SHOCK POLL: Trump 45% HIllary 40%!

by NEIL MUNRO | Breitbart
September 6, 2015

Donald Trump has a clear path to the White House, according to a shocking new poll from SurveyUSA.

Trump beats Hillary Clinton 45 percent to 40 percent, with 16 percent of voters undecided.

He wins a huge share of the Democrats’ non-white base — 25 percent of African Americans, 31 percent of Hispanics and 41 percent of the relatively small Asian vote.

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  • fred says:

    I suspect that gap will widen substantially as hillary continues to run when she knows she deserves nothing but a prison cell! the Iowa Voters and NH voters are starting to get clued in, Sanders is now way ahead in NH!

  • mustang6984 says:

    And we still have 15 months to go before ANYONE should be counting on any successes for one side or the other.
    That being said…Billary is definitely toast…especially since she won’t be the nominee. Her party is seeing to that all on their own. THEY after all are the ones who released the info on her e-mail issues, as well as the ones who have been releasing info on her somewhat questionable “charitable trust”…which is the next scandal to rear it’s head when and if the e-mail issues ever go away.

    Say goodbye Billary…time to grab a rocking chair and a pair of knitting needles…your future is on the porch making booties and sweaters until you become worm food. (which is when you will also, for the first time in your putrid life, be actually of some value…since worms gotta eat!)

  • US Army Retired says:

    To many people SOS on Trump.

  • grannie says:

    Trump lost my vote when he failed to support Kim Davis. While he would be a better choice than hillary….most anybody would be….he chose to deny God.

  • rhondareichel says:

    So far the only person in congress who’s EVEN ASKED

    Now lets talk about the term LEADERSHIP….who is exhibiting it? Who backed Paul up in the Benghazi hearings? none of the others.

    On this issue, only one is truly leading….and it’s a HUGE issue.

    Is immigration more important than Treason at the top? Not to me. It’s just another result of the treason. Illegal immigration is just another form of lawlessness, but the most dangerous is actually arming our enemies. Fast & Furious, Libya, Benghazi and now ISIS. I’d say there’s plenty of evidence to indict.

    Why isn’t Trump bringing this up?
    He appears to be covering for Hillary and Obama. So far the silence is deafening. I am not happy with him not tackling this. It’s vital to our national security. Where is his judgement?

    Are the others in congress that stupid that they don’t see what was going
    on? or were they stupid enough to be made complicit by awarding millions to
    terrorists themselves?

  • Mark Lahti says:

    What is really disgusting is that for Obama to get his “deal” all he needed was one vote over one third of the senate to uphold his veto power. The vast majority of the country still opposes this “deal” and yet all it takes is his veto plus one vote over 1/3 of the senate. This is how our government is suppose to work? The problem is that it was not designed to account for a tyrannical president. That is where the constitution allows for the forceful takeover by patriots. Patriots that are enforcing the will of the majority on a tyrannical government to return to the republic that it was intended to be.

  • Brady Harness says:

    Ever since I lived in Arkansas when Billy Goat was Governor and any Reporter that asked too many Questions about the accusations of their running Guns and Drugs would suddenly end up missing or DEAD, I have not trusted those two any more than I could throw them!!!

  • FLORIDA LADY says:

    DONALD TRUMP HAS MY VOTE!! I am disappointed at the greed and corruption of OBAMA and the willingness of our Congress to support the IRAN DEAL while the LEADERS AND PEOPLE OF IRAN chant “death to America and death to Israel.” And OBAMA AND KERRY are supporting the enemy of America, IRAN, instead of protecting and supporting the American people…………may GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ punish those who take the side of the DEVIL!!

  • McFerguson says:

    The low-information voters have the attention span of a fruit-fly. When the free stuff stops flowing only then will they give a hoot about policy issues. In the meantime Trump looks like a brand new, free i-Phone 6 to them. What’s not to like?

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      yup, except that they won’t be getting one.

  • Peter Smith says:

    I son’t berlieve it will matter, I don’t think Hillary will finish the race for the White House. She’ll still be running, but this time it will be from the law.

