SHOCK POLL: The Black Vote Loves Trump

September 7, 2015

For all the talk about Donald Trump allegedly driving minorities away from the Republican Party, could he actually bring people in?

A SurveyUSA poll released Friday shows in a hypothetical matchup with Hillary Clinton, Trump is ahead 45% to 40%.

But digging into the racial breakdown of the respondents is revealing. For example, the poll finds 25% of black respondents say they would vote for Trump over Clinton.

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  • Robert Wilson says:

    Even I WOULD VOTE FOR TRUMP,(Though a new hair wig would help his image.

  • dmttbt says:

    I think people are starting to wake up to the immigration BS. We as a whole want the laws to be enforced. The law is that the borders are suppose to be closed. If it takes electing Trump to achieve that goal, then so be it. If Trump is not given the nomination he has done one very important thing, getting the majority of the people to realize what is happening. We are being overrun by illegals with the blessing of the united states government. It has been that way for thirty years but n ever on the scale that it is now.

    1. Geo says:

      Think of Illegal immigration like this, this came from Cal Thomas; He explained that during a class he took a glass of clear liquid and started pouring a glass of colored liquids into the clear glass. Eventually the clear glass was the same as the colored glass. If it is poured in at a rush you won’t get a true mixture where everyone (clear and colored liquids) would mix and join together.

      1. dmttbt says:

        I see what you are saying even with a colored glass but I don’t want illegal immigration slow or fast. I do not want green eggs and ham and I do not want illegal immigration. Have you ever wondered why they call it illegal? Because it is.

  • GQ4U says:

    Black voters have always supported liberal candidates. Now they are flocking to Trump. Add that up and you get black voters who see the real Donald Trump. The liberal Donald who supported Hillary Clinton in 2008.

    Rand Paul 2016

  • Nina says:

    I think a majority would vote for Trump or ANYONE else besides Kilary! Her only base seems to be fat white woman and lesbians. Sorry but that’s what I see. She’s a liar and a crook but they just don’t care,however the rest of the country does!!

  • JOHN STEEL says:

    I am not surprised. We all want the same things , Jobs , Security, Good Education, Religious Freedom, Personal defense, . Trump seems ready and willing to try and make that possible. We have come to the gross roads….We have only two choices , RIGHT or left……….straight is to the dead sea, and we don’t have Moses to part it. left, the same ,may be worse. The RIGHT , New vision, New Ideas, New goals. THERE is no contest.

  • cathylovesyou says:

    After being gamed by the Democratic party for over 70 years the Blacks are realizing they have been had and had enough as we all have. Dems have done terrible things to the country especially since Barack and he was the nail in the coffin for all of us. Lets give it to someone not part of the bums in Washington who does have a proven record in something that has been well managed. Experience Obama had zero in 2009 and has minus zero in 2015. and he is a LIAR

  • Kurt Hanssen says:

    Looks like the black’s are waking up, just love it. Killarys reputation is getting out there, Che is a very dangerous person, mean, and calculated. Dident take that English spy, hacker to bite the dust after he hacked in to bills computer, they don’t vaste any time,. WARNING, DO NOT CROSS THE PAT OF THE CLINTONS.!!!

  • Rick3 says:

    The pathetic part of this tsunami of illegals is that they lack the courage and commitment to their own freedom as they flee rather than fight. America is great because we fought and continue to fight against despotic govts in support of democracy. These illegals need to realize, Americans worked hard for what we have and we are NOT willing to let a bunch of cowardly, entitlement seeking illegals invade our country and ruin it. I do not buy for one second that these illegals will be “contributors” to our society as the liberals like to claim (knowing that liberals are pathological liars). They will be parasites on our healthcare, educational, and welfare systems forever.
    I will vote for the POTUS candidate that has the hardest line against this illegal migration of herds of ignorant, dependent, cowardly illegals who are unwilling to stay and develop their own countries.

  • Ron Hirschkind says:

    Black people are Americans too.They want their country back. They want a strong economy, jobs and the ability to raise their kids. The socialists want us to believe that only white racists support Trump. The democrat party has been sticking it to blacks for a long time. Finally some actually have figured that out.Blacks like all of us want strong, fearless leadership, not a socialist, communist lying politician who doesn’t give a damn about our future.

  • Lora M. Handiboe says:

    too surprising. Tired of all the give away and wanting a quality of live-like
    anyone else…

  • David Stovall says:

    I wondered back in August, where have the Reagan Democrats gone? Could they come back for Trump.

  • Donald Trump’s deal is that if he is a horrible President, goes back on his word, does the opposite of what he says he would, it would ruin his reputation all around the world and hurt his holdings. I would much rather take a chance on Trump than any of the RINO’s of the GOP. There are some good Freshmen, like Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Jindal, Fioriana, whom I like, but I am going for the one that is not bought out by Lobbyists, and the only one is Trump. TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!

    1. MadInTexas says:

      He’s not bought out by lobbyists, he’s just buying the presidency himself!!

      1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

        and which president has not “bought” the presidency in one way or another.
        Trump is using his own money, does that corrupt him, because he is not using tax payers money, or the money of the “big donors”

    2. Al Marquis says:

      Bill whit, your passion for Trump is exemplary but your absolutes are wrong. Trump has spent a lifetime abrogating contracts and people’s trust so it should be expected that he would continue down that path with even more power.

      Also, Trump is NOT the only Republican candidate who is not sullied by lobbyists. Think Dr Ben Carson. No lobbyist is his world and he is not driven by greed or power.

      1. BikeIce says:

        Sorry, Dr. Carson has already proven he is sold out to Big Pharma with his mandatory child vaccination stand. This is a violation of the AMA Code of Ethics of informed consent and the Nurmberg Code. Since he has proven he does not have where-with-all to stand up against mandatory vaccination tyranny, its obvious he can be controlled/bought by any of the giganto multi-national corporations that run the world (military-industrial complex, Banksters, Big Oil, Big ag, etc).

        1. reggie says:

          Sorry to hear that, thanks for the info.

          1. rafapc5 says:

            Please take a look at my reply to BikeIce before you spread his misinfo further!

          2. reggie says:

            I posted some facts and figures about the C d c, m M r, that I hoped you would review. It was removed. Pity, only the approved facts are allowed. A true totalitarian response. Very sad. It’s my background and education.

          3. rafapc5 says:

            Sorry I missed your facts and figures post – could you give me a link to your source!?

          4. reggie says:

            I use multiple sources. One can be the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, Italy has deemed autism a result of MMR vaccines, also google pharmacy fines for fraud, many more.

          5. rafapc5 says:

            Thank you for the advice!
            My original reply was within the narrow context of Carson’s position on vaccination as he has stated it.

          6. reggie says:

            You’re welcome. Unfortunately it’s a complex problem. I’m not against vaccines, but against the backdrop of no accountability, particularly when so many of these companies have been sued for fraud, and the ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

        2. Kurt Hanssen says:

          Wasent aware of that.

          1. BikeIce says:

            This is well known in the alternative medicine community.
            When asked about this stance on his FB page……….he or his handlers deleted all references to it!
            How’s that for an open mind?

          2. rafapc5 says:

            And you still aren’t, Kurt! Please verify for yourself, rather than blindly accepting all that is posted on the web! All too frequently, there are those who cite heresay information as factual. With respect to BikeIce’s original post, which you accepted as gospel, I took the time to check and came up with an entirely different view of his comment! You must always question and verify! See my yesterday’s reply to BI! And try to avoid throwing out the baby with the bathwater! Good luck!

        3. KDC says:

          Well, when I was growing up we had to have our shots too. (50’s) it’s that BigP has poisonous garbage in many of the shots, and many probably aren’t really needed.( No threats) i dont think Carson could be bought. And I dont think it’s obvious, at all, that he can be controlled.

          1. BikeIce says:

            Boy are you naive. By MANDATING that all children have all vaccines, Carson ignores millions of vaccine damaged children. He is like 99.9% of physicians who are owned by Big Pharma. That is fascism and is proof enough to me that he has been bought. A real FREEDOM loving physician would acknowledge that vaccinations should be an individual choice and is a decision to be made between the parent, child and their physician.

            You acknowledge vaccines are in many if not most cases, are not needed and full of toxic ingredients yet hang on to your misguided belief Carson is not already bought by Big Pharma despite the fact he has whitewashed the topic off his FB page.

            He knows to come out for vaccine choice would destroy his chances to become POTUS as the vaccine manufacturers would destroy him, so he does what any expedient politician would do………..cover up the problem and move on.

