Supreme Court to weigh religious rights of corporations vs. Obamacare’s ‘contraception mandate’

Obamacare is on the docket Tuesday in one of the biggest religious freedom cases to hit the Supreme Court in years, as the justices hear from corporate owners who say their personal beliefs should trump a government mandate that requires their company health care plans to insure birth control.

From the start, everyone involved in the dispute over the Obama administration’s “contraception mandate” seemed to realize the issue would end up before the high court. The politically loaded saga prompted dozens of lawsuits, split the appeals courts and raised questions about whether a secular, for-profit company could exercise religious rights.

The cases before the court deal with the for-profit camp of plaintiffs. Unlike nonprofit employers, for-profit companies have not been given any relief from the mandate and say they are presented with an impossible choice: either violate their beliefs or pay crippling fines for flouting the mandate.

“The administration has effectively told the Supreme Court that for-profit companies have no right to act on moral convictions the government opposes. They are about profits,” Joshua Hawley, counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, wrote in a recent op-ed for USA Today. “That position is deeply mistaken.”

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  • David in MA says:

    If cooperation’s held a “prayer time”, for those who wished to attend, each day at the same time, led by a prayer group leader, would that not qualify them as a religious group and exempt from the Obama Marxist healthcare scam? If they were muslims being called to prayer ya can bet it would, and we know that is coming.

  • awegweiser says:

    It is NOT Obama’s contraception mandate – get your headlines straight and honest. As you damn well know, contraception is not required of anybody – under the ACA it is simply available. We call that “choice”- something “Hobby Lobby” refuses to recognize with its own views for everybody.

    1. BH says:

      Say what?! Obamacare REQUIRES every insurance plan to include contraception coverage. The cost of this coverage, while not everyone will need it, is PAID by everyone. In other words, everyone pays for contraception, whether they use it of not. Kapeesh? Where is choice in it? You are the one blinded by their views.

      1. awegweiser says:

        My kids are long since grown and I am out of the baby making phase. Why should I pay for somebody else’s pre-natal,birthing and post natal care? I don’t own property in Washington State and have never lived there – why should I pay for the immense clean up from the landslide? My kids are long out of school why should I pay for body else’s education? Having had no accidents in decades, why should I have to buy car insurance that I will not likely need? Etc, etc, etc. Your logic is impossible to defend and fails to understand the concept of insurance. Comprende?

        1. BH says:

          Do you pay to cover motorcycles if you don’t own one? Do you pay flood ins if not in flood zone?

        2. I Seigel says:

          I usually support your comments here, but this one doesn’t make any sense.

          When your kids went to school, did you send them to public schools, or were you able to send them to private schools?

          You pay taxes – to your municipality, state (maybe) and federal – that pay for roads that you don’t use, repair of sidewalks, bridges, water systems, etc that you don’t use, parks and schools that you don’t use, etc.

          If you don’t own a car, then of course you don’t have to have car insurance. If you own a house and pay a mortgage, then I’m pretty sure your mortgage holder requires you to have insurance, even tho you may never have needed to make a claim.

          If you don’t want to participate in a society where all the people share in these responsibilities, then buy your own island somewhere and live there.

          1. awegweiser says:

            ISiegal, read it again, My response was intended to refute B H’s contention that he should not have to pay for medical services (i.e.: contraception) he doesn’t use. It’s BH that might need your “island” advice (until a hurricane hits and he needs Coast Guard help that others have paid for).

          2. I Seigel says:

            Thanks. I’ve read your post again (and again). Perhaps you’ve left out a step in your logical argument, or perhaps you’re assuming a person will make a connection that you don’t seem to be spelling out, but I stand by my criticism of your comment.

          3. awegweiser says:

            If my last sentence still dos not explain to you my meaning, then my brand of satire is too obscure for you to comprehend. i simply listed a few absurd situations where one might need or benefit from services one has not directly paid for and where others are helped by a common source of funding. If that is insufficient – I withdraw from this aspect of the debate. Thanks for keeping it civil, at least.

          4. I Seigel says:

            Altho I appreciate satire, sometimes when you (or anyone) writes it – without benefit of being able to read people’s expressions – it’s hard to know the difference between satire and earnestness.

            May I suggest that, in the future, you rely less on satire and more on the sledgehammer approach to getting your point across.

            And especially here, I think it’s easy for these people to misread your satire and believe that you’re echoing their close-minded, moronic ideas.

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