October 6, 2014

Sunday on the Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz,” Sharyl Attkisson blasted the mainstream media for being President Barack Obama’s lap dogs.

While discussing the media’s lack of coverage of the growing threat of ISIS, Attkisson said, “Here’s my cynical viewpoint. It would have been on the front page had the administration wanted it to be on the front page,” and “The media waits for the administration to dictate the agenda and coverage.”

Attkisson explained, “A complicated set of reasons but it has to do with easier, laziness, support for the administration, support in general for the powers that be. Wanting to toe the line, but I guarantee you that if there had been headlines or the administration wanted concerns about terrorism to be on the front burner, quite the opposite happened and I see this whole question about ISIS as another point in the continuum that the administration apparently wanted to down play concerns about terrorism by and large.”

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  • I Seigel says:

    This is scandalous! It’s just as outrageous as the number of stories Fox has run about the problems that Europe is having with its austerity programs, and how Germany is starting to consider fiscal stimulus. And also about the number of times Fox has reported on the US’s continued low interest rates and shrinking deficit and good credit ratings. Let’s see, totaling all those stories on Fox up, I see the number is…. ZERO. You can say “political agenda”?

  • Dave says:

    This lady is an investigative reporter which is one of the hardest, and most dangerous, jobs in journalism or the news business. She herself has been physically abused while covering stories abroad in hot areas like the middleast and is to be respected for doing the level of work no longer done by the majority of reporters. Instead, she was forced out of CBS because she has values and the guts to not be drawn into the “go along to get along” typical news network culture of today.

    She will end up somehow associated with FOX which is the only major network actually committed to providing the public with unbiased coverage of national events and issues.

  • empty pockets says:

    Ms. Attkisson is a journalist. The majority of the media are parrots, repeating what they’re prompted to repeat…

    1. Kathleen3 says:

      Attkisson is one of the very few remaining journalists. The majority in the media are nothing more than Soros’ Stenographers who have mastered covering up vs covering the facts.

  • Aunt Dot says:

    There WAS a time when the media were the police agency for the people against politicians!! Sadly that day is gone… the media did it to themselves!! Now the pile of dung in the White House owns them – lock, stock and barrel!!! Many TV stations (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC,ETC) are the laughing stock of the World!!! Friends in another country routinely email with questions on news they have heard!!! In many countries the Odumbass regime is the laughing stock as they make jokes of his inability to do ONE thing correctly!!! Also, they think his inability to tell the truth…. even ONCE…. is a sign of the decline of Americanism… once the most honorable country in the world!!! It is a shame that despite everything I do the moral climate continues to decline into the swamp. You KNOW this would NOT be happening if the head was moral and sound. As I talk with them (via e-mail), read the papers and hear the news, it, for a long time now, occurred to me that our reign of golden opportunity is at an end. This IS attributable to the dung in the White House but aided by the defection and willing to be bought attitude of the media. You worked for this dishonorable title, you earned it (unlike your “god” who did NOTHING to be rewarded), now wear it with shame!!! Except for a small number of journalists, we hold you responsible and wish you shame.

  • savage24 says:

    As I have said before, the MSM has sold it’s 1st Amendment rights the day they became the lapdog of the government instead of the watchdog of it. Propaganda is a poor excuse for the truth, and political correctness is a poor substitute for common sense.

  • budgienation says:

    Keep blabbing away in your own private echo chamber you ‘baggers’. The rest of us will carry on in your absence. Keep sucking your thumbs and listening to Rush, Hannity, “O’Really” and the rest of the “Reich Wing Circle Jerk”, where it’s always 1850 and science and facts don’t matter. A sort of ‘dark matter’ of the brain, or, what passes for a conservative brain, something like the ‘helping brain’ that the larger dinosaurs had to help them move their tails before the smaller, smarter and quicker dinosaurs ‘BIT THE DAMN THING OFF!!!’

    1. Thomas Viveiros says:

      Nice to see you are on your very calloused knees to your no good lazy smelly scumbag POS muzzie gayboy master Hussein OwebaMao , The Tranny Man Moochellle and the Communist DemocRAT Party .