  • Pam says:

    I hope they rounded UP these poll numbers. Last time I checked 45 + 40 + 16 = 101 (maybe they took the poll in Florida or Ohio?)
    Regardless, I can’t garner much faith in any of these polls. How can they project the entire nation’s choices using no more than one, two, or three thousand people?
    Trump said all the things we (Real Americans) wanted to hear when he first announced. But then, he can afford to hire the very top tier marketing research people so that he can reach his target audience. And even tho the media has been giving Trump more than twice the air time of all other candidates combined (excluding only Hildebeast in her attempt to win a THIRD TERM), many of us (I fear) have stopped listening as closely as we should.
    In his “stump speeches” he still, for the most part, sticks with what he said. But when it comes to individual interviews, he talks about how easy it has been for him to buy influence in Washington – but not anything about stopping it from happening in the future. He talks about targeting specific sets of people for higher taxation – which is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. I have not heard him get at all specific about what areas of waste in government that he would eliminate (did I miss that somewhere?).
    I know many dems/libs have seen the light and become conservative once they finally grew up or got “mugged” once too often. But I still worry about him, a lot.

    1. Kurt Hanssen says:

      He clearly stated that there will be no more bribes, and no more lobbyists, that is good enough for me.

      1. Pam says:

        That’s cool, Kurt. I must have missed that one.
        But it occurs to me that someone else that promised to have the most open administration EVER also said that lobbyists would be barred from the White House. Turned out, he ONLY meant the lobbyists who don’t already agree with him. And the same can be said for a whole lot of people on “The Hill”.

        1. Kurt Hanssen says:

          O yeas, remember that one. NObama has been a compulsive lier all his life, WP ha already given him 87. 4.Pinochios, and as far as I know, Trump steel got his credibility intakt.

    2. MeForever says:

      Peek-a-Boo Hillary hasn’t been denied airtime. She hides from reporters because she has nothing to say, knowing she is simply a strawman, a placeholder, because she is in deep legal trouble and will be told when to Announce her Withdrawal and Introduce her Replacement.

      Undoubtedly her Controllers have instructed her on what she can and cannot say while they are preparing her replacement, a Jewish businessman to challenge the Christian Businessman. They have trotted out Biden to be a time bandit distracting citizens. He is not to declare his intentions to until the Controllers are prepared to reveal their replacement for Peek-a-Boo Hillary.


      1. Pam says:

        I did say, with the exception of Hildebeast.
        You know, some days I’m really torn. At times, Soetoro seems to totally be a puppet of Soros and the New World Order, but at other times, he shows his Muslim side (like the “agreement” that gives Iran his “Divine” permission to speed up their nuke program so they can destroy Israel sooner rather than later. He’s such a congenital liar that I wonder if HE even knows anymore.

      2. Mark Lahti says:

        I believe that it is never to be in stars for the Hillery to have the presidency. You can call it karma, justice, fate, or whatever. I just think that no matter how you cut it she will never get the job. I believe that there is nothing that we do that will change that. It is her destiny to be held up for the lier, cheat, fake, phony, piss poor excuse for a human being that she is. Her failure was predetermined by forces far beyond our comprehension. I like to call it Gods will.

    3. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      Pam, you and others have some valid concerns, but I still think that Trump is the person for the job. 45 + 40 + 16 = 101 that is a good example of a “common core” education, it is close enough to 100, so good enough. I think that good enough, is not enough, and this time around we need more then just good enough.
      Marketing and media, selling yourself to the people, sure he is, and he his hiring the best people on his own dime, that is a big difference from the others.
      Talks about buying influence, dealing with both sides or all sides. Of course he would talk about, and talk about it first, before “they” threw that in his face. The fact that he is bringing that out into the open, means that he will be doing something about that, it is an easy “read between the lines” sort of thing. There are enough so-called power brokers that have been like pigs feeding from the trough that they would like nothing better then to see Trump gone. If Trump does win the presidency we will see him go in there with a broom, and deodorizer, to sweep out the debris, and clean out the stench. A lot of departments are going to disappear, a lot will be reigned in, he should not be talking about any of that, it is too early, and he doesn’t need to create even more opposition for himself.
      Higher taxation for certain groups, I don’t think that he is going anywhere with that. The only thing that I can see even remotely in that direction, would be looking at C E O’s outlandish bonuses. Bonuses at the expense of those who worked, did their jobs, so that some C E O can get a 500 million dollar bonus, [yes exaggerated] so he might take a run at that sort of thing, embarrassing the corporations into taking better care of their personal, but higher taxes I think not, besides, he is not too happy with the I R S either, and they could be in for a surprise too.

