SCOTUS Choices: And then there were 3…

January 25, 2017

After an 11-month political standstill on filling the Supreme Court vacancy, the wait may be worth it for conservative activists eager to see President Trump choose a like-minded nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

According to Trump, the decision is coming soon.

“I’ll be making my decision this week, we’ll be announcing next week,” Trump said, after meeting Tuesday with Senate leaders from both parties to discuss the vacancy. “We’ll pick a truly great Supreme Court justice.”

This, as sources close to the selection process tell Fox News the list of possible candidates is now down to three names, all of them federal appeals court judges: Judge William Pryor in Alabama, Judge Neil Gorsuch in Colorado, and Judge Thomas Hardiman in Pennsylvania.

Trump has met personally with all three, sources say.

Trump said at a press conference last week before he took office that a decision would come within two weeks of his being sworn in. Press Secretary Sean Spicer reinforced that rough timeline on Monday, saying the nomination remains a “priority.”

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  • reverand on the west coast. says:


  • reverand on the west coast. says:


  • JamesJ says:

    No on Pryor

  • texexpatriate says:

    The problem will be confirmation. But you knew that, didn’t you!

  • Rob1911a1 says:

    BUT, remember, this is good news, but the retards (Democrats) will use every sleazy trick in the book (and they wrote the book) to slow or derail these choices. I think Trump should also look at Judge Napolitano and Judge Jeannine Piro. Whomever, I want them PRO-GUN, strict Constitutional Constructionist.

  • KayO says:

    Better not be Pryor. Not a good choice.

  • Webb says:

    May Trump and his advisers make the right decision on this up coming Justice Appointment…

  • Knowledge Transfer says:

    Pryor would have been on Obama’s list in his pampering of perversions. Even considering this low life makes me wonder about Trump unless he is using it as a foil.

  • justinwachin says:

    I hope President Trump’s appointee is as conservative and intelligent as Justice Scalia. I’ve read many good things about each of these candidates. We need someone to balance the ignorance of the Constitution displayed by several justices on the bench.

  • Tiger says:

    This is good for the world to see just what these Progressives are. As they keep fighting and they continue to show their vile hatred for anything “Good” for America they are hanging themselves. The Left’s Women’s march, with them wearing Pussyhats and Vagina hats and their signs so vulgar they were X rated, along with the purple hair and the speeches by the likes of Madonna, again they have shown what O and Hillary’s supporters are.

    All of them, including these congressmen and women belong to the “Bowel Movement” while Trump supporters belong to the “Movement” that brought sanity and Law and Order back to our country.

    Continue your antics all of you Progressive/Communists and you will flush yourselves out of American politics.

    1. Anouk says:

      Very well said Tiger! As a woman I was disgusted with the vulgarity of these Leftist women.
      I wish Madonna was arrested and put in jail for a substantial period of time.
      What a terrible example she gave to others. There are too many lunatics around who could follow up on her deranged comment.

      1. Tiger says:

        Thank you Anouk. She is under investigation. She is now tap dancing her remark. She is evil and they are a disgrace to all women.

        1. Rob1911a1 says:

          Tiger – I wish you would do me a favor, since we think alike. Go to the posts written by the (forgive my use of this term) bitch AKlady and give her a piece of your mind. She always pontificates here, never knows what she is talking about but is willing to shove it down your throat, and almost always adds insults to her comments. I keep posting to her, but she seems almost beyond reason. Thanks, Bob Anderson

          1. Tiger says:

            My dear Rob AKlady and I go back for a long and tedious ride. I have fought her tooth and nail and so no need to go there again. Finally blocked her. My advice to you she is the plague ignore her. She will never listen to reason.

      2. Retired says:

        Would be interesting who paid for the plane and bus tickets bringing them to WDC. Who paid for the other local orgenizers in the rest of the country

        1. leadfoot320 says:

          iI read that over 50 of them were SPONSERD BY SOROS.

        2. Anouk says:

          George Soros is the one who is paying for these riots.
          He should be arrested NOW!

          1. Retired says:

            Tried for treason and have his assets taken away, then deported to a country that he is banned from so they can finish the job on the gallows..

          2. Anouk says:

            Vladimir Putin would know how to punish this snake and makes him pay for his despicable treasonous crimes.

          3. Retired says:

            Straight to Siberia if not shot first.

          4. Anouk says:

            Great Idea! 🙂

          5. Retired says:

            Don’t forget about PP having a hand in that.

  • Tunaby says:

    I am very concerned about Pryor. Things (documented) have shown up that have made it known that he does not always use the Constitution as his methodology in opinions or interpretations, particularly in matters concerning homosexuals and transgenders, and Christianity In rendering his opinions/decisions, he has shown his propensity of making laws rather than interpreting them. Supreme Court is tasked with interpretation of case, not in making laws of any kind, but particularly in any matters NOT fully based on the Constitution. This man is certainly not of the quality or integrity of Mr. Scalia, a true Constitutionalist. Remember an appointment to the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment. We cannot dismiss/fire someone no matter how unfit
    they may prove to be.
    I am a Trump supporter, but would have to make a major exception should Pryor become his nominee.
    Take care and God bless
    Be safe

  • Albert L Biele says:

    For to-longer-time the term “Treason seemed to be no longer a viable term in our Constitution; permitting an Administration to free terrorist during an on-going-war against Islamic-terrorist, aiding our worst enemy Iran with 1.6 billion and the nuke, and recently giving 221 million to the same Palestinians terrorist who have been randomly bombing Israel. Eight years of lawlessness is finally coming to an end.

