Supreme Court to decide whether to hear cases regarding right to ‘bear’ arms

February 10, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to decide this month whether to hear two cases seeking clarification on what the Constitution’s framers intended in granting citizens the right to not only own but also “bear” arms.

Lyle Denniston, a National Constitution Center adviser, writes on the Philadelphia Inquirer’s website that the National Rifle Association has, of late, brought two cases before the Supreme Court challenging prevailing legal wisdom that while the Second Amendment grants U.S. citizens the right to own or “keep” arms, that right does not necessarily extend to their ability to “bear” arms outside of their personal residences.

In one case, rooted in Texas, the NRA is reportedly challenging a state law permitting minors to own guns, but stipulating all the same that they are, in fact, too young to apply for — and thus possess — the license necessary to carry them in public.

“The explicit guarantee of the right to ‘bear’ arms would mean nothing,” the NRA’s filing in the Texas matter reportedly argues, “if it did not protect the right to ‘bear’ arms outside of the home, where the Amendment already guarantees that they may be ‘kept.’

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  • Corey Ronson says:

    in canada .. just yesterday we had 4 deaths from stabbings …….. law abiding citizens need to be able to defend themselves….. we dont walk around with complete police escorts … anyone who wants to die a cowards death and have the government run their lives can move to china or north korea

  • alan says:

    If the government wants to take our rights we the people will fight back.
    exp: civil war,up rising. remember the us military and police will not kill Americans fighting for our rights

    1. Jimmy the Greek says:

      You really believe that ? Alan When it hits the fan you can run out in front and deal with the nice police man ! and have you had a good look at the military ? the Draft needs to be reinstated , A volunteer military we do as they are told ! how meany fraging’s , Have happened in the last few misunderstanding . It was common place in the late 60s up to the Peace with Honer bull

  • David in MA says:

    I ask again: If something ( 2nd Amendment, et al) is in the Constitution, how can it be “un-constitutional?” That would be like saying something in the Bible is not biblical, maybe not scientific, but still biblical. OR, Your mortgage is not a contract, just a guideline………….or, your agreement with the boss is you will be paid $10/hr but on Tuesday because it’s raining $10/hr doesn’t apply.
    Stay alert, Marxists/socialists/communists/muslims are not to be trusted (AND THIS ENCLUDES THE SCUM WE HAVE ELECTED TO GOVERNMENT)

  • frankenbiker says:

    The RIGHT to BEAR arms. If the right is a given, then so is the second part of the statement. Owevomit, Bloominidiot, Piloshit, Frankenfeinstein will keep trying until the day they die to take our guns. Its NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Make all the rules you want, make JUST ONE MORE LAW, because that’ll be the one to end gun violence right? Serious gun owners, will not surrender willingly our only tool against a tyrannical government, and this is what drives these fckers mad, makes them froth at the mouth. Get rid of the Second Amendment, and all the rest go bye bye over night. These gun grabbing fckers know that, they’re counting on it, then need it to happen to fully implement their totalitarian control over us. Why on Earth do you want to give them that kind of power?

  • Pete says:

    Please tell me if I am wrong. When they first tried to get the Constitution rattified there was resistance. Said it was too strong, did not do enough for the people. The end result was they had to promise a “Bill of Rights” in order to get the Constitution rattified. To my way of thinking that makes the Bill of Rights a statement – by We The People to them The Government – that these are our God given rights and the Govenment has NO authority here. You can cross reference the Declairation of Independence and the Federalist Papers and other writings of the Founding Fathers. But I believe I am correct.
    Addressing the 2nd Amendment. The Founding Fathers knew that this new Government needed a whatcher. Someone to keep an eye on the doings of the Government, to keep it in line. That duty is our responcibility and as Citizens of These United States we have the responcibility make sure this Government toes the line. The 2nd amendment gives us the power for when the Government gets out of line. Which it surely is now.

  • Ollie says:

    Retired police said on Glen Beck. Police or some of them want the Constitution abolished! Now you have it! Like athiests, more exist than you think!

  • steven_1948 says:

    The Supreme Court would do well to keep it’s mouth shut!

