Saudi king: Islamic State will reach ‘Europe in a month and America in another month’

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has a stark warning to America: The Islamic State’s terror will visit American shores in one month if it is not confronted in Syria and Iraq.

“If we ignore them, I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month,” the king said Saturday, Agence France Presse reported. His comments came while he was speaking at ceremony for new ambassadors.

“Terrorism knows no border and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East. […] It is no secret to you, what they have done and what they have yet to do. I ask you to transmit this message to your leaders: ‘Fight terrorism with force, reason and speed.’”

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  • I Seigel says:

    Looks like a plan is forming up in which a coalition will go after ISIS. Not solely borne by the US. A shared effort.

  • 10579 says:

    I hate to say it that maybe we need another 1776,only this time make it a military coup.the military in my humble opinion are faithful and honorable and they would have this nation back on the right course in less that a few weeks. But I don’t want them to stick out there necks unnecessarally.They our military leaders know more than all of the bureaucrats and politicians in DC from the WH on downJust come Noverber throw them out if its there time but don’t vote for anyone who would walk the party line but someone who thinks of America and her people first and not worring about where there next vote is coming from and vote the way lobbiests want which is not in the peoples interest.

  • marlene says:

    and don’t believe for a moment that the saudis didn’t fund, support and plan this. they fooled bush and they fooled obama. 911 was saudi sponsored and since we didn’t notice, they’re going to do it again. the last laugh is on US.

  • Breaker Morant says:

    You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

    BEIRUT — The dramatic arrival of Da’ish (ISIS) on the stage of Iraq has shocked many in the West. Many have been perplexed — and horrified — by its violence and its evident magnetism for Sunni youth. But more than this, they find Saudi Arabia’s ambivalence in the face of this manifestation both troubling and inexplicable, wondering, “Don’t the Saudis understand that ISIS threatens them, too?”

    It appears — even now — that Saudi Arabia’s ruling elite is divided. Some applaud that ISIS is fighting Iranian Shiite “fire” with Sunni “fire”; that a new Sunni state is taking shape at the very heart of what they regard as a historical Sunni patrimony; and they are drawn by Da’ish’s strict Salafist ideology.

    Other Saudis are more fearful, and recall the history of the revolt against Abd-al Aziz by the Wahhabist Ikhwan (Disclaimer: this Ikhwan has nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood Ikhwan — please note, all further references hereafter are to the Wahhabist Ikhwan, and not to the Muslim Brotherhood Ikhwan), but which nearly imploded Wahhabism and the al-Saud in the late 1920s.

    Many Saudis are deeply disturbed by the radical doctrines of Da’ish (ISIS) — and are beginning to question some aspects of Saudi Arabia’s direction and discourse.


    Saudi Arabia’s internal discord and tensions over ISIS can only be understood by grasping the inherent (and persisting) duality that lies at the core of the Kingdom’s doctrinal makeup and its historical origins.

    One dominant strand to the Saudi identity pertains directly to Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab (the founder of Wahhabism), and the use to which his radical, exclusionist puritanism was put by Ibn Saud. (The latter was then no more than a minor leader — amongst many — of continually sparring and raiding Bedouin tribes in the baking and desperately poor deserts of the Nejd.)

    The second strand to this perplexing duality, relates precisely to King Abd-al Aziz’s subsequent shift towards statehood in the 1920s: his curbing of Ikhwani violence (in order to have diplomatic standing as a nation-state with Britain and America); his institutionalization of the original Wahhabist impulse — and the subsequent seizing of the opportunely surging petrodollar spigot in the 1970s, to channel the volatile Ikhwani current away from home towards export — by diffusing a cultural revolution, rather than violent revolution throughout the Muslim world.

    But this “cultural revolution” was no docile reformism. It was a revolution based on Abd al-Wahhab’s Jacobin-like hatred for the putrescence and deviationism that he perceived all about him — hence his call to purge Islam of all its heresies and idolatries.


    The American author and journalist, Steven Coll, has written how this austere and censorious disciple of the 14th century scholar Ibn Taymiyyah, Abd al-Wahhab, despised “the decorous, arty, tobacco smoking, hashish imbibing, drum pounding Egyptian and Ottoman nobility who travelled across Arabia to pray at Mecca.”

    In Abd al-Wahhab’s view, these were not Muslims; they were imposters masquerading as Muslims. Nor, indeed, did he find the behavior of local Bedouin Arabs much better. They aggravated Abd al-Wahhab by their honoring of saints, by their erecting of tombstones, and their “superstition” (e.g. revering graves or places that were deemed particularly imbued with the divine).

    All this behavior, Abd al-Wahhab denounced as bida — forbidden by God.