            Unfortunately, Dr.Rand Paul came out for “vaccine choice”, then promptly staged a vaccine photo op of him getting a worthless flu shot. Both physicians know what side their bread is buttered on!

            I grew up in the 50’s and did NOT “have to have shots.” I had a tiny handful (tetanus, polio) and if I (and my parents) knew then what I know now…….it would have been even less. Informed consent is the issue then and now.

          2. KDC says:

            I agree with you about Big P., but you dont know if he was bought out or not. Well, in any event time will tell. Maybe someone will ask him. If it was on his page and now it’s gone, you might be right. Flu shots are terrible to get. They contain Mercury. I won’t take anything like that. I do hope you’re wrong.

          3. rafapc5 says:

            Please see my reply to BikeIce and thanks for using common sense!

        4. scot_belle says:

          I really like Dr. Ben, but not for POTUS due to both the pharma issue and…. he came out the other day with a positive position on amnesty. These 2 aspects are my only issues with Dr. Ben, but sadly it rules him out for my vote for POTUS.

          1. BikeIce says:

            Agreed. I think he is a great guy. First time I heard him on the Sean Hannity show I thought “now here’s a guy who can inspire us to greater heights.” Sadly he now shows he is corporate owned…… are all of them except Trump as far as I can tell. He gets my vote currently.

          2. rafapc5 says:

            You should be in the Olympics with world class conclusion jumping such as that! It’s a shame that you may be able to divert anyone from a really fine candidate!

          3. BikeIce says:

            When a man states childhood vaccinations are MANDATORY……….and Dr. Carson has, that’s all I need to know about his ethics and lack of judgement.

          4. Diane Brenner says:

            Vaccinations have always been mandatory prior to entry into school. Even in the early fifties, every child received a polio vaccine, either sugar cubed or injection. Nothing wrong with that whatever.

          5. BikeIce says:

            Completely FALSE. With the exception of a couple of states, all school districts have vaccination exemption forms to exempt any child based on the parent’s personal or religious beliefs, or based on medical exclusions such as immune compromised children.

            Have you ever heard of vaccine damaged children?
            Vaccine-induced autism and encephalopathy? The Vaccine Damage Court set up in 1986 by the federal government to help parents have to deal with the expense of caring for their children who suffer permanent brain damage from vaccination?

            Read any vaccine insert that Big Pharma puts into the MMR, DaPT, Polio, etc. packaging and learn about the harm these injected toxic ingredients have on young, not developed immune systems.

          6. Diane Brenner says:

            Yes, I’ve heard of children who severely reacted to the vaccines. And, my heart goes out to them. However, I also know of the reaction a child could have eating a candy bar with peanuts in it. Such reactions, as devastating as they are, are the exception rather than the rule. I have a close friend that goes into anaphylactic (sp) shock if she eats any kind of fresh fruit. However, that doesn’t mean no one should eat fruit.
            Stop and think of the times before vaccines. Thousands upon thousands of Native Indians died because of small pox. And the thousands of children crippled from Polio today contracted in childhood who didn’t get the vaccines in time. I lost a grandfather to diptheria in 1913 along with two of his very young children.
            The U.S. successfully eradicated most childhood diseases as well as adult diseases i.e. Tuberculosis, which killed my mother in law. My aunt survived with only a partial lung left.
            I myself died on an operating table at eight years of age. I was brought back, but without penicillin, which was just approved, I would definitely be dead today.
            These are the things I think of when it comes to vaccines and medications. Should millions of children be put at risk because one child might react to a vaccine?

          7. BikeIce says:

            The pharmaceutical cartel courtesy of the lame stream media has completely brainwashed you.

            Ever hear of a Raggedy Ann doll? Did you know it was made way back when to signify how many people died of the smallpox vaccine, thought to been as high as 1 in every 200? There was massive resistance to that vaccine 100 years ago just as there is now to 30+ vaccines injected into little babies and children.

            They knew even then there was something massively wrong with the entire concept of injecting viruses and toxic poisons into the body and bypassing the innate immune system.

            Here’s further proof of the dangers of Big Pharma and its vaccine products……..coming from ex-pharmaceutical employees.


          8. Diane Brenner says:

            I need to get some sleep as I have a procedure being done at the hospital in the morning, so I’ll hold off reading your link until I return.
            In any case, I think you are looking at the negative aspect of vaccines. I prefer to look at the positive side. My mother lived in terror when I was a child as I frequently had fevers. I was nine, recovering from a severe case of peritonitis when it was announced that Polio vaccines would be given out at all schools. It was the first relief she felt during the Polio epidemic late forties early fifties. Many of my friends weren’t as fortunate. I became accustomed to kids in braces, limping, one leg shorter than the other, paralyzed or atrophied limbs. Some of those friends I’m still in touch with today, and did you know polio can recur? With a vengeance. Starting about age 50 they get hit again. I thank God that I received the vaccines in time. And I made sure all five of my children got every available vaccine. Those saved so far outnumber those who were afflicted with all those childhood diseases. And,as long as we get immigrants, legal or illegal from countries that didn’t vaccinate, puts our unvaccinated children at greater risk. Diseases once eradicated are coming back harder and stronger than ever. My grandfather was a pharmacologist. He would never have allowed his grandchildren to be vaccinated if he thought it was too risky.

          9. rafapc5 says:

            I could not find Dr. Carson’s use of the word “mandatory!” However, I do not find his reasoned support of any vaccination program to be objectionable, as, apparently, you do! Dismissing the historic work of Louis Pasteur by the wave of few ill-informed words and charges, I find to be most objectionable, as well as being surprised at those who go along with you! Pasteur’s research and development of causes and vaccines for diseases such as anthrax, cholera, TB, rabies and cholera, not to mention subsequent advances in the field, have undoubtably saved many, many more lives than you have cited in your statements! Hysteria is simple to create and very difficult to undo!

          10. BikeIce says:

            Pasteur made the classic mistake of blaming the bug for illness. His contemporary, Antoine Beauchamp found that it is the health of the HOST that determines whether a pathologic bacteria or virus will start growing in excess……what he called the “biologic terrain.” The health of the body terrain determines whether you become ill or not. Even Pasteur admitted Beauchamp was correct on his deathbed. The Germ Theory of disease is dead!

            Virtually everybody is exposed to hundreds of viruses and bacteria every single day. Yet the vast majority of us don’t get sick. Our Microbiome contains 3 – 4 pounds of bacteria and viruses without which we would have very little immune system and no way of maintaining microbial balance. 80% of our immune system is located in our intestines. There are about 11 TRILLION bacteria living on our skin and in our body with 10X the amount of DNA than our own body’s DNA.

            This is the essence of the innate immune system and research shows the health of our Microbiome is what determines whether one gets a cold, the flu, measles etc. This is obvious because everybody is exposed, yet only a small fraction of people get sick. In fact, every single disease you attribute a reduced incidence to vaccines had already fallen by 80 – 90% BEFORE the vaccine was ever developed. Yet the media tells you “the vaccine cured the disease”……….not!

            Improved sanitation and hygiene with better nutrition has done more than any vaccine ever could to prevent diseases. Vaccine failures are very common………30% of the Disneyland measles cases had all 3 MMR vaccinations. This is far more common than you hear about because the media is shielding Pharma from its failures for obvious financial reasons.

            Whether you believe vaccinations are good or bad is up to you to research and to make up your own mind. The child’s PARENTS need to make an INFORMED CONSENT with the family doctor based on truthful facts, not Big Pharma propaganda. Reading a vaccine insert will tell you all that you need to know. Eloiminating this step and forcing vaccinations is the antithesis of freedom of medical choice. This is the slippery slope of Fascism and medical tyranny.

            FORCED vaccinations open the door to any number of OTHER mandatory medical procedures. What if government says all ADULTS should receive mandatory vaccinations, or you will lose your job? Sound far fetched? It’s already on the table here in the land of fruity-tooty liberals (California).

            Should we mandate all women over the age of 40 have a yearly mammogram? Research shows they have no effect on overall breast cancer mortality, and in fact raise your risk of the disease as a result of radiating the breast and causing DNA mutations.
            “Yes but it will benefit everyone if we screen for breast cancer”….right?

            How about we mandate EVERYONE get a flu vaccine? They work so well don’t they? Just ignore the mercury preservative and aluminum “adjuvent” in it! After all, the government knows what’s best for your health. Government is always truthful, right?

            The reason people “go along with me” is that the Internet has allowed all of us to research for ourselves what is true and what is false in any field, including vaccinations. Vaccines have harmed far more people than any disease. It is truly appalling what we are doing to our children in the way of vaccine damage…… the CDC knows this and has covered it up for years..

