Sarah Palin on 2016: ‘Of Course’ She’s Interested

January 24, 2015

Just before she heads to Iowa for the first major conservative showcase of the 2016 election cycle, Sarah Palin said “of course” she’s interested in the 2016 presidential election.

“Yeah, I mean, of course, when you have a servant’s heart, when you know that there is opportunity to do all you can to put yourself forward in the name of offering service, anybody would be interested,” Palin told ABC News’ Neal Karlinsky while serving wild boar chili to the homeless in Las Vegas Thursday.

When asked again if she could be “possibly” interested in a presidential campaign, she answered, “We definitely had enough of seeing that — America has had enough of seeing that — sign on the Oval Office door saying, ‘No Girls Allowed.’ I know that.”

While serving up bowls to those gathered in line, the former Alaska governor clarified, “It doesn’t necessarily have to be me, though, but no, America is definitely ready for real change.

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  • Ralphinphnx says:

    Yep, Sarah Palin in 2016! Go For It Girl! Run Sarah Run! You got my vote

  • DGriggs says:

    I love Sarah Palin, voted for her as VP and would be proud to vote for her as President. But, not all women are equal, just as all men are not. I hope this country wakes up and understands that voting for Hillary Clinton is like giving Obama a third term. I would vote for any woman or man that can work to fix the mess Obama has put on us. And, we have some very qualified candidates entering the race on the GOP ticket.

  • jimamrhein says:


  • gfinms says:

    Sarah Palin, is a loony, and the Dems would love for her, to be the
    Republican Presidential Nominee, in 2016. She would have been impeached,
    as Governor of Alaska, if John McCain, had not picked her for VP, in
    2008. She is poison, and all Republicans, need to keep away from her,

    1. cycling owl says:

      You are the loony! Even at her craziest she would have been better
      than the Community Organizer. Last two times you boys got what you deserved. Better wakeup, suck up the poison, and get on that Palin Pony!

      1. DGriggs says:

        You are 100% correct about the Community Organizer (Guess you run that through executive order and vetoes). Personally I like Plain, and would vote for as quickly for President as I did for VP. But, like many of us I am ready to vote for anyone, man or woman, that gets this country headed back in the right direction.

        1. cycling owl says:

          Yes. Yes. Yes. I just feel with the country so antagonistically divided that a woman might have a better shot this time around. Whoever we put up can’t be any worse. We’ve already been to the bottom.

    2. DGriggs says:

      I am not sure where you gathered your information, because you are absolutely wrong. Alaska loves Sarah Palin and so do many in the GOP, including the Christian wing of our party. Personally I would love to see a Palin/Rubio ticket. But, any combination of qualified candidates will get my vote. And, after Obama I has turned off his base supporters I hope we can put a republican in office to work with our new congress, which hopefully remains in GOP control in 2016.

      1. Ralphinphnx says:

        Forget Cuban Exile Marco Rubio! No Thanks! However Gov
        Sarah Palin! Yes! Si! Da! Go for it Sarah! Run Sarah Run!

    3. ggarrett34 says:

      Sarah is the ONLY one with the balls to go into D.C and put the crooks in jail like She did in AK.
      Fire the ones that are not doing their jobs and get this country back on the right track!
      Go Sarah!!

      1. cycling owl says:

        I agree.

  • Jo says:

    I really like Sarah Palin.

  • Robert Wilson says:

    How about Sara for Secretary Of State?

    1. cycling owl says:

      How about for President. We’re tired of being you boy’s secretaries!
      Why can’t the Republicans see women as more than mop up. You better wake up Robert! That’s why the Dems keep winning!

    2. Florio Vino says:

      I`m with you. She`d whip ol` Hillary`s Behind any day and maybe set herself in position to run for Preside in the future. She speaks “COMMON SENSE”better than most and stands her ground on each position that she takes and does it very well! Makes a lot more sense when SHE Does than most of our Candidates, regardless of PARTY!

  • WiSe GuY says:

    We tried a communist colored boy, and he screwed up, everything he touched.
    Let’s try a TRUE America loving woman.

    1. Robert Wilson says:

      Color means nothing if he is Q-U-A-L-I-F-I-E-D for the job, however, and having yellow skin means absolutely nothing. BUT……..when the streak runs down your back (as in he missing from the march in France), this tells me a lot concerning his character.

    2. I Seigel says:

      A communist colored boy perhaps. But at least an educated one. If we got Saint Sarah, we’d be getting the village idiot, ripe for manipulation. Kinda like W.

      1. cycling owl says:

        You’re the village idiot! With Sarah, we couldn’t do any worse than your last two nominations. And so you think the Community Organizer (because he supposedly attended Harvard ???)is a better thinker than Palin, think again. Are you saying Michele Obama and Valerie Jarrett do not manipulate him? Give me 4 years of Palin and then lets compare. She sure as “H” can’t be any worse. We have to nominate someone who is popular enough to win and loves America. We used to elect Presidents on principles and plans for running the country. That America is gone for now. Look at what they elected not once – but twice! And I, for one, insist we seriously take a woman into consideration!

        1. I Seigel says:

          Sounds like you’re implying that Michelle and Valerie are already running the country. As Nancy did. So what’s your issue?

          1. cycling owl says:

            I can’t stand Michelle or Valerie or where they have taken our country. I want Sarah Palin as President as a Patriot and Constitutional supporter with guns a blazing – not from a back seat. I want her to lead our country forward! I believe she can do it. And most of all I think she is the only one of our potential candidates who can defeat Hillary. Being the first woman President is just as big as it was for the first black.

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