her to forfeit her undeniable right to her peaceful Constitution respecting religion and free exercise thereon! Ask a traitor how to be patriot, and you will become a traitor (Podunk)!

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Now lets look at this in a little more fair way. Obama took over in mid January 2009 and it took most of the year to stop the free fall he was handed. From the low point to now the growth wad 8.923 million jobs. People who had been waiting to retire got to in the last few years because their 401K regained it value, that’s my brothers and I. Also your little old ladywas hired to a job and refused to do it or let it be done. She didn’t have to go to jail, she only had to let here office do their job. She did it for the publicity and the money. The law is legal, the SCOUS says so. Your little old lady was trying to put her beliefs on others. Having someone say they are declaring war on us doesn’t count, we must declare on them. Also you really need a nation to declare war on. Iran has not declared war on the US even though they committed an act of war in 1979. War must be declared by congress. On top of all this our President has not aiding and abetting anyone. On the other hand the republicans in the Senate are traitors by sending the letter to Iran under cutting the Presidents power to create treaties.

          4. podunk1 says:

            It’s time to fight subversion and deception!

            The 4 year progressive reign of Bush/Reid/Pelosi/Dodd/Frank/Boner/McConnell plunder ended in 2008. On comparable 66.50066% 1997/2008 workforce averages at full time work, 12/2012 38,973,000 (23.98%) joblessness vs. 38,587,000 (23.05%) Nov, 2015 along with $18 trillion mushrooming national debt with SSI and other pensions unfunded and upside-down by hundreds of trillions proves Obama’s Alinski/Cloward/Pivin strategy is efficiently destroying what was left of Constitutional USA after the “team” emptied the treasury. Private and state/local democrat/republican government scoundrels go to jail every day within the USA for far lesser crimes.

            The key word “all” in Article 1 leaves Obama and “SCROTUS” with zero legislative powers! 2nd oath demands absolute individual allegiance to defend Supreme English language words against any Constitution enemy anywhere, anytime, without any reservation… includes every individual within Obama’s administration, congress, and SCOTUS! Other pertinent Supreme Law facts are Article 2-3 “…laws be faithfully executed…”, Article 4-4 …protect each state against invasion…”, Amendment 9 “…certain rights shall not be construed to deny others…”, and of course 2nd oath “…true faith and allegiance…” the fiduciary and absolute truth covenant to Constitution and country!

            Article 3 Section 3 words you quoted “…or adhering to their enemies (buddies), giving aid and comfort” applies equal status as war to adhering, comforting, and aiding constitution enemies by the word “or”! Organized acts against Constitutional authority (“insurrection”) and “rebellion” against Constitutional authority and allegiance are obviously acts of treason by those and Webster’s definitions, which mandate offenses automatically ban offenders from any US office (14-3&4)!

            Regarding the “little lady”, historically there has never been a law sanctifying sodomy, but many prohibiting it (homosexuality) because intimate frenzied engagement of reproductive, oral/nasal, and rectal sewage anatomy transmits lethal toxins, diseases, germs, infections, etc. within society! It’s well known, yet pathologically endorsed by the US CDC and FDA! It’s capable of spreading a national plague! Nowhere have so many people been scourged, impoverished, and ravaged by those diseases and lawless violence as the black ghettos under the tyrannical thumbs of Obama and Maoist/RINO progressives!

      2. SDofAZ says:

        Good post podunk1. You have identified the real intent behind this designer war and the muslims and all other players are fools who cannot see the truth and the manipulation. The citizens of the US who seek to profit from this will join the statistics of the destruction because the other big boys are not going to share as usual. And the citizen’s of the lands of spoils will bear the damage to be done whether it is war or enslavement or annihilation.

        The same old story with new players as in WWII. Now it is WWIII when the fools doing the engineering realize the sharing is not to happen. Watch and get ready for the Second Great Depression. It is coming and this one was deliberately engineered by this administration. Since BO is leaving office he wants to leave his country another parting gift in his destruction plan.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          You should go out and buy Gold. Next you should move up into the high country and cut yourself from everyone so you will be safe. For seven years the “conservative media” has been tell you that Obama is destroying the country so by now it must be destroyed. I guess my 401K coming back didn’t happen and the fact that we have a recorded number of job openings is a lie. Illegals numbers are down and so is the crime rate. He really is destroying the country. You had better run for the hills now after all he only has one year left so he needs to start destroying now.

          1. BHR says:

            You are fooling yourself. Obama has done all he can to weaken America, every way he could. We will have a financial crush soon.
            Our short term debt is getting close to $20 trillion, which Obama is responsible for half of the debt.
            Our long term debt, is around $236 trillion.
            We are supporting millions of illegals. Congress just passed a budget to let in 300 thousand Muslims and 10 thousand Muslim refugees, which we will support.
            The LABOR PARTICIPATION RATE, now has almost 97 million people not working. Like I said, you are a ignorant fool if you think Obama has done anything to help America.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            When did they change the constitution to let the President spend money? If you are expecting a crash you had better tell the stock market and the housing market since they are both doing well. You might want to tell the auto industry since the are having record sales. As far as the labor participation rate I don’t suppose you have bothered to see why it has gone down. There are a record number of job opening. If you don’t like the budget don’t blame the president since it was congress that passed it. As far as your 300 thousand Muslims I’m not sure where you came up with that number. As far a the refugees I guess the other countries of the world are just braver then the US since almost every other country are taking in more. We have become a country of whiners and cowards. The Republicans are trying to see who can scare the public the most. It only takes 14 deaths to scare you out of your wits. 90 people died of gun shouts and more died in car wrecks last night. You still ride in cars. Deer kill more then terrorists in our country. Lets get rid of all deer. You and your friends are a cowards and are afraid to do the right thing but thankfully other countries are picking up our slack.

  • skipsart says:

    I say………….”Snooze ya loose”

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