      1. budgienation says:

        Thomas, I’m surprised. Really, I mean, ‘lazy, smelly, scumbag, POS, muzzie gayboy, master Hussein WwbeMao, the Tranny Man Moochelle and the Communist DemocRAT Party’, huh? All in one breath, without commas as you’re supposed to if you can write on the level of the average third grader, which you obviously can’t. Not only that, but you forgot to hang “Benghazi” in there somewhere. Be careful, my friend. Stuff like that can get you branded a ‘RINO’ in “Tea Party Land”. Tread carefully from now on, lest I ‘out’ you as a closet “OBummer” lover, merely ‘acting’ like a tea bagger, as you’re probably a spy or something…..

        1. Thomas Viveiros says:

          of course the top “agencies” of this once proud republic know I am very right just like I was way back when where I ” been there , done that ” lol . I have never been wrong and that’s what kills you Hussein OwebaMaoBots who are on your very calloused knees to you no good lazy smelly queerboy muzzie master .

          1. I Seigel says:

            I’m surprised that you deny your “Mexicoon” heritage. What a joke you are. And you say you’ve “never been wrong”? LOL. You’ve never SAID anything! You just go on and on about your gay dreams and your bunghole obsessions. Sounds like you’ve spent some prison time. Daddy must not have been nice to you. Awww… Now go back to your Adonis magazines.

          2. budgienation says:

            Well said Seigel. he goes on waaaaay to much about ‘gay this’ and ‘faggot that’. He’s more than likely a fudge packing, ‘baloney pony smoking’, closet queen, with a drawer full of ‘cent’s off’ coupons for Vaseline…….

          3. Thomas Viveiros says:

            The fact is that you 2 DemocRATs are leading the Pride Parade while you 2 are on your very calloused knees to your no good lazy smelly queerboy muzzie master Hussein OwebaMao and his tranny man Michael oh I mean Moochelle lol .

          4. budgienation says:

            Thomas, you do know you’re repeating yourself, don’t you? I’m beginning to think that I’m witness to a sort of miracle. A parrot that can type! Wow. “Who’da thunk it?

          5. Thomas Viveiros says:

            I like typing to you bunghole plugging AIDs/Herpes victim DemocRATs . How’s it feel to be a jizz spittoon for your no good lazy smelly muzzie gayboy commie master Hussein OwebaMao and his Tranny man Michael oh I mean Moochelle Robinson lol .

          6. Thomas Viveiros says:

            Hah Seagull you must be one of the non educated non world travelers if you do not know of the origins of my last name besides not being a historian of US Military history lol . Nice to see Budgie is Budgying his middle leg up your Hershey Highway lol .

          7. I Seigel says:

            I’m surprised that anyone would give a s**t. The size of your ego is only surpassed by the size of the Mexican dick that your birth momma had up her bunghole.

          8. Thomas Viveiros says:

            Funny words Seagull for one who’s spitting up Hussein OwebaMao’s white stuff lol . No Mexicoons in this family there queerbait .

        2. Thomas Viveiros says:

          Hah BungholereemerNation on TeaBaggers: that’s a gayboy DemocRAT pride parade marching happening where you Pride Parade marchers stick teabags up each other’s cornholes and yank on each other’s string lol .

          1. budgienation says:

            Very funny Thomas, very funny indeed. And, all those references to bunghole, cornhole, gay, etc. You seem obsessed by gay. Well, like they say…..’the squeaky wheel ‘wants to get greased’! Clip those Vaseline coupons boy, your secret is safe with me. Meanwhile, I’m still ‘strictly hetero’……..

          2. Thomas Viveiros says:

            You are one of the party of the Queerboy fagbaits lol . I know better than to pick up dropped dimes in front of the speedos of the butt plugging boy parades .

      2. I Seigel says:

        You wrote the exact same thing as reply to one of my posts in a completely different topic. What a joke you are. Could you use any more tired, trite, stereotyped adjectives? You couldn’t think independently and write something original if your loose little fascist ass depended on it.

        1. Thomas Viveiros says:

          You pride parade gayboys are all alike lol .

  • Driver_S says:

    This radical Obama regime does everything possible to protect the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood and their splinter groups of terrorists. They have aided and armed the very people that are wanting to take over the world and exterminate infidels in the name of Allah and their barbaric beliefs. Obama has himself surrounded by Muslim Brotherhood and domestic terrorist criminals as his advisers or dept. heads. He supports terrorist fund raising organizations here in the USA. His own brother is a big fund raiser for terrorists and his organization was illegally granted tax exemptions that were back dated to 2008 by Louis Lerner in 2010. They all need to be charged and prosecuted for their treason and criminal activity.

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