  • bobnstuff says:

    One important thing to remember, He must get at least eight democrats to vote for him. This can’t be a supper right wing pick but needs to be some what moderate to be confirmed.

    1. CrustyOldGeezer says:

      I would rather see the democrat senators scrambling about like little monkeys in front of cameras every and being ridiculed for their foolish, poorly thought out opinions.

      When THE PEOPLE come to the realizations that little children with BIG EGOs are ruling their lives we can start to correct the situation.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        You know you just described the Prez and a bunch of the republican members of congress. Look at the fuse Trump is making over the size of his crowd. He is also still trying to say he got more votes. What a waste of time. It’s all about his Ego. He’s president of the United States. Get over it and move on to the job at hand. You also need to remember that the Democrats are still the please don’t hurt me party and the republicans are the my way or the highway folks. Congress doesn’t really like Trump and in fact 25% of the republicans didn’t endorse him even though he was their own parties candidate. Trump my find it easier to get the democrats to go along with him then the republicans. A house divided can not stand an we have both a divided country and a divided republican party.

        1. CrustyOldGeezer says:

          So, now you think instead of DEFENDING his reputation and INTEGRITY he should move on to other things like allowing the loons on the left to continuing to undermine and eventually destroying him and his Presidency?

          As far as the “Divisions” in this nation, the GUILT lies entirely at the feet of the democrats.

          If you intend to whine, at least learn the subject.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            He has no integrity, and he is defending a lie. simple math proves him wrong in both the attendance numbers and the illegal votes. With 11 million illegals with only about 8.5 million voting age in the country over a third would have to have voted to make Trumps statement true. These people don’t call attention to themselves in most cases and they sure would risk something like voting at least no were close to those numbers needed. If Trump truly believes this did happen why did he not on day one ask for a investigation. You do know he has that power. As far as the division, name one thing Trump has said our done to make peace with the half of the country that didn’t vote for him, you do know that it’s over half don’t you. As far as the number of people at his inauguration who really cares? Before it even happened we know he wouldn’t get a bigger turnout the Obama in 2009. Obama won the popular vote by 9 million and had a much better turn out of voters. It was in fact a real landslide, unlike Trump who squeaked by. People liked Obama. Also it wasn’t raining. Trump needs to put it behind him and start working for all the people not just the ones who voted for him.

          2. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            ya know boobnstuff, all you are doing is spewing the daily tawkin pointz from last week and last month.

            BUT, on the other hand, the TRUMP Inauguration may have had fewer people, and I really don’t give a damn, but….

            TRUMP SUPPORTERS have JOBS. obama ‘leeches/supporters’ did NOT so they could show up and hold their hands out.
            When the TRUMP INAUGURATION as over the place was clean.
            When the obaba leeches were done partying, the cost of clean up and repairs was in the tens of millions.

            Now little boy, go sniffle in private because the public no longer cares about your pathetic whinings.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            What makes you think a Trump supporter is any more likely to have a job then an Obama supporter would. The democratic party is higher educated and come from states with higher employment rates. Trump got his largest support from the rust belt and the south. It’s the republican states that have the most poor and where the welfare money goes. My thing is why is Trump lying about these numbers that mean nothing. He tells lies even when there is no reason to. He lied about the crime rate, the unemployment numbers, and there really isn’t even a good reason for those lies anymore. He got the job. He might even get to keep it if he doesn’t get caught in his own Watergate.

          4. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            Gee whiz, whizz boy, I use PUBLICLY AVAILABLE demographic information.

            What do you use to prove your position that :

            “The democratic party is higher educated and come from states with higher employment rates”

            There are no FACTS to support the claim.

            Perhaps, like all good liburulz when questioned on FACTS they resort to the common fallback position of LIE, then LIE again, and if that doesn’t work LIE some more?
            Call me in 40 years after your brain has aged another 6 months.

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Very nice but what does this have to do with what we are talking about. Oh and Trump likes having women around him. He really likes hiring good looking women. It doesn’t change what he has said on tape or what he has done both on film.

          6. Retired says:

            Who gives a crap what he said years ago . I suppose you never talked or acted that way. But you supported the Slut and Billy boy .

          7. bobnstuff says:

            You should care. And no I never talked like that or did anything close to his actions and I know very few 60 year old’s that would. That the kind of stuff you expect out of a 16 year old not a adult. You are the one that brought it up, not me. I was talking about Trumps supporters and their lower level of education and employment.

          8. Retired says:

            Haven’t you ever heard it’s no fun to grow up. Every good man has some child left in him that or he is dead walking around. You are not selling anyone on here that you are a Republican.

          9. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            Uhmmmm, little boy?
            I believe YOU brought it up.

            “bobnstuff CrustyOldGeezer an hour ago

            Very nice but what does this have to do with what we are talking
            about. Oh and Trump likes having women around him. He really likes
            hiring good looking women. It doesn’t change what he has said on tape or
            what he has done both on film.”

