Senate Democrats Begin Efforts to Amend Constitution

It’s been 22 years since the last amendment to the Constitution took effect, but Senate Democrats are hoping to alter the nation’s founding document once again.

The likelihood of crossing the threshold to amend the Constitution is slim to none, however. An amendment would have to garner support from two-thirds of the House and Senate, before being approved by three-fourths of the states.

Despite that seemingly insurmountable hurdle, Senate Democrats are forging ahead with a plan to bring SJ Res 19 to the floor.

This resolution would add a 28th Amendment, stating that Congress can regulate contributions and spending in federal elections. It would also give state governments the same authority in statewide contests.

Democratic leaders have already said they plan to bring the amendment up for a vote in the Senate by the end of the year. But the resolution’s sponsor, Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M., is hoping for a vote before the midterm elections.

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  • dave ussery says:

    Trial is a waste of money and time just hang him and be done with it!

  • David in MA says:

    “Senate Democrats Begin Efforts to Amend Constitution’
    Under the current climate, they do not want to amend the Constitution, they want to trash it and then tell Americans they have to follow it (it being whatever the end product is)… Americans, both the obozo supporters and way to many obozo non-supporters are either ignorant or just plain stupid in not understanding what obozo and his socialist entourage are up to, it is to widely believed “it can never happen here, in America”, even as it is, “IT” being the Islamic marxizing of this country….WAKE UP AND START RESISTING OBAMANATION!
    obozo is using the same approach as Hitler, make everything so bad that the people will accept any alternative, Hitler had Fascism, obozo has socialism.

  • Dondh says:

    If these anti-American dirt-bag Dumborats are allowed to persue this ridiculous move against the Constitution, then they should be impeached or jailed and put in prison at Guantanimo for life! This would be against all American principles if they are allowed to do so!! AMERICA, LETS MAKE SURE WE ELEMINATE THESE FRAUDS AT EACH OF THE NEXT ELECTIONS!!


  • barbarakelly says:

    Lets make every blasted Dem know that if they dare touch the Constitution they will not be RE-ELECTED. I’m getting sick and tired of these Dems think that they can dominate us for their slaves. I want to kick out every one of these Dems., and let them know who is really in charge. People make your voices be heard from the roof tops. Email, call them Send any way you can. I can’t fax cause I don’t have that kind of money. They have made all of us poor.!!!!

  • John Gragowski says:

    This country is founded on freedom. Every person, business or PAC made up of Americans should be able to freely contribute. This is not buying an election. This is collectively representing their contributors thoughts and ideas to an election. The politicians want to stop this because they do not like what some groups say about them. Freedom of speech is a good thing – even when we disagree with it. Some of you dislike those who make money and are mad at them. You think they are evil because they have money. This is foolish. Some guy below hates FOX news. Why? they are a news company who are there to make money for their contributors. Just like CNN etc. etc. Most have a liberal bias because they are trained by liberal professors. FOX for some reason does not. Probably because the internet showed the popularity of conservative thought like talk radio. We need to avoid limiting speech. Therin lies the road to a dictatorship. Although I would not mke an argument like some have about Muslims (raping, piillaging etc.) I would point people to Europe and the many countries there who went too far with social programs (entitlements) that has now led to immigration of Muslims in great numbers and therefore, many problems – riots etc. Too many do not want to look at gthe potential for dictatorship (right or left) until it is too late. They say “It can’t happen her”. Yes it can. All we have to do is sit down and let it.

  • librtyship says:

    We really need to give a whole bunch of Democrats the “pink slip” in November and let them go find honest work somewhere far away from Washington, indeed Antarctica might be ideal, perhaps they could herd penguins which would make them heroes in the eyes of the environmental whackos! Leaving them in power will be the biggest mistake we have ever made!