    Like Taymiyyah before him, Abd al-Wahhab believed that the period of the Prophet Muhammad’s stay in Medina was the ideal of Muslim society (the “best of times”), to which all Muslims should aspire to emulate (this, essentially, is Salafism).

    Taymiyyah had declared war on Shi’ism, Sufism and Greek philosophy. He spoke out, too against visiting the grave of the prophet and the celebration of his birthday, declaring that all such behavior represented mere imitation of the Christian worship of Jesus as God (i.e. idolatry). Abd al-Wahhab assimilated all this earlier teaching, stating that “any doubt or hesitation” on the part of a believer in respect to his or her acknowledging this particular interpretation of Islam should “deprive a man of immunity of his property and his life.”

    One of the main tenets of Abd al-Wahhab’s doctrine has become the key idea of takfir. Under the takfiri doctrine, Abd al-Wahhab and his followers could deem fellow Muslims infidels should they engage in activities that in any way could be said to encroach on the sovereignty of the absolute Authority (that is, the King). Abd al-Wahhab denounced all Muslims who honored the dead, saints, or angels. He held that such sentiments detracted from the complete subservience one must feel towards God, and only God. Wahhabi Islam thus bans any prayer to saints and dead loved ones, pilgrimages to tombs and special mosques, religious festivals celebrating saints, the honoring of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, and even prohibits the use of gravestones when burying the dead.

    “Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated, he wrote. ”

    Abd al-Wahhab demanded conformity — a conformity that was to be demonstrated in physical and tangible ways. He argued that all Muslims must individually pledge their allegiance to a single Muslim leader (a Caliph, if there were one). Those who would not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters violated, and their possessions confiscated, he wrote. The list of apostates meriting death included the Shiite, Sufis and other Muslim denominations, whom Abd al-Wahhab did not consider to be Muslim at all.

    There is nothing here that separates Wahhabism from ISIS. The rift would emerge only later: from the subsequent institutionalization of Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab’s doctrine of “One Ruler, One Authority, One Mosque” — these three pillars being taken respectively to refer to the Saudi king, the absolute authority of official Wahhabism, and its control of “the word” (i.e. the mosque).

    It is this rift — the ISIS denial of these three pillars on which the whole of Sunni authority presently rests — makes ISIS, which in all other respects conforms to Wahhabism, a deep threat to Saudi Arabia.

    BRIEF HISTORY 1741- 1818

    Abd al-Wahhab’s advocacy of these ultra radical views inevitably led to his expulsion from his own town — and in 1741, after some wanderings, he found refuge under the protection of Ibn Saud and his tribe. What Ibn Saud perceived in Abd al-Wahhab’s novel teaching was the means to overturn Arab tradition and convention. It was a path to seizing power.

    “Their strategy — like that of ISIS today — was to bring the peoples whom they conquered into submission. They aimed to instill fear. ”

    Ibn Saud’s clan, seizing on Abd al-Wahhab’s doctrine, now could do what they always did, which was raiding neighboring villages and robbing them of their possessions. Only now they were doing it not within the ambit of Arab tradition, but rather under the banner of jihad. Ibn Saud and Abd al-Wahhab also reintroduced the idea of martyrdom in the name of jihad, as it granted those martyred immediate entry into paradise.

    In the beginning, they conquered a few local communities and imposed their rule over them. (The conquered inhabitants were given a limited choice: conversion to Wahhabism or death.) By 1790, the Alliance controlled most of the Arabian Peninsula and repeatedly raided Medina, Syria and Iraq.

    Their strategy — like that of ISIS today — was to bring the peoples whom they conquered into submission. They aimed to instill fear. In 1801, the Allies attacked the Holy City of Karbala in Iraq. They massacred thousands of Shiites, including women and children. Many Shiite shrines were destroyed, including the shrine of Imam Hussein, the murdered grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

    A British official, Lieutenant Francis Warden, observing the situation at the time, wrote: “They pillaged the whole of it [Karbala], and plundered the Tomb of Hussein… slaying in the course of the day, with circumstances of peculiar cruelty, above five thousand of the inhabitants …”

    Osman Ibn Bishr Najdi, the historian of the first Saudi state, wrote that Ibn Saud committed a massacre in Karbala in 1801. He proudly documented that massacre saying, “we took Karbala and slaughtered and took its people (as slaves), then praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and we do not apologize for that and say: ‘And to the unbelievers: the same treatment.'”

    In 1803, Abdul Aziz then entered the Holy City of Mecca, which surrendered under the impact of terror and panic (the same fate was to befall Medina, too). Abd al-Wahhab’s followers demolished historical monuments and all the tombs and shrines in their midst. By the end, they had destroyed centuries of Islamic architecture near the Grand Mosque.