            It’s just a couple comments up.

            Perhaps you forgot your were in the grownup room again?

          10. bobnstuff says:

            Since that was in reaction to the link that was posted that had praised Trump interaction with women and made claims. You sent the link, didn’t you read it first?

          11. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            So, you are in the grownup room again.

            Do you have mommies permission?
            or did you sneak in again?

          12. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            ” I was talking about Trumps supporters and their lower level of education and employment.”

            awww, did the widdoe boi wead the wulez 4 radiccluhz?

            Did widdoe snookums forget to wipe his hiney again?

          13. bobnstuff says:

            And what does Obama’s ratings have to do with Trump? Obama was more popular coming into office, everyone was more popular coming into off then Trump. What difference does it make on his pick for the SCOUS or much of anything else. Trump’s ego says he must be number one even when he isn’t. He lies even when he doesn’t need to. What really matters right now is him getting it right and his bringing the country back together. It’s his job to be the President of all the United States.

          14. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            was there a coherent comment or question in that?

            “It’s his job to be the President of all the United States.”

            and it is YOUR JOB to realize that he WAS ELECTED and IS YOUR PRESIDENT.

            Elections mean things, and this election means YOU LOST, suck it up and get over it.
            Start acting like you do actually have a brain inside that pointy little head.

          15. bobnstuff says:

            You are implying that buy Trumps election part of our country lost. Do you mean that Trump will do damage to our country? I would think that if Trump is truly a great president then every citizen should feel like they won. I though he said he would make America great again, didn’t he include every American or just those who voted for him. I sure hope Trump being president doesn’t suck.

          16. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            No little boy.

            About the first thing Trump said was ALL AMERICANS WON because we are all ONE PEOPLE.

            Something that obama and hitlery NEVER said.

          17. Retired says:

            Demon Rats have selective hearing as well as memory.

          18. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            A single cell brain can only process single cell thoughts.

          19. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            Can’t hear what isn’t said.

            Actions speak louder than words, and we are tired of being screamed at by liberals.

          20. bobnstuff says:

            Lets see healthcare for everyone, rebuild the economy, created 200,000 jobs per month, almost no inflation, but I guess you didn’t notice that either.

          21. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            Not to good on numbers are you?

            Counting the PEOPLE that have been unemployed for more then 2 years, the real numbers are 23.7% unemployed.

            Now, your “200,000 jobs created per month”.

            2.4 Million a year times 8 years = 19.2 Million jobs.

            Show me the statistics that support that number dimwit.

            More people LOST insurance coverage then gained it, and the HEALTHCARE availability NEVER Changed.

            HEALTHCARE has ALWAYS been available to everybody.

            obamascare dealt solely with insurance and you are still too stupid to see the difference.

            But, you want me to love you for your brain?

            Let me know who that works out for you.

          22. bobnstuff says:


            He is every number on employment you could ask for. If you can read you will see that the job growth is a fact and your numbers are false. My guess you will not even understand this sight. As far as your claims on insurance you are also oh so wrong.


          23. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            As expected, to much koolaid and too stupid to THINK.

          24. bobnstuff says:

            As I said you would be lost in the world of facts and numbers. Anytime you see a employment number this is where it came from. On this sight you have a total picture of our economy. To bad you aren’t good with numbers.
   numbers have been used by both parties for a long time.

          25. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            oh sweetie, I AM GOOD with numbers.

            It’s FRAUDULENT manipulation of numbers that bother me.
            Every month for 8 years the numbers were put out, then modified over several months to conceal the FACTS until it was too late for the dumbed down Americans that went through the public indoctrination system.

            Too bad you never paid attention as well.

          26. bobnstuff says:


            Here are the final numbers if you have wit enough to understand them. You are truly clueless when doing fact checking. This goes back 10 years.

          27. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            sweetie, I know what the numbers the government puts out, and I know the numbers they don’t let people like you see.

            YOU are a “useful fool” and you will remain so until you are no longer needed.
            THEN you will become a useLESS fool and like Castro and Che, fidel told the CIA where they could find che, and che was murdered as a useless, but dangerous fool.

          28. bobnstuff says:

            So you know those numbers your are complaining about, the payroll numbers. They don’t come from the government, those aren’t BLS number. Instead the come from ADP, a payroll service.

          29. Retired says:

            Good one , you win post of the day.

          30. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            You can tell by his post following this one that he considers himself a LOSER, and he is.

            Not because his candidate did not win, but because he considers himself to be the loser.

            He isn’t smart enough to take what he has and MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

            Whining is easier.

          31. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            Why do you still live in your mommies back yard?

          32. bobnstuff says:

            You are oh so Funny. As a fact I do live in my parents home. I moved back and took care of them till they passed. Mom spent the last 14 years of her life in a wheel chair so your joke isn’t very funny.

          33. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            It wasn’t meant to be “funny”.

            It was meant to convey the similarities between you and the rest of the morons that seem more interested in crying over a lost election than they are in working to make America a better place for everybody.