            Read some of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny or Dr. Suzanne Humphries works and get a true vaccine education. Then you will understand why I and others are “hysterical” when someone starts talking about forced vaccinations.

            Go to Dr Carson’s FB page and ask him directly his view of mandatory vaccinations for all children. If he answers you with “its up to the parents and their doctor to make that choice”……..great! I will be proven wrong. If he deletes your question as he has others I know who have asked, then I stand vindicated.

            I work in the medical field. 99.9% of all physicians I know are beholden and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. There is very little freedom left when it comes to medical choices.

            Ask any of the candidates for that matter to see who else has sold themselves to Big Pharma.

          11. BikeIce says:

            For more information on what’s really going on behind the mandatory vaccine scene, watch this you tube video. Big Pharma is jumping on vaccines for EVERYTHING which proves it has nothing to do with bacteria or viruses, just more profit and more controlled dumbed down sheeple.


          12. dmttbt says:

            I am a fairly old person and I have met people in the past that had polio. I can assure you that their parents and families agree with a mandatory vaccination. Polio has been almost wiped out due to the vaccinations and I can’t see anyone thinking that is a problem.

          13. BikeIce says:

            You haven’t done your research on polio. The epidemic was already in 90% decline when the “vaccine” was introduced. Many children developed polio from taking the “attenuated live virus” vaccine.

            Polio was “wiped out” by improved sanitation and hygiene as is true with most every viral illness. Polio went though a number of diagnostic “re-classifications” in 1956 such that what was once called polio, was subsequently changed to “non polio,non-flaccid acute paralysis”, transverse myelitis, encephalopathy etc. In fact, ONLY the CDC would declare whether an illness with paralysis was polio or not back then. Do you trust the CDC who receives big money from vaccine manufacturers to tell the truth about polio or anything else?

            To top it off, over 98 million people receiving the polio vaccine were contaminated with SV40 virus that causes cancer years later. Just how many baby boomers from the 1950’s and 60’s died in the last 10 – 20 years from cancer caused by this vaccine contaminated virus? No knows as no one will dare to attempt to answer that question.The CDC pulled this information off its website.


            The legal liability for polio vaccine manufacturers would be in the billions of dollars. Better to leave that sleeping dog alone, eh? Will Dr. Carson or any of the other candidates address that vaccination issue?

          14. BikeIce says:

            Oh yes I am a “fairly old” person and had polio in 1953.

          15. rafapc5 says:

            Please review my reply to BikeIce on the Big Pharma accusation. I’d also suggest you ask Carson about his position on amnesty, which I didn’t see a problem with. There is frequently misinformation posted on the web either intentionally or because few go to the trouble to verify statements, but prefer to stay blissfully ignorant! I think that, if nominated, he has an excellent chance of being elected and would make a fine Pres!

          16. rafapc5 says:

            Scot, I would be obliged if you could show me just how Dr. Carson’s clearly stated position on immigration could possibly be misinterpreted as “amnesty!” Perhaps you are just another of the innocent victims who accept posted misinformation such as that of BikeIce!? Like Trump, Carson wants the southern borders of our country secured and our immigration laws enforced! Unlike Trump he would secure that border by walls, fences and various forms of electronic and physical surveillance, rather than erecting a replica of the Chinese Wall across our entire border. After all, there aren’t too many Mongols in Mexico, these days! Carson’s reasonable guest-worker program would require non-citizens to apply for a guest worker permit and have an assured job awaiting.Taxes would be paid and visas issued to allow ingress and egress to the U.S. for individuals, not groups! People here illegally could apply for for guest-worker status, only, from outside our country, meaning they must leave first! There should be no reward for having broken our laws (ie amnesty)! Upon return, they would still not be U.S. citizens, but they would be legal! Only jobs of no interest to American citizens should be eligible for the guest-worker program. I certainly hope my straight-forward outline of Dr. Carson’s true positions on the two issues you cited, will allow you to make a reasoned reassessment of your objections to his candidacy?

          17. dmttbt says:

            You seem to be uninformed as to what the problem is with immigration. The problem is that they are streaming into the united states as we speak, not that we shouldn’t remove the ones who are here but we have to close the border. Concertina wire and very high voltage, picture signs and flip the switch. That is less cruel than running over a nun with a car and killing people after deportation 4 times. or having your head removed while you are still wearing it or being cremated while you are still alive. Big cost doesn’t have to be a deterrent to closing the border.
            We have a 28 trillion dollar deficit and we aren’t worrying about that. We may not need to worry about that if the borders were closed. People are looking at this problem from the wrong side.

        5. rafapc5 says:

          Sorry to shoot down your attempt to besmirch the reputation of one of the cleanest candidates we have ever had! However, your broad brush defamation fails to point out the true position of Dr. Carson, which I took the trouble to check and you didn’t!
          Dr. Carson feels that IF you wish to send your child to public schools, then they should be vaccinated! I don’t in any way see how you could view that as a sell out to Big Pharma! With the millions of children of recent illegal immigrants attending our public schools, it makes good sense to protect them from heavens knows what diseases they might be bringing into the USA! Common sense is just one of the many attributes that Dr. Carson offers us. Your leap to the conclusion, based on your inaccurate facts, that Carson can be “controlled” by just about anybody boggles the mind! Just out of curiosity, did you get paid to throw out this bit of misinformation by the DNC or, perhaps, someone with single digits in the polls!?

          1. reggie says:

            Dr Carson is in my top 3. However, I want to know a lot more about what he’s going to do about vaccine safety. Chagas and Chikungunya are rampant in Central America. There are no vaccines. Big pharma is exempt from law suits in case their vaccine injures someone. Why is an infant given the same dose as an adult.
            Are you familiar with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program? It has paid out billions. Italian courts have linked MMR vaccines to autism. In the US, the autism rates have gone up 10 fold in 20 years. The vaccine profits for big pharma were $24 billion in 2009, projected for 2016 – $52 billion. An MMR shot costs the CDC $20, a private physician $56. I’d prefer to see him as the Surgeon General. He could concentrate on these issues which are at a crisis level. Vaccines should be considered a public service, with screening prior to the inoculations, and not a cash cow for industry.

      2. Kurt Hanssen says:

        If Trump screws up, all we got to do is hijack a plain, and fly it thru Trump tower, Don’t think he want that to happen, he got to mutch invested in this country, and he genuinely love this country. think he is our best choice, also like to se him par up with Cruz, and Carson

    3. rafapc5 says:

      Don’t understand why you would exclude Dr. Carson, “the only ‘other’ one!” that is not bought out by Lobbyists!

      1. TAM44 says:

        I’ve had enough black to last a life time, and i just cannot bring myself to put him any place near the white house. There’s just something I cannot put my finger on that has happen these last six and a haft years that makes me think would just continue if he got in the white house.

        1. KDC says:

          That’s not fair…that’s a blanket comment. There’s nothing not to like about Ben Carson. Ben Carson is a strong devout Christian. You can’t even compare him to BO who is total slime.

          1. TAM44 says:

            I did not say he was like obama, I just said I cannot bring myself to another in the highest office. So if you want to call me a racist do so. I’ve never voted for a democrat ever in my life, why because I don’t like them. Now you’re calling obama total slime, are you a racist? Sure not Christian like, and I never said I was a Christian so you cannot throw that back in my face.

          2. KDC says:

            I guess you are racist. I’ve never voted for democrat either. What would YOU expect a christian to say? He’s a great man, and doing a wonderful job. Totally ignoring the facts that he’s an elitist, NWO, narcissistic, liar? A man set against destroying America and furthering a communist agenda. All of which are facts. They may be negative facts, but still facts. It’s not name calling, it’s what he has proved himself to be. Of course it’s Christian like, but then as you said, you wouldn’t know.

          3. Diane Brenner says:

            That was not the image Obama portrayed during his campaigns. He exuded charm, intelligence, personality, you name it. He laid low the first term to be sure he was elected a second term when he could really let loose his vile agenda for America. Obama also claimed to be Christian. I’m not saying Carson is anything like Obama. I’m saying there hasn’t been any time for America to recoil from Obama before putting another Black in the WH.

          4. KDC says:

            Are you kidding me? Recoil before putting another black in the WH? Color has nothng to do with anything. If you can’t see past that I feel sorry for you. It’s character that matters, BO was easy to see through. It was easy to see he was a scam artist. Carson is a wonderful God fearing man. Black, blue, red or purple.