    But in November of 1803, a Shiite assassin killed King Abdul Aziz (taking revenge for the massacre at Karbala). His son, Saud bin Abd al Aziz, succeeded him and continued the conquest of Arabia. Ottoman rulers, however, could no longer just sit back and watch as their empire was devoured piece by piece. In 1812, the Ottoman army, composed of Egyptians, pushed the Alliance out from Medina, Jeddah and Mecca. In 1814, Saud bin Abd al Aziz died of fever. His unfortunate son Abdullah bin Saud, however, was taken by the Ottomans to Istanbul, where he was gruesomely executed (a visitor to Istanbul reported seeing him having been humiliated in the streets of Istanbul for three days, then hanged and beheaded, his severed head fired from a canon, and his heart cut out and impaled on his body).

    In 1815, Wahhabi forces were crushed by the Egyptians (acting on the Ottoman’s behalf) in a decisive battle. In 1818, the Ottomans captured and destroyed the Wahhabi capital of Dariyah. The first Saudi state was no more. The few remaining Wahhabis withdrew into the desert to regroup, and there they remained, quiescent for most of the 19th century.


    It is not hard to understand how the founding of the Islamic State by ISIS in contemporary Iraq might resonate amongst those who recall this history. Indeed, the ethos of 18th century Wahhabism did not just wither in Nejd, but it roared back into life when the Ottoman Empire collapsed amongst the chaos of World War I.

    The Al Saud — in this 20th century renaissance — were led by the laconic and politically astute Abd-al Aziz, who, on uniting the fractious Bedouin tribes, launched the Saudi “Ikhwan” in the spirit of Abd-al Wahhab’s and Ibn Saud’s earlier fighting proselytisers.

    The Ikhwan was a reincarnation of the early, fierce, semi-independent vanguard movement of committed armed Wahhabist “moralists” who almost had succeeded in seizing Arabia by the early 1800s. In the same manner as earlier, the Ikhwan again succeeded in capturing Mecca, Medina and Jeddah between 1914 and 1926. Abd-al Aziz, however, began to feel his wider interests to be threatened by the revolutionary “Jacobinism” exhibited by the Ikhwan. The Ikhwan revolted — leading to a civil war that lasted until the 1930s, when the King had them put down: he machine-gunned them.

    For this king, (Abd-al Aziz), the simple verities of previous decades were eroding. Oil was being discovered in the peninsular. Britain and America were courting Abd-al Aziz, but still were inclined to support Sharif Husain as the only legitimate ruler of Arabia. The Saudis needed to develop a more sophisticated diplomatic posture.

    So Wahhabism was forcefully changed from a movement of revolutionary jihad and theological takfiri purification, to a movement of conservative social, political, theological, and religious da’wa (Islamic call) and to justifying the institution that upholds loyalty to the royal Saudi family and the King’s absolute power.


    With the advent of the oil bonanza — as the French scholar, Giles Kepel writes, Saudi goals were to “reach out and spread Wahhabism across the Muslim world … to “Wahhabise” Islam, thereby reducing the “multitude of voices within the religion” to a “single creed” — a movement which would transcend national divisions. Billions of dollars were — and continue to be — invested in this manifestation of soft power.

    It was this heady mix of billion dollar soft power projection — and the Saudi willingness to manage Sunni Islam both to further America’s interests, as it concomitantly embedded Wahhabism educationally, socially and culturally throughout the lands of Islam — that brought into being a western policy dependency on Saudi Arabia, a dependency that has endured since Abd-al Aziz’s meeting with Roosevelt on a U.S. warship (returning the president from the Yalta Conference) until today.

    Westerners looked at the Kingdom and their gaze was taken by the wealth; by the apparent modernization; by the professed leadership of the Islamic world. They chose to presume that the Kingdom was bending to the imperatives of modern life — and that the management of Sunni Islam would bend the Kingdom, too, to modern life.

    “On the one hand, ISIS is deeply Wahhabist. On the other hand, it is ultra radical in a different way. It could be seen essentially as a corrective movement to contemporary Wahhabism.”

    But the Saudi Ikhwan approach to Islam did not die in the 1930s. It retreated, but it maintained its hold over parts of the system — hence the duality that we observe today in the Saudi attitude towards ISIS.

    On the one hand, ISIS is deeply Wahhabist. On the other hand, it is ultra radical in a different way. It could be seen essentially as a corrective movement to contemporary Wahhabism.

    ISIS is a “post-Medina” movement: it looks to the actions of the first two Caliphs, rather than the Prophet Muhammad himself, as a source of emulation, and it forcefully denies the Saudis’ claim of authority to rule.

    As the Saudi monarchy blossomed in the oil age into an ever more inflated institution, the appeal of the Ikhwan message gained ground (despite King Faisal’s modernization campaign). The “Ikhwan approach” enjoyed — and still enjoys — the support of many prominent men and women and sheikhs. In a sense, Osama bin Laden was precisely the representative of a late flowering of this Ikhwani approach.

