Steve Forbes urges activists to pressure Senate to bust rules for ‘obese’ tax cut

by Joseph Lawler
August 20, 2017

Richmond, Va. — Media magnate Steve Forbes urged free-market activists gathered in Richmond on Saturday to demand an “obese” tax cut from Republicans now, and not to let Senate rules stand in the way.

“We need a big, fat tax cut,” the former presidential candidate told volunteers and activists at a summit for Americans for Prosperity, a free-market group. “Make it an obese tax cut — the bigger the better.”

Forbes told the audience of hundreds to pressure the Senate leadership to pass a tax cut now, and not to let considerations about the upper chamber’s arcane rules stand in the way.

“Full speed ahead — damn the torpedoes, damn the CBO!” he said, applying the famous words of Civil War admiral David Farragut to the Congressional Budget Office, which judges whether bills add to federal deficits and could hold up a revenue-losing tax bill.

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  • Dan Danser says:

    Some ways to make up the lost revenue is to cut bloated agencies. Eliminate “gravy “agencies. Eliminate duplicate agencies. Better cost management on government contracts.Maybe better yet, find and eliminate waste in government programs.

    1. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

      Get rid of the irs and institute a fair tax on all NEW, non-food, goods and services sold.

    2. McFerguson says:

      Yes! And we can start with (unearned) entitlements, which has been nothing but a vote-buying scheme to put democrats in office.

      1. dmttbt says:

        With real tax reform we wouldn’t have to fund all the vote buying legislation that has been passed. Don’t expect to see that reform for another 200 years because that is how long it will take that before the crooked politicians will ever allow it to happen. They have done nothing but promise for the past 50 years and make things worse at the same time.
        Deficit spending and leading from behind makes you a broke
        anus sniffing dog.

    3. Retired says:

      Stop all grant money to agencies that sue the Government ,from cities on up to WDC .

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  • bobnstuff says:

    So are we going to cut defense spending to pay for it? What other government programs can we cut. You can’t fix the roads and bridges without tax dollars so I guess we leave then in shambles. Even if you eliminate all social welfare programs it would pay for the tax cuts he wants. I guess we could take it away from Social Security, after all those old folks don’t need to eat. I guess we could borrow more money to pay for it. The idea that cutting taxes on the rich will stimulate the economy is a myth. It’s never worked in the past and in fact raising the corporate taxes has word better. Even Reagan end up raising taxes in the end.

    1. Big Ed says:

      You are clearly a leftist and you are just as clearly lying through your teeth. Reagan cut taxes and the amount of revenue coming in to government coffers increased slightly. The problem was that the Democrats, who controlled Congress, spent all the extra money and more, increasing expenditures by 4%. As far as what government expenditures can be cut, how about dropping the Department of Education, drop all support for the UN, cut each of the remaining agencies by 10% each and quit the stupid baseline budgeting which guarantees an increase in the money required every year.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Reagan had to raise taxes in the end and he grow the national debt. Reagan raise taxes 11 times.

        “So did the debt, skyrocketing from $700 billion to $3 trillion.”

        “It’s important to note that Reagan’s tax increases did not wipe out the
        effects of that initial tax cut. But they did eat up about half of it.
        And as Peter Beinart points out,
        the 1983 payroll tax hike went to pay for Social Security and Medicare.
        (“Reagan raised taxes to pay for government-run health care,” Beinart
        writes.) Reagan also raised the gas tax and signed the largest corporate
        tax increase in history, an act Joshua Green writes would be “utterly unimaginable for any conservative to support today.”

        I guess you don’t know how little we give to the UN or to education. The only place there is real money to be cut is defense, Social Security and Medicare.

        1. Retired says:

          Republicans are always forced to raise taxes after waste full Demon Rats were in control . You never talk about the Trillions your Brother Obama put on the Taxpayers with his lines in the sand ?????

        2. Big Ed says:

          Reagan did raise taxes as you suggest. But it is still true that after the initial tax cut the revenues collected by the government increased. If not for the explosive spending increases by the Democrats, the country would have been in great shape. The decade of the 80’s experienced 3-4% average growth and up to 7%. Our president Obama raised taxes and increased the debt and never saw growth over 2%.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Revenue has gone up throw out history. The reason isn’t tax policy as much as inflation. Reagan had a few advantages that most presidents didn’t have. The country was coming out of a recession and had high inflation.
            If you look at GDP growth adjusted for inflation it’s had a steady rise, almost a straight line since the 60’s
            Here is tax revenue adjusted for inflation, Look at years were there were tax cuts, You have to look for dates since they really don’t stand out all that much.