  • drthomasedavis says:

    Udall, Reid et al are doing their best to subvert the will of We the People. They are well aware of the nation-wide movement to have a Convention of States to make amendment to the Constitution, any and all of such could upset their profitable apple cart. Consider, if you will, an amendment to set term limits to put a halt to unsavory individuals spending a lifetime feeding at the public trough. People like the late and unlamented Robert Byrd of West Virginia, an organizer of a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. Unrepentant crooks like Charles Rangel of New York, John Conyers of Michigan, John Dingell of Michigan who has spent 58+ years in the House. these folks make a travesty of representative government.
    Most likely the Federal Income Tax would be eliminated and Social Security be put into some form of security not accessible to members of the Bureaucracy as their personal slush fund. an amendment to put teeth into the law requiring all members of the federal government to abide by their oath of office or pay a huge penalty. Article V sets no boundaries nor can Congress legally establish any. Every citizen has an obligation to become a part of the movement to force their state legislatures to make application to congress to promptly call an Article V Convention of States. Call or write your state representative or state senator to begin or accelerate the process, Come on; get into the action; become an active participant with We the People.
    Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

    1. onwego4k says:

      Here here well said amen

  • I Seigel says:

    According to the news story, the amendment would allow Congress to “regulate contributions and spending in federal elections”. I seem to recall a bipartisan effort not too long ago to do just that – it was called “campaign finance reform”. Let’s see.. who was the guy that was instrumental in leading that effort back then? Oh yes, it was Senator John McCain, R-Ariz.

    1. David in MA says:

      once the Constitution is opened in a Constitution Convention, for whatever reason, they can approach anything in the Constitution, they do not have to limit the Convention to the topic it was called for…..get the importance of this?

      1. I Seigel says:

        And you fear….what? Congress has the power to debate any bill they want. They can pass anything they want. Do they?

        Just because something CAN be done doesn’t mean it WILL be done. Are you also afraid of being hit by a comet?

        1. David in MA says:

          passing a bill is one thing, amending the Constitution is another….ignoramus!

          1. I Seigel says:

            And with this Congress, the likelihood of either is ZERO. Get my point? Or are you just TRYING to be a moron?

  • Mark Bigger says:

    There has been so many accounts of treason on so many officials parts, I fail to see why We the people have allowed it. So many of Americans do not know about current events or just don’t care for politics. Many fail to believe the things that are happening. I believe we have 2 things we must do. 1. vote republican. if not the democrats win and our country goes down the drain. Even voting for a 3rd party will actually help the democrats win. 2. slowly awaken the sleeping people. Don’t startle or alarm them, but start with small things that are believable then let them know about all the facts. But we must be factual and present the facts, as they are accustomed to watching the news on TV.

  • jakex_iii says:

    I AM ashamed to have Udall as a representative of the state of my current living residency. Emails sent to his office get a standard ‘BS’ reply. Unfortunately many NM residents like his ‘freebies’ – ethics and common sense by damned.

    1. ggarrett34 says:

      Same here in Co. Another udall

      1. onwego4k says:

        look at McConnell a rino in Kentucky has adds do you want to lose what I bring home if you put in a new face.he is one of the worse don’t vote for establishment republicans they are with the democrats working together.

  • xingqin says:

    The President and All of Congress takes an oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and they should be impeached, fined, and jailed if they try to change instead of defend what has served this country well since it was founded.

    1. onwego4k says:

      the oath is not only to uphold the constitution it says to protect us from enemies within and without and that is the brotherhood talliban and al Qaeda humas all in the same league. He has been sending billions that is treason letting go the five was treason sending weapons etc treason.

  • Martin Mayberry says:

    Contact your reps and tell them to vote NO!!

    1. pilgrimson says:

      For over five years, TEA Party events have drawn untold thousands…no solutions. We follow distractions: in March it was thug police in Connecticut…in April it was a Bundy circus in Nevada…this month, Operation American Spring in D.C. says they will camp out until Obama and five other communists leave office so they can replace them. Good luck with that. Contact congress? That will do no good. It has been done for five years now to no avail. they just ignore us.

      The most powerful act you can take to restore America without
      bloodshed: Where they can stand trial and and be convicted, here is how it can be done. With the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™

      If you believe that too few Americans will take action, the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ needs less than half of 1% of the people to prevail. It is not electoral politics, it’s law enforcement.

      AmericaAgain! is a plan of action unprecedented in history. Not an event, but a practical, peaceful, powerful, perpetual way of life. In development for seven years, AmericaAgain! is the Manhattan Project of this century.