    Today, ISIS’ undermining of the legitimacy of the King’s legitimacy is not seen to be problematic, but rather a return to the true origins of the Saudi-Wahhab project.

    In the collaborative management of the region by the Saudis and the West in pursuit of the many western projects (countering socialism, Ba’athism, Nasserism, Soviet and Iranian influence), western politicians have highlighted their chosen reading of Saudi Arabia (wealth, modernization and influence), but they chose to ignore the Wahhabist impulse.

    After all, the more radical Islamist movements were perceived by Western intelligence services as being more effective in toppling the USSR in Afghanistan — and in combatting out-of-favor Middle Eastern leaders and states.

    Why should we be surprised then, that from Prince Bandar’s Saudi-Western mandate to manage the insurgency in Syria against President Assad should have emerged a neo-Ikhwan type of violent, fear-inducing vanguard movement: ISIS? And why should we be surprised — knowing a little about Wahhabism — that “moderate” insurgents in Syria would become rarer than a mythical unicorn? Why should we have imagined that radical Wahhabism would create moderates? Or why could we imagine that a doctrine of “One leader, One authority, One mosque: submit to it, or be killed” could ever ultimately lead to moderation or tolerance?

    Or, perhaps, we never imagined.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Breaker – Altho I applaud your efforts at research and education, I think if you really wanted anyone here to learn from this, you’d do a “Cliff’s Notes” version. A lot of people here can’t even put 2 or 3 sentences together in a logical way without all kinds of spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

  • jrw53022 says:

    This king wants us to panic. Because they are at his back door.

  • georgewrentmore says:

    evidently >>>>DOOD ! you’ve never worn a U S military uniform. If you had, you’d have seen (MILITARY PRESS JULY 2014) article “SHIITE FROM SHINOLA” if you had, you’d be aware of ‘KILL ALL THE INFIDELS” That includes you and whatever “family” you may claim.
    I take it real personal as it includes me and my all military family……either ! we kill them , or they will kill far as .me and my family, friends neighbors and associates…….we’re “lock and load” types..ragheads make good and easy targets.
    read the stats

  • georgewrentmore says:

    I have had confrontations with these stone age animals several times
    1. I always ask, before spending one American dime, “are you
    a musslim?” if the answer is “yes”..I leave.
    Asked at the Shell station on Bonita rd, East of I-5 on the South side
    of Bonita Rd…….musslim in glass cage responded, “WHY !! are
    you a Jew ?” my answer, “yes, as a matter of fact, I AM”
    Musslim in glass cage began spitting at me ( ??inside the cage, all
    over the glass ???WTF) and detailing his hatred of Jews.
    So……”please come outside where you can spit on me in person”
    Outside, musslim stayed approx 15′ away ( a safe distance to
    avoid an All American Asskicking) I advanced and…
    (mussie backed away further) a Sheriff car came by
    and stopped asking”what’s going on?” I explained and Sheriff
    gave me the # of the local FBI office
    Closet terrorist is now under surveillance… least I hope so,
    considering the fact that we have another IN THE WHITE HOUSE !

    2. I was looing for someting in my car (door open) when another
    musslim (taxi service”ROAMIN WITH ROMAN” pulled up and
    demanded I close my door so he could park (at least four other
    adjacent spaces were open immediately to the left) I told him to use
    one of those spots…..”NO !! YOU CLOSE DOOR !!”
    “WRONG , Achmed..park elsewhere” a verbal exchange ensued
    with mr musslim calling me AN AMERICAN PIG etc etc
    I suggested we step around back and discuss it further.
    musslim said he wanted to have the camera’s pick it up and “go
    ahead and hit me”
    Other instances have arisen….the scum are not happy to be in
    If we don’t…..well guess what ?

    1. boone1 says:

      Well it’s like this the only good muslim is a dead muslim.

      1. georgewrentmore says:

        10-4 on D E A D, as in not able to fog a mirror

  • David in MA says:

    Elect me president and the first thing I will do is issue an executive order nullifying everything Obama and his administration has implemented and the second thing is, turn the desert into glass.
    Thirdly, re-build the American military by recruiting veterans to train new recruits drawn from a national draft which would be compulsory for three years.
    If Russia and China object, well, IF they object——- that would be addressed if they were foolish enough to object, I would use American dollars (or lack of American dollars) to allow them to see reason.
    AND, while this is going on, ALL illegals will be taken into custody, placed on road gangs for six months and then dumped in Argentina from where they can find their way back to their home country (Sheriff Joe would be asked to run this program).

    1. I Seigel says:

      And would we call you King David, or Kaiser, or maybe Pharoah?