          5. Diane Brenner says:

            Get off your high horse. I’ve said I like Carson. However, color plays a big role right now. We’re not yet finished with the first black President and people are going to relate to color with Carson, deservedly or not. It’s human nature. Many people I’ve talked with feel the same. Obama was the biggest mistake America ever made, and being the first, people are going to be wary of electing a second Black President. I’m sure even Carson is aware of that.
            I saw through Obama from the start and whenever I criticized something he did, or didn’t do, I was labeled “racist.” That’s why he wasn’t brought up on impeachment charges. History would record it as racism against the first black President. Obama knows that too. And because of it, he’s gonna push to the very end.

          6. KDC says:

            I agree with everything you said except keep the color out of fhe equation. Color does NOT play any role. It’s too bad people have to relate to anyone regarding the color of their skin. It should be on their performance. It’s too bad the first black president had to be such a horrible one. But it’s my opinion, he was played like a pawn. So what if you criticized BO. The Libs will always accuse one of racism when one critiques BO’s agenda. Who cares anyway, Diane. You know what’s right.
            You’re spot on as to why he’s not impeached. We’d have a national race riot.
            God bless!

          7. MeWynne says:

            You just refuse to get it, don’t you? You ARE being racist, as are the people who foolishly agree with you. It’s this attitude that hurts us and makes the liberals call us Racist. Dr. Carson’s color should NOT have anything to do with it. Yes, Obama was the biggest mistake America made, but GET OVER IT, and consider others as PEOPLE, not Black People.

            I am a mature female, raised to give respect to older people, and still feel that way. The worst example of Racism that WAS DIRECTED AT ME, was at a Metro Station waiting for a train, and in line to use the ticket machine. A young black woman who was also waiting had stepped back, quite a distance out of line, to talk (say flirt”) with a black L.A. Sheriff’s deputy. I went ahead to put my money in the machine, and she stepped forward and cursed me for going ahead of her. I was shocked that she would treat someone so much older than her with such lack of respect and unnecessary, and unwarranted, hostility. That was my initial reaction – not her color, but her age. I tried to continue to put my money into the machine, and to talk to her, and at that point she called me “a honky whore”. OMG, my color didn’t have anything to do with anything – as for the “whore” part I literally felt like smacking her. However, that horrible encounter does not make me judge everyone who is black by her behavior. So Diana, you really need to think about this and do some introspection. :You ARE BEING racist. Dr Carson’s skin color SHOULD NOT enter into anything, and I feel very sorry for you if you can’t realize that.

          8. Diane Brenner says:

            If labeling me a “racist” makes you feel good, then by all means do so. Meanwhile, there was nothing racist in my post. It was a sociological observance of a great many human beings.
            YOU need to step back and learn to comprehend what is being said before flying off the handle.

          9. MeWynne says:

            I didn’t fly off the handle, and I absolutely comprehend. I also comprehend completely. I’m fully aware of your so-called “sociological observance” and that’s not what you were JUST doing. You have made numerous comments about YOU not wanting Dr Carson in the White House because of the color of his skin. I didn’t call you a racist, your comprehension levels are obviously lacking, I said you were making racist comments – and you have. You obviously are completely unaware of that, very close-minded and obviously incapable of introspection. ***I**** said you were making racist comments, whereas other people will definitely call you a racist, and not be far wrong.

            if you weren’t, you would recognize that what I, and others, have been trying to point out to you, is true. In a nutshell, you have factually stated that you would not vote for Dr Carson because of the fact that he is black. I am NOT prone to “labeling” people and think that people on the left, some very dear friends included, are very self-righteous believing that it’s the right thing to do when people disagree with them. HOWEVER, if you cannot see that your statement as to why you wouldn’t vote for Dr Carson is a racist comment, then MAYBE YOU ARE A RACIST. I’m done with talking to you, because there’s not point. Again, I feel very sorry for you that you have been unable to accept anything that anyone on this site has tried to point out to you, not just me. So go ahead and respond, and be defensive again, but I won’t be reading it.

          10. Diane Brenner says:

            There are two candidates I would like to see win the election. Carson would be my third choice. I still feel he would have a hard time because of Obama. That is NOT being racist. So, go have your tantrum elsewhere. You aren’t intelligent enough to bother with.

        2. MeWynne says:

          That IS a very racist comment. To judge Ben Carson with the likes of Obama, Holder, Sharpton etc is SO irrational and VERY insulting. It’s exactly the same as comparing all white people to Bill Clinton, who abused his oath of office by having sex in the oval office. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY it is the kind of comment that ignorant people ( I’m afraid like you) use to paint all white people as racist. Ben Carson is so far removed from being anything like Obama that you should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

          1. VoteAgainst Incumbents says:

            Wynne, I gave you a thumbs up but I also have a question: do you remember JFK? His sexual escapades? Do you know his wife wanted fresh bed linen every night?

          2. The redhawk says:

            Well SAID…it seems tat the Progressive Ravist Anarchists have their Wadded panties on Display

          3. TAM44 says:

            I’m not ashamed of my comment. I have seen what has happen to America since obama was placed in the white house by fraudulent means. Call me a racist It will not change my view. There’s and old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I’m not ignorant, I’ve never voted for a democrat just to prove I was not a racist like some idiots did. I like Herman Cain, but he was shoved out early. Guess that still makes me a racist.

          4. rafapc5 says:

            Whether or not you are a rascist is beside the point! The astounding thing about your position is that you would attempt to in any way equate our present POTUS with Dr. Carson! Even a cursory review of Carson’s background, education, experience and positions should make you realize that there is no comparison! I can only conclude that you not only know nothing of Carson’s qualifications, but that you couldn’t care less!

          5. dmttbt says:

            Like I said it is not the same thing comparing a black person and a Muslim half black. The color should not even be a point, that is not the difference in Obama and Carson.

          6. Diane Brenner says:

            The problem is that we are judging Obama AFTER he got elected. I didn’t vote for him, but he was heralded as the historic first black President. No one could have foreseen the disaster he would create. And yet, the man still has a great many supporters. THAT is something I fail to understand.

          7. dmttbt says:

            No that makes us idiots for pushing aside what may have been a great president because of some alleged sexual indiscretion before that time. We need to be a little more selective on their ability to do the job we are electing them to do.

          8. rafapc5 says:

            Thank you for your very adept and so needed response to someone who cannot put their finger on what has happened in the last 6-1/2 years. Both Trump and Carson are well aware of what has happened and both have promised to redirect our country!

          9. Diane Brenner says:

            In defense of TAM44, I understand where she’s coming from. IMO, Obama’s goal as President was to get revenge on America for having once held members of his race as slaves. Michelle is doing her utmost as well by spending just as much taxpayer money as she can to assuage her hatred for the white race.
            A vast number of people looked to Obama with great hopes that he would raise the Blacks of this country to a more equitable status if only by inspiration. Instead, he used his office to sink to the low life level of hatred and vengeance of thug mentality.
            Obama has left a bitter taste in the mouths of a great many people. Putting another Black man in immediately after getting rid of America’s biggest mistake, would put an extreme amount of pressure on Carson just for him to prove he wasn’t another Obama. Perhaps down the road Carson would stand a better chance.

          10. dmttbt says:

            The harm Obama has inflicted has nothing t do with slaves. It has to do with Islam. If everyone would look at the slavery issue and tell the truth it would not be such a big problem in this day and time.
            The slaves were captured by other tribes and were going to be killed or sold. I would have opted for the sold part because dead seems so permanent. They were brought to this country and other countries as well. They were sold and put on farms to work. They did not speak our language, they had no skills other than hunting in the jungle. They were bought for a price and a purpose, that means they were of value. They would have received medical care before others because they were of value. Now they have come a long way, at least some of them, but they still want to complain about their treatment. When they should stand up and be proud and educated and braking the bonds of poverty, they are standing up and defending false situations and burning and stealing.

          11. Diane Brenner says:

            Obama destroyed the chance for low income blacks to rise upon their level of poverty by instilling in them the righteousness to be treated special. After the reactionary rioting etc these past couple of years, I could not care less if they have to live in a cess pool. They made it.
            The best chance they have of breaking out of their current molds is to take every black male and female ages 13-22 and send them to boot camp for a month. Guarantee they’d return with different attitudes towards life.

          12. dmttbt says:

            It has nothing to do with the fact that Bill Clinton was having sex in the white house, it has to do with the fact he was screwing the whole country.

