She’s Lying.

House Speaker John Boehner on Sunday accused former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton of lying about the email scandal that is hounding her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“She is not telling the truth. She had an obligation to turn these e-mails over,” Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“Our committees asked for her emails going back to 2012, and we’ve been rolled and rolled and held off and held off now for over three years,” he said. “The emails need to come forward.”

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  • mustang6984 says:

    Saying Billary is lying is kind of like saying the sun rises in the east. The woman has NEVER had even the slightest relationship of positivity with the truth.

  • George Cullen says:

    That’s about the strongest language Boehner, RINO has ever used against any of his democrat allies. He musta had an aneurysm!

  • Clintons LIE, that is what they do! Boehner should be one to speak, he is nothing but a worthless RINO and needs to be fired from SoH and change parties, like the majority of the so-called “elite” of the GOP, who stopped serving We, the People decades ago and instead, work to line their own pockets, the SOB’s! The entire Democratic Party and 2/3rds of the GOP should be in Prison for corruption!

  • Poptoy1949 says:

    She has been Lying since she hit the public spotlight way back during the Watergate debacle.

  • says:

    This is why we are voting for Trump! To get the liars FIRED. I’d rather have a hot head for a President, that gets things done, than a LIAR, a Muslim, who panders to the drug dealers, illegals, & pedophiles!

  • Wolfman says:

    I guess that makes at least three liars, Hellary and the ” Give us a Majority and we’ll fight Obama” twins, McFly and Boner. Soooo! Boner’s point isss! that they need to put on a facade to cover the fact that they passed the O’Trade Bill. Does he actually think he has any credibility???? Not only is he in the sauce too much, he’s delusional, and has a bad “George Hamilton” tan.

  • ronald larson says:

    she will be lieing in the white house with huma, and billy and weinner will have to make do.

    1. mustang6984 says:

      She won’t ever see the inside of the White House again after 1-20-17…bank on it.

  • Ronney says:

    Gentleman that is where your wrong, if you see someone in line voting more than ounce it is our duty to bring it out and cause a stink right their at the polls. If you see an Illegal trying to vote, yank his or her ass out of line, do something, this just sitting here and doing nothing is why we are in the shape we are in, get off your asses, and start calling everyone now. This lying good for nothing BITCH, is lying we know it, and it is out duty to convince the public of it.

  • harrydweeks says:

    Why hasn’t Bonner stop all funding to the State Dept. in order to get this information. COMPLICIT….. Ya think.

  • Seedman says:

    Well now Boehner has really done it. After three years to call Hilly goat a liar!
    She must be scared out of her wits. Skunk Obama must be cowering as well.

  • Vladimir Michaylov says:

    Hillary can not has respect for lies in a lot of times ! This is shame on her if she still try to run for presidency with reputation like this. How you could trust to her if she`ll be a new president ! It`s funny for who is trust her now !!!

  • steven says:

    That is a mouthful considering Boner is nothing but a limp wristed RINO.

    1. guest4455 says:

      may your loved ones die of terminal cancer. Chris Kyle and Andrew Breitbart are GOOD DEAD CONSERVATIVE MAGGOTS NOW.

  • scott says:

    hang the murdering whore

  • mousekiller says:

    I am afraid to die. when I die I might vote democratic many times in each election. I must live forever.

    1. mustang6984 says:

      Just cancel your voter card before you go…

  • ONTIME says:

    Don’t you wish we had a Leader in the House who could become more timely with his remarks and tell us something we don’t know or at least tell us more about what we do know…….???

  • reagangs says:

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!! The socialist (commies) have a favorite from old V. Lenin, the god father of the USSR commies: “If a Lie is repeated enough, it will eventually become the truth”. It has become the mantra of the demowit, progressive, radical liberal, commie drones. Remember old Sal Alinsky, a card carrying commie, and his Rules for Radicals???

  • gerald Hughes says:

    If Trump is elected, she is likely to go to jail.

  • The redhawk says:

    AWW Give the Hilderbeast a BREAK…She ONLY lies when she SPEAKS….Otherwise she DREAMS the LIES she TELLS upon awakening from another “CONCUSSION” caused by Jack Daniels or Johnny Walker!!!

  • kranvornip says:

    The woman lied??????????? NO IT CAN’T BE…. There’s a Clinton rule of thumb…. if the bitches lips are moving… SHE’S LYING. (Goes for him too). Just the kind of person you want as the key leader of the world; an ignorant, self-serving, and incompetent liar. But you notice one thing… Boehner STILL doesn’t have the balls to say “LIAR!!!!!” Once asked, Justice Potter Stewart said “I don’t know how to exactly define pornography, but I know it when I see it”- well, I have to add, “I don’t know how to exactly define BULLSHIT, but I recognize it when I hear it”. When it comes to Hillary….. it’s all BULLSHIT!

