Speculation Builds on Michelle Obama Senate Run

by NBC 5 Chicago
June 6, 2014


FLOTUS for Senate?

It wasn’t that long ago that such a slogan would seem absurd, but political wags are beginning to wonder whether Michelle Obama is mulling a run for Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk’s seat in 2016.

A Thursday column in Reuters suggests that Obama would be the only candidate with a large enough profile to unseat the Republican.

The column also points to Obama’s recent willingness to debate the merits of her school lunch program with Republicans, a trip to China, fundraising and her stance on the kidnapped Nigerian school girls as other signs that her tone is turning more political.

It’s not the first time Obama has been mentioned as a potential senatorial candidate, but that speculation has always focused beyond 2016. And the First Lady herself has never publicly indicated any interest in seeking political office.

49 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • t28 says:

    NO, more Clintons NO more Bushes NO more Obamas, especially Obamas

    1. msueh says:

      forgot Kennedys….

  • Elba Saravia says:

    She loves the free loading so much, that will back stab Hillary and run for president, that of course if we beg her to run for president.

  • Gregory Lesniewski says:

    We already have two assholes in Illinois (Durbin, Kirk); we don’t need any more!

  • Eric Stegner says:

    Is there a chair in the senate chamber large enough for that massive and ever growing azz of hers?

  • Icedog says:

    New way to look at Gorilla Warfare

  • Jean Blake Fleming says:

    I agree douber 1

  • Jimmpeeh says:

    Even as corrupt and ridiculous as politics is this has to be a joke. Most people with any sanity gags at the name Obama.

  • lil-echoes says:

    Naw… as long as they’re Democrats, he will get the job. The whole state is Dems probably.

  • gb says:

    sure hope not, she is a self centered, one sided, piece of manure. Her only goal is to get whatever she wants, a poor excuse for an adult, and especially for someone people should be looking up to. It appears she thinks she can force her beliefs, wants, and push it thru like the lunch regulations, yet taking advantage of everything ie hauling her mom & daughters on political trips. We need to cut her off at the pass along with her slug husband.

  • Mike Spanjer says:

    that’s just nut’s

  • luvzforplay says:

    Wouldn’t it be Senator Michael , because after she is a transgender and its real name is Michael !! a Doctor with a scalpel and 20 people hired to make it look feminine haven’t been able to disguise him !!

  • Jimmy the Greek says:

    She should be picking cotton in mississippi !

  • Marguerite says:

    God help us if we get stuck with another Obama in Washington. I fear she’d soon bankrupt the country with her plane trips here and there., or worse yet, put the whole country on the elementary school “diet”!

    1. terryhoaglland123@aol.com says:

      She would fit in with the other commies like Shelia Jackson-Lee Cummings and the rest of the corrupt bunch .

  • Clay says:

    She would be like Texas IDIOT…..Sheila Jackson-Lee! Illinois could be as Proud of her as we are in Texas of Sheila LOL!

  • azrt1 says:

    Oh just H*ll no!

  • sengal says:

    Gotta keep the mooslums supported and only the Obamas can do it.

  • sengal says:

    The first ho running for senator? I guess if old Hillary can do it, she might have a chance. After all, the mayor of New York has a lesbian wife. What’s to keep the mooch from having a homohusband.

  • Tutu says:

    With the fiscal condition Illinois is in, that is all the state needs to continue to send them into bankruptcy. I hope the good people of Illinois will use their common sense and think they will.

  • Art Hock says:

    I guarantee if that stupid lawbreaker would become a senator I would leave this screwed up state. Both her and Barry had to surrender their law licenses for illegal actions so if the nutcases in Illinois would even nominate this horrible individual that should be enough to force Wisconsin to annex Chicago.

  • PBHayes says:

    Why not run? The bar has been set so low anyone can be elected to high public office in the USA.

  • Dondh says:

    The person who stated, I hate white people!! Running for a senatorial seat! Forget it you anti-American, you are a loser and liar just like your husband! You two need a one-way trip to Kenya for life! We don’t need your kind here! If we get the right persons in congress and the right person in the White House in 2016, NOT HILLARY CLINTON, we just might get our country back! If not, you traitors better watch out!!!

  • Carl Stevenson says:

    She has a large profile for sure … Look at her ass (if you can stand to)

  • bob says:

    Maybe she could pass a bill to get her law license back.

  • Gnowark says:

    One can only hope she is as good at campaigning as she is as FLOTUS, so we won’t have another racist senator, or Illinois gets smart. How much can we spend on a senator’s vacations? What? Own pocket? – she probably won’t want the job.