      1. Mark Lahti says:

        It’s called math. When you round up or round down three or more numbers it is quite easy to add or subtract a full percentage point one way or the other. It is really dumb to call someone else dumb when you point out something that is very easy to justify.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          and who did I call or say was dumb. By the way I don’t think that I would want to be on the top floor of a sky-scrapper, if it had been built using that kind of math.

  • David Stovall says:

    I wondered when the Reagan Democrats would come on board. The Republican broken promises brought this on. Plus the illegal immigration – open border problem is much worse than we think. And politicians are doing nothing.

    1. Brady Harness says:

      What brought this on is that the “Good Old Boys” club which has the Sickest of Both Parties pulling for the “One World Order” and I’ll give you three(3) guess for what that Crazy Bitch wants and the first two don’t count!!!

      1. plum82 says:

        Did you see what Colin Powell said about the iran deal? he said he was for it and gave the reasons why……

        1. Carol Herrick says:

          I don’t count Powell as a reliable Republican anymore!

          1. Ax2root says:

            He supported Obama…wolf in Repub clothing

  • paulyz says:

    When Hillary gets a room in the Big House, she won’t even get to the White House, then some of these Democrat voters may wake up to how they have been hosed by the Democrats & media. When they see the choices the Democrat/Socialists have for candidates, Trump will have a much bigger lead.

  • Glo Masters says:

    Why would it be shocking? O has decimated our country, the only candidates in the DEM side are commies, liars and nuts….Trump is the ONLY candidate that isn’t controlled by lobbyists and special interest. He is a self made Billionaire so he should be able to turn America around from 20tril in debt, he will build an impenetrable wall, the ILLEGALs will be taken to their birth countries and that will make everyone happy. Our welfare will be for our CITIZENS. VOTE TRUMP!!!

    1. Kurt Hanssen says:

      Strongly belive that Trump will go all the way, unless he ends up in a plain crash, lots of people that got in Killarys way ended up that way, or they committed sueside, some with 2 bulett holes behind the ear. Just hope that Trump is well protected. I’ want to see him in the WH.

      1. plum82 says:

        OR like Vince Foster….shot & killed himself then threw the gun away…way away……..? how is that possible, i thought dead was dead as in can no longer move…….

        1. Kurt Hanssen says:

          And they always say that the American people are to stupid to understand, they got to the point that they rely beliwe it.

    2. rhondareichel says:

      Trump is a self admitted crony capitalist. All that would result in is bigger payoffs

      1. Kurt Hanssen says:

        10 billion, I’ don’t think so, Trump got his life here, not Kenya, and not Indonesia, and defenantly not the midle east, I’ll take my tjances on Trump.

    3. plum82 says:

      CRUZ, TRUMP, CARSON……..on u-tube there is a history on trump & it isn’t too flattering……just the facts……

  • Webb says:

    Question is: will Trump last and can he work with Congress?
    Trump being his own boss for so many years…

    1. libsrtheh8ters says:

      To be a successful businessman you MUST work with people you do not like or agree with & you get REALLY GOOD at putting the most productive people in the positions to further your business. The Democrat party is so extreme that they will NEVER work with a Republican president unless that president is strong enough to make them back down. Democrats have a unique & HUGE advantage because THEIR scandals & extremism are covered up by the media so they can get away with things that no Republican could survive. Trump can handle Democrats & he can handle the lying, P O S media.

