Scott Walker Rocks New Hampshire

March 15, 2015

Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) got a lot of applause and ultimately a standing ovation at a New Hampshire Republican Party training event Saturday morning, but most in attendance said they wouldn’t make up their mind on who to vote for in the 2016 GOP primary for a long time.

Gov. Walker also indicated this will be the first of many visits to the Granite State this year, both by him and apparently his sons Matt and Alex. The two are college students at UW-Madison and Marquette University respectively.

“They’ve twisted our arms to maybe take part of a semester off next year, next fall and come to New Hampshire and come around the country and talk to young people themselves,” said Gov. Walker.

Much of the message the Governor delivered Saturday is very familiar to people in Wisconsin, but it was new to likely voters here.

“In fact, I’m proud to say today – in my state – property taxes are lower today than they were four years ago when I started – how bout that for a turn around, huh?,” said Gov. Walker to a round of applause.

But the Governor also spoke more than ever before about foreign policy, particularly ISIS.

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  • lee says:

    Scott Walker has done nothing significant in his term for Governor in Wisconsin . Voter beware he will deceive you in every way, he couldn’t tell the truth to save his life. The people who have voted for him are now seeing his true colors. Do your research before you praise him ! There are reasons his approval ratings are dropping !

    1. Lee says:

      Your coment is nothing than one big lie. He has done more to than any other governor in the state of WI. You MUST be a BIG TIME LIBERAL if you are bashing him. People in WI are smart for a blue state a red candidate has won 6 elections there and that candidate happens to be SCOTT WALKER.

  • Tony Houston says:

    It is now time to vote for candidates seeking public office based upon their performance. Our current president and his predecessor had no significant accomplishments prior to becoming president, yet we’re perplexed that they performed so poorly. Speaking (writing) about “no significant accomplishments,” none of the all-but-declared candidates can escape that label except Gov. Scott Walker. He actually stopped–with the help of the Wisconsin State Legislature–runaway government, runaway unions, runaway taxes and runaway spending. The irony is that he is now known as one who made a great speech last month in Iowa. I’m sure he did, but that’s not why he should be our next president. He should be our next president because he gets (the right) things done.

  • Ted says:

    I’ve had enough lawyer’s and College brainiac’s to last a life time…Hopefully this is Walkers time…Come on independents get on the Walker train…

  • Dale says:

    He’s got integrity and can stand up to unions, neville chamberlains and WINl He’s done it in Wisconsin, he can bring the country back and out of the Obama failures.

  • Johnnyappleseed says:

    A Winston Churchill persona, in a time of a Neville Chamberlain in our whitehouse.
    A man for our times, tested against the union goons, his own party, death threats to him and his family, thoroughly vetted, a real winner, the GOP will try tear him apart, and will lose.
    “Lead, follow, or get out of the way” … Lee Iacocca

  • Earlene Alexander says:

    Scott Walker is the best “good example” of a Real American that we’ve heard in several years!

  • Catherine Jonea says:

    Gov. Walker has done more positive things for his state than this present administration has done for the best interests of the American people! Bravo Governor Walker! He is a protector of the people under his watch. Our administration is inviting our enemies to destroy us and NO ONE is stopping them! Why not is what so many of us want to know?

  • Rowland Scherman says:

    I don’t believe the people of NH would vote for this dweeb. A Koch Brothers clone.

  • Robert Couture says:

    This is a good start. Scott Walker should really get great support form conservatives.That is if they decide to do something rather than fight with Republicans. I compliment his sons as well .Many of the high school and college age people have not one clue about what is going on. These two boys should also help to form other groups of young people to aid in their own areas by speaking to the high school and college people as well.
    I believe that fighting off the unions, fighting back from a recall,lowering taxes,and beating the (liberals, progressives,communist and fascist groups ) altogether calling themselves democrats was another great battle which he fought well.
    This shows that he has principles and that he will fight for them.
    The “Republican” party ,whatever that is anymore, doesn’t need to parade a dozen windbag hopefuls out onto a stage to confuse their constituents.They need to get behind a good solid person who has principles such as Scott does.
    I hope that we do not lose sight of the goals our forefathers set before us,which , by the way have worked wonders since 1776. (239 years) As young as this country is,there is no other country that can say this.There is no other country that has accomplished so much and helped to save the world twice while assuring everyone possible of their freedom.
    God bless America,

  • Dennis Johnson says:

    Hearing his comments on CSPAN was real refreshing to hear honest comments from a “Doer” of the word, not a “Talker.” I’ll be interested to hear more from him as he continues on in this campaign.

  • Irene says:

    Scott walker is a good honest man, and loves his country, and young enough to fight, for it very strong character, God knows we need. Someone like that.

    1. MsBuddy says:

      I think a president should have at least a bachelor degree–basic college–an education from which he would have critical thinking skills. Do not believe high school is enough. But then it is easy for those spending millions to buy you to control your speech!! Where is his flag pin??

  • Mike204 says:

    I would like to know why the property taxes are reduced, because of depressed market values or tax rate reduction? The assessment process, usually practiced, is taxation without representation in my opinion. That is what started the American Revolution. The tax base should be the purchase value not the imagined market value and tax increases should be voted upon.
    Representation with out taxation (vote buying) is just as reprehensible as taxation without representation and is responsible for most of our political corruption. An equal for all flat income tax is the only hope for fair representation and responsible voting.

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