      1. David in MA says:

        No, Mr. President, will do.
        Your sarcasm makes me wonder if your one of Obama’s useful idiots, I hope your not though. BTW: Who did you vote for?

        1. I Seigel says:

          No, I’m just a regular idiot. If Obama finds me useful, they haven’t told me. A check would be nice, too. Your taxpayer dollars, of course.

          1. marlene says:

            LOL Even though i iike Daviid in MA;s comment, your is pretty funny.

        2. marlene says:

          i would guess the first time he voted for the loser; the second time he didn’t.

      2. georgewrentmore says:

        and ??would WE call you Achmed or Mohammed ???

        1. marlene says:

          does it matter, Mr. Useful?

    2. georgewrentmore says:

      YOU FORGOT indict, try and hang ! on a gallows on Pennsylvania avenue. Joe can pull the trapdoor

    3. marlene says:

      except for compulsory draft, which isn’t needed until we’re threatened on our soil, but compulsory training and reserves is a great idea. anyway, i like everything you said. however, i don’t think russia and china are going to threaten us with real threats for some time. instead of subjecting we US citizens to the law of hate speech, we should be going after our enemies who spout hate speech – every day there are verbal threats and hate-filled rants – ON OUR OWN MEDIA. i don’t know why we give these violently dangerous america-haters free air time. and yes, Sheriff Joe, my hero.

      1. dantalbot says:

        is there a virus we could send the muzzies that infects camels? If so, these Jihadists would lose their sex partners, making them so sidetracked with sex that perhaps they’d stop plotting terror and scheming.

  • Sheileagh says:

    As a proud citizen of America, a democratically free, gun-toting, fun loving & God blessed nation, I would herewith like to return the favor to his Majesty King Abdullah, with the following message & request to please convey it to all those who are threatening us, anywhere & everywhere on planet earth:

    We, a race of multi-ethnic peoples, choose to enjoy our constitutionally granted freedoms in peace & harmony, wherever & whenever possible & probable. We prefer to love, not hate, we prefer to enjoy life, not create rage, we prefer to be charitable & giving, not selfish & greedy. If given a choice we would much rather make love than war & it is our own personal endeavors over the ages, which have raised us to the ranks of the world’s leader of nations in many facets.

    Periodically, we find ourselves in a state of flux as we try out new ideas, test established ideals & re-create our futures through trial & error. For the record, it is exactly in that phase of regeneration that we are in today. Before long we will have once again stabilized ourselves via new goals, accomplishments & perspectives, to make our societies even better for all who live in this magnificent land.

    No matter what our trials, tribulations & stumbling blocks may be however, we stand proudly united as one – – – as Americans! We will protect what we have no matter what the cost. We will not allow what we as a nation have worked so hard to achieve over so many years, to be taken away from us.

    To those who seek to judge us however, be warned that just because we are a laid back & fun loving society in general, we should not be seen as weak-kneed or timid. There have been other times in history, when warring tyrants misread America, only to discover the extreme error of their ways. We may seem to be asleep now, but be warned that you should not wake the “SLEEPING DRAGON”. If you take us on, be prepared for your imminent demise. We will dismantle & crush the very fabric of your folly & send you barbaric ragamuffins back to the hellish pits of the stone age, from whence you slithered forth.

    So, your Majesty I herewith respectfully conclude, please convey this to all those who threaten to attack us & do us harm, they should be careful – – – very, very careful!

    Thank you!

    1. David in MA says:

      Did you copy and paste this?

      1. Sheileagh says:

        (???) I wrote this message; it comes from my heart & mind!

        1. David in MA says:

          Very Good!

          1. Sheileagh says:

            Thanks, but I believe that I am merely verbalizing what most of us ~ “we the people” ~ are feeling about this terrible situation.

            Regardless of political, social, religious or any other perspectives, boundaries, or diversifications within America, we are all fiercely protective of what is ours. The very idea that these obnoxious malfeasant troglodytes now dare to infringe upon our lives with threats to change the very way we choose to live, is absolutely intolerable to every one, not only in our America but in every other civilized nation on earth, for that matter.

          2. David in MA says:

            U.S. Army Plans to Battle Anti-Government Dissidents in ‘Megacities’ – See more at:

          3. Sheileagh says:

            I read it & am withholding comments at this time – will continue to contemplate the possibility & probability of that scenario – – – pros & cons & etc.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Wow! Scary stuff David. Thanks for the link. Here’s another – even scarier:


  • Marine68 says:

    Hope they like Bacon, and Pigs Blood Punch.

    1. georgewrentmore says:

      and being introduce to THE 72 (hairy OMG) virgins dating club

  • savage24 says:

    I tend to believe that he is a little late with his prediction. These barbarians are already here, open borders, non-enforcement of our immigration laws, and a down right traitorous central government that allowed them in to do their evil deeds. All you need to do is remember how fast the media, our government, and the liberals forgot the “We’ll never forget” from 9-11. Keep your weapons in working order and your powder dry, you are going to need them, because this administration is to weak to do anything but talk.