      When your member of Congress violates the Constitution, the AmericaAgain! legal section targets them for criminal indictment in their STATE court, and follows up until the politician either ends the criminal activity, or serves time in the State Penitentiary, with the State court seizing his assets.

      Trey Gowdy can get much better than Benghazi hearings; AmericaAgain! will soon launch our ‘Recruit Trey’ campaign to attract him as AmericaAgain! Chief Counsel.

      Stopping the cartels and taking our lives back is totally up to We
      The People — and we believe that Trey Gowdy is the perfect man to lead a new way of life. (In this Politico article today, apparently
      some people think a few death threats will turn this former prosecutor from his job. Perhaps they don’t know a criminal prosecutor’s daily life, but they picked the wrong dog for that fight.)

      A Second American Revolution legall and without the

      You Can Help. Check us out & Give Support >

  • CTH says:

    Tom is just one more of the Udall idiots.

  • Tigerlake4 says:

    This will start the Revolution, arrest them all for Treason, have a trial, than hang’em!!

    1. Willie R Nugent says:


    2. Bobnstuff says:

      Why is it treason to try to stop people from buying elections? Why is it not treason for trying to start a revolution?

      1. CTH says:

        Why is it not that you are still in a mental institution? I suppose you would also not object to an amendment that would allow congress to regulate the amount of air that you can inhale.

        1. Bobnstuff says:

          First of all you are you have no understanding on how money plays a very large part in elections or how elections work. There was a time when it didn’t take millions of dollars to run for office. Now you must sell your soul to run. Second you don’t have a clue as to what treason is. Third you get your news from people who don’t believe in facts they just believe in ratings. Fox News is a business who will say anything to keep you viewing. They don’t want you to think for yourself.

          1. johnsnare says:

            How do you know he is a Fox viewer, and what is your. problem with Fox.? I assume you are a Chris Matthews fan.

          2. Tom says:

            You must be a Liberal, that believes everything that the biased Main Stream Media reports, which is nothing. If it doesn’t glorify Obama, it will not be mentioned in the MSM. All they ever say, is how great Obama and his Administration is doing, and if you have a half an ounce of brain, you can see where Obama is taking Our Country, of course if you are a Democrat, and voted for Obama twice, then I guess there is no hope for you, so keep believing the crap that the MSM, keeps shoving down your throat, I guess you will stop believing in Obama, when his Muslim Brotherhood comes into your house and rapes your wife and/or Daughters, by all Muslims that are there, they will just line up to take their turn, and let you watch, since apparently as a staunch Obama believer, you will have no weapons (except maybe a kitchen knife, a great weapon against an M16, an automatic weapon, for you that don’t believe in guns) and then kills you all, or maybe they will let your wife and Daughters live, for a repeat performance, of course that will be a little late don’t you think. And yes Fox is vying for ratings, but that’s the purpose of reporting the news, but at least they will give you all of the news and let you make up your own mind, that is if you have one, which, up to now, is still open for debate.

          3. I Seigel says:

            It seems that YOU are the one being led astray by your chosen media. When exactly will the Muslim Brotherhood be coming into our homes to rape wives and daughters? When exactly will the economy collapse because of all the fiscal stimulus? When exactly will the country collapse because of Obamacare? When exactly will they be coming for our guns? Where exactly will all these jobs come from if the Keystone pipeline gets built, and who, exactly, will profit if it DOES get built? Can you say KOCH BROTHERS? The same Koch family that built the oil infrastructure for Stalin’s Soviet Union and who are making 8 MILLION DOLLARS a MINUTE on all of their enterprises?
            Why don’t you try for half a second to open your eyes to the fear-mongering and biased money-driven hatred that you’re being fed everyday by YOUR media. As W so eloquently said not so long ago, “Follow the money”.

          4. ggarrett34 says:

            SOON!! That is when!

          5. I Seigel says:

            “Soon” as in:
            A. The next 6 months
            B. Before Obama leaves office
            C. Around the time the sun goes nova, destroying all life on earth

          6. Banjo says:

            First of all our sun does not have enough mass to go supernova.
            Second, to borrow a phrase from Killary – “what difference does it make” when it happens? It will be bad!
            Third, Obama leaving office could not happen soon enough!