      2. Retired says:

        Yup , you got him pegged a Republican member that is 100% Demon Rat .

    2. McFerguson says:

      Good old bobnstuff, still nuttier than squirrel droppings, and clueless as to what works in a free market capitalistic economy – which we still have, no thanks to the Obama loons.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Sorry but if the government wants to spend money they must first collect it. It’s call being responsible. Look at history and show were cutting taxes has not decreased revenue. The Reagan myth is just that a myth. Check the facts.

        1. Retired says:

          You didn’t talk that way about Obama ,WHY ???? Then there was Bush who inherited Clintons FU , WHY ????

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Yes poor GW, he got a budget that worked and he had to screw it up. Bush got an economy that was under control unlike Obama. Trump got a economy that was stable and growing and what has he done with it, so far nothing but give him time. I guess you haven’t listen to his plains. Spend, Spend, Spend. There’s not enough money to take form the poor to pay for everything he wants with the present taxes but he wants to cut them. You want to talk about tax and spend Democrats, well at least they tax to pay for things. The republicans are spend but don’t tax. Sorry but it doesn’t work that way. Once the Republicans believed in fiscal responsibility but Reagan changed all that. What ever happened to those guys who wanted a balanced budget? I guess either they lose or we become just another third world country with people dying in the streets but a fat ruling class.

          2. Retired says:

            You call people losing their jobs and benefits under Clinton a good economy ??? Losing jobs was not growing economy, ask your neighbors in Ohio and Michigan at the time ???? One time you say congress holds the purse strings and now you say Trump does ,you just can’t keep your bullshit straight can you???

          3. bobnstuff says:

            Unemployment went down under Clinton, not up. The budget was a close to being balanced as it had been in a long time thanks to people like Kasich. It was GW that decided that we could expand Medicare, fight two wars and cut taxes all at the same time.
            If Trump gets his way he will spend the country into a whole like no other president in history. He will do for the country what he did for Atlantic City. The good news is congress won’t do anything just because Trump wants it. Trump is a president with out a party.

          4. Retired says:

            The only way Unemployment went down under Clinton is Because many that lost their jobs ran out of the compensation plus many were forcer into taking early retirement or lose their benefits which did

          5. bobnstuff says:

            Lets see, which president crashed economy and started two wars. Every republican since WW II has had higher unemployment when they left office then when they went in but only Carter had that problem on the democrats side. It must be interesting to be losing your memory. As far as tax increases the GOP wins again.


          6. Retired says:

            If it was true it only proves the Republicans had to clean up the mess made by Democrats and the lying media that hides their FU .Billy Boy was a prime example and now Obama wanabees are trying to cover their tracks of the damage to the USA . That is why the media and Democrats are making it Miserable for Trump . You seem to Overlook the Damage Obama did after the election of 2016 till the morning of leaving Office .

        2. McFerguson says:

          Nonsense, bobbi boy, Obama racked up $10 trillion in national debt in his 8 years of trying to destroy America as we know it. Did he collect that money before spending it?

      2. Retired says:

        bobnbullshitsky is a expert at everything ,so how can you say that . Just ask him and he will tell you .

  • PatriotGal says:

    Agree, Mr. Forbes. That should have been the FIRST item for to work on, not OWEbamaTAX. But, hey, the stupid Congress thinks they are better than God Himself. DITCH MITCH!!!! and Ryan, too.

  • McFerguson says:

    Absolutely agree with Steve Forbes. We need to bring the corporate tax rate down to 15% to jump start the still sluggish economy from the Obama years. And we need to give a limited forgiveness to those entrepreneurs who have some 3 trillion dollars sitting in oversea banks. Rather than taxing them the 35 percent corporate tax rate to bring their money back to this country, perhaps the rate could be eliminated temporarily or reduced to, say, 5 or 10 percent. And, of course the tax rate for individuals needs to be set a few points lower.

    1. V Austin says:

      I agree with Forbes too. But I don’t feel this will be anywhere near successful with rino Senators like McCain in place to block the progress. Him and other rino Senators will do anything to make sure nothing good is attributed to Trump.

      1. McFerguson says:

        Yeah, you’re probably right, V. Austin. Ain’t that a shame!

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