  • Linda Dawson says:

    I know what their argument is going to be because this has been the arguement of the left for a long time. They think the 2nd Amendment does not apply to private citizens, only to militia which we not longer have. So arms should be limited to the military, law enforcement, national guard and reserves. However they ignore one crucial part of the 2nd amendment the right of THE PEOPLE shall not be infringed this means private citizens. They do this with the first amendment while they like to enfoce the establishment clause they completely ignore the free exercise clause.

    1. educated snob says:

      Actually, the right of THE PEOPLE not to be infringed applies to CORPORATIONS.

      This website is funded by the Koch brothers.

  • gypsy314 says:

    The right to bear arms I think should not be limited because one know matter were they go may need to be able to protect them self period. So full rights should be open carry or concealed carry being the choice of the American gun owner nation wide. NO MORE GUN FREE ZONES STOP THEM FROM KILLING OUR CHILDREN AND US.

  • Rattlerjake says:

    This same subject has been decided several times already by the supreme court, why is it going to them again? Eventually these morons will void the second amendment.

  • CTH says:

    For the court to read into the Second Amendment what is not there would be another incursion into judicial activism similar to Roe v Wade. We nave already had too much of that. If Obungle is allowed to put more justices on the court of the same ilk as those he has already appointed this country will be in a heap of trouble.

    1. pbsambo says:

      This country IS in a heap of trouble, big heap of trouble allready under this administration.

  • David in MA says:

    Any rejection to the 2nd Amendment will be the trigger to a civil war in America and the removal by the people of Barry (Soereito) Obama, or whatever his name is and he will un-doubtly get to meet the White House front lawn Cherry Tree up close and unfriendly. The Constitution leaves all final decisions TO THE PEOPLE, not the government.

  • Harvey817 says:

    The Constitution does not: state when, where,how, what kind, what color, required a permit, that it can only be used inside our houses, how many bullets it can hold or any other infrinmgents! These people wanting to ” infringe” our Second Admendment Rights are not concerned about guns but want to confisticate them and let the tyrants have their freedom to control the peasant whom are not armed.
    According to the Constitution it is THE LAW OF THE LAND and all judges and elected officials are REQUIRED to honor and uphold it. I guess the SC thinks this does not apply to them. How much longer will ” we the people” continue to let the politicians and judges take away the Constitutional Rights without any resistance?

    1. Linda Dawson says:

      Shall not be infrindged should be rather explaintory and saying you can’t have a pink gun should fall under shall not be infringed. From reading the Federist papers it is rather obvious that the purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect the other 9 from government over reach.

      1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

        As Justice Story, who was appointed to the supreme Court by Pres. Madison wrote, “The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered as the PALLADIUM of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”

        Without the 2nd Amendment, the people have no means of enforcing the other nine. Sadly, most of the Bill of Rights is moribund, save for the 3rd Amendment – so far.

        Jefferson wrote, “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

        The Framers principle reason for the 2nd Amendment wasn’t for hunting, protection against criminals, or to fight off a foreign invasion; it was to protect the citizens from a tyrannical domestic government.

        We shall see if the supreme Court believes in the plain meaning of the Constitution or not. If not, then we have a hard decision to make.

        Sic Semper Tyrannis

        1. David in MA says:

          Sadly, today, we find ourselves in this place.

      2. educated snob says:

        “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

        — The purpose of the second Amendment is to maintain a “well regulated militia” – – – the word “REGULATED” is in the Constitution – – – not UNregulated – – regulated.

        Or do we only read the part we like — “shall not be infringed”?

        It’s not clear at all that this means that the right to bear arms is to protect against the State, rather it exists as “being necessary to the security of a free state” –


        1. Todd Little says:

          The right of the people. It does not mention any of the armed services.

          1. educated snob says:

            Read it again – – “a well regulated militia” – not an armed mob of citizens who think the president is a muslim.

            The right of the people is to HAVE a militia, which is served by our ARMED FORCES.

            We didn’t have a standing army in 1776, just a militia/army.

        2. Linda Dawson says:

          From reading the federalist papers it is read the words of the founding fathers themselves

    2. Ollie says:

      The people will have to find their backbone first! We know that won’t happen! The women, pansey men, and your brats not to mention your neighbors will tell the authorities where you have your firearms hid! Now live with it, your country is lost!!!!!