  • lil-echoes says:

    Here’s a goodie about the upcoming of Hillary… http://www.snopes.com/politics/clintons/hildabeast.asp

  • lil-echoes says:

    this outta tell ya what Mexico thinks about their people….

    And here’s Obama over in Mexico spreading his cheer about the benefits for illegals… COME ON OVER…. EVERYTHINGS FREE !!!

  • lil-echoes says:

    God help us all if she does run and wins a seat. If ya hate Obama, ya will hate her even more. She’s as big a liar as he is. Sealed her college papers too. Hates the WHITES tremendously. Went to Writes Church, is half man and half woman… uumm.. wonder what will be on her ticket… Just call her a HALFWIT… there that outta do it..

    1. anglelou says:

      I’m a little confused. I saw a couple of YOUTube video’s where they referred to Michelle – as Michael…a man. Another blog referred to “her” a Obama’s boyfriend – a pic on YouTube was quite revealing. I now wonder about the two daughters? We have been duped for so long on Obama on where he came from – it seems that other countries know more about Obama and his background than we do or we have been told – so many coverups.

  • Jeanne Stotler says:

    NO, NO, NO! We need both her and her husband in jail for the fraud they pulled out on our country.

  • Michelle Obama probably will run. Illinois would know what they would be getting! Interesting enough, Illinois is two states: Cook(Chicago) and St. Clair(E. St. Louis) Counties and the other 100 counties. These “other 100 counties,” by the way, were carried by Mitt Romney in 2012.
    Chicago stands as the poster child of the liberal blueprint! East St. Louis is essentially a congregation of entitlement recipients. These two counties represent everything that is wrong in America. They are clear evidence that the liberal vision is flawed. In the event that the states do elect to separate, I could see those 100 counties “hermetically sealing” Cook and St. Clair. An agricultural and mineral rich state such as Illinois would simply be better off without a lot of her residents. Michelle Obama included!

    1. lil-echoes says:

      People need to ask the Obama’s how many times they parked their butts in that million dollar house they bought in Chicago, then ask them where they plan on living… in Hawaii or in Chicago? I guarantee you, it wont be Chicago.

      1. mabera19 says:

        The house in Chicago in not in there name. When you don’t have a valid SS#, you can not buy a house..

  • ray says:

    Dems and libs will rush to support another Obama. Another inexperienced, novice, despicable lying politician. We will get more of no accomplishments and blaming opponents for their lack of accomplishment. When will Americans realize this is not a country where one or two families run everyone else. That is why we had a revolution in the first place. Now these people want to return to that type of rule. For the first time in history she was proud of her country. right?

    1. Clay says:

      I wonder if Illinois would pay for her Lavish Clothes and Vacations?

      1. ray says:

        Face it, in the face of lies and more lies libs and dems still look for a reason to believe. America is lost if conservatives do not rise up in 2014 and 2016. Once the Dems have destroyed the Republicans who will they blame then for their failures.

      2. lil-echoes says:

        They will have to if she charges ’em to them. She’s a maleleach in a woman’s dress.

    2. lil-echoes says:

      uumm.. she will brag by saying she is a top notch attorney… doesn’t matter that she lost her law license. She will continue to brag on her accomplishments – even if most of them were “how to con the public into buying me more and more and more clothes, shoes, $1,000 bags and all the googies I want” while being ‘First Lady’ or ‘Brassy Lady of the Night.’

    3. lil-echoes says:

      uumm.. just ask Michelle how ‘qualified’ she is !!!

  • Uncle Pat says:

    One can only hope that the good people of Illinois, do not support another unexperienced, communist, pos…..

    1. douber1 says:

      i think she should run for toilet commishener first and see how well that goes
      and then go from there

      1. myname says:

        Does this mean that Obama gets to wear the dress and not her if she wins?

        1. Jimmy the Greek says:

          I bet he does , like J E Hoover !

        2. lil-echoes says:

          Obama already wears a dress. He’s the feminine one of the bunch. Didn’tcha watch him doing his ‘workout’ while in Poland or what ever country he is visiting. There’s photo’s of him lifting 2 lb weights. A sight to be seen, that’s for sure.

    2. Art Hock says:

      Thanks Uncle Pat, there are some good people in Illinois down here in the southern counties. Unfortunately there is so many liberal moochers on welfare and lowlife politicians up north that we have a hell of a time to do anything remotely legal.

    3. rcorley says:

      They do not have a history of showing any sense much less showing GOOD sense when it comes to politics.

      1. lil-echoes says:

        Just call them USERS of the SYSTEM !!

    4. Trust me. I live in IL. There are enough dumbies. Plus we have Chicago having so many votes. She could win seeing all the pricks who have already won for Senator. Remember Senator Carol Mostly Fraud? If she can win Michelle can win easily.

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