        3. Terry Rushing says:

          While I can comprehend your feelings of dread due to the present experience, it seems less than reasonable to make a judgment as to the capability of a candidate based on nothing more than an issue of personal appearance over which no person has any control. As the man said, a brain is a brain and not governed by the color of the skin which surrounds it. Every comment from this man is reasoned and reasonable and he is surely worthy of consideration as a candidate.

        4. dmttbt says:

          The fact that we have a black “half black” in the White house is not our problem, the fact that we have a Muslim might be.

      2. KDC says:

        Carson is absolutely wonderful!

        1. rafapc5 says:

          Glad to hear that! Now I task you
          with the very difficult job of trying
          to get TAMM44 to to absorb some
          facts of life, such as, equating the
          abysmal failure currently occupying
          our WH with a self-made, highly
          intelligent, soft-spoken, hugely
          successful professional is much like
          comparing 1/2 white to all black!

          1. KDC says:

            She’s a self proclaimed racist, I guess.

      3. JACK3889 says:

        Carson for Trumps Surgeon General he said 2-3 weeks ago. he would be good at that since it’s his field of endeavor.

        1. JACK3889 says:

          Trump also said Trey Gowdy would be his AG. he knows how to build a great supporting group. What all good leaders do since they can’t do it all themselves.

          1. Mike O'Mara says:

            Do you mean you don’t think obama’s gay Marxist shadow government is good enough? Don’t worry he also has his Muslim Brotherhood overseers in there so we will be kept under close control. In addition he has been turning everything he can over to the UN. This is due to a little group who has gained control of the UN. They are the O.I.C.. A few years ago they managed to pass a resolution in the UN that the O.I.C could not be questioned or criticized by any UN member including the permanent members and the security council. The O.I.C. is the Organization Of Islamic Cooperation. In other words obama is still bowing to Muslim kings as he turns over our rights, property, control of our country and religious beliefs the people Jarret reports to. Shariah is not far behind if we don’t do something now!

          2. Diane Brenner says:

            I think Trey Gowdy would be a tremendous asset to a White House cabinet.

          3. JACK3889 says:

            Not apt to happen unless Trump wins the WH. Then we are not sure Trey wants the position. I have no idea what his aspirations are.

        2. rafapc5 says:

          What’s wrong with Trump being
          Carson’s budget director!? Don’t
          lose sight of the importance of
          being elected before you can take
          office and form your Cabinet! I still
          feel strongly that Dr. Carson offers
          conservatives the best odds of doing
          that! Let’s see what the future poll
          results and the results of the Iowa
          caucus are before we start counting
          our chickens!

          1. JACK3889 says:

            I like Ben. I just don’t think he has the business back ground to run a major corporation, and certainly not a nation of this size.

          2. rafapc5 says:

            Then you haven’t taken the time to
            look into Dr. Carson’s extensive
            business and management ex-
            perience! Read up on the available
            information prior to forming your
            conclusion! Further, no one person
            can do the job – they must surround
            themselves with well-respected,
            experienced people who can advise
            as to the proper course of action.
            Dr. Carson has the ability to take
            that advice, to analyze it and to act
            appropriately. Our present WH
            occupant fell far short on all counts!

          3. Diane Brenner says:

            I can’t help but wonder if Obama’s abject failure as the first Black President wouldn’t hurt Carson’s chances of election. I like the man. He appears exceptionally intelligent, but he’s also a rather quiet person. Right now, we need the roar and bluster of a man actually doing what must be done with no pacifity.

          4. dmttbt says:

            If there were only as much thought put into getting rid of the present organized crime as there is into the difference between Trump and Ben Carson we would be much better off.
            You sound a little racist when you point out that Carson is black and that might make a difference as to if people would vote for him. I don’t mind at all if he is black and I am as white as you can get.

          5. Diane Brenner says:

            I hate the thought of being a racist, but there are things that happen in life that can plant the seeds. Back in the 70’s I lived in Mississippi for a couple of years. I got along with the blacks better than the whites who considered me a yankee. LOL. However, my son had a speech problem and was seeing the school therapist. I spoke with her one day and asked if she could get my son to pronounce the “th” sound. She said she wasn’t allowed to do that as it was discriminatory against black students who all spoke with a “d” in place of the “th.” That rankled me. I didn’t want my son talking with a black dialect. Little things like that kept planting little seeds, but I didn’t become an outright racist until Obama. I know that’s unfair, and I try not to let it affect my feelings for other blacks, but Obama has caused such severe harm to this country it’s hard to see beyond it. I do like Carson’s agenda and manner, but I don’t think he would win right now. Perhaps later.

          6. dmttbt says:

            The admin couldn’t even come up with a convincing social security card or hospital name. He was primed to be president. When people say how smart he is I don’t think they are taking into consideration that his speeches are written for him and he reads most if not all from a Q card. When he visits a place and gives a speech and people in the audience ask him questions, he knows what the questions are going to be or they would not have been allowed to ask them. Have you ever tried to get close to one of these events? I doubt it.

          7. dmttbt says:

            But you think Hillary does?

          8. JACK3889 says:

            Trump keeps moving up even with blacks in the latest polls. He leads Hillary 45 to 35. She’s dead meat as the witch should be. yeah in Ark. she flew every Sunday to attend a witches church in Cal. according to Larry Nichols, and wore a CPUSA card on a chain around her neck in those days also.

          9. rafapc5 says:

            I have yet to see an head to head match up of support among all black and Hispanic voters for either Trump or Carson! I would be amazed if Carson were not able to draw a considerably greater share of that voter segment than Trump! I think Mr. Trump’s claim that they all love him may just be another Trumpism!

          10. dmttbt says:

            I have sent two small donations to Ben Carson and that is something that I never ever do. I wish they were more but I do what I can. I agree with you about let’s wait and see how the polls come out.

          11. rafapc5 says:

            Your small donations are the lifeblood of a campaign such as Dr. Carson’s, who has no large cap PACS reaping in millions on his behalf! Contrary to posts claiming that he has been bought and controlled by the “Big Pharm. industry, his support is coming from small individual “grass roots” donors, such as yourself,who are fed up with both sides of the aisle! Personally, I’ve donated more to his campaign than to all others in my life, together, and hope to be able to continue. His hundreds of thousands of small donors set records during the normally slow month of August, while any number of the single digit group did not publish their collection data, probably because it would have been embarrassing and self-defeating – few are willing to contribute to sinking ships!

      4. dmttbt says:

        I agree Carson would make a great president. If he is tough enough to stand the slings and arrows of government, I am not sure about. The reason I would choose Trump is because he is not easily bought. On Trump being arrogant, If I was worth millions, let alone billions I too would be a little over self confident.

    4. 7papa7 says:

      Other than Fiorina I agree with you. After she came out touting all the great thing muzzies have done a week after 9/11 that she hasn’t explained tells me that she is a no no for president. We need people who will stop islam and the muzzie agenda not brag on it.

      1. Mark Lahti says:

        At first I thought she was one hell of a great candidate. But then all the vetting started and I find out all this crap she spewed in the past. I agree with your conclusions and see that she will knock herself out of the race when she has to respond to questions on those subjects.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          She has shown herself through her actions to be competent to be president. If we have 6.5 years of total incompetency with obama. We don’t need another 4 years. I fear they may be easier on her so that she could be the first woman president. Firsts aren’t always best. Now if it were a competent proven conservative female that is a different story.

      2. KDC says:

        She’s an Est.Rep RINO. she’s also involved with Agenda 21. McCain supported her too, so that’s a BIG no, no, for me.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          Like I said I am NO fan of hers. If she were the nominee I doubt I would for her.

        2. bones1941 says:

          To many questions about her ? September 16 Th will determine where she goes . She better walk easy in that debate? McCain Sucks ! So does the GOP Est.!

          1. dmttbt says:

            So does the democrat est. All equally organized crime.

        3. dmttbt says:

          I keep thinking of the time when McCain rushed back to Washington to cast his vote on the budget or something like that and he voted for it. All the people in office whether they be demo or repub are no better than a high class criminal. When it becomes acceptable to lie and then when you are elected it doesn’t count what you said because it was campaigning then it has gone too far and we passed that point many years ago. I had one person, actually I had several people knock on my door campaigning for election. They were somewhat unsure of which party they were in and it really didn’t make any difference to me because it is a close race as to which one is worse than the other. One had his name pinned on his shirt and it was the same last name as one of my states federal congressmen. I asked about it and he said no that is his brother and I said I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.
          I will write in Donald Duck and vote for him rather than vote for the people we have t choose from in the two political parties. They have already stopped putting Democrat or Republican on the ballots when you are voting and I expect them to do away with the ability to write in and vote for someone else.