          34. bobnstuff says:

            Why is it that you keep bring up the election, It’s in the past now and it’s over. You must move on. Right now we get to watch the rising up of a man to the highest court in the land. I hope for a person looking to deliver justice not to try and create laws. We need a thoughtful person who knows the law, the constitution, history and that will not be swayed by public opinion but only by the facts before him. That’s all I ask for.

          35. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            How odd it is that NOW, you want a Good Man of Highest Character Traits, and yet, for the last 8 years your attitude was “oh well, whatever.” when your zero/hero was trashing the Nation and UNDERMINING the Constitution.

          36. Retired says:

            Haven’t you figured out he is a Demon Rats Supporter claiming to be a republican .

          37. CrustyOldGeezer says:

            I KNOW that he is a 17 year old little boy that has not yet gone through Puberty, he has an IQ in the “under 60” range.

            He lives in his mommies back yard in a tunnel system he and his imaginary friends dug and covered with old scraps of lumber when they were playing WAR 12 years ago because mommy WILL NOT let him back in the house.

            Is there more that I need to be aware of?

          38. Retired says:

            Good job and most likely true.

      2. Retired says:

        The media will make them look good and the fools will swallow it up.

        1. CrustyOldGeezer says:

          And Twitter will present the story in fewer words and have the FACTS to prove it.

          The media will be wallowing around and whining about being locked out of their own circus.

    2. greg says:

      I believe one will be approved, one way or another. If democrats don’t agree with one, I believe he will go the nuclear way, like Obama did when obamacare. Harry Reed wanted to get rid of this option before Trump came in, thank god it didn’t happen, i call it a tit for tat and get a hard right conservative in there while we can.

    3. MikeS says:

      No. The pick needs to be a staunch conservative. His pick will be approved…one way or the other.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        The reality is there has to be 60 votes and that can’t be changed or gotten around. The democrats are not going to just run and hide on this one. The republicans will have to work with some democrats. Also if you look at some of the things Trump wants pushed through and some of the things Trump is doing you done want a justice that isn’t at least a little flexible.

        1. PatriotGal says:

          bobnstuff, true BUT…the Repubs can decide to “extend” the nuclear option to include SCOTUS. Discussion of so doing is already taking place.

          1. Retired says:

            You are not going to get trough to bobnstuff.

      2. Old Economist says:

        Someone that is not as liberal as Scalia….Then maybe Ginsberg will go ahead and move to New Zealand as promised and he can appoint another. Hope he pics younger nominees so that the court is conservative for a long time.

        1. leadfoot320 says:


    4. Retired says:

      Still pushing for Obama’s and the democrats way ??

      1. bobnstuff says:

        No, just the Moderate Republican view. you know the once that live in the real world. The members of the party believe that all Americans have rights and every voice deserves to be heard. We are the ones that support trade and economic growth.

        1. Retired says:

          You are doing a lot of double talk. You just don’t want Trump to succeed..

          1. bobnstuff says:

            You are 100% wrong. I truly want him to be the best president in history. Only someone truly stupid would want the guy piloting the airplane your are flying in to crash. What I fear is that he will fail and everything will come crashing down but only time will tell.

          2. Retired says:

            Your posting does not show that you want him to succeed.

          3. bobnstuff says:

            I call out danger and point out actions that I feel arec wrong. I try to get people to see past the stars in their eyes. In this case I have pointed out that if Trump wants to appoint a Justice he needs one that can be supported by the moderates in both parties. We need to get back to the Congress passing the laws, the president enforcing them and the court holding them up to see if the fall under what the constitutions says. We don’t need someone with an agenda we need someone with deep understanding of the constitution. Someone who can look at all sides of the issue.

    5. CCblogging says:

      No! We the people want and will get a Conservative Judge. Just watch and even a blind dim like you will see it come to pass.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Part of the people of this country want a conservative judge but not even the majority. What we need is a justice that looks at the case to see how it looks in light of our constitution.

        1. CCblogging says:

          Your side lost so your input is irrelevant. We will get a Conservative Judge.

  • CCblogging says:

    I am very happy that President Trump will pick the SCOTUS nominee and not Barack Obama and his America hating dims. America would have been lost if Obama had gotten that third term that he demanded. God bless our Republic!

    1. RuFus92 says:

      We have been handed a great gift for this country with the election of Donald J Trump.

      1. Nina says:

        We have been handed a great gift for sure……… Now the country must return to GOD!!!

        1. bobnstuff says:

          I’m sure God agrees with you since he likes the idea of people being forced to him. I guess that free will stuff doesn’t count. Were do you believe that making some one act Godly make them any more Godly. Where is the love of each other in all this?

          1. Nina says:

            I’m sure that’s how you feel. The godless usually do. Have a nice day.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Do you think you should make people follow the Christian faith? Is free will part of your faith? I fear you have missed a lot of both Christs teaching and the ideas the founding fathers had about the roll of religion in our government. Why would an all powerful Creator create sin? Without the ability to do wrong there is no value in doing right.

          3. CCblogging says:

            Sin is opposition and action against God’s will. God didn’t create sin. Man did with the influence of Satan.

          4. bobnstuff says:

            Good point. but with out sin there is no need of Gods gift of grace.

          5. CCblogging says:

            I thank God everyday for his saving grace.