    1. boone1 says:

      And don’t forget that he won’t let Fort Bliss do anything when ISIS crosses the border it wil left up to the white people to fight ISIS I hate to say this but I don’t think that the blacks will do anything to help in fact I would think they would join ISIS to take over the AMERICA west.

      1. bayman61 says:

        Then their bodies will litter the ground along with islam.

        1. georgewrentmore says:

          but..the bodies ??? bring in a few pigs to eat ’em
          pigs’ll eat ANYTHING !

          1. boone1 says:

            You know people don’t know that about pigs you’re right pigs will eat anything.

          2. georgewrentmore says:

            evidently …DOOD !

          3. bayman61 says:

            Right George, . We will make their destruction into a board game. Do not go to Paradise Do not collect 70 virgins. We will see to it their dreams of Paradise do not come true. I wonder if they want to take that chance?

      2. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

        Wow you sound crazy. If white people fight ISIS crossing the border they will be called islamophobe, racist, christian, and gun nuts. Do the white people really want that label?

        1. dantalbot says:

          oh no, not the dreaded Al Sharpton lectures … avoid his accusations, just change your name to something like Hassan-ben-Sober.


      You say that “these barbarians are already here”. Well, many people believe that, but the Liberals and their media claim that the people crossing our border are nice hard working immigrants. I am sure lot of them are, but there is a right way. This is a total different conversation. I have mentioned so many times that not just Mexicans come in but others whom want this country destroyed, e.g. foreign spy agents, terrorist sleeping cells, and etc… Their answer was that it is not true and it is a right wing propaganda, racism, xenophobe, gun lovers and christian agendas to scare people. It is a prime shame that people would believe what polticians say. Unfortunately most of the American Sheep Citizens are brainwashed and when they hear the truth they will demonize and label you instantly.

  • kkc003 says:

    Those overly obese, lack of inteligence harry muslims couldnt fight if their life depended on it. They are the cowards of the fighting world. They strap bombs to retarted children- never fighting like real soldiers,but instead have sex with 4 yr olds calling it a marriage, they live in the desert for months on end “entertained” by their young men – they call the solders. (Can you say MERS and AIDS?)

    They cant have a normal relationship with a woman, instead they beat and cage them- only low IQ people use fists instead of brains. They refuse to educate women because they are afraid they will be “outsmarted”. They attack nations who are smarter because they are intimitated by smart nations.

    They are the most uncivilized people of the world. They invade continents for evil- never good. They have never helped a human soul- they only kill, torture and abuse.
    They are devils children-

    They have children only to raise more kids to carry out bombing- thats not a dad. They call it an honor to kill their daughter who refuses to marry a 45 yr old pervert.

    They have so many dead women from abuse- they stack them up and throw them in the trash- again the lowest IQ does this.

    They can not be civilized as they are intimited by smart people.

    They say its religion to kill. But its cult.

    Cults isolate, intimidate, infiltrate, steal, abuse and pervert.easy to spot them- they have an evil aura around them- and they shout over others.

    People who talk over others are intimidated by smart people.

    Time for evil to be eradicated!

    1. boone1 says:

      You’re IQ is no higher than the same muslims you talk about is it dude. These muslims are fighters and I bet one of them could put a good ass kicken on you big mouth.

      1. bayman61 says:

        What’s the matter, kkc003 strike a nerve. Did he make fun of your fellow muslims? You seem to have a high regard for those cowards.

      2. georgewrentmore says:

        MAYBE YOUR’S NOT MOST AMERICANS. Look up the “million muslim march, Sept 11, 2013″ When these
        cowardly pond scum learned of a ” biker ride” (about
        500,000 bikers rode into DC that day) only 5….L F I V E !
        MUSSLIMS showed…fighters ?? not where bikers are
        concerned… bet is that 90% of the
        ALL AMERICAN BIKERS “were packin”
        DC cops honked,ran sirens and in general gave the bikers a big “WELCOME !”

        1. boone1 says:

          I’m not talking about the muslims in this Country dude I’m talking about ISIS WHY DON’T YOU READ THE STORY before you open your big ass mouth.

          1. georgewrentmore says:

            from San DIego if you read, take a look at the most recent musslimes who went to join !S!S.
            from San Diiego! prior to that…..the 9/11 hijackers trained right here….there are plenty more here and wherever you reside

          2. boone1 says:

            You should have went with them.Than you would be a bid ass hero to your family when you got back and Obama could give you a medal.