    1. Frederick Bowers says:

      And smell it !

  • curtmavi38 says:

    Those who vote for Hillary knowing all the scandals she has on her watch are really not qualified to vote, they are not voting to make America better they are voting for the destruction of America as we know it. meh

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Gee Whiz, Golly, “Bonner” did Obama give you permission to speak, or did he tell you to say this, or is it possible that you and other Republicans of your ilk are now feeling the winds of real change blowing your way. Is it possible that you are now feeling the heat of the fire, whose flames have been, and are being fanned by the likes of Trump, Cruz, Gowdy, and many more. Looks good on you bone-head, but you have a long way to go before I even start to respect you, let alone trust you.

    1. Clif says:

      america USA was and is constituted under freedom of Christian religion.
      Atheism is not a religion. Muslim is not a religion.
      The absolute meaning of freedom of religion “is that no person can be forced to believe my religion, their religion, the kings religion or the religion of the supreme court judges!!!

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        Cliff, please enlighten me. I am not sure what your comment has to do with what I said in regards to Bonner.

  • Fanfaron2011 says:

    Milady doth protest too much, methinks!

  • The Hawk says:

    This isn’t news any time Clinton opens her mouth lies fall out.

    1. Fanfaron2011 says:

      Lies & Flies… her mouth is positively PUTRID!

      1. mustang6984 says:

        I’ve seen stopped up septic tanks that are cleaner and less polluted than that woman’s mouth!

  • 4lifeandfreedom says:

    Seems that Boehner has been complicit in the lies by going along to get along!

  • Bob Stewart says:

    Hillary is a pathological liar. Don’t you get it yet? If you can’t see that, would you consider mental therapy for your problem?

    1. don says:

      given hell bob

    2. DEW says:

      It should be demanded this woman be given a mental competency test to say the least !!!

      1. mustang6984 says:

        She’d flunk in less time than it takes to print the thing out of the computer!

  • Webb says:

    She’s Lying…Years and years of Lies, will voters Listen this time?
    Boehner and McConnell… set back and criticize but do Nothing, but Talk!
    Wake Up America…Don’t let her lie her way back into The W/.H…

    1. don says:

      for you webb eeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa—for being awake

    2. Sam W says:

      The demoncraps will just CHEAT to get her in. Just like the last election with greater than 100% participation. Get real; that election was a JOKE on the American voter…….

      1. pete G says:

        I wonder if Romney approved that election? He fought like a little 7 year old girl.

      2. mustang6984 says:

        Actually her party leaders don’t want her in as their nominee either. Remember..THEY were the ones who broke the story on both her e-mails set-up and her so-called “donations” to her “family charitable trust”…they are looking to sink her canoe just like they did in ’08.

    3. mike says:

      boehner and mcConnell, 2 of obama’s biggest ass kissers they have now that reid is out

  • Dudley DoRight. says:

    Hitler-ee would be a repeat of the retarded, colored BOY, Brokeback 0bama.

    1. The redhawk says:

      BHO-ZO would Kiss her Ring….or some other Orifice!!! JUST for her to Give him another “TERM” of Alinsky practices…

    2. steven says:

      More like Brokebutt Obama, rider of the Hershey Highway.

  • VirgoVince says:

    So what else is new, she’s a dumocrud??
    LYING is what they do best!!!!

  • TexRancher says:

    If anyone can compete with Obama for a metal for consistent lying, it’s Hillary!
    But, why has it taken three years for The Weeping Willow to speak up about it? What is he afraid of? Boehner has shown a lack of character in his refusal to do his job, instead he’s been kissing up to this phony president and Miss Lube Rack of 1955! He needs to go a take McSurrender with him!

    1. Gnowark says:

      No, even billary can’t compete with obamao for lying, If there were ever were a need for my government to lie to me (AKA mis-speak) barracks would win, but billary would be a close second. Boehner, like all career politicians, is in the running. Remember, with or without their legislation, WE HAVE THE POWER TO ENFORCE TERM LIMITS, if only the american people would vote, AND pay attention to who is running (instead of who’s winning in American Idle?).

  • Sylvester Jones says:

    The DemocRATS game plan, don’t hand anything over and break any constitution laws you want. Who wants to vote America down?

    1. Sylvester Jones says:

      Constitutional laws.

      1. don says:

        what constitutional laws? their being broke every day—-an we let them

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