Sarah Palin Channel makes online debut as counter to mainstream media

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who’s been critical of bias in the media, decided to launch the Sarah Palin Channel, her own online subscription service site.

Mrs. Palin kicked off the site on Sunday with a video that described her channel as a news and video chat service that will also include behind-the-scenes glimpses at the political events she attends, The Washington Post reported.

On Facebook, she took a direct shot at The Post, pointing out the newspaper’s bias and saying the paper’s “fallen like a lead balloon” since its Watergate reporting days.

“Whereas you once doggedly covered the 18.5 minute gap in Nixon’s White House communications, you’ve virtually ignored the Obama administration’s 1.2 million minutes of deleted communications by just one of the agencies under Obama’s executive branch,” Mrs. Palin wrote on her Facebook post.

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  • CforUS says:

    One would hope the Sarah Palin channel format will not be the polar opposite of MSNBC, but thats exactly what we’ll see. This is what was needed 4 years ago, now, I’m not so sure. In todays world Sarah Palin is every democrat’s best friend. She keeps calling for the impeachment of BO, and helping to raise funds for democrat causes while providing clip after clip for their ads as if she has a say in the formation of any platform or policy. Don’t get me wrong, I like her. The problem I have with her right now is she’s not helping the cause to take back the senate.

    1. ijohnc1 says:

      She helps the cause more than the Republicans do, Mitch and the boys decided years ago who should run as a candidate and who should not, look who you got with the likes of McCain, Graham, Alexander, and the list goes on, we know best, and the sit down! shut up! and eat your spinach attitude towards the people who elected them.

      The communist’s on the other side of the aisle are no better, at least the people recognize them for the socialist’s they are.

      We must also admit it is the low info voter’s and the sofa occupiers that got us here, we have done a terrible job in all government for too long.

      “If we always do, what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got”………anon

  • CrazyEddy says:

    I sincerely hope that Mrs. Palin is wildly successful in her efforts to educate Americans and that I live long enough to help elect her to the presidency. Meanwhile I urge all of you to find folks in your local community with whom you would trust your children and your money and persuade them to run for office. Once persuaded I urge you to give them all the support that you can and see them elected and once they’re elected I urge you to watch their performance and at the first signs of misbehavior replace them with someone uncorrupted by politics. Under no circumstances ought you to fall for the old ‘it takes and experienced hand’ nonsense and avoid career politicians. For the most part people who choose politics as a career do not have our best interests at heart preferring to advance their interest rather than ours.

  • Robert G. Branscome says:

    This is not being told. We also need a TV station that will get the news out to the poor that can not afford cable or satellite. There are so many missing what is happening. They only know what the liberals show on ABC, CBS, NBC

    1. CrazyEddy says:

      Isn’t it an interesting coincidence that that audience comprises a large portion of the Democratic party’s constituency?

  • Robert G. Branscome says:

    As much as I like Fox, they will not give the complete truth because they are trying to be Fair and Balanced. We need someone to tell it like it is and to hell with what the left thinks. The left is never fair. They will run a telephone poll up you and not even be nice enough to grease it. We have to get mean like they are. They use a gun so to speak, we need to use a gun and not a dam knife. As the old saying goes,” you don’t take a knife to a gun fight”.

  • Yodle says:

    Sarah needs Fox. Beck was eliminated so I do not think that that will happen. A private channel does not have enough reach and only preaches to the choir.
    The MSM did their best to marginalize her but she has survived.They fear her more than any other conservative personality. Given proper exposure she could bring down their whole house of cards. It would be President Palin.

    If 1776 made posting easier there would be 50 comments by now.

    1. Brad Bryant says:

      Unfortunately, as much as we like Fox, it is partially owned by George Soros and an Arabian Sheik, so they can only go just so far!

      1. CrazyEddy says:

        They are also regulated by a federal agency that reports ultimately to the president.

        1. chasaragdy says:

          Your statement of “…reports ultimately to the president…” is a misnomer! All Publicly traded companies report both to the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) AND to each individual share owner of the company/organizations stock!!

      2. chasaragdy says:

        Fox News Channel (FNC), as are all Fox Properties, is (are) owned by News Corporation, a public traded organization. George Soros, nor any one else “owns” Fox News Channel. However, they (Soroes et al) “might” have ownership rights by owning STOCK in News Corp!!!!! There is no other means for any kind of ownership of FNC nor any other News Corp (i.e. Fox News) properties!!

    2. CrazyEddy says:

      It’s a tradition of long standing that the choir carries the message to the unbelievers. You can’t expect many of those who disagree with you to listen willingly to what they consider propaganda so it remains up to the believers to spread the message. What’s truly frightening to me is that even when presented with irrefutable evidence of the truth of your statements, and often even agreeing that your views are correct, entirely too many people cling to their existing beliefs simply because it is easier and more comfortable than rearranging their world view. The world’s unreasoning and seemingly unending hatred of Jews is a classic example of the phenomenon.

      1. Yodle says:

        I know a crazyeddy in Nevada . You? It is to bad that there are not more govts with term limits. You are quite right about the close mindedness of the left. The three little monkeys fit them to a T. Most are incapable of even entertaining a thought outside of their belief system. They pause for a few seconds and then reply with a conversation ending comment . You can actually see their mind crack open and then slam shut.
        Fascinating but utterly undefeatable. I told a lib friend of mine something about Sarah and after the above pause he said
        “She is in it for the money”. He also hates Jews and says that he has some wonderful muzzy friends who would not kill him no matter what their imam told them to do.

  • You go, Girl! Run, Sarah, run!

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