      1. ssilv48 says:

        llie, the 385 million guns have not turned against the government at this point, it will not take long to put them on trial for treason, then, give them the rope that they will swing from. Laugh if you want, but justice will prevail in this case. Isn’t it funny since oboma has been in office there have been 33 mass shootings, coincidence???? I think not. It is amazing how many way’s oboma has tried to take away the guns from the American people. Who would have ever thought in this life time that someone born in kenya would be illegally in the American w/h. his lie’s and disillusions are about to come to an end.

        1. David in MA says:

          Red Shirts,
          Brown Shirts
          Obama shirts (color yellow)

        2. educated snob says:

          Exactly how many guns have been taken away? You are nuts.

          At most a movement to require background checks to prevent felons and maybe “illegal aliens” from purchasing weapons with a 3 day waiting period – is that really an “END TO AMERICA?”

          1. ssilv48 says:

            nob, if you were educated you would already know that felons can not own a gun and as far as the end of America, I don’t think so, America is well aware of a non citizen muslim that is illegally in America’s w/h, oboma will be known as the most deceptive man brought upon any nation in the history of mankind, the little man is a liar and will pay the price and needs to be tried for espionage along with moochele. Me, I want blood work done to see if he really has any daughters, oboma is a total sham, PERIOD

          2. educated snob says:

            Firstly, without gun checks at purchase how can we keep a felon from buying a gun.

            Are you really still spreading the birther BS?

            Are you really that much of an idiot or is it an act?

          3. ssilv48 says:

            nob, the birther issue has never been solved, just idiots like yourself saying: oh still spreading the birhter bs, the bs in in your brain and thought process. You see, when asked to produce any non falsified documents, neither you, or oboma can produce any. I don’t know about your dumb as, but that a problem with me. Before you know it, havick will travel all over the world and in America, like trying all different ways to take guns away from the American people, having irs bully American taxpayers, bankers ending up dead,,, ooohhhh wait, that’s all ready been happening and at the American taxpayers expense, probably from a non citizen muslim illegally in Americas w/h and it’s ok for ovomit to lie to you and get away with it, sorry bone head nob, it does not add up. sorry your not that educated, seems like your make a fool of very easily.

  • homer1057 says:

    Now the FACT of the matter is this: The S/C is NOT, and I repeat NOT to decide the law, but to make sure and attest to the fact that it is or is not according to the Constitution!There is “NO” interpretation involved! The constitution is set in stone! The laws are what they are and they, S/C, have NO say as to anything but constitutionality…PERIOD! The S/C “IS” the weakest power in the 3 branches of govt! that power is Limited by what is and what is not constitutional! The constitution interprets itself by how and in what content it is written! Those on the S/C should, and are required to be “ABLE MEN” not woman! According to the King James Bible in Exodus 18:21 and Ch 18 where we get out 3 branches of Govt., woman were not permitted to rule! Look, don’t get mad at me, I didn’t write that book, BUT, the constitution ‘IS” about 94% directly and/or indirectly dirived from the KJV Bible! (See work by David Barton, “Wallbuilders” Check it and PROVE what has been said here! Then get back to me!

    1. David in MA says:

      Dumb question: If something ( 2nd Amendment, et al) is in the Constitution, how can it be “un-constitutional?”

      1. Linda Dawson says:

        They are going to pick apart some part of the 2nd Amendment to make gun confiscation constitutional. Basically they are going to use some sort of double talk and word twisting to say that the 2nd Amendment does not apply to everyone, only miliitia and basically it now only applies to the national guard and reserves.

        1. ssilv48 says:

          Linda, probably use the same people that vetted oboma.

          1. Linda Dawson says:

            I know what amending the constitution requires, however liberals have the tendency to either ignore it or interpret it to suit their views.

        2. David in MA says:

          Linda, then that would require a constitutional convention and votes by the states…………UNLESS, obamby (with the help of the military and his “private police”) institute martial law and suspend the constitution. Because of congress’ failure to remove this bum, America is in deep trouble and a civil war is quietly sitting in the background. Paul (Rand) Revere will ride again, bet on it, and all the Obama phone, gimme my benefit’s and those in congress, liberals (communists) who elected this piece of crap will be on their own. AMERICA WILL RISE AGAIN!!!

          1. Linda Dawson says:

            I do not agree with the liberal logic, I’m just pointing out how those coolaid drinkers think.