          6. bobnstuff says:

            Amen to that!

          7. AKLady says:

            However, you have none

          8. Retired says:

            What their intent was and what the ACLU has turned it into are two different things.

          9. AKLady says:

            The ACLU has done God’s work. They have strived against the inequities which have been imposed by what calls itself “Christian”. God did not create sin. Satan did nto create sin Man created sin, and as your posts evidence, continues ro do so. One of man’s greatest sins is hate for his fellow man. He dreams up one excuse after another, then invents religion with which to impose his hatred.

          10. Retired says:

            Sin was created through Eve.

          11. Sharron Freitas says:

            All you God lovers must belong to the same group.

          12. AKLady says:

            One of man’s greatest sins is hate for his fellow man.
            He dreams up one excuse after another, then invents religion with which to impose his hatred.
            What is your excuse for hating your fellow man?

          13. AKLady says:

            I have some very bad news for you — YOU are godless.
            You have no idea as to what it means to be a Chrisitan.

          14. Nina says:

            I’m sure you’re going to tell me!!!

          15. Retired says:

            Out the window thanks to the ACLU and loony Federal judges along with Hollywood.

          16. bobnstuff says:

            “For almost 100 years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”
            I guess this isn’t impotent to you. Right now they are protecting you from other countries being able to influence our President. The are defending the constitution.

          17. Retired says:

            What the ACLU and Democrat party started out to be and what they are today is completely different. Both went nuts after Kennedy was Murdered.

          18. Retired says:

            Now tell us all the things they have screwed up, the constitution protects free speech not the ACLU.

          19. bobnstuff says:

            When the constitutional right to free speech is challenged the ACLU is their to defend it.

          20. AKLady says:

            The ACLU has not “screwed up” a single thing.

          21. Retired says:

            Typical lefty answer.

          22. AKLady says:

            No, your spew is typical of the drop out, right-wing brainwashed by Fox News type propaganda.

          23. Retired says:

            You are the one that flunked the Bar and I don’t watch Fox. I can think for myself and not like you who gets led by the jackasses .

          24. AKLady says:

            Ha, ha, ha, ha …
            So simplistic and foolish.
            Without enforcement, the Constitution ceases to exist.
            The ACLU enforces the Constitution — it is the reason the organization exists..

          25. AKLady says:

            In your mind only.

          26. Retired says:

            At least I have a mind what is your excuse ??

          27. AKLady says:

            Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult …repeat ad nauseam.
            Tedious, boring, repetitive …

          28. Rob1911a1 says:

            bobnstuff – it would be important if it were true. The ACLU not only won’t take on unconstitutional gun laws (almost all of the over 30,000 plus local, state, and Federal gun laws are unconstitutional; see the Heller and McDonald decisions). Worse, the ACLU SUPPORTS these unconstitutional laws! Next, they will do anything to get a guilty person off, no matter how depraved the crime, if it suits their ideology. That is the essence; they are ideologically driven, NOT driven by a sense of Justice.

          29. bobnstuff says:

            They are not perfect but they do much good. As lawyers it’s their job to give the very best defense they know how to even if the person they are defending is despicable. Second Amendment cases are a whole other world.

          30. AKLady says:

            “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization[5][6] whose stated mission is ‘to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States’.”

          31. Rob1911a1 says:

            AK – you appear to have missed what I posted. As a refresher: The ACLU not only won’t take on unconstitutional gun laws (almost all of the over 30,000 plus local, state, and Federal gun laws are unconstitutional; see the Heller and McDonald decisions). Worse, the ACLU SUPPORTS these unconstitutional laws! The previous sentence is a FACT; you can look up their record on firearms anytime; when you visit their HQ in DC, they have all the First Ten Articles of Amendment on a wall – with a blank space for the Second! Visit there, it’s also a fact (course, I am 20 miles away, so it was easy for me. Next, they will do anything to get a guilty person off, no matter how depraved the crime, if it suits their ideology. Again, when you examine the cases they’ve taken and the filth they have gotten freed, that too is factual.

          32. AKLady says:

            The NRA does not need any assistance. Moreover, the NRA has better funding that the ACLU.

            The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A WELL REGULATED MILITIA, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

            Each state’s “National Guard” is part of that Constitutional Right. Machine guns for the public are not.

            There is nothing in that document which prohibits the government from regulating the type of weapons that can be legally manufactured and sold to the public.

            An atomic bomb meets the definition of “arms”. So does germ warfare. Even poison gas, etc. I suggest you calm down and begin to deal with the total foolishness of your claims.