  • jerrys says:

    Every penny over $1.50 gal. gasoline represents a Billion dollars a day to the King and other islamists. It is a form of JIZYA. The west discovered the oil, the west developed the oil but only the islamists benefit and use the funds to take over Western civilization

    1. boone1 says:

      You are right about that.

    2. marlene says:

      SPOT ON. and we have enough oil, gas, coal and other resources of our own to fully fuel our country for the next 100 years. but we don’t, so i smell a rat or two or four: bush was in business with the saudis and obama is the saudis’ man in the white house and the saudis are connected to 911 and now they are conmected to another 911 threat. smell the coffee yet?

  • I Seigel says:

    This guy King Abdullah is a real piece of work. He rules a country whose official state religion is Wahabism, which has been described as a very strict form of Sunni Islam. Which, by the way, is what Osama bin-Laden and al-Qaeda subscribe to. But the King is warning about ISIS, which subscribes to an even stricter, more virulent, form of Islam, which threatens the King’s rule.

    So who are we supposed to fight? Some of the Sunnis became our friends in Iraq and helped to defeat al Qaeda. And we were fighting on the side of the Shiites, who are our enemies in Iran. In Syria, who are our enemies? Who is the enemy in Iraq now? We know the Kurds are “friendly”. Anyone else?

    Why doesn’t the King and his US-supplied Air Force and military do anything? They don’t fight Hezbollah, they don’t fight ISIS, they don’t fight the Muslim Brotherhood. They just want the US to do the dirty work. What a bunch of crap.

    1. boone1 says:

      The King is and his military are COWARDS I can’t say it any other way.

      1. Vincent DiPentima says:


        1. boone1 says:

          The only plan that Obama has is giving his next blow job to his wife Michael.

          1. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

            Wow, how do you know that she is a man. You are a dirty person, did you do some some with Michael?

        2. bayman61 says:

          Obama will let them know what America is going to do. He will inform them right on tv.

          1. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

            Obama will let them know, alright. He will say that it is not nice to kill Americans and that we will deliver a big bellow of smoke which it is enviornmental safe and safe to breath. IN OTHER WORDS, he will not do anything.
            Just blame Bush for Syria, Palestinians, Iran and Iraq.

        3. I Seigel says:

          Tell us what YOUR plan would be.

          1. georgewrentmore says:

            let’s start with a full-on napalm run, then strafe the ones we didn’t BBQ……in the event they still wanna make trouble.
            …JUST NUKE THE WHOLE F —–G, area
            It’s come to musslims or infidels.
            Since musslims are mandated by their UNHOLY BOOK OF ASSWIPE ! … kill all the infidels…….it’s time to rally up “infidels’ and rid the world of musslims .THESE RECTAL VOMIT REFUSE TO LIVE AND LET LIVE
            ..sorry ! …they gotta go

          2. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

            The same as yours “just stand there and do nothing”. Just close our eyes turn the channel and it will all go away. If all fails and ISIS is threatening you in your backyard just call 9-1-1.

          3. I Seigel says:

            That wouldn’t be my plan, but if it’s yours I say its not a very smart one.

          4. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

            That is not mine plan but I know that is your plan. Shhh… It is our little secret I won’t tell. Just remember to dial 9-1-1 if ISIS is in your backyard. Don’t shoot back, wait there won’t be any weapons to shoot with because they will be outlawed, yeah just call 9-1-1 and wait.

          5. I Seigel says:

            I see by all your posts here today that it must be Irony Day at the “Ben Franklin” household. Have a good one. Don’t worry, I won’t give away your secret.

        4. georgewrentmore says:

          President Mohammed hasn’t the brains to PLAN

          1. boone1 says:

            More time than he gives are Military.

          2. marlene says:

            think hard about it – why is that? to create a crisis in order to pass unconstitutional laws? to bring america to it knees? why do you think he bowed to the saudis? think hard about it. is it because he’s their man? is it because they sent him to pakistan for training? put the puzzle pieces together and you will get a very ugly picture. could you handle it?

          3. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

            Shhhhh… You are not suppose to open people’s eyes or the liberals will demonize and label you white, right wing gun lover christian nuts, racist, islamophone, xenophobe, womanizer, sexist, homophobe.
            Everyone, nothing to read here just move along.

        5. marlene says:

          doesn’t matter – he knows our president – very well.

        6. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

          What plan? He needs to clear his mind again, perhaps another round of golf?

    2. 10579 says:

      It’s against the teachings in their quran that muslim should not kill muslim, but the Imams and clerics have wiped these nuts into a frenzie and they have not had any real push back. The young men and women who fought in Iraq and Afganistan were the sacrificial lambs for our government.They went into battle with their hands tied and their eyes taped shut.They had to fight to contain and not to win and that is what we are doing again. Throw out the rules of engagement and let our people do what they do best,FIGHT and WIN.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Why? Fight who? Win what?