          2. educated snob says:

            When did America fall? You people are frickin’ delusional.

            Somebody PLEASE go to law school.

          3. Todd Little says:

            Law school? Get real, you indoctrinated snob.

          4. educated snob says:

            Who’s indoctrinated?

            Exactly how has America failed?

          5. Jimmy the Greek says:

            That’s the problem the government is over run lawyers with big noses and long ears !

          6. educated snob says:

            Big noses? Are you a nazi?

          7. Jimmy the Greek says:

            There are no Nazi’s This is 2014 !

          8. educated snob says:

            The big-nosed lawyer comment – do you want to modify your statement – or are you a proud bigot?

          9. Jimmy the Greek says:

            Very proud ! A real Archie Bunker , In Greece i would be Golden Dawn , here in America i am to the right and hold my nose and vote Republican .

          10. educated snob says:

            Well, I wish you an opportunity to defend yourself with your gun. Frickin’ Nazi.

          11. Jimmy the Greek says:

            That’s harsh man I am a bit to right of Pat Buchanan , And you still think you see Nazi’s however back in the day i did run with a few skin heads for chets and giggles LOL

          12. Jimmy the Greek says:

            Well the South well anyway !

          13. Jimmy the Greek says:

            When nixon won i was living in south boston just down the hill from the high school

    2. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

      homer, we’re not a theocracy. However, if you read the Bible carefully and honestly, you’ll find that women were not to rule IN THE CHURCH.

      Also, if you want to use the Bible, consider Judges 4 where a woman led the nation of Israel.

      As for your insistence on using the King James version of the Bible, it was “authorized” by King James, and ungodly man. that’s not to detract for it but you’re make an idol of and misusing it. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New in Greek and Aramaic, not Elizabethan English. Many of the words of the time of King James have changed in meaning, not always for the better, and many like you misinterpret their meaning and the context in which they were written.

      The same applies to many, progressives being the worst, who misinterpret, mostly intentionally, the Constitution. The Constitution isn’t a “living document” of which I’m sure you agree with me. All we need to do is read what the Framers said in their writings and the meaning of words at the time. It’s not that difficult for an honest person.

      So don’t do the same with the Constitution. Your interpretation of the supreme (small s) Court’s powers is wrong. In addition to deciding if laws are in conformance to the Constitution, it is also the final court of appeals and has original jurisdiction regarding certain individuals and in disputes involving states both as to law
      and fact, with such exceptions, and under such regulations as the Congress shall make.


      1. Jimmy the Greek says:

        The muslims and the jews believe there is i place for woman ,

        1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

          Is Homer a Muslim or a Jew? I suggest you read the New Testament and the Book of Judges.

  • Steve Barkett says:

    The appointed Judges vote party line, that is why they are there. they seldom go against party politics.

  • Todd Little says:

    The 2nd amendment is self explanatory. Rights of US Citizens shall not be infringed. To say that, congress and the potus are constitutionally wrong. A well regulated militia and armed, just as the military. If these judges rule otherwise, they are no longer justices of the supreme court, by which, they are constitutionally bound.

    1. antiliberalcryptonite says:

      True. And infringers have the right to a shallow burial.

      1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

        Assassinations aren’t the answer for everything.

        1. Ollie says:

          You sound like a foreign pansey!

          1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            No, I’m just a disabled veteran who put his life on the line defending this country, unlike you.

            But I do understand your cowardice in needing to resort to an ad hominem attack.

          2. antiliberalcryptonite says:

            So you call defending yourself when they come to your home to get your God-given guns “assassination” ??!?!?! That’s quite a reach there buddy. We won’t wait for you to have our back.

          3. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            Did I say anything about not resisting if the government comes against us? Of course we should resist.

            I’ll go even further. The time may be upon us when we will have to dust off the Declaration of Independence and take if to heart keeping in mind why Madison, Jefferson, and Justice Story said the 2nd Amendment was written. But that is revolution, far different from assassinations.

            But I suspect a lot of jingoistic “super patriots” are just looking for an excuse to murder someone out of blood lust or a desire for “fun.”

          4. educated snob says:

            “God-given guns” — – –

            Really? And who has proposed coming to your house to take your guns? This conspiracy to take your guns away is in your imagination.