      1. Richard Schwartz says:

        Who slams the media and gets points for it? Who calls the media stupid and dumb? Who would not show if he got upset? Media can’t handle now, what if he gets in the white house? Congress will cave or get a dose.

    2. Richard Schwartz says:

      Have you noticed how “nice” he plays when he is opposed? He has at least a truck load of ammo to throw. Bet he makes congress dump old useless legislation to go with tax hikes. Can hear him say why can’t congress do it job and name names. Picture him saying if congress eliminates waste the tax hike will be smaller. How does congress respond? Believe me they have no choice but go his way.

    3. plum82 says:

      He says he can……..

    4. Kurt Hanssen says:

      He got plenty of executives that he work with on a daily bases, don’t be a pessimist, stick with the rest of the (smart) gang, vote Trump.

  • zucccchini says:

    I am a Conservative and surrounded by Democrats both in domestic sphere and work. All are Trump fans. That is worrisome for me. But his views are closer to mine than the present Republican party.

    1. libsrtheh8ters says:

      Sorry to say but Democrat voters are led by emotion & popularity, not facts & issues. That is why Democrats like to lie & whip their mindless voters into a frenzy based on those lies. Republican voters are more issues focused, the reason Trump is resonating with them is simply because he can’t be bullied by the leftist media. Ted Cruz could say the exact same things as Trump & be branded a Tea Party racist extremist & because the majority of people are too lazy to check facts for themselves they trust the leftist propaganda spewing media & Cruz would be done. Trump is well known & he has charisma so he is pulling in the idiot base & because Republicans despise what their party has become he is pulling us in too.

    2. Gnowark says:

      He’s also a Reality-TV star and his views aren’t important there, hence the Dem’s acceptance (it’s all about style not substance). His views, instead of stardom, appeal more to those that think. It would seem he has a universal appeal. But the present-day republican party views? Well, I consider it as a positive that RNC doesn’t like, or fears, him, I had a conservative friend, in what sounds a similar situation (2 kids in college, which meant post retirement P/T janitor at local school), that now thinks hillary ‘might be okay.’ Obviously I must keep looking for signs of dementia in myself, too

      1. zucccchini says:

        Your janitor is falling for the lie that Democrats are seeking to convince their voters that “college should be paid for by the government!” Obama never told the public what he really wanted to do or he would never won election…TWICE. Perhaps now the silent majority is waking up to the fact they cannot set home and let 30% of the population run the country. It has run off the rails and needs a correction.

        1. FLORIDA LADY says:

          OBAMA IS A MUSLIM LIAR, but that does not excuse those who voted for OBAMA and threw the USA under the bus, or the stupidity of the Republican party who gave OBAMA the edge. #1 A woman on the Presidential ticket=LOSE, #2 a Mormon cannot win the support of Christians while Christian Ministers across the Country ARE AGAINST HIM, #3 a Cuban WILL NOT GET THE HISPANIC VOTE, only the Cuban vote! Cubans treat most other Hispanics and even “gringos” like garbage!

          PLEASE VOTE TRUMP!!!

          1. rhondareichel says:

            No, I can’t. I’m voting for Rand Paul
            Trump’s conversion to conservatism isn’t convincing. I want someone who will FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION

          2. plum82 says:

            TED CRUZ !!!

          3. MeWynne says:

            MORMONS ARE CHRISTIANS!!!! AND THOSE WHO CONSIDER THEMSELVES CHRISTIAN AND SAY THEY ARE NOT, ARE HYPOCRITES. THEY CLOSE EVERY PRAYER AND/OR BLESSING WITH THE WORDS: “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST”. Those who say they aren’t have been perpetuating this myth for more than 1/2 a century. It’s time it stopped!!

          4. Ax2root says:

            It’s a different gospel they preach..Islam also preaches a different Jesus

          5. plum82 says:

            A JESUS? i think NOT… mean a POS allah ……..

          6. plum82 says:

            I also like CRUZ……….

        2. rhondareichel says:

          Vague catch phrases
          Beware of Trump….he doesn’t spell it out either.