          1. pete G says:

            I guess we had better learn who these Socialist Dems are, i would hate to think i gave even one of them my vote by mistake.

          2. deltainny says:

            The American electorate is STUPID. We elected Obama, not once, but twice.

          3. I will write in Donald Duck… then why bother to vote. Donald Duck is an image, pretty much what the government is.

      3. JACK3889 says:

        Fiorina was fired from top positions at AT&T and Hewlett Packard. We surely don’t need her at the helm of this country.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          I am not a fan of hers by any means. Sometimes being fired is not a problem depending on the reason for the termination. I have enough other reasons to not want her in the white house. For example I was fired once in my career but it was because I refused to lie to customers. The company screwed up and I wouldn’t jerk my customers around and deny it make up excuses. I got terminated because of it. Many of my sites rebelled and fought to get me back when they found out. A couple of my accounts asked if I would continue fixing there computers if they dropped the contract with the company I worked for. I agreed. They got a really good deal. I only charged them $75/hr labor and parts I gave them at my cost. So there monthly cost dropped like a rock or the heldabeasts favor ability numbers.

        2. GQ4U says:

          Perhaps she can relate better to the plight of the unemployed. You are aware that CEO’s rarely stay in charge at most companies for very long but this does not equate to failure but directional goals of the Board.

          Fiorina went from secretary to CEO of one of the largest corporations in the world, that’s not the life a loser. Then there’s Trump who inherited his company and a fortune from his father.

          1. Diane Brenner says:

            I’ve read many comments that because he inherited a vast amount from his father he wasn’t the success he makes out to be. He must have have also inherited his father’s business acumen, because even though he didn’t amass his fortunes from scratch, taking his fathers millions and turning them into billions take a special acumen for business. He may have an unusual personality, but he’s a brilliant man.
            I equate Fiorina to being another Hillary. I find her cold and pompous.

          2. GQ4U says:

            Donald didn’t just inherit money — he inherited a real estate corporation that was fully capable of running without him. Of course I give him credit for not losing the corporate fortune the four (4) times he filed for bankruptcy at the expense of his creditors and their families — good job Don.

            Trump’s personality is that of a three-dollar bill.

            Fiorina = Hillary!!! Really??? Neither has a penis but that’s it on similarities. Fiorina is a self made woman and Hillary is a kept woman — that’s quite different.

            Rand Paul 2016 if you love Founding principles.

          3. Diane Brenner says:

            Well, it’s obvious you don’t like Trump, and I definitely don’t like Paul. For two years, the only congressman I ever hear from is Paul, and he’s always begging money. I fear if he became President, he wouldn’t be begging for money. He’d just help himself.

          4. GQ4U says:

            I don’t dislike Trump — I don’t trust his recent conversion from life long Hillary backing democrat to dyed in the wool conservative. People were fooled by the current usurper in the White House who many called the messiah — now comes Trump who claims to be Christian but won’t ask God to forgive him!!! He is a salesman and TV personality not a statesman. You have every right to support whomever you wish — just don’t do it blindly, find out who he is first.

            There is no one named Paul who is a congressman. That was Ron and he has retired. There is a Senator Paul who has a 96% conservative rating as Senator. The only one higher is Cruz at 98% but Paul has served longer than Cruz – but Cruz is not a Natural Born Citizen so he cannot legally serve as POTUS.

            [Senator] Rand Paul 2016 POTUS
            If you hate Liberty and the US Constitution then choose someone else.

          5. Diane Brenner says:

            I meant Senator Rand Paul. From what I’ve seen of him, I doubt he’ll go far.
            The reason I like Trump is that he is not afraid of stepping on toes to get what he wants, and so far, the things he wants is what most Americans want. Yes, I believe he could sell someone the Brooklyn Bridge. He has guts which is what most of our legislative body doesn’t have. My greatest disappointment was with John Boehner (sp).
            I’m not saying Trump would make the best President of the lot, but other than Carson and Cruz, I have no use for the rest of them. They are saying what they THINK the people want to hear. Same old rhetoric over and over. If it wasn’t for Trump, no one would even be mentioning immigration. Obamacare is another issue. And Trump would take no guff from Isis either.
            From what I understand, (I could be wrong), Cruz has already squared away his Canadian birth somehow. After Obama’s precedent, ANYone could run for President in the U.S. I’ll never understand how he got away with it all.
            I like Huckabee’s stance on the Kim Davis issue. We need someone to defend the first amendment.

          6. GQ4U says:

            ” If it wasn’t for Trump, no one would even be mentioning immigration.” [Diane]

            Sorry Diane but Trumps true colors are already showing. We have had 40-million immigrants come to the Us in the past 10-years — now Trump wants to open the door to more; read this:

            “GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump says that the United States
            will have to accept some of the refugees fleeing the chaos in Syria.”


            Yes, Trump doesn’t mind stepping on toes — even yours, mine and every other American’s. This is just the first crack in the Hillary loving Trump’s mask.

            Rand Paul is not using political speak his beliefs are long held and constitutionally sound. He has bucked the establishment since he arrived in D.C. and has filibustered on several important issues. He asks often for donations because he is not supported by any major corporations but if that bothers you ignore it and listen to the message. His philosophy of governing is taken right from George Washington, who sadly couldn’t get elected today but his principles are sorely needed. Rand is unlikely to win the nomination but if he could he will defeat any democrat opponent including Hillary who he defeats in polling in several swing states.

            Carson seems pretty good but I have a problem with his stance on forced vaccinations — that wreaks of communist socialism and has no place in a free society or anywhere else.

            I like that Huckabee stood up for Davis and I was disappointed in Trumps response that Davis violated the law of the land — which is not true. The SCOTUS decision did not create any new law it simply ruled existing laws must be changed and when they are if Davis refuses to issue then she is violating the law — Trump should know this but he didn’t.

            Good evening Diane.

          7. pete G says:

            You’ve got the nerve to say he’s not a citizen after we’ve had a Kenyan in office for almost 7 years. What’s a matta you?

          8. GQ4U says:

            I never said Cruz was not a citizen — I said he is not a Natural Born Citizen (NBC),

            Obama is not a NBC either – and it doesn’t matter where he was born since his daddy was Kenyan then Junior is not eligible to be POTUS, He should be arrested and everything he’s done for the last seven years needs to be reversed — as much as that is possible to do.

            Rubio & Jindal are not NBC either.

            You should know what the constitution says and why it says it — what’s a matta wit you? – !!!

            Read this:

          9. deltainny says:

            If you’re on ANY politicians’ mailing list, that’s all you get: requests for money. You’re just not on enough mailing lists. Maybe I can introduce you to some of mine?

          10. dmttbt says:

            I am with you on Fiorina, we need to find out why she was replaced. Even if she was fired that does not make her less desirable than Hillary. Hillary said she landed under sniper fire and the military brass said absolutely not and if that had happened the news media would have covered it. When the reporters asked her (husband) about it he said that she was getting older and when you get older your memory doesn’t work as well. That is a drastic occurrence landing under sniper fire and they blame that on bad memory. This woman was running for president of the united states and had a mental problem like that, makes me feel safer.

          11. GQ4U says:

            An Alzheimer’s politician can never be accused of lying so that’s a plus — maybe. Of course they can never be relied on to do what’s best for America — wait we have that now.

            Rand Paul 2016

          12. pete G says:

            She’s sneaky, he’s truthful, try to separate the two.

          13. GQ4U says:

            “She’s sneaky.” Really? How so?

            “He’s truthful.” Really? Mr. anti-immigration came out yesterday and said we (USA) should bring more Muslims to America, That sounds more like Obama than “Honest Abe”? Trump’s a three-dollar-bill — looks real but is worthless.

          14. Mike Gunter says:

            Where have you been GQ$U? Do emails on national security ring a bell? Does the clinton fund ring a bell? Does having 4 Americans killed ring a bell? Where have you been to a kool aid party?

          15. GQ4U says:

            Hey Mike, keep up. The she in my reply to peteG is Carly Fiorina — NOT HILLARY.

            You can apologize here with a reply.

        3. pete G says:

          I was just thinking how furious it must make Obama to have Trump ahead of everyone else. He’s to stupid to realize the truth will set you free, and cause you to win, all he ever does is lie to everyone.

    5. JACK3889 says:

      Cruz,Rubio, nor Jindal can’t be Pres. or V.P. or any cabinet position that might lead to the WH. Check their bios to learn why. Then read Art.4 sect.1.