            Although I, personally, think you should not be allowed to have a gun, if you are insane. And I’m referring to YOU.

          5. Corey Ronson says:

            its not a conspiracy if its actually happening .. how the fuck is your name educated snob… yet every single response from you is moronic and off the mark …….. scientific studies show conspiracy theorist are often more sane than the government following sheep .. makes sense too .. blindly following anything is retarded and questioning and getting answers is scientific research ….

        2. frankenbiker says:

          In this case Roberto, I’m afraid that it is. These maniacs won’t quit trying to step on our rights, they just won’t do that. So in the end, we’ll end up having to bury a few of them to get our point across.

          1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            Frankenbiker, what I believe is that matters will eventually lead to a new revolutionary war. Of course that’s not what I’d like to see. I’d rather see peaceful means succeed but I doubt they will.

            However, I believe all too many just want to see blood run in the streets for the thrill of it. Sadly I’ve seen too many dead bodies up close to want that.

            You said you’re afraid that violence will become necessary. I suspect you don’t want that, but realize that there may be no choice if we want to save the Republic. That’s how I feel.

            A disabled retired vet

          2. frankenbiker says:

            Thank you for your service Roberto, I too don’t want to see blood in the streets, I don’t want my children growing up in a civil war, or my grandchildren for that matter, but I fear it is the only way to cleanse this nation and return us to the Republic we were formed as.

          3. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            Sadly, I must agree with you. I believe the forces favoring a strong and despotic central government are too well entrenched to remove by normal constitutional political means. It’s time to dust off the Declaration of Independence and take it to heart with a vengeance.

            We must convince people we didn’t ask for violence, that we want to live in peace only if if it’s also in freedom as the Founders and Framers envisioned, but that the left has left us with little or no choice if we’re to save this once great Republic under the rule of constitutional law.

            I admit I advise those who seem to want violence to cool their heels and put on their thinking caps. When they do, I’m sure they’ll admit that sadly we have little choice, but that it’s not something to relished.


          4. educated snob says:

            Are you frickin’ kidding? Who are maniacs? People who don’t like public shootings or a$$holes who are worried about ID checks when buying a weapon?

          5. Todd Little says:

            Before 1990, the United States did not need checks. Now the US is beset by many illegal people. Those people, bring their problems with. It is my right to protect my country from trespassers. I should not have to have any background checks or gun registration. I am a native born . Foreigners, illegals, from 1986 on should not be allowed anything.

          6. educated snob says:

            No, it’s not your right – We have police for that.

            I have a right (as a US citizen) not to have a bunch of armed nut-jobs shooting up my high-school or movie theater.

          7. Todd Little says:

            Tell that to the wackos, 70 million that are on mind alternating dugs, prescribed by the newest pharmacists.

          8. educated snob says:

            Pharmacists don’t prescribe drugs of any kind, let alone “mind alternating dugs” (note: it’s ‘mind altering drugs’);

            Those aren’t the “wackos” I see.

          9. Jimmy the Greek says:

            Then you should want the teachers to be well armed !

          10. educated snob says:

            Not really. More guns means more bullets flying.

            Some teachers are nuts and angry because we treat them so poorly. Further, the guns might get stolen by kids. More guns makes more shootings.

            How many lives are saved by guns a year? How many lives are lost from guns a year? Which is more important?

          11. Corey Ronson says:

            die a unarmed coward and wait for police or GO OUT IN A BLAZE OF GLORY WHILE EVERYONE ESCAPES … YOUR CHOICE

          12. frankenbiker says:

            Ok snob, look at your nut jobs, each and everyone of them left or demoncrap followers, Not the right, or republicans. WE DO HAVE A RIGHT YOU ASSHOLE. Its called the SECOND AMENDMENT. What part of that doesn’t get through to your so called brain? So, you want me to surrender my second amendment rights? Ok, you surrender your first, the third, fourth, fifth amendments et al. Is that what you want? Don’t be an idiot. You want school shootings to stop? Put armed guards at the doors, let teachers carry, let parents carry when picking up their kids. Criminals are people of opportunity, and a gun free zone is about as opportunistic as they come.

          13. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            frankenbiker, you make some excellent points. However, may I please ask you to not call people names like all too many progressives are wont to?