          33. Rob1911a1 says:

            No, the National Guard is NOT the militia, AK; the Guard didn’t come into being until the 1890s, a century later. Our Founders specifically defined the militia as the armed body of the citizenry. The first words of the Amendment are a PRESENT PARTICIPLE, not a subordinating clause. Also, of course, the founders clearly stated that all citizens were the militia; they purposely created the country WITHOUT a standing army, so the people could overthrow a tyrannical government at need. The ENTIRETY of the Constitution prevents the Federal Government from restricting our Rights. The Federal Government was created by the Sovereign States, and is SUBORDINATE to the States and the People. It has no rights, and its primary task is to protect those rights. You highlighted the first few words, but its the last ones you neglected; “…shall not be infringed”. We do in fact have the right to own machine guns, rifles, handguns and shotguns and silencers. Drawing a spurious equation between the hand held weapons of a soldier and this other types of weapons is totally spurious and invalid ‘logic’; it has no viable rational basis. It is noteworthy that three or four times in the 19th century, once in the 20th, and TWICE now in the last 10 years (the Heller and McDonald cases) SCOTUS has always upheld the 2d Amendment as an individual right! (And the Heller and McDonald Decisions included four incompetents KNOWINGLY voting incorrectly based on the ideology rather than the facts. I really wish you would study the origins of our nation and our Constitution. And also, quit being such a bitch in your posts; that certainly isn’t getting you anywhere.

          34. AKLady says:

            “armed body of the citizenry”
            Just what do you think the National Guard is?

          35. AKLady says:

            Please explain to the world why an organization formed to save innocent lives would waste time, money and effort playing 2nd Amendment politics?

          36. Rob1911a1 says:

            AK – then why don’t they do so in 2d Amendment cases?

          37. AKLady says:

            Rob, please explain to the world why an organization formed to save innocent lives would waste time, money and effort playing 2nd Amendment politics?

          38. Rob1911a1 says:

            Per your own post, “The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization[5][6] whose stated mission is ‘to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States’.” Since virtually all of the over 30,000 local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations are unconstitutional, as the Supreme court has upheld repeatedly – just look at the Heller and McDonald decisions – they are obliged per your own paragraph to ”defend and preserve” those individual rights.

          39. Rob1911a1 says:

            Really? They NEVER defend our Second Amendment Rights, and in fact actively support unconstitutional gun control of every sort.

          40. bobnstuff says:

            There are two ways to read the second amendment. One is just take half and everyone gets guns or you can read the whole thing and the well regulated militia gets to have guns. In fact the second reading was the excepted one for a very long time.

            A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
            State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be

            You will notice it’s all one sentence.

          41. Rob1911a1 says:

            Actually, history is on my side; the second ‘reading’ has NEVER been the accepted one, until the recent socialist push. As British citizens, the colonists were REQUIRED to be armed in defense of the Crown; however, it was a GRANTED right. Indeed, it was General Gage’s ‘taking’ of the militia’s arms that lit the fire of the revolution. The business of ‘two ways to read the 2d Amendment is a MODERN sophistry. Historically, it has always been understood to mean exactly what it says. The first phrase is a present particle, a statement of fact, not a subordinating clause. What has been forgotten or ignored is that EVERYONE WAS IN THE MILITIA. In fact, modern U.S. Civil Code STILL states that all males over 17 and up to 42 are in the militia. Our nation was purposely created WITHOUT standing army, since the body of the citizenry was armed. In at least 3 SCOTUS cases in the 19th century this was affirmed; in the Miller case in 1935, the person was convicted of owning a sawed off shotgun because it was not a ‘militia weapon’; handguns, rifles, shotguns, and machine guns WERE. And of course, both the Heller and the McDonald Decision in the last ten years reaffirmed the correct reading – and that was with four incompetent socialist voting incorrectly in each case. Adams notes on the convention address the 2d Amendment; one reading had the words “…for the common defense” after “..the right of the people to bear arms..” This wording was eliminated to make it absolutely clear that this was an individual right. Also, even if it didn’t exist, we would have that right, since the Constitution is a limited GRANT of POWERS to the Federal Government. As the 9th and 10th Amendments clearly show, all rights were reserved to the FREE people and all others powers rested in the Sovereign States. The difference between the Granted Right the English had was that it could be altered (as has happened in the modern socialist Great Britain); our Founders were very clear that the individual had God Given rights (or the Rights of Natural Law, for the Agnostics like Ben Franklin). The Federal government is tasked with PROTECTING our rights; not only should they not be passing gun control laws, the A.G. should be taking any State or Locale to task when THEY pass unconstitutional restrictions. Also, our Founding Fathers repeatedly stated that this was what they meant in all their attendant writing and statements. For example, Patrick Henry stated: “The great object is that every man be armed”. It does not get much more clear than that; his words were echoed by Washington, Jefferson, and others. Indeed, George Mason wrote rhetorically: “I ask you, sir, who are the militia; they are the body of the people, excepting only a few public officials, bearing their own arms”. Again, clear as a bell. Once more, your suggestion that there are two readings, with the second one being the more widely accepted one, is a recent ”interpretation” of the left. Indeed, left wing anti gun Constitutional scholar Lawrence Tribe, of Harvard, wrote in the Harvard review that in fact the NRA interpretation IS the correct one (and Tribe hates guns); he stated clearly that the only legal way to change this was a Constitutional Amendment (good luck getting 37 states to vote to abolish the Second Amendment). Sorry if i went on a bit; history buff.

          42. AKLady says:

            Totally out of context.
            Typical of many remarks found on this blog.

          43. Rob1911a1 says:

            Out of context? I just stated facts; you just don’t like the facts, and you lack the knowledge to refute them accurately. Don’t they have real libraries in AK?

          44. AKLady says:

            Your post is a prime example of someone who does not have the slightest idea what is required to be a Christian.