          7. I Seigel says:

            A perfect example of imagining something that isn’t there. Who said anything about “supernova”? And the rest of your “points” are nonsensical.

          8. Banjo says:

            YOU said, and I quote “C. Around the time the sun goes nova, destroying all life on earth”
            ‘Nova’ is short for supernova…right? Or is it Liberal code for something else?
            My other “points” make perfect sense, you just don’t like them! 🙂

          9. I Seigel says:

            It’s a liberal code for something else, moron.
            Or not.

          10. Banjo says:

            Oooh, we are resorting to name calling as a last resort! I was really hoping I could have a discussion with a liberal that did not resort to that…but that’s a tall order I guess.

          11. I Seigel says:

            Ah, I see my error here. I was confusing you with someone else who, in another reply, called me an ignoramus. So I apologize for the name-calling. You’re correct.
            So, if I’m the “liberal” that you’ve chosen to have a conversation with, let me clarify my response to you.
            First of all, there is a difference between a “nova” and a “supernova”. I was not using a “Liberal code”.
            Second, when you replied that all of the scenarios I had asked about will happen at some point and “what difference does it make” when, “and it will be bad”, does that mean that it could happen during the presidency of the next president, or the next? And will any of those things be blamed on Obama? There can be a war 20 years from now – will it be blamed on Obama? You see why I said your answer was nonsensical? It’s just like the criticism the Republicans got for trying to blame 9/11 on Clinton. At some point, there’s an “expiration date” on finger-pointing.
            And as to my third point – yes, of course Obama can’t leave office soon enough. That comment really didn’t further the conversation, did it?
            Again, I apologize for the name-calling. Only people with nothing valuable to say, or who can’t follow a series of logical arguments, resort to that.

          12. Banjo says:

            Fair enough! I did go on a tangent. I have been attacked by progressives so much lately that I might be a little jumpy.
            I know there’s a difference between Novae and Supernovae. My point about it is that Novae are only known to happen in binary systems and our sun cannot go Supernova, that’s it.
            Again, I will try and be less jumpy.

          13. onwego4k says:

            how about you and the dems with soros a known communist and how about arab spring the Egyptians have proof abama paid with our money to start it all in Libya and that backfired and Egypt and that backfired and Syria almost bombed but putin stopped him . I don’t watch fox I read the world papers and you read you find it all. they have proof they may try him and Hillary for war crimes in world court. they were named in the brotherhood cases in Egypt. and Obama sent billions to the al Qaeda and helped them with guns missles ammo and even planes now they have shoulder missiles in Syria that can shoot down our planes . that is treason anywhere in the world aiding and abetting the enemy. I don’t watch fox I don’t watch tv only dancing with the stars read read papers from Canada and all over the world you be surprised what you learn. we have a completely corrupt govt both parties have them demo progressives and rinos and the are more concerned with greed and power than us or the country. we are not a democracy we are a republic one nation under god go to DC look up the church in the rotunda now a museum of how our country was founded with the first English printed bible for congress and our schools . separation of state and church was that the govt could not stop us we had freedom of religion. they planned just for what is happening now no Christ no school prayer no god anywhere but yet our little ones pledge to allah and pray to allah that is against the constitution forcing them google the dc capitol museum that ws the first church for congress senate executive most presidents were ministers. take the tour there are videos you will see how infiltrated our govt has become . god help us all he is the only one left to help and guide or militias incase he does try marshall law he has it all iined up . follow the money yes Obama never held a real job came broke in 5 years a multimillionaire.the biggest money is from Saudi Arabia the dems and rinos get lots for their elections and that who is passing money to get them in charge of the world . Hillary wonder how much the sheik gave her she got 250,00 jewels had to return them. amen to it all those will not survive that don’t believe what is coming and prepare obamacare gavehim authority to go into your bank accounts and if you have medical bills many signed to get free medicare for 109 they sold themselves it says you agree to abide by Medicaid they can auto put you on Medicaid and if you own property it is attached . July 1 no more int at all banks working with him we will have to pay fees for deposits checks cashed etc and they report to him how much and to whoyou gave to for political nice wait that is just the beginning. god be with us and help us all. amen

          14. I Seigel says:

            Wow! Thank you. That was the perfect answer. I assume you speak for most everyone here. You’ve sure opened my eyes to how people here really think.