            Stay effective!

            A politically incorrect conservative curmudgeon

          14. frankenbiker says:

            Sorry Roberto, Bob, I just get so mad sometimes its easy for me to get carried away. I’m a squid after all, and you know what they say about cussing and sailors.

          15. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            A squid? Then you join the ranks of brave men like my brilliant late father-in-law who was a submariner, and chief of the boat.

            By the way, I do understand your getting carried away. Of course I’ve never made that mistake. If you believe that I’ve got some swamp land in Alaska for you.

            An old fly boy naviguesser

          16. Corey Ronson says:

            if even one of those movie goers was armed or one teacher … those events wouldn’t have happened …. funny both those event happened in areas where owning guns is frowned on … you simple fuck …stop being a pussy the police are not gonna be there for minimum 15-45 minutes … you gonna talk your way out of an armed robbery or murder ??? .. be responsible for your own saftey . you weak humans that want a police state go live in north korea or communist china

          17. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            Certainly as a human being you’ve a right to live in a safe environment. It’s more than just being a US citizen. But that’s not the world we live in sadly.

            However, do you realize that almost every “nut-job” who has shot up a high school, Movie theater, university, military building, the streets or has assassinated or tried to assassinate a public official in the US for decades has been a liberal, leftist, or a Muslim?

            So, if we follow logic, how about banning liberals and Muslims from owning guns?

          18. frankenbiker says:

            You mean the same as$holes that don’t want you to show ID to vote? Why should I or anyone who follows the laws be forced to follow more, when obviously criminals don’t? 20,000 gun restrictions are already on the books, many dealing with background checks, and you think one more will end gun violence? Are you fcking insane? I’ll explain this really slow so you can understand, you,,,,will,,,,,never,,,,get,,,,my,,,,guns. Try if you want, but I want to see you personally standing on my porch trying to get me to surrender it.

          19. Jimmy the Greek says:

            all of them and there offspring ,so more like the can never be

          20. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            I take it you’re neither a Christian not a constitutional conservative. As a matter of fact, you write like a supporter of Pol Pot or Mao. Or are you an agent provocateur?

        3. Jimmy the Greek says:

          yes they are

          1. educated snob says:

            You don’t find assassinations unconstitutional or illegal?

          2. Corey Ronson says:

            its not an assassination … its called court marshalled for treason … and every single american is in the militia … your living in a war zone … are you that fucking dense or just a coward

          3. ssilv48 says:

            Corey, more than likely a coward nob

          4. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            All I can say to you is sieg heil comrade. Please get help before you murder someone.

        4. Roberto: You say they aren’t the answer for “everything.” True. That implies they ARE the answer for SOMEthings. Again – true.

          1. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            I certainly agree with you. There comes a time when we must acknowledge that normal or constitutional means won’t solve certain issues, like lawless politicians and government.

            That’s why I said we have the Declaration of Independence and why Madison, Jefferson, and Justice Story said the 2nd Amendment was written.

            But as I said, I fear some just want to kill others because they disagree with them, not because some are a clear and present danger to the Republic.

      2. leithel1 says:

        Ever hear of buzzards?

    2. educated snob says:

      If you want to bear arms, join the militia; that’s what the constitution provides – not individual ownership rights.

      1. Jimmy the Greek says:

        we cant have militia in texas because it is not legal to trian with more than three people

        1. educated snob says:

          You do have a militia. It’s called the National Guard, the Army, the Marines, the Navy and the Air Force.

          1. Todd Little says:

            If they are compromised it falls on the duty of Citizens. Police? They cannot be everywhere at once.

          2. Jimmy the Greek says:

            Thank God for that !

          3. Jimmy the Greek says:

            They Work for the man ! not the people .

          4. educated snob says:

            We have a government of the people for the people by the people. If you don’t like it, multiply and vote, or get out.

          5. leithel1 says:

            Where the fuck did you get your education? You sound dumber than a stump with an IQ of 9. This discussion has been going on for at least six years. It doesn’t do any good anymore to try to get good information on the internet or I would tell you to look it up with Google. When I search for anything to do with the truth about him (obama) it has been blocked. Things I have found and saved are no longer available. Half the time I get a site that states that “This is not the page you are looking for”. obama is a figment of his own imagination, a made up identity, he doesn’t exist as we know him. He is not the president of the United States. We don’t have one according to the rules of our Constitution. As far as who is the enemy obama is, and all of his minions including Congress, the Supreme court Justices, the Generals and Military brass that hasn’t been fired are also the enemy. His friends the Muslims and al-Qaida are also the enemy. Stupidity is the enemy and you lead the pack.