          45. Retired says:

            Show me where I made4 the claim ??

          46. AKLady says:

            As usual, you are off on a tangent, posting nonsense about something you know absolutely nothing about.

          47. CCblogging says:

            God gives us the choice to follow him or Satan. I have made mine.

          48. bobnstuff says:

            So have I but I choose it freely. God wants willing followers, one that follower joyfully.

          49. CCblogging says:

            If you don’t follow God’s law, then you follow Satan. You will serve one are the other. Again, God doesn’t force you to follow him, that is your choice and the result that follows is what you chose.

          50. bobnstuff says:

            We must guard against a government that imposes a religion on people. Our founding fathers understood this and placed it first in our bill of right. We must be willing to let people follow their own will even if we don’t agree with it. What we also must do though is through love and caring show them the truth and the way. Abortion is one of the area the their is the most conflict. I’m 100% against true abortions but I find the laws only create more problem. If you want to end abortions making them illegal will never work. What you must do is stop the cause of those abortions. Last year we had the smallest numbers of abortions since it became legal. In states with good family planning the number was even better then in state with out those services. If you change actions by laws you gain criminals but if you change the lives and their hearts everyone wins.

          51. AKLady says:

            Typical remarks of the hater who claims to be Christian and does not know the meaning of the word.

            God does not care what name(s) you call him or the flavor of religion you follow.

            He only cares about the type of life you live

          52. AKLady says:

            Yes, you have, and it is not God’s way.

          53. Rob1911a1 says:

            Who said (besides you, bobnstuff) that He likes the idea of people being forced to him? That is the Islamic way, not the Christian way. If one chooses to Believe, then one would hope that person who be more loving. Certainly, the godless democrats who hate anyone who does not agree with their desire to rule us all are a good example.

          54. bobnstuff says:

            Typo here, God wants willing followers not people being forced. Just for the record I know more truly good Christians that are Democrats then I know good Republican Christians. I’m not saying you can’t be a Republican Christian but we have a lot of self center people in the party. Over the years the Republicans have done a lot of good for a lot of people but there are some in the party the choose to hate people for the color of their skin or for being born to the wrong parents. I believe I’m a good Christian, at least I try very hard to be. I’m also a life long republican and have been active in my local party. We have almost a total republican local government and they do a very good job. You claim the Democrats hate everyone but in the past they have tried to be sure to protect every ones rights while at the say time to keep people safe. As Christians it is our responsibility to take care of the poor adn those less fortunate. Which party has been trying to do this. As a Christian I would rather give a hundred people aid who don’t need it then have one child go hungry for lack of that aid. As a republican I what to make sure I get the best value for that aid dollar, It’s being a good steward.

          55. AKLady says:

            Ha, ha, ha …

            Believe my way or die Is the Christian litany for century, upon century:

            The Crusades, The Inquisition, The witch hunts, The Peasants War, French Wars of rebellion, Massacre at Vassy, The Thirty Years War, Pope Sixtus V, Irish Rebellion, Democide in the Americas, Democide in Africa, Democide in Australia, The papal bull Romanus Pontifex – 1455, Slavery in the Americas, Leopold II, King of the Belgians – butcher of the Congo Free State 1885-1908, The Holocaust, Catholic Nazi State in Croatia, Lebanon War, Sabta and Shatila Massacre, Serb Orthodox genocide, Protestant death squads in Ireland, The Rwandan genocide, Zimbabwe — Catholic protection of Mugabe, Lord’s Resistance Army, Central African Republic Catholic murdering of those who won’t convert …, Americans killing physicians and bombing medical clinics, American killing church congregations, America – the KKK murders (they are now international terrorists).

          56. Rob1911a1 says:

            The holocaust? Nobody is stating that Christianity is perfect – PROPERLY followed, it is not the above. In Islam, though, violence is literally built into the religion. The difference between them is simple – I would hold the door for you; a Muslim would condemn you for being an unbeliever. (Yes, I still hold doors, say God Bless, Merry Christmas, and all those other politically incorrect things. We also work the church shelter (Lutheran) every year, as well as buy clothing for poor children. Not sure how to define Christianity, but one cannot through out the baby with the bathwater.

          57. AKLady says:

            You deny and excuse one while exaggerating and damning the other. It does not grow confidence in your remarks.

          58. AKLady says:

            The German citizens supporting Hitler were Lutheran and Catholic. The Pope even supported Hitler’s murder of Jews. Apparently, your history teacher forgot the part about the propaganda used to justify the murder of Jews. They were called Christ Killers.

          59. Sharron Freitas says:

            I believe you misspoke. It’s the Godless republicans. Ones like Mitch McConnell.

          60. Rob1911a1 says:

            It is the REPUBLICANS who constantly DEFEND Christianity; it’s the Democrats who constantly attack Christianity and Christians. Where your fantasy comes from I have no idea. Our nation was founded on Christianity, despite the denials of – liberal democrats (I am sure AK will have a different “opinion”); this is simple historical fact, easily researched by going to a library and reading what our Founders’ explicitly stated and wrote. It is the GOP that tries to adhere to those ideals; it is the Democrats who constantly refuse to acknowledge this basic history. They are either ignorant, never having read any history of our nation’s founding, or worse, they know it and deny it anyways. Look at the so-called “separation of Church and State”; THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN THE CONSTITUTION. Liberals Democrats in an errant SCOTUS decision that has bedeviled us for decades took that phrase, out of context, in a LETTER written by Jefferson. In context, he extolled the virtues of not having a government MANDATED religion. I wish people would spend more time in a library.