      1. Funny how everyone is worrying about qualifications now but not when the Kenyan Muslim Queen came on the scene! Cruz’s mother was an American when he was born and is just as qualified as the Queer, Obama.

    6. bones1941 says:

      Amen , that look’s good to me .

    7. GQ4U says:

      Are you aware Trump stated he has always felt like a democrat, and that the US economy always does better under democrats, and he is a 2008 Hillary supporter, a friend of hers and Hillary attended Trumps “latest” wedding. Trump is today’s Ross Perot handing the presidency to another Clinton. Don’t be fooled by this liberal wrapped in conservative clothing.

      Cruz is not eligible to be POTUS or VP because he is not a Natural Born Citizen (NBC). His mom makes him a US citizen but not a NBC because his dad was not a citizen when Ted was born. Plus Ted was born Canadian — are we now sinking so low as to resort to foreigners for president. I like Ted and because he is a US citizen he can legally be a US Senator but not the President.

      If the constitution is important to you then read this:

      PS: Obama, Jindal & Rubio are also ineligible to be POTUS.

      Rand Paul 2016 (the establishment hates him)

      1. Usually, as years go be, people change their minds about things as they see the truth and actions of certain groups. I was a Democrat who voted for Kerry when he ran against Bush. I used to be a big Hillary fan, the whole works, until Obama came on the scene and all I heard was outright Lies and BS coming from those purple lips, so I was hoping Hillary would win the nomination and when she didn’t, I voted McCain, first time I voted Republican since Reagan, after Carter was such a failure. One thing about life, it is never too late to learn from your past mistakes. Trump has seen, as we all have, how sewer like the godless Democrats have become. Once a person stops learning and advancing, then they turn into Zombies, like Obama Supporters have. Oh, and Ted’s mother was an American, not Canadian.

        1. GQ4U says:

          I want a president who is steadfast about his core beliefs and Trump is not. You mentioned the godless democrats but failed to mention that Trump claims to be a Christian who never asked God for forgiveness. It is not possible to be a Christian without recognizing you are a sinner and asking God to forgive you. It seems Trump believes he is higher than God — so what does he really think of us — the little people?

          On Cruz:
          I said Ted’s mom makes him a US citizen but not a NBC (Possible only if mom is a US citizen). Ted is a Canadian because that’s his place of birth.

          If the constitution is important to you then read this:

          1. Trumps soul is between him and God, not him any you. He will face Jesus and be judged as we all will. Ted’s records are open, unlike the Kenyan Queens. I am sure if he is not qualified, the Demonrats will be letting everyone know. Me, I’m sticking with TRUMP/CRUZ, you can go for whomever you want, I spent my life, serving my Nation, so that all Americans can vote for the person of their choice, even an illegal Kenyan Queer like Hussein

          2. GQ4U says:

            First – bill thanks for your service.

            Trump will face Jesus as a sinner if he has never asked for forgiveness, not my opinion just Biblical fact. If he believes he is a Christian when he is not then perhaps he’s as misguided about his conservatism.

            “I spent my life, serving my Nation, so that all Americans can vote for the person of their choice, even an illegal Kenyan Queer like Hussein” [bill]

            Very nice but why would you then vote for an illegal Canadian Cruz? Isn’t that like abandoning the oath to protect and defend the US Constitution? It clearly states that only a Natural Born Citizen can be POTUS and Cruz is definitely not a NBC any more than Obama, Rubio & Jindal.

            See for yourself bill.

          3. Cruz is as legal as Obama, and his records are open, not SEALED. You do what your conscious tells you and I will follow mine, my friend.

          4. GQ4U says:

            “Cruz is as legal as Obama.” Correct billwhit1357.
            Neither one is a natural Born Citizen and both are ineligible to be POTUS. Its time to arrest Obama.
            If your conscience tells you the constitution doesn’t matter then you should have a guilty conscience. But hey — do what you want.

          5. I believe Obama is illegal, but he has been there for eight years! But now that a great Conservative wants to run, lets get picky, huh? If the law does not allow Cruz to run, then he will not run, but so far so good. You need to go whining to the Supreme Court and the DOJ, not to me.

          6. GQ4U says:

            I learned all about Natural Born Citizenship trying to oust Obama. Several people, some were former POTUS candidates, filed suit in federal court. Several judges were enthusiastic at first only to reverse course and dismiss case after case for “Lack of Standing” – judges were pressured to quit. As for Obama’s DOJ – why bother,

            Sorry you think its whining to stand-up for the US Constitution — I assumed it was important to you.

            I can show you the truth but I can’t make you see it.

          7. Can I play like a Democrat and say I misspoke, lol? No, you are not whining and I apologize for stating so. You are a very concerned citizen, like I am. Cruz is a fantastic Senator and Patriot, and yes, we should always go by the Constitution. I would be just as happy if Dr Carson, Fiorina, or Walker got the nomination, just as long as it is a Conservative and not a RINO like Graham, Jeb, or Christie.

    8. pete G says:

      You must include Carson, he is not a politician but i am sure he would make a great President. He to me is the one with the most common sense and i know he’s not a liar.

      1. True, and I really like him too! If any of the True Conservatives win the nomination, they will get my vote, but not if the RNC chooses a RINO like Jeb, Christie, or Graham.

    9. deltainny says:

      You forgot BEN CARSON, possibly the one with the highest CHARACTER, and not just A character, like quite a few of the candidates on both sides.

      1. I love Dr Carson and it certainly won’t hurt my feelings if he gets the nomination! Dr Carson, Trump, Cruz, or Fiorina would be great, just no RINO like Jeb, Christie, or Graham.

  • Al Marquis says:

    It is way too early to coronate both Hillary and Trump while only focusing on polls in their head to head match-ups.

    Try running a poll Hillary vs. Ben Carson along a bunch of voting blocks and we will be reading many more shockers!!!

  • budgienation says:

    Really? This Just In From Fantasy Newscorp! Jews LOVE Hitler! Also, ease your conscience about hunting………….Deer ENJOY being shot!

    1. rwp24382 says:

      Jews maybe don’t like Hitler, but a lot of them don’t like Israel. They vote for Communist (the Democrat Islamic Communist party) that also killed many Jews in Russia. It doesn’t make sense, but they are very liberal. They are supporting the party that has many Muslims in it. Why support a party that has your sworn enemy in it?

      1. budgienation says:

        The Communist party is not the Democratic Party. You have obviously been sniffing too much glue, or maybe the anal fumes from Rush Limbaugh’s enormous ass. Or maybe too much “FUXNOISE”, same difference. Hey, there’s a nice cozy bridge with a nice fluffy pillow under it. Shouldn’t you be sleeping under that bridge….WITH ALL THE OTHER TROLLS!?

        1. TORO says:

          It appears one only has to be able to reach far enough up, to be able to grasp their ears and pull their head out, in order to see the Democratic Party has become the American Communist Party.

          1. budgienation says:

            A blanket reply to all you 1776 assholes: First, there is a difference between Communist and Socialist. Communism believes in state ownership of everything, Socialism, on the other hand, believes in private ownership of businesses, but believes that certain aspects of society, particularly segments and industries that traditionally gouge the people, like the oil industries and others that have a virtual ‘lock’ on a market or segment, be state owned and the profits used to benefit the people. Private ownership, yes. Facilitation of the one percent to gouge the rest of us, no. Communism, except for Cuba, which is in deep trouble, and China, which has embraced capitalism but kept the commie example of oppressing their own, and North Korea are the only examples of communism left and is a testament to its failure. On the other hand, Socialism works quite well. As is practiced in Holland and throughout the Scandanavian countries, these countries have a higher standard of living than we do, its people are healthier and live longer and college is free. Second, do you know you live in a country where socialism works already? You do. Taxes used for the public good, like roads, fire, police and first responders and much infrastructure is run as it would be in socialist countries. Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid are also examples of socialism. Do any of you assholes want to give that back? Plus, I find it disturbing that some of your grouse about Jews being communist, or communist influenced.. What do you want to do? Organize a hunt? You do know, of course. that back in Germany a nut with a mustache tried the same thing? It didn’t work out so well, “Fritz”. Good bye and ‘Seig Heil’ y’all!

          2. marshmil says:

            Parakeet nation you have done well with your studies of government systems. But you really fall down low with your filthy words. You come across as a smart-aleck teenager here. You would do well to leave out the trailer park/ghetto language. Not dictating to you how to post. Just suggesting some civility.