          6. Corey Ronson says:

            you do know the elections have been rigged since before bush right … and both parties are on the same side .. its all a smoke show

          7. Corey Ronson says:

            again .. wrong .. every single american citizn is the militia ……..

      2. Todd Little says:

        All US Citizens are part of the miltia. Read the unabridged 2nd amendment, not the doctored one they want you to believe. It is the right and responsibility for every able man that is a US Citizen to maintain arms, to protect his family from foreign and domestic enemies. And tyrannical government.

        1. educated snob says:

          Who decides who is an enemy?

          1. educated snob says:

            Isn’t the President the supreme commander of all armed forces?

            But you hate him . . . .

          2. Todd Little says:

            Hate? You use hate? That is a strong word, do you use it in jest? To me, he is a pauper. Not fit to be potus. No real proof of being a US Citizen. Has a known terrorist faction in the white house, of which, a good percentage were not even born in the United States. It is also known militant la raza resides in the FBI, CIA and his cabinet.

          3. educated snob says:

            Hate isn’t such a strong word, however, your assertions are. “Pauper” means “poor person.”

            That Obama has no proof of being a US Citizen is silly. He has a passport and birth certificate. A “known terrorist faction in the white house?” — WTF are you talking about?

            My point is – you gun nuts talk about “THEY” are coming for your guns and that “THE PEOPLE” get to bear arms and “PROTECT AMERICA” –

            Who is going to lead you and prevent you from shooting school children?

          4. Todd Little says:

            He also has a fraudulent SSN. Your responses are stupid, snob. Quit using an acronym for a name. You scared to display your name?

          5. educated snob says:

            Where do you get this BS?

            Actually, I am afraid of you people.

          6. Todd Little says:

            Stay in the dark. You are a joke. Should of spent your moms money somewhere else. Like brain cells.

          7. educated snob says:

            Seriously, where do you get the “fraudulent SSN?”

          8. Todd Little says:

            Look it up. I am not doing research for some acronym.

          9. educated snob says:

            You allege that the president has a false social security number – – –

            WTF – Look what up? I asked you for the source for your claim that the president has a false social security number – and you say what?

            Frickin’ birthers.

          10. Todd Little says:

            Typical. I have been waiting for you to call me racist. You are to funny, acronym. But I see where you are. Misguided and fake.

          11. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            All the mass murderers of school children in the US have been liberals, socialists, or Muslims or their supporters.

          12. ssilv48 says:

            nob, the problem is America does not have a President right this second. Now, we have an illegal kenyan born muslim in our w/h, even an un educated man can see that.

          13. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

            educated snob, no, he’s not the “supreme” commander, he’s the commander-in-chief of the military, and that’s despite Obama’s claim that he was the commander-in-chief of the country during time of war.

            Next you’ll say we hate Obama because he’s black. But what we hate are his ACTIONS in violation of the Constitution and his DISDAIN for the Constitution.

          14. Todd Little says:

            Pick a side, there you will find your answer.

          15. educated snob says:

            What are the two sides?

      3. Corey Ronson says:

        every us citizen is the militia …. you would know that if you read the constitution … or you know any book that doesn’t have pictures in it

      4. Roberto Enrique Benitez says:

        If you read what Madison, Jefferson, and Justice Story wrote you’d know better.

        However, if we want freedom of speech what do we join, unions? If we want to write must we join newspapers? If we want freedom of religion must we belong to IRS approved denominations?

        Just what in your opinion is the militia? Is it the military? Or was it as Virginia pronounced just before the Constitution was written that “a well regulated Militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defence of a free State,” or as Pennsylvania said, “that the people have a right to bear arms for the defence of themselves and the state; and as standing armies in the time of peace are dangerous to liberty, they ought not to be kept up; And that the military should be kept under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power?”

        Please, enlighten us according to the words of the time used by the Framers of the Constitution.

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