        1. Peter Locke says:

          Seems ISIS is the closest we’ve come, so far in this terrorist thing, to having an easily definable enemy. That should make fighting IT easier. History seems to indicate that these fascist forces (either far right or far left) threats can’t help pushing until they get serious push-back! I just hope that time has come.

          1. I Seigel says:

            Having an “easily definable enemy” IS vital to waging a successful action. But it makes me wonder that now we seem to be fighting alongside some of the same forces who were our bitterest enemies only a few years ago. And the weapons we gave to our “friends” back then will most likely be used against us in the near future.

          2. Peter Locke says:

            I think you have pointed to some very definite problems. I don’t like the philosophy that: ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, but dislike may not rule in some life or death struggle. Change Happens, so I’ll hope for the best in the future, and win the current battle.

          3. marlene says:

            we don’t pick our enemies. they pick us. “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. and yes, we’re fighting against our own weapons. something is very rotten here.

      2. boone1 says:

        They did the same damn thing in Vietnam and I should know I’m a disable combat Vietnam Vet 70 to 1971.America no longer fights to win wars we send young men and women off to these wars to die that’s all we do now.

        1. 10579 says:

          First off thank you for your service.I was fortunate to be between conflicts and was discharged in 1963.We have got to change the rules of engagement. If we don’t go all out when fighting a adversary we have to crush them so they lose the will to fight.Our cowardly so called leaders want these rules of ingagement so they cannot be subject to criminal charges in civilian court such as crimes against humanity.But it’s ok to send our young men and women into battle to fight with these rules holding them back. and if they happen to go beyond the rules even for a moment they are court martialed.They fight and die or get maimed like that young fellow who lost his four limbs.That don’t bother our again so called leaders cause they were never there.To them it is only a story on the 6:00 o’clock news.Our military people,the ones in the trenches not the ones at SoCom or any other Com are not out there on the front lines with the warriors of this wonderful nation,who tries to help all but gets crap from the liberals for doing it.If we ever get a Commander-in-Chief with a spine and a set of nuts maybe he will tell the lawyers who drew up the rules to remove the shackles from our military. They are taught how to fight and win not let the enemy walk by just because he put his weapon down in a secure place after he shot ot our people.No that is not right.You don’t see them doing anything toKSM,Kalid Shiek Mohammad,the guy who beheaded Danial Pearl. To these rule writers an American life is expendable.November 2014 and 2016 is coming get these SOB’s out of office and put in people who will go to bat for our men and women in uniform.If we send the youth off to do battle let them crush the foe and be like the salvation army.they take no prisoners(joke). But to the winner go the spoiles of war no crime no charges,just respect which we don’t have today in the world community.

          1. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN says:

            This is called “The New Liberal Political Correct Rules of Engagement”

        2. marlene says:

          yes, my brother was a green beret in ’65. i’m so sorry for your injuries but i am very grateful for your service to our country. you kept us safe. thank you and God bless you. (see my 2 comments above to know that i agree with you)

        3. dantalbot says:

          Thanks for your service Boone1. You are spot on…it is impossible to fight a war where he ROE’s consist of a book on Parliamentary Procedure. Polite wars are never won.

      3. georgewrentmore says:

        THAT ..THANKS TO ” RECTUM MOUTH IN CHIEF” and his “rules of engagement” thousands of brave young Americans have had their bodies blown apart !!……..what’s it gonna take before REAL AMERICANS invade everything inside the beltway and build a mile long gallows…then pillory the rest of ‘OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES’ and let passersby kick their asses off
        >>>>>>>>>> 1776 part ll

    3. marlene says:

      oh the king does a lot – except fight. he makes the US fight by forcing us into ground wars that kill and maim our brave boys and girls who, without realizing it, serve our enemies. we haven’t won anything against our enemies and can’t as long as potus and friends enable and strengthen them while eviscerating our military. every day we act surprised at more bad news, when every event is another puzzle piece of the whole picture – an anti-american agenda. we have enemies on our borders and in our house. all our manpower and resources are being used to support rogue terrorist revolutionaries. we should be using such things for our own defense and protection, but the fact that we’re not doing this, confirms what i perceive. just because i’m a conspiracy theorist doesn’t mean there are no conspiracies…in fact, every day is a clear day – predictable, patterned, and the opposite of what we’re told. if we want to see the truth we need to look on the other side of the lies.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Marlene – I might be misunderstanding you, but I hope you’re not insinuating that Obama’s policies toward the Saudis are any different than what has been “normal” for the past 40 or so years. The US government has given them fighter jets, tanks, and other heavy weapons for many years. All to keep the flow of cheap oil going. I hope you don’t think that this is a conspiracy cooked up by the present administration, by cause you’d be very wrong.

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