          3. budgienation says:

            By ‘filth’ I suppose you mean my use of ‘sniffing Rush Limbaugh’s gas’ and perhaps my use of the term ‘up yours’? I didn’t realize I was dealing with such delicate sensibilities. Please accept my offer of some nice Earl Grey and some buttered scones. Sorry to have offended. What offends me more are those who throw terms like communist and socialist around as if they knew what they were talking about. Also disturbing is the inherent racism and prejudice I find rampant on right wing sites like 1776 and newsmax to name two. This suspicion of ‘the Jews’ being liberals and maybe communists or ‘fellow travelers’ just because they don’t hew to a rigid belief system that is impervious to facts and resists altering opinion based on new information, and blacks being ‘dupes’ of a party that wants to actually keep them down to ensure their votes, disturbs me even more than the ‘filth’ of a few intemperate words.

          4. homegirl says:

            budgienation, this site, like several others, is a Tea Party, Xian fundie clusterfcuk, nothing more. They feed on one another. I sometimes amuse myself by posting the facts, which they promptly deny and scorn. But I have tried, as have you. Try to have a nice Labor Day holiday and accept that “There is none so stupid as he who will not learn.” They are beyond hope.

          5. budgienation says:

            You’re right pal, but sometimes I can’t resist.

          6. marshmil says:

            Go to McDonalds and “have it your way.”

          7. budgienation says:

            No thanks.  I like to make my own burgers, but when I do I go to family/individually run burger places.

          8. marshmil says:

            Good! Bon appetite!

          9. Mark Lahti says:

            Hey there marshmil just read the reply you got from bud. He is so arrogant that your comments do nothing but encourage more liberal tripe. His ego and narrow minded support of the socialist democrats prevent him from being civil or even open minded. Give up the attempt to assist him with your comment to clean up his message. He has no ability to comprehend how his attitude just turns people off to his message. Besides civility and rational thought or polite discussion is alien to the liberal. They are the ones so filled with hate that it permeates everything they say and do.

          10. budgienation says:

            Up yours!  Keep drinking that Kool-Aid and bleating with the other ‘sheeple’………….

          11. Mark Lahti says:

            Bud will never get it my friend. He is the liberal troll on this site not us. Also he is ranting on about how his party is so not communist. Maybe not yet totally but he doesn’t understand that the socialist construct that the democrats currently support is the doorway to communism. All those countries that are communist were excited to be socialists just like the dems are now. But in their blind delusional world they don’t realize that the road to communism is paved with good intentions.

        2. David Stovall says:

          budgienation. Why does a thought have to be an excuse for letting the filth in your head come out. You had a valid (but I disagree with it) point,, but the point is buried under your filth. Try to argue on a mature level and if your head is so full of filth you can’t control it, get some help.

          1. marshmil says:

            And I ditto your comment David Stovall.

          2. Mark Lahti says:

            All you folks are right on the money, David and Marshmil. This moron liberal socialist will never get it just like the rest of his kind. I know trying to reply to this kind of trolling is a venture in wasted time and energy. It is fun sometimes but gets to be disappointing as it will never accomplish anything. His filth and stupidity along with his ego will only keep spewing his hate and ignorant speech. Good luck to both of you and keep up the good fight. God Bless and have a great labor day weekend.

        3. marshmil says:

          The Democratic Party of the USA is the socialist party of the USA. Socialism is a stepping stone to communism which is a godless arrangement that has been shown to not work except under the absolute rule of an atheist dictator. Our constitutional form is a government of the people, by the people and for the people and has served well for over two centuries.

        4. paulyz says:

          Over 70 Democrats in Congress belong to the Democrat Communist Party! Many Democrat voters like Socialist Bernie Sanders. What more info do you need, wake-up man!

        5. Mark Lahti says:

          The democrat party is so far to the left that socialism is a major part of their agenda. Socialism is the doorway to communism. Check out all of the communist countries in the world today. They started off with socialism and then that led to the only inevitable conclusion which was communism. It is the blind sheeple liberals such as yourself that refuse to accept the reality of what is going on all around you. I hope for your sake that one you will wake up from your delusional dream state and see for yourself what is happening. I just hope the shock isn’t to much for your weak brain to handle. As far as trolls go you really need to get your definition straightened out. This is a conservative site by definition. When you liberal morons come in here to spew your pathetic delusional tripe it is you who are the trolls. But then you all have problems with seeing the world as it really is.

          1. budgienation says:

            If you would only deal with the real differences between communism and socialism, you’d know how far off the mark you are. But, seeing how you feel, from your nonsensical bullshit, I suppose not.  History will, as it has, so far, proved you wrong.  Keep ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ and breathing in the gas from FUXNOISE and Rush Limpballs anal emissions, and you’ll do just fine, along with all the other ‘sheeple’.  Baaaa, baaaa, baa!  Fuck off!

        6. Terri says:

          Disgusting! Please with honorable wisdom.

          1. Mark Lahti says:

            Sorry Terri honor is as alien to bud as reality is to all of his liberal delusional buddy’s. They will never get it. But I do like the honor part you bring up. Honor will never have anything to do with liberalism. It is a concept that they just can’t wrap their narrowly focused minds around.

          2. budgienation says:

            So, that’s your opinion, so…..’big whoop!’

      2. marshmil says:

        I’ve always been puzzled by Jews tending to vote the liberal agenda. When considering the Hebrew Scriptures and history it comes across as the same foundation that led to the Babylonian Captivity and then that destruction in 70 AD by the Romans. “We have no King but Caesar!” In both events they essentially told the God of Abraham to “Hit the road Jack!” Consider what Moses said about Abraham: Genesis 12:3.

        1. paulyz says:

          I believe Jews are Liberal because it is a “given” that Liberals like to use the Federal Government to get their way. When Liberals aren’t happy with representation of The People, they try to force their selfish interests on The People through the Fed. Gov.

        2. Mark Lahti says:

          I believe that the Jews are just brain dead enough to be liberals. For whatever reason they believe in the liberal agenda they find it more to their liking than to support their homeland. I think if they were really Jewish they would go to Isreal. Maybe they are afraid to go there, I don’t know. But if they are then that is still no excuse to abandon those that did. I think maybe that they are to greedy and self centered to be conservatives. Anyway, they have made choices that they will soon regret.

      3. nobull45 says:

        As I’ve stated before, there are some who are Jewish in name only. They are not true believers and that will be their downfall. Sad really,

    2. marshmil says:

      Your post is definitely a FANTASY. Same with Hitlery’s
      idea of being President.

  • US Army Retired says:

    Clinton and Trump are like two snakes coiled up and waiting to strike anyone at anytime. You can trust them both about as far as you can throw them. I still believe the country would be better off with Scott Walker. Just my opinion and with 25 cents I still can’t buy a cup of coffee.

    1. marshmil says:

      Thanks to our constitutional government you can post your opinion here. Just be aware there are some who hate the First Amendment as well as the Second and Fourth. They don’t want you and me to have any freedoms. They are already trying to dictate marriage, baking and self defense.

    2. Mark Lahti says:

      With you 100% my fellow veteran. I am also a Walker supporter and not just because I live in WI. Although that may have a lot to do with it. I campaigned for him in all three of his elections for Gov. I also firmly believe you are right about both Trump and Clinton. I fear it is a minority opinion and I also like the coffee analogy. I always say the same thing but slightly different. I say that with all the BS going on in the world today in one hand and 50 cents in the other I can get half a cup of coffee. Keep up the good fight my friend and hopefully in the end we will prevail. I know it doesn’t look good right now but we have the will and determination to succeed in the end.

  • reggie says:

    Not surprising. The vast majority of black voters are intelligent and can see what’s happening to their jobs, and quality of life, thanks to the influx of illegals. All US citizens are being impacted by this wave of scum. The unfortunate thing is that the lame stream media, following orders from the NWO/UN/Soros/Murdoch, will continue to publicize the outlier thugs, rioters and criminals creating a more divisive society.

    1. the power of America “needs” illegals that they can walk over, someone to manipulate on a grander scale – and to pay mere chicken feed, as if any of us are getting wealthy working for corporations.

      1. reggie says:

        You’re so right. Michael. T. Duke, who retired from Walmart as CEO in 2013, was receiving 1034:1 the compensation vs employees. Poor baby, wonder how he managed to survive.

      2. Robert Wilson says:

        What else are they good for? If you don’t like it,LEAVE.

        1. obviously, something else is bothering you. The point is, they have no business being here illegally at all – the problem is we have plenty of sociopaths willing to use and plenty of illegal grist for the mill. That is why nothing is being done. This nation will reap what it sows, probably sooner rather than later.

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