          1. rhondareichel says:

            more banned news

            Hmmmm…..what will Obama do now? this is a GAME

            This is going to turn the tide with ISIS …. Putin will deal with ISIS now. Good. They are no match for him and the U.S. can’t protect them any longer. They are trapped like rats between Putin and Iran now. Good riddance.

            I never wanted us to use terrorists as proxies but we have had no say in the matter. Have we? The candidates I vote for lose because Americans want blood (Assad’s).
            Be careful what you wish for.
            For me it’s a dream come true…no more ISIS …& no more dead American soldiers.

            What will the GOP candidates have to say about this? Which of them will wisely say we should disengage? If Putin decimates ISIS what possible reason for us to stay?

            Any predictions on which candidate will address this? I can only think of one who will. Rand Paul. It ain’t over until it’s over. Things are heating up in Syria

            Trump might have to flip flop about taking the oil in Syria….imagine that. What an idiot if he doesn’t. It was a stupid justification anyway.

            (MSM…. back to Miley
            Cyrus….nothing to see here.)

            Russia ‘is building military base in Syria’

            is building a military base in Syrian president Bashar al-Assad’s heartland,
            according to American intelligence officials, in the clearest indication yet of
            deepening Russian support for the embattled regime of Bashar
            al-Assad. The anonymous officials say Russia has set…


          2. plum82 says:

            Go to u-tube and read Trumps bio……..not so great……..

        3. plum82 says:

          Hmmmmmmmmm he neglected to tell them he was a mu-slime homo too AND born in Kenya………

        4. Sue4477 says:

          This whole ploy of having the gov’t. pay for college is simply to indoctrinate more students to Marxism and get more dem votes for another handout.

    3. Brady Harness says:

      Well if their Democrats and not DUMBOCRATS then it’s Good because I have Friends from the Democrats, the Middle, Republicans and Patriots and most all are on board for either Trump or Dr. Ben Carson!!!
      So many are just Sick and Tired of the Muslim Radicals and Far Leftist Politics that are ruining Our America!!!

      1. plum82 says:

        HA and sneaking in and settling GOD only knows where, the sneaky POS……..

    4. rhondareichel says:

      Expedited citizenship for law breakers. I hardly agree with that.

      Look at how many millions die in these regime changes….it’s staggeringly EVIL. Then we get to take in the refugees
      and most of them go on welfare. You are paying for it so it’s time to make a decision on whether to stop this interventionist foreign
      policy once and for all.

      Justification (al la Trump)? He mentions nothing about us stopping the arms / money running to ISIS. OIL at $40.00 a barrel isn’t worth the death of one soldier. It’s cheaper to pump our own oil….and even now we export it.

      1. Marty says:

        I’ve heard that Dr Carson advocates a path to citizenship for illegals. I’ve actually heard Trump say absolutely the opposite. Trump said during an interview I watched the Illegals must return to their own countries and apply to come back. I think you speak with forked tongue.

        1. plum82 says:

          That’s my disagreement w/Carson ALTHO he is willing to change BUT i doubt on that issue……he’s a bleeding heart……

          1. Marty says:

            Yup. I was a Carson supporter, although not my first choice. But, I figure anyone who doesn’t have the common sense to know that illegal aliens cause a huge amount of crime and definitely affect both jobs and pay for Americans, doesn’t need my vote.

      2. plum82 says:

        In all fairness he wasn’t talking about the scum-bags…..I HOPE

    5. rhondareichel says:

      I don’t want Planned Parenthood
      to get one red cent for killing and selling those babies. Trump wants them funded

      1. Carol Burkhardt says:

        And I don’t want one red cent going for alcoholics & drug addicts! Do you realize that there are lots of people who receive taxpayer-funded disability, welfare, food stamps, etc for being alcoholics who are, of course, unable to keep a responsible job!!!!!
        My point is that we ALL pay for things we detest!

      2. Mike Gunter says:

        No he doesn’t! Just the better parts. The free mimigrams etc. But what he will find out is they don’t give mimigramms.