          15. Pamela Sullivan says:

            Well said!

          16. Banjo says:

            What’s interesting about Liberals is that they condemn the Koch brothers for contributing to Conservative campaigns, but have absolutely no problem with George Soros or Michael Bloomberg contributing to Liberal campaigns!
            What’s worse is that Soros, Bloomberg and the people they support ACTIVELY work to restrict or deny people’s rights. What about their “biased money-driven hatred”??

          17. hpinnc says:

            Have you been drinking the Obama Kool-Aid? I do think we will have trouble in this country sometime in the not to distant future with sharia law & the muslims. It [the economy] very well could collapse if this government keeps spending like a drunken sailor, & what do you have against people making money in this country. Have you ever worked for a poor man? At least the Koch Bros. earned theirs instead of receiving big stimuluses’ that Obama gave to his banking & Wall ST. cronies. They also give a lot to charity & I would imagine they have quite a tax bill each spring.

          18. I Seigel says:

            As I asked in an earlier reply: what does “not too distant future” mean? Six months? Then yes, blame it on Obama. Five years? Twenty years? Then sorry, the statute of limitations on blaming Obama runs out.

            You can say all you want that the economy is about to collapse because of the fiscal stimulus, etc, but it still hasn’t happened and there are no signs that a collapse is imminent.

            As to Obama “and his Wall St and bank cronies” – are you kidding? They’ve been fighting tooth and nail against any moves at stronger regulation and oversight. So has the Chamber of Commerce. Where do you come up with these fantasies?

          19. Steve Peters says:

            Keep drinking the Kool aid you will get to nirvana eventually – or hell one or the other.

          20. hpinnc says:

            Bob, I do agree with some of what you say, at first when you badmouth Fox news & say they are more interested in ratings than in facts, Well I certainly wouldn’t credit ABC,NBC, CBS,CNN, & MSNBC with being all that grand at getting the facts, in fact I think FOX is way out ahead of these other Obama networks. I do agree with your assessment as to the great tons of money spent to get elected. I think the government should pay the networks a reasonable fee, give the candidates maybe 3 hrs. total [ plus the debates] to present their cases to the American public. The details could be worked out. & stop these special interest groups pouring tons of money into a candidate. Bob, are you a RINO? BTW, that is your privilege, I have some very good friends who are democrats & RINOs. My own brother is a yellow dog democrat, I still have hope. I myself, am a tea party conservative republican. That is not to say I believe in everything they do, but I do believe the less government we have in our lives, the better off we are, & I believe in able-bodied people working for a living at something, if they need some help, help them. I do not believe welfare should become a way of life if you are able to work. Right now, I do not know who I would favor for POTUS. I can tell you it won’t be Hilleary Clinton.

      2. xingqin says:

        It is the people who vote and the money is wasted unless the people can be convinced that their vote is right. The real crime is in the voting done by dead people, and with fixed ballots and illegal counting. This deserves a throw of the election and prison time for all involved.

        1. Bobnstuff says:

          If you believe the elections are fixed become a poll watcher or get involved with your local party. You might learn just how good you local elections are run.

          1. Steve Peters says:

            How easy is it to fix polls – piece of cake – even doing “honestly” it depends on how you ask the question. Ex: would you vote for candidate A or the candidate that just raised your personal taxes by 10% candidate B ? Or x scandal or whatever giving your chosen canadate a major fake jump in your poll (maybe candidate A above plans on raising taxes 50% but doesn’t say that before the election

          2. hpinnc says:

            You must be a liberal/marxist democrat if you think the elections are all up & up & no voting fraud taking place. Why do you suppose blacks are all upset & have their undies in a wad because of voter id. You have to have it for everything else, but they cry & whine over having to show id to vote. I have seen it first-hand, it does happen.

      3. ggarrett34 says:

        It’s not treason because if ANYONE who took the OATH to uphold the Constitution it is their DUTY to take up ARMS per the Second Amendment and ELIMINATE the Govt.that is trying to overthrow the Constitution!

      4. Steve Peters says:

        It is, if you decide who buys elections – to put it in your own Twisted words

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