          61. AKLady says:

            You won’t find anything Godly on this blog, let alone love for their fellow man. That is especially true when it comes to the disabled and impoverished. The street people the despise are mostly disabled veterans.

          62. bobnstuff says:

            They only like Vets that are able bodied because if you are disabled you must be a failure.

          63. AKLady says:

            That and t he fact that Americans have been brainwashed to believe that the majority of disability claims are false.

        2. Retired says:

          One thing to add is respect and that needs to come from home as well as our education system.

          1. AKLady says:

            You speak of respect but you knowth not what it is.

          2. Retired says:

            I don’t respect or worship garbage like you do.

        3. CCblogging says:

          Yes Nina, we must. I do believe that God has given us a last chance to repent and clean up our land.

          1. AKLady says:

            The Constitution of the United States of America makes zero reference to a god or Christianity.

          2. Rob1911a1 says:

            No, but the Founders’ writings and statements were all clear that they were creating a Christian nation! That did not mean that other faiths were ‘banned’, only that America was a based on that religion. (Just as, say, Moroccan government is ‘based’ on Islam, or the Israeli government is based on Judeism). And, before you bother to reply in the negative, go to a library and spend a few weeks reading any and everything the Founders’ stated or wrote about Christianity forming the basis for America.

          3. AKLady says:

            “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.”
            ~1797 Treaty of Tripoli signed by Founding Father John Adams

          4. AKLady says:

            “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own. It is error alone that needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.”
            ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to Horatio Spofford, 1814

          5. AKLady says:

            “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.”
            ~Founding Father Thomas Jefferson: in letter to Alexander von Humboldt, December 6, 1813

          6. AKLady says:

            “Every new and successful example of a perfect separation between ecclesiastical and civil matters is of importance.”
            ~Founding Father James Madison, letter, 1822

          7. AKLady says:

            “I never liked the Hierarchy of the Church — an equality in the teacher of Religion, and a dependence on the people, are republican sentiments — but if the Clergy combine, they will have their influence on Government”
            ~Founding Father Rufus King, Rufus King: American Federalist, pp. 56-57

          8. AKLady says:

            “No religious doctrine shall be established by law.”
            ~Founding Father Elbridge Gerry, Annals of Congress 1:729-731

          9. AKLady says:

            “Persecution is not an original feature in any religion; but it is always the strongly marked feature of all religions established by law. Take away the law-establishment, and every religion re-assumes its original benignity.”
            ~Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man, 1791

          10. AKLady says:

            “Congress has no power to make any religious establishments.”
            ~Founding Father Roger Sherman, Congress, August 19, 1789

          11. AKLady says:

            “The legislature of the United States shall pass no law on the subject of religion.”
            ~Founding Father Charles Pinckney, Constitutional Convention,

          12. AKLady says:

            The Treaty of Tripoli (Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary)

            Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen (Muslims); and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan (Mohammedan) nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

          13. AKLady says:

            The Founders’ writings and statements were all clear that they were NOT creating a Christian nation

            You should have followed your own advice. Below are the facts you have elected to ignore.

          14. Sharron Freitas says:

            You all need to go and get your brains cleaned out.

          15. CCblogging says:

            You need to get your soul right with God before you face his judgement.

        4. AKLady says:

          You have been handed the Fourth Reich.
          Trump has already attacked t
          he First and Second Amendments.

      2. CCblogging says:

        Yes, we dodged a bullet.

      3. AKLady says:

        Mein Trumpf

        Vol. One: A Reckoning

        1. The Hispanic Peril
        2. The Muslim Peril
        3. The Black Peril
        4. The Female Peril …

    2. gadgetcoder says:

      He didn’t actually “demand” it, but he wished he’d had the option. But, he tried to inspire a call for the repeal of the 20th Amendment (which would never be ratified). He needed the third term, because he wasn’t even competent at f***ing up the country…

      1. CCblogging says:

        With all due respect gadget, I heard Obama say on TV that Hillary would be his third term. Obama also told illegal’s to vote and that they would not be prosecuted for doing so.

    3. Retired says:

      He sure is not wasting any time of getting heads rolling.

      1. CCblogging says:

        Don’t it make you feel alive again. We are taking our nation back!

        1. Retired says:

          I like what he said about Chicago, Rahm got rid of the police chief and this January shooting is ahead of last year already and a week to go.

    4. AKLady says:

      Your cup of hate doth runneth over.
      You are hallucinating again.
      There waa no dwmand made for a third term

    5. Sharron Freitas says:

      Who paid you to post that answer? Just give the republicans a little time. They will all be unseated come their next election. You don’t understand the mind of someone like Trump.

      1. CCblogging says:

        I post for Freedom and that’s my pay. I understand President Trump’s mindset just fine and that’s why we elected him.

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