    6. plum82 says:

      At least he tells it like it is, doesn’t pussy foot around………check out Colin Powell’s take in the iran deal………

  • John Chinn says:

    My shock is that there are 40% who would vote for Benghazi Betty.

    1. 7papa7 says:

      Good point. I am still a Cruz supporter and will support him to the end.

      1. David Stovall says:

        I like Cruz, Republicans have a deep bench.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          It is definitely better than it has been for quite a while.

        2. richbach says:

          Even though Ted Cruz has denounced his Canadian citizenship, he is still not a natural born citizen. His father is/was a Cuban and all the children he has fathered are actually Cuban citizens since the child takes the citizenship of the father and not the mother. That was also the same for Barack Hussein Obama. The Democrats were/are complicent in the fraud that he was/is a natural born citizen. I believe that he was nothing more than an anchor baby. His father was a Kenyan national and never became a citizen of the United States. There are still some people that need to do the research and get their heads out of the sand and realize that we have been duped by the Democrats for 6 plus years. We can thank the liberal Nancy Pelosi for the idiot we have living in the White House.

      2. Sue4477 says:

        I like Cruz better, too, but conservatives MUST UNITE to win. If I have to, I’ll vote Trump to get a conservative in. I hope Cruz will be his VP or AG.

        1. 7papa7 says:

          We must unite I absolutely agree on that. I will push hard for Cruz but if Trump is the nominee I will vote for him even though I don’t consider him a conservative. If he is then he is a very new one considering he was a democrat not that long ago. I like Cruz because he has been a solid conservative by word and deed for a long long time. If Trump gets the nominee I would love to see Cruz as VP he could be a good stabilizing effect on Trump. I would like to see Gowdy or Gohmert as the AG and the other the first nominee on the high court.

          1. Sue4477 says:

            I agree. Trump would need a stabilizing influence, one who knows the law. And I’m tired of hearing Cruz isn’t eligible after the havoc obama has wreaked for 7 years.

          2. 7papa7 says:

            Cruz is my first choice no doubt about it but if Trump is the nominee I would like to see him as VP. Cruz is a super smart attorney and has won a bunch of cases before the high court so he knows the law. He is also honest so if he were not eligible he would not be running. You can be sure he did a through vetting of himself and found he was eligible or he would not run.

          3. Sue4477 says:


    2. plum82 says:

      There’s a sucker born every minute………

    3. mustang6984 says:

      You have to consider the lack of intelligence of some people. After all…who would have thought that Obama could get elected? Talk about being unqualified…yet…here we are.

      1. Fabman says:

        Elected twice….proof positive that Liberals can’t learn.

        1. mustang6984 says:

          Well a lot of it is the number of inbreds who had never voted before. There are some revealing interviews in exit poll interviews on YouTube of some of these clowns. They quite easily show WHY we were stuck with such incompetency for the last 6+ years with 1+ left to go.
          Good news is that since he can’t run again…they won’t vote again.

      2. Sue4477 says:

        I think election fraud played a big part in his wins.

        1. mustang6984 says:

          I dunno about that…but as a POTUS..he has indeed been a fraud.

      3. Walt says:

        Watch a Monday night segment with, Jesse Watters, on the, O’Reilly Factor, when he interviews liberals on political matters. They don’t even know who Biden is. How pathetic, and yes they do vote because they like all the freebies. Example:
        to this!

        1. mustang6984 says:

          I could easily be just fine with cutting off ALL of those welfare payments tomorrow…and forcing these idiots to fins a way to support themselves if they are able-bodied. The welfare system was NOT designed for what it has become! so…let’s just cut off anyone who can work. If they get rained on…too bad…if they starve…ditto. At some point…they’ll start working or die off. Either way…no longer coasting people who work for a living any money!

  • Gnowark says:

    I worry, sometimes, that forecasting things like this will energize the non-thinking hitlery base to rally themselves to …. NAH! they have an attention span of ten minutes, instead of 13 months. Keep the good news coming. -(signed) almost ANYBODY BUT HITLERY, my former senator, Peter-